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TL-445 A Bavarian Dance

TL-445 A Bavarian Dance

So I have recently bought Thande first epic volume “Look to the West” from Amazon and I was immediately hooked. I really love the world that he created, so it is no wonder that as a tribute to him I decided to do a small alternate history scenario with lots of inspiration from his work. Lots of ideas for my map also came from Direwolf22 “Disaster at Leuthen” work.

The premise here is that King Frederick II died at the Battle at Kunersdorf, the resulting defeat of Prussia paved the way for Austrian more or less successful attempt to centralize the Holy Roman Empire. The Habsburg didn’t get full control over the HRE; it managed to trade the Austrian Netherlands for Bavaria and divided the lands of the Franconian Hohenzollern lands with its sidekick, the Electorate of Saxony.

But all those gains into, might be for naught, for something is about to belatedly happen in Paris...
TL-446 Pax Sovieticus

TL-446 Pax Sovieticus

This ASB scenario is another tribute to B-Munro and rvbomally. Their timelines are always fun to explore; in fact I’ve borrowed so much material from B-Munros scenario that my timeline could be seen as a somewhat identical twin to his.

The premise of my scenario is that instead of the United States, it is the Soviet Union, who emerged victorious from the Cold War. Now the world sole superpower is the Soviets, they are the boss of the globe, though a somewhat substantial part of the finances and resources do come from the toothless European Union and the Arab Gulf States. The US is, just like in B-Munro scenario, semi-occupied by the Soviet Union and its “socialist” buddies.

This scenario also draws inspiration from the miniseries “Amerika”, just like B-Munros.
TL-447 Seizure of Power

TL-447 Seizure of Power

This is my latest ASB scenario. In this timeline the German panzers didn’t stop before Dunkirk, resulting in a total defeat of the British Expeditionary Force and the annihilation of the allied armies. The Nazis subsequent invasion of the British Isles resulted in the death of Churchill and much of the royal family. Britain and its allies have been defeated.

In spring of 1941 Germany, along with Japan invaded the Soviet Union, crushing it between the German hammer and the Japanese anvil. By 1943 Stalin was murdered by Beria and snapshots of German and Japanese soldiers shaking hands in the city of Omsk was broadcasted in all Axis cities.

With total axis victory in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, the Nazis and Japanese are free to implement their deranged policies on the subjugated peoples. The Jews were deported to Madagascar, East European, Chinese and Indians forced into slave labors and other ethnic groups delegated to second class citizenship at best and at worst made to serve their new masters as slaves.

By the late 1950s the German and Japanese Empires invaded the Americas. Washington and Los Angeles were turned into radioactive wastelands and this time colored snapshots of German and Japanese troops shaking hands across the Grand Canyons were broadcasted around the globe.

Now the Axis ruled the whole world and a new conflict - a Cold War started between Germany and Japan.

For five decades German and Japanese troops stared at each other at the barbed wired borders of Siberia and the Rocky Mountains. Scientist on both sides develops deadlier weapons. It seems that it is only a matter of time until the whole world would explode, that is until the Shield of Odin.

In the early 1990s the Germans unveiled their impressive missile defense system – the Shield of Odin –a massive space orbital platform “Shield of Odin” from which every Japanese rocket can be destroyed before it could reach the intended target. Coupled with a complex system of high-tech anti-missile defenses across Greater Germany and Japan was defeated without a shot being fired.

German troops began to occupy Japanese territories, leaving only the Japanese isles alone.

With their rule cemented the Germans began to relax more of their arbitrary laws – the SS relegated to a special force within the Wehrmacht and many of its extreme racial laws were repealed – alas too late for many of its victims.

Greater Germany stands supreme and even though it is less radical, it is still a racist, totalistic, militaristic and authoritarian world superpower. Sadly there is no one who could challenge it. Or could the spark for reform and freedom be ignited by one of their own people?
TL-448 Eastern Option

TL-448 Eastern Option

A short timeline with the point of divergence in 1914. Here the Kaiser managed to sway German High Command to attack Russia instead of attacking the Entente through Belgium. This decision managed to keep the British from aiding France and results in a Central Power victory by 1917. The postwar years has seen the establishment of a German hegemony over much of Europe and successful Russian and French revolutions. Now over two decades of peace tensions are rising between the Central Powers and the Communist regimes, with border incidents mounting. Even London and Rome has been caught up in the conflict with red infiltrators crossing the Alps or landing in southern Ireland. Like in the summer 1914, only a small incident will spark a general clash of arms.
TL-449 Rotten Structures

