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Colour Schemes : "Colour It Whatever You Like" (CIWYL)

Not so much a colour scheme as a design philosophy. Actually, more of an antithesis of standardized colour schemes in general : The group encompasses AH.commers who like using highly custom colour schemes for their own allohistorical maps and map projects. Some even reject colour schemes outright and use whatever colour keys they like.

This approach is sometimes referred to as “Munroism”, since it rather fits B Munro's map colouring habits. Bruce is thus considered the most prominent/famous CIWYL method mapmaker on the board.


  • Joyeux (implied his sympathies)
  • Beedok (just likes the colours offered by the different colour schemes or gets lazy and uses the colours already on the base map.:-/)
  • HowAboutThisForAName (Thinks dark orange is a better colour for the British Empire)

Key threads and posts

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In Culture and Fiction

Due to the emerging parody factions of the “Goldilockses” and “Greensheviks” during The Colour Scheme War, Petike suggested that there should also be a faction representing the CIWYL crowd of map-makers and that it should be a spoof of the anarchist factions of the Russian Civil War. Thus, the “Map Marauders” were born… Said faction came last in the colour schemers' trio and wasn't very long-lived, since the whole conflict got resolved quickly and without much fuss, averting a true civil war.

See Also

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TACOS Colour Scheme - Major colour scheme currently in use.

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