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Zimmerwald1915 is an American board member who joined in October 2008. At one time he actually posted timelines and contributed to discussions of timelines, but nowadays is mostly found in Political Chat. As a resident of Lake Wobegon (yeah, right), he used to be an above-average child, but is now merely a good-looking man.

Banned by Ian in late January 2018, for advocating political violence. Over the years, he had racked up plenty of kicks and warnings, mostly for trolling and prejudice towards various groups (bizarrely, one of these were people with mental illness).


  • Wir Sind Spartakus posits a different ending for the German Revolution, and explores the consequenses thereof. It can be read here.


As a Left-Communist, he knows he is an irrelevant blip, but he believes in fighting the good fight anyway.

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