TL-449 Rotten Structures

Another short timeline. The point of divergence here is the defeat of the British BEF in the battle of Dunkirk, leaving Berlin free to occupy much of Europe. The invasion of the Soviet Union and the surrender of all red army forces after a three year long brutal war have established total Nazi domination over continental Europe, by the end of 1944. In the following five years much of the people of Europe are suffering under a brutal and racialist regime.
America and the British Empire meanwhile formed the United Nations. They defeated Japan in 1945 and have propped up many freedom-loving nations over the world. Large arms shipment to the Soviet Union also continues. Soviet guerillas still cause the Germans many problems with whole areas near the Urals under de-facto partisan control.

When the Führer, suffering from Alzheimer-disease, died in 1950, the rotten structures he held together finally collapsed. Infighting in the German government promoted a swift collapse of much of the eastern territories when the Soviets renewed their war against the Nazis.

After a year the front in the east has been stabilized, but it remains to be seen how long the Germans can hold out or if finally the Allies declare war on Germany and liberate Europe.
Universe Infobox - Universal Tribal Confederation of Germania

Universal Tribal Confederation of Germania Infobox

Basically a relatively "small" Universe spanning confederation of ancient Germanic tribes, who defeated the Romans at the Teutoburger Forest. No real backstory, but I find the concept of ancient-futuristic axe-wielding (force-axe anyone?) bearded warriors who rules a universe spanning "tribal empire" with thousands of galaxies and nearly countless alien species, to be really awesome! Oh and throw in the multiverse to make this empire more freaking awesome by having infinite numbers of them.
Universe Infobox - Greater German Universe Imperium

Greater German Universe Imperium Infobox

Vacuity Institute ZA0121 / Sub-Department of the “Vacuity Galactic and Universal Ministry” of the “Pan-German Multiverse Assembly”, of the “Pan-Germanic Bloc” in the “United Multiverse Assembly”.

### Incoming transmission ###

Dear esteemed sibling/parallel-colleagues,

We have just received the latest micro-second batch of a billion parallel universes to our archives in the Lessing-428 Galaxy (one of a thousand galaxies dedicated to storing and cataloguing trillions upon trillions of ever expanding parallel universes). It seems our work is running very smoothly. We have already established contacts with over 95 percent of the Universe-grade Universes (approximately 50% of the parallel universes in the current batch) and 86 percent with Galactic-grade Universes. As per the “Solan-2.2.3-Convention” of the UMA (United Multiverse Assembly) we will begin reconnaissance/contact missions to 60 percent of Stellar and Solar-grade Universes and with 30 percent of Earth-grade Universes in a couple of days.

Also we are currently cooperating with the Templar, Germanic and Siamese Multiverse Assembly to improve our contact-output. Already we are cataloging over a quadrillion parallel universes every second, but that is just a drop in the ocean of the infinite multiverse. With our combined strength we can double or even triple our output. There is also talk of other Multiverse organization joining us.

As per our usual correspondence I have included a file of a parallel-universe, this should be the billionth parallel of my current universe. It seems like in this parallel the newborn child of Hochkaiser Friedrich-Wilhelm is a boy instead of twin girls.

Anyway for your information I will be taking a leave for the next three weeks. The “Z-Corp” Corporation has given me a special gift to establish my very own Capsule-Universe. (Authors note: Capsule Universes are limited/pocket universes, mostly around 10-15 light-years big, that are essentially artificially created copies of parallel Universes. These types of universes can be created when a point of divergence occurs – so that means every nanosecond – but the process of creation is very, very expensive so only the very rich can create one. And there are strict regulatory bodies that ensure that every person/private organization can only have two to three “personal” universes. I am lucky that my former employer ”Z-Corp” has given me this gift.)

I will be in contact again after the 21 days. So in the meantime I hope you enjoy the attachment I have included.

Yours truly Hochmeister Tancred von Altenburg

### End transmission ###
There seems to be something weird going on with East Asia in the Eastern Option and Rotten Structures maps; it seems to be more blurry, for lack of better terminology, than the rest of the map.
There seems to be something weird going on with East Asia in the Eastern Option and Rotten Structures maps; it seems to be more blurry, for lack of better terminology, than the rest of the map.
I noticed this also. I haven't found a solution yet - it seems to do with the file exportation service I use.
Universe Infobox - Black Khanate

Black Khanate Infobox

Vacuity Institute MEL0009 / Sub-Department of the “Vacuity Galactic and Universal Yassa” of the “Grand Multiverse Kurultai” in the “United Multiverse Assembly” and the “Supreme Multiuniversal Templar Multiverse-Imperium Assembly”.

