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Zauberfloete Hall of Cartography or the Hall of Z

Greetings fellow alternate historians, ladies and gentleman,

After a long thought process I have decided to create my own map thread. I will be posting all my standalone maps and all map series including graphics and charts in here. I will start with my oldest maps and work my way up to the recent ones. I will try to post only completed ideas, but there might be the occasional WIPs tossed in there to get more feedbacks. Feel free to leave a comment and scrutinize. And I do hope you all enjoy the Hall of Z!


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TLCU - Timeline in a Capsule Universe series:

Series 1 – Red October
Series 2 – Another Reich
Series 3 – Legacy of Spring
Series 4 – 2020 No World Wars

Assembly of Historiographic Chroniclers of the Multiverse:
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Miscellaneous maps - 2012 No World Wars

2012 No World Wars

A World where there is no World Wars and less conflicts. Where the colonial power still retains considerable power and where Britain still rules the waves, though Japan is gaining on them.
It is a world where Russia is a democratic power and Tokyo with its nearly 50 Million residents can be called "Welthauptstadt".
A World where to US is a real ideal democratic champion for the opressed and where the Ottoman Sultan got filfthy rich from Arabian Oil.
Where Germany is known for leading the scientific research (not the engineering stereotype of OTL) and where Berlin has the biggest thriving Jewish cultural center in Central Europe.
A time where Indians and Chinese are richer and fewer, and having the costs of foreign powers rubbing their noses in domestic events.

This is a World where the Erzherzog survived his assassination.
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Miscellaneous maps - Atlantropa 2012

Atlantropa 2012

It was a vision of peace in a time of upheavals. New land, futuristic cities, energy in abundance and perpetual peace for the whole continent. The Utopia of a peaceful and just Europe was developed by the German Architect Herman Sörgel in the 1920’s. Its main concept was a gigantic dam to be build across the Straits of Gibraltar, which would have provided enormous amounts of hydroelectricity and would have led to the lowering of the surface of the Mediterranean Sea by up to 200 meters, opening up large new lands for settlement. The Adriatic would be almost completely lowered. Atlantropa would provide land, food, employment, electricity and the most important of all, a vision of a peaceful Europe, a brotherhood of Nations, of Freedom and Equality.

This scenario which is an ASB scenario shows Herman Sörgel vision and I’ve also included his ideas about the African Seas.

In this timeline Europe has dodged the fascist bullet. Instead of Hitler and his little buddies, the democratic leaders of Europe have thrown out the right-wing nuts. With Stresemann, Schuhmacher and co. at the helm and with the gigantic Atlantropa project, the economic hardship has been solved overnight. With no World War II losses and with massive investment in scientific research Europe and the whole world is much, much more advanced than in ours. Space, Computer and Medicine science are 50 to 100 years more advanced than in OTL. Agriculture is also more developed, due to lots of land in the Mediterranean Sea being available.

The World is a more peaceful though there is a sort of a tiny Cold War between Europe and the Soviet Union. The United States are the largest and most prosperous Nation of the World after the European Union. Asia and South America are a bit richer than OTL. Africa is less populous than OTL, with all the Population movement, whether the locals liked it or not, due to Altantropa or Environment Protection schemes and earlier industrialization.

This world is also more environmentally conscious than ours, due to the climate effects of Altantropa. Large areas of Central Africa, the Amazon and the whole of Papua New Guinea are part of the Environmental Preservation Regions. These Areas are mostly bereft of Humans, most people are largely resettled in urban regions, and those who stayed are mostly aborigines or scientific researchers. Other than this extreme decision, the world has a bigger solar technology sector; there are large solar farms in French and Italian North Africa. This and the Environmental Preserves has mostly blunted the global warming of OTL and with the African Seas balanced the aftereffects of the lowering of the Mediterranean Sea.

Europe today has about 800 Million citizens (Soviet Union not included). Its politics are a mix of democratic, socialist and technocratic thoughts.

Germany is today mostly known for its scientist, researchers and the father of Atlantropa – Herman Sörgel. It has reunified with Austria and Danzig in the late 1930’s and is now the most populous country in Europe. Through immigration from Eastern Europe and the Soviet it now has the second most populous Jewish community after Poland. It is the richest and most powerful country of Europe. And together with Poland, France, Spain and Italy forms the Council of Five, the most powerful body of the Union.

Poland has given significant amount of autonomy for its Lithuanian and German subjects, though rights for the Belorussian and Ukrainians are not so forthcoming, since they are seen as an enemy subject (Soviets). Warsaw forms with Berlin, Paris, Rome and Madrid the Inner circle of the Federation and is one of the biggest states of the Union. Also Warsaw houses the headquarter of the Eastern Command Center of the European Armed Forces.

The Baltic nations are also under the protection of the European Union and are very vibrant and multicultural.

