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Central Powers victory clichés

Alternate history is often built on working with a result that is opposite to the one from OTL. in OTL, World War I was won by the Entente, leading to many amateur and professional alternate history writer

Unfortunately, plenty of writers get wrapped up in some… rather questionable notions of what the aftermath of a Central Powers victory in WWI would be like, what it would mean for European politics, society, economics, culture and science. Often, authors forget that scenarios within a realistic framework need to keep that level of realism for good and bad, and engage in either overly dystopian or nakedly wish-fulfillment outcomes, with little logic or facts behind either.

On this page, we'll mostly cover the “A CP victory would make Europe/the world an utopia !” AH clichés. Believe it or not, they seem to be more common and pervasive than the clichés involving everything descending into dystopia after a CP victory. The logic behind this AH cliché in a nutshell: In a world where the Central Powers have won WWI, it's nigh impossible to not have a German-led Zollverein in Europe. It will - of course ! - exclude Britain and France, because reasons (or Imperial Germany fanboyism).

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