### Incoming transmission ###

Dear esteemed madams and sirs,

Well just as we expected the Kievans and the Pan-East-Slavic have just complained to head office about our sibling Universe – our sibling Black Khanate. It seems like this variant of ours have overstepped their lust for conquest and destruction.

Although no actions are expected we might have to impose some sort of sanctions to our parallel universe. Nevertheless we have received assurances from the Panslavic Multiverse Forum and our own Multiverse Kurultai that the sanctions will not have any significant repercussions on our parallel Universe. As a matter of fact unofficial sources say that they are excited to study how their parallel self’s are copping being slaves to the Black Khanate. How curious of them.

The Grand Multiverse Kurultai has decided to send a representative to inspect the Black Khanate and we are expected to contribute to this fact finding mission.

Anyway what I wanted to give you with this transmission is the current tally of slaves and kills from our parallel Black Khanate:

- Over four hundred centillion alien and humanoids slaves
- Around three quindecillion human slaves (this is the source of trouble with other human powers)

- Approximately a thousand googols of extraterrestrial sapient life
- Around three hundred centillion humanoids
- Nearly five hundred vigintillion humans

Stellar Destruction:
- Five trillion galaxies of all kinds
- A googol of stars and planets

Well, we sure have a lot to catch up to...

Yours faithfully Noyan Chumulun

### End transmission ###
Universe Infobox - Maya Universal Empire

Maya Universal Empire Infobox

Vacuity Institute RAV219MEL / Sub-Department of the “Vacuity Galactic and Universal Ministry” of the “United Multiverse Assembly” and the “Supreme Multiuniversal Templar Multiverse-Imperium Assembly”.

### Incoming transmission ###

To Supervisor Martin,

It seems the rumors are true there is a Templar-Mayan Bloc within the Templar Assembly. Our sources in the Templar Assembly have confirmed it and the Templars have not denied it.
We are still waiting for a reaction of the Mayan Multiverse and the Mesoamerican Bloc but none are forthcoming for now. Seems like we have to speak with our communications department again!
Mixtures of different culture multiverses are very common (and the Templars are no exception to it). Just look at the Indo-Saxon Multiverse or the Judeo-Summeric ones.
Anyway this will be a short summary of the Maya Universal Empire that is part of the Templar-Mayan Multiverse Order (a bloc within the Templar Multiverse Assembly).


### End transmission ###

Authors Note: A quick work about a Mayan-Templar Universe mixture. The cool Mayan Flag (which is an Aztec symbol) was made by the The-Artist-64! I made this map a very long time ago and forgot where I got the flag so very sorry to the The-Artist-64 for all the hassle. Here is the link to the original:…
Universe Infobox - Schattenreich

Schattenreich Infobox

Vacuity Institute RAV219MEL / Sub-Department of the “Vacuity Galactic and Universal Ministry” of the “United Multiverse Assembly” and the “Supreme Multiuniversal Templar Multiverse-Imperium Assembly”.

### Incoming transmission ###

To Supervisor Martin,

Our department and countless other departments in other parallel universes are dedicated to cataloguing all the universes in multiverse. But I have to say that since our last conversation about the multiverse and infinity I have harbored some reservation about our work.

Since every action or decision of every individual or event in every single universe leads to the creation of another parallel universe our work in cataloging and organizing them all seems rather futile. Though we will never be unemployed!

Think of the sheer scale of our work. Infinite numbers of universes in an infinitely large multiverse with an infinite numbers of people and every decision they and their “siblings” take creating more and more universes. I know that some departments have thousands of galaxies dedicated in storing all the information coming in. I heard nearly a googol in a millisecond or so but that can even be a fraction of the true scale.

And since time is irrelevant in the multiverse we have universes that are located far into the future and some that are only in the beginning of the nuclear-steam age. (I pretty much appreciate that every Universe spanning empire and most of the galactic ones are contributing to the multiversal research!)

I wonder if ### REDACTED ### has finally found some traces of the origin of the multiverse.

So the reason I have contacted you is that I have compiled information of the Shadow Reich or the “Schattenreich” as they call themselves in their local tongue. It seems that they are part of the “Shadow Templar Collective” which some say is just a splinter group of the Templars themselves (although some voices say they are a secret inner society of the Templars).

Anyway the Schattenreich seems to be German in nature. Inquiries to the Pangerman Assembly and other Germanic organization have come up with no result in regards to a relationship with their universes.

We have sent some representatives to the Schattenreich but every effort to penetrate deeper into their realm has been denied. And any overtures to the “Shadow Templar Collective” have been met with silence or have been rebuked by the Templars themselves.

Besides the information that I have sent you not much is known about this universe. We will try to establish some sort of contact with them. As for now we remain ever vigilant.


### End transmission ###

### Returning message ###

Since your message has been received the Schattenreich has sent us a message that Crown Princess Lilith will visit us on a fact finding mission.
We are all excited but also very cautious. This is the first visit from a royal person (read human) since Prince Charles-Henry from the Avalon Complex three thousand years ago.
Supervisor-Synth IAX119-FTA

### End transmission ###

Authors note: So this has been a more personal project of mine, were I delved a tiny bit into the realm of German fantasy (not really the Brother Grimm Tales but sort of inspired by the dark mood settings)
The Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry

Foreword - Vacuity Institute RAV219MEL / Sub-Department of the “Vacuity Galactic and Universal Ministry” of the “United Multiverse Assembly” and the “Supreme Multiuniversal Templar Multiverse-Imperium Assembly”.

### Incoming transmission ###

To supervisor Martin,

We have received a interesting communiqué from the parallel universe concerning one of their most exotic galaxies – the B’Afour Galaxy with the Mauritan Galactic Empire. I have compelled a summary for this entity and hope this is to your satisfaction.


### End transmission – Start of summary ###

The Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry


Nobody knows how long it took for the nomadic Mauritans to settle a galaxy or how long it took them to embark on an exploration quest. Even the Mauritans themselves do not know it; the records from their pre-settlements have since been lost or forgotten, a library ship seems to have suffered a catastrophic accident short of the discovery of the B’Afour galaxy. But what is known is that they seem to originate directly from old earth Maur-Afrii and that the nomadic nature of their ancestors seem to perpetuate into their future descendants.

In the hundreds of millennia since the start of space exploration humanity and their respective nations have explored, discovered and settled countless galaxies. In time these universe-nations have made contact with others in the multiverse, including their own mirror counterparts. But ever the nomads the Mauritans have not collectively settled their own galaxy or made contact with the multiverse in the millennia’s. Sure some of their numbers have joined other universe-nations or settled their own galaxies but the main body of the Mauritans has stayed true to their nomadic nature.

And so the millennia’s passed galaxies were settled, universe-spanning empires created and contact made with the multiverse, but the Mauritans ignored all this. Even technological and scientific progresses have been rejected by them, preferring to stay with the know-how of the early space exploratory age. So while others have build spaceships larger than a standard solar-system or lived into their 100.000s, the Mauritans remain confined in their old ways – their generation-spaceships sufficient to travel the universe indefinitely.

And so it has passed and would have passed for countless millennia’s if they haven’t started to explore the “Void corner” in their universe. This corner of space is mostly empty of stars and galaxies safe for a few faint presences. While probing a part of the “corner” the Mauritan fleet discovered the faint dwarf spheroidal galaxy. At first glance this entity seemed uninteresting to the High Command of the fleet, but upon a second look there were surprised to see that the galaxy is teeming with life some of it intelligent – initial contact (*abductions – a controversial method that has since been dropped by most members of the multiverse) with some of the intelligent aliens have revealed the name of the galaxy – translated into human language it is called B’Afour.

Seeing that most of the intelligent life forms in this galaxy are in the pre-space age (an assumption that would cost the Mauritan dearly in the future) and that the nearest universe-nation is more or less 100 to 200 million gigaparsecs away. The Mauritan leadership has an important decision to make - a choice that would define the future of their people.

After a month long deliberation the High Command have decided – transmitting their message from the Mauritan flagship to all frequencies – the Mauritan millennia-long journey has come to an end and the conquest of this galaxy has begun.

Conquest and Attrition

The Initial stages of the Mauritan conquest and settlement of the B’Afour galaxy was done in very quick successions. Alien planets holding intelligent life forms were either subjugated and enslaved or completely annihilated. Verdant worlds were marked for human settlement and others for resource exploitation.

In this way two-thirds of B’Afour was conquered in a span of fifty years and the quick series of invasion and settling would have continued until the whole galaxy was the domain of the Mauritan, if not for B’Afourlis.

The B’Afourilis the hidden guardians of the galaxy, drawn from all primitive alien life forms in the galaxy by an unknown power, they have banded together to guard their home from all outside threats. But even their preparations couldn’t predict the invasion of the Mauritans which have took them by surprise. And for the next decades the B’Afourilis have evacuated many important worlds from the Mauritan onslaught. In the northern part of the galaxy they gathered many to make a stand against the human invasion.

Thus in the filthiest year of their arrival Mauritans have run into the formidable defense of the B’Afourilis. Surprised that otherwise primitive alien life forms were now capable of interstellar travel the conquest forces were halted and even in some cases driven back. What follows were a series of attritional warfare in the northern sectors of the galaxy. It was in this period that the Mauritan House Al-Khalid became renowned for their ferocious and fundamentally religious-xenophobic nature. (It was these traits that would mark the Al-Khalids as “Guardians of the North”).

By the eightieth year since the “Arrival” casualties were rising to the hundreds of millions on both sides. But for the B’Afourilis it was a futile struggle for the sheer size of the Mauritan invasion fleet has finally begun to tell. In the ninety-first year since the “Arrival” the Mauritan have consolidated the majority of the galaxy. The defeated B’Afourlis meanwhile has been driven back to the northern fringes.

Consolidation, Growth and Society

The Mauritan began to consolidate their conquests and settlements. A long period of growth and prosperity has begun. Worlds were settled, planets cracked for resources and alien slaves exploited. House of Al-Khalid was tasked to guard the northern sectors of the Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry from the remnant B’Afourilis Empire, given them free reign and autonomy.

The planet Nou’Tochouk became the linchpin and capital of the Mauritan Empire boosting its population into the tens of billions of citizens. Other planets prospered and wealth flowed freely through the empire.

The political government of the empire is based around a unitary semi-presidential system with a national assembly of the most important planets. Most planets were also ruled by a religious court (based on an old earth tradition that most interstellar empires would find stupid at best or revolting at worse). These court would enforce a fundamentally, conservative religious lifestyle on most Mauritan citizens while promoting and justifying the enslavement of alien species.

In fact the tremendous growth of Mauritan Empire was largely generated by the alien slaves, who were forced to conduct the most hazardous jobs, like extracting precious ores from a volcanic planet or siphoning chemical elements from the lower stratospheres of a gas giant.

The Mauritan society can be described as conservative to very conservative. Religion plays a central role in the society with old earth Islam being the most followed. An interesting point here is that Islam didn’t really evolved much from pre-space age earth; scholars and religious leaders have maintained a fanatical discipline to preserve the old teachings while other interstellar nations have evolved.

Most Mauritans can trace their origins to Afrii-Maur which explained their more or less darker complexions. But thousands of centuries of void travel have left their mark on them and some sections of Mauritan society have a different ethnic appearance – notably the pink-haired and grey-skinned population of Tiris Zemmour or the Bosrusa descended Tidjiris.

Corruption and Stagnation - Today

With wealth and trade streaming through the galaxy so too does corruption. Through the centuries of prosperity the seed of decline has been sown. Increasingly the elite of the Mauritan society were corrupted to money, religious fanaticism and power. Corporate, political and religious lobby groups were now pulling the strings in the capital and in the planetary governor palaces.

Wealth and power is concentrated at the top, while the general populations are getting poorer. Alien and alien slaves are being used as scapegoats for the political miseries of the Mauritan society. This has effectively initiated successions of pogroms against the extra-terrestrial slave population, which in turn started massive slave rebellions which could only be put down bloodedly.

Military funding have been neglected or have been diverted into personal funds. The state of the armed forces has forced many planetary governors to rely on corporate security services. These mercenary groups are increasingly being used to secure wealthy planets or regions of space. The most famous of these are the “Tidjis Shield Service” or the TSS. The planet Tidjis was settled mostly by Borusa descended humans – noted as skilled mercenaries even in the age of old-earth. Today the TSS is main employer on Tidjis, legitimizing the phrase a mercenary group with a planet.

Pirate terror-activity increased in the outer circles of the Mauritan Empire with the most notorious being the “Black Hands”. Initially formed as a rebel group that championed the cause of the commoners, successive less-noble leaders have transformed the “Black Hands” into the most feared terror group.

Religious fervor has been whipped up on many planets against the aliens and even against some fellow Mauritans who followed other interstellar religions. The once noble House Al-Khalid has fallen into a ferocious, religious fanaticism – committing xenocide against any remaining alien communities found in their territory and enslaving the survivors and also forcing their very own Mauritan comrades to convert to their fundamental beliefs. It is with these false confidences that the Al-Khalids have erroneously started the fifth war against the B’Afourili remnants.

All these times the B’Afourilis have waited and prepared for their revenge and to finally liberate their enslaved kinfolk from the Mauritans. In all the previous four wars against the Mauritans they have studied and observed their enemy. By the fifth war against the Mauritans of House Al-Khalid they are ready for vengeance. By luring the massive armies of House Al-Khalid to invade planet X3-O in No-man-space the B’Afourili have opened an unprotected flank on the northern front.

In a lightning move the main body of B’Afourili has crossed no-man-space into Mauritan region, striking deep into House Al-Khalids territory. The most populated world of the Al-Khalids – Al-Hais – is now subjected to a massive planetary invasion. Most defensive forces have been swept away by the initial waves, leaving the civilian population to the mercy of the aliens. Barbarities on a large scale not even seen in the “Arrival” age are being committed against the Mauritan human population - those that can have fled Al-Hais (mostly to upper class elites – hence only those with the means of having a private interstellar ship) bringing with them tales of horror and terror. Currently only one continent on Al-Hais out of ten is stubbornly holding out against the B’Afourilis. Maybe this would give time for the Mauritan High Command to organize a proper response.

Authors Note: So this is the start of an experimental space-alternate-history-multiverse-miniseries of maps that I have planned. Generally I'll will follow the rule of cool so I might get some physics, techs or general evolution wrong or even ignore them for the sake of storytelling/mapmaking.
The Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry – Planet El-Atrouss

The Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry – Planet El-Atrouss

Overview – The Planet El-Atrouss is located on the northern fringes of the Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry. Originally inhabited by the native alien species – the Buburlitons, a blueish, hairless apelike creature with a massive jaw and three eyes – the desert planet has recently (a couple of decades ago) been settled by the Mauritans. Since the planet El-Atrouss is located near the no-man-space region between the Mauritan Empire and the alien B’Afourili remnant, it is subjected to frequent raids by renegades and xenos pirates. The planet has a large standing defense force that is very formidable – on paper. Corruption and incompetence has gutted the force and the recent conflict with the B’Afourilis has not helped the planetary defense forces.

El-Atrouss is noted for having a large mineral wealth - located mostly in the northern hemisphere, which is wholly covered in mountain ranges. In fact over 90% of the mineral deposits on the planet are made up of diamonds. The colonial-governor office on the planet has started to extract this source of wealth and selling it to the superrich and affluent in the upper circles of the Mauritan society. Environmental hazards are ignored and ethical questions cast aside in their pursuit of getting their hands on all the wealth on the planet. The native Buburlitons have been enslaved and forced to work in the diamond mines. Large numbers have been killed by xenophobic overseers, industrial accidents and mine collapses. If not for the invasion by the B’Afourilis the native alien population on El-Atrouss would by now be extinct.

The southern hemisphere of El-Atrouss is made up of large deserts dotted with the occasional oasis. Most of the human Mauritan populations have settled here and the native Buburlitons forcefully deported to work in the northern mines.

Recent events – Pre-War predictions expected that El-Atrouss would have developed past its colonial status in a decade. But with the surprising flanking move by the B’Afourilis that resulted in the massive invasion of the planet Al-Hais, all the northern fringes of the Mauritan Empire proper has been left undefended to violent raids and even planetary invasions. While High Command is scrambling to assemble a defense force, elements of the B’Afourilis actually started to conduct fierce attacks across the northern sectors. El-Atrouss was not spared by the attacks and a particular ambitious B’Afourili launched a large invasion of the planet. The first line of defense was brushed aside and the entire northern half of the planet has been occupied. The conflict has now grinded into attritional trench warfare along the northern hemisphere mountain ranges and the southern deserts. Despite numerical superiority the Mauritans are outgunned by the outnumbered, but superior equipped B’Afourilis - casualties’ rates are heavy and the planetary High Command has recently forced-conscripted the lower class Mauritan civilians – mostly pre-war miners and low-key administrators.
The Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry – Moon Tidjic

The Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry – Moon Tidjic

Overview –
The Tidjic system is located on the southern fringes of the Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry – in an area known as the “Great Stellar Desolation”. This region of space has numerous stars and planetary systems but virtually no inhabitable planets. Most Mauritans who did settle in this region are mostly hardy asteroid miners, criminals and other disreputable characters. Most of them are confined into crapped and derelict space stations and small surface outposts.

One exception are the Tidjicians – people suspected to descend from old earth Borusa - who joined the Mauritans sometime in the later phases of their journey. While the Mauritans come in all shape and color – as is the norm with human evolution – they are mostly darker in complex. The Tidjicians are in stark contrast to the Mauritans, for they are mostly fair-skinned with white hair and near white eye orbs – courtesy of evolution and a side effect of millennia long-space travel.

The Tidjicians are noted for their ferocious fighting skills and are renowned for being the best special combat forces in the Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry. For their expertise and reputation they have been tasked to keep watch and patrol in the “The Great Desolation”. For this task and for supplying the Imbaratwry with Special Forces battalions they have been given a special autonomous status.

The Tidjicans settled a satellite of the Gas Giant Rodon – a moon aptly named Tidjic. Since the first human has planted the flag on the soil of the moon, it has been transformed into the largest settled planet/moon in the “Great Desolation” region. Military facilities dot the surface landscape of the moon while most Tidjicans live in subterranean habitation blocks.

Recent events – Since the start of the war against the B’Afourilis there has been a spiked of increased criminal activities in the “Great Desolation”. Law enforcement units and Special Forces battalions have their hands full in dealing with this.

A Tidjicans exploratory ship has now landed on a rocky barren planet – given the numeric series 442-O. What the small crew of scientists and explorers are about to discover will not only be the demise of most of them but will also have drastic consequences that could endanger the surivival of the Mauritan Galactic Empire.
The Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry – Planet Aios

The Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry – Planet Aios

Overview –
While countless methods have been developed to extract resources from space over the millennia’s, the one used by the Mauritan is by far the most medieval – Planet cracking. Planet cracking is a process where the targeted planet is virtually stripped to its molten core. Mountains are demolished to get to their valuable materials, seas and atmosphere sucked dry by gigantic orbital tubes and entire forests cut down in a day. Aois while not your average target for planet cracking – its resources are low to mediocre in contrast to other planets – has been cracked open for the past decade or so. This process has now resulted in an unstable planetary surface, with volcanic storms being a common occurrence.

Recent events – Surface work has become extremely hazardous with volcanic thunderstorms electrical storms frying hundreds of workers and deadly accidents occurring on a daily basis. With the beginning of hostilities between the Imbaratwry and the B’Aourili the need for resources and manpower has put a large strain on the planet cracking operation. Thousands of non-essential personnel, machines and ships have been drafted for the war effort. To make up for this shortfall thousands of criminals and prisoners are being transported to Aios – to support the mining operations. More insidious than this are the plan to send a hundred thousand alien slaves to extract heavy materials from the planet. The first slave ships are expected to arrive within a fortnight.
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The Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry – Sun Kaura

The Mauritan Galactic Imbaratwry – Sun Kaura

Overview –
The red dwarf Kaura is located in the eastern region of the Kaffa sector. It is mostly devoid of life safe for a barren planet – Kaura I. The planet and the whole solar system is sparse in resources and other valuable materials, safe for the energy of the sun. A research station – the Al’Mufti - has been set up to study and develop the sun energy technology. Due to corruption and incompetence of the Mauritan leadership the station has been left in disrepair for many decades and while supply ships do occasionally dock and resupply the research station - many scientists and personnel on the station has been left stranded - One scientist has even been abandoned there for nearly fifty years.

Recent events – With the outbreak of war in the northern region of the Imbaratwry, the supply situation to the space station has become more dire with large sections of the station fallen into disrepair and some parts have even fallen off. The “Black Hands” terror group has taken advantage of the security situation to raid the Kaffa sector. And while untold atrocities and destruction are being committed on nearly every system and planet in the sector – the Kaura system has so far escaped the attention of the “Black Hands”. This might soon change however as a splinter group of the main terror fleet has broken off to “investigate” the Kaura star-system. The hopeless crew of the research station are preparing themselves as best as they can to face to hostile pirates – but what they and the “Black Hands” will soon discover is that something has been growing in the dark underbelly of the Al’Mufti in the years of decay. And this something will be awoken by the blood soon to be spilled and then it will be unleashed…