All nations of Eastern Europe have dumped their right wing nuts, though anti-Semitism is still present though luckily not widespread or mainstream. The cultural and scientific success of their Jewish citizens has really helped most countries of Europe as a whole to overcome their prejudice.

A prime example for the European ideals is Czechoslovakia or the Prague Union, which managed to transform itself into a multi-ethnic, secular and democratic society, a sort of Union inside the European Union.

Yugoslavia was a headache ... For which the cure was Atlantropa, it is a Union of sorts, though not as perfect as the Prague Union, but at least they got rid of their King, same as Albania. Some analysts say that Yugoslavia will fragment in a couple of years into independent countries, others that it'll evolve into a more perfect union. They all agree it will be peaceful.

Greece is still Greece, the cradle of democracy and sadly the main obstacle for Turkish full membership status. But hey they've got Cyprus and Rhodes back!

Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria where tough nuts to crack, especially in the case of the Hungarians, but through compromise (the full autonomy of the Romanian ethnic minorities - Hungarians and Germans) and the economic miracle of Atlantropa most of their squabbles have more or less been solved. (There are bits of disagreements over minor border villages)

In Western Europe France, Spain and Italy also thrown out their dictators or nationalistic buffoons (in the case of France) and have given their minorities - the Alsace and South Tyrol Germans, Catalans and Basque full autonomy. Even the Bretons are free to speak their language.

France is the second largest nation of Europe after Germany. It has integrated Algeria and French Congo into the mainland Metropolitan. France along with Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland forms the council of five, the most powerful body of the Union. Paris is cosmopolitan and the largest metropolis alongside Berlin, Rome and Warsaw in Europe.

Spain today is a Republic and democracy. Madrid is the center of "Atlantropa-Southwest" which controls all the European projects in Southwestern Europe and western North-Africa. It is also the Nation where the Atlantropa Dam was constructed in September 1st 1939. Madrid today as with all European countries benefits from the limitless power of Atlantropa.

Italy was changed by Altantropa its Adriatic Sea is now an agricultural basin, Genoa has doubled its population and Venice through the dam that has preserved its historic character, is now the largest museum of the world, a city-museum

In the Low countries Belgium has imploded, now it’s the Union of Flanders-Wallonia and a Republic. The King resides in exile on perfidious Albion.

The Netherlands houses the Justice and Rights Department of Europe in Den Haag.

Portugal ... well they have nice sun and beautiful woman, reason enough to include it into Europe.

Scandinavia, same reason as above, but mainly the girls and also the Scandinavian countries have very good economies. Today Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland contemplate to unify their countries into a Scandinavian Union, to gain more Influence in Europe and to make it into the Inner Circle of the European Union, thus forming a Council of Six.

Ireland also joined the European Federation to avoid being sucked into the British Sphere.

So onto the periphery of Europe:

Northern Africa has mostly been Europeanized through Immigration - mainly refugees from the Soviet Union, as is the case of Algeria, boosting the number of the Pied-Noirs, or in Libya through active policy (Libya is now mostly 70% Italian) and assimilation.

Tunisia is Independent, Democratic Massively Secular and it boast itself as the frontier of the Federation, though not full member.

Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, Lebanon (the largest Christian nation in the Mid-East) and Turkey are awaiting full membership status, though observers say that it will be not long until they are part of the Union. In fact Tunisia and Turkey are expected to gain full member status in 2014 and the others a couple of years later.

Syria and Palestine are in a special relationship with Europe, though not part of Europe proper there are some voices that wants to integrate them into the community of nations. The Holy City is under the European mandate.

Israel is mostly populated by orthodox Jews and an oddity for it is a member of the Union.

In summary Europe is a democratic, technocratic and free Union, with a much higher population than OTL. Energy is cheap and work plentiful. Life is good.
Miscellaneous maps - Thirteen Failures and Jacobin Saviors

Thirteen Failures and Jacobin Saviors

A new timeline inspired by the novella “The Forest of Time” by Michael F. Flynn.

In this timeline without the guiding hand of Washington and Franklin the American Revolution collapsed after their independence into small bickering states.
In the Americas the Commonwealth of Pennsilfaania emerged as one of dominant powers on the eastern Seaboard, with a strong Prussian-style Army and a large industrial base. The people speak mostly Deitsch, with a minority of English speakers in the Quaker community and in the Delaware and Jersey provinces.

The other countries that emerged from the thirteen colonies are the Republic of New York, the Vermont Republic, the New England Confederation, the Union of Virginia and the Carolina Confederacy.
Across the ocean the failure of the American experiment had a profound effect on France, without the successful example of American Liberty and Union and most importantly moderation, the French Revolution descended into a mad revolutionary fervor. The guillotine works nonstop every night and day and ordinary citizens report each minor offense to the revolutionary council. This Reign of Terror lasted for nearly a decade, two in Spain and Portugal, until France and the nations it occupied were humiliated and beaten into submission.

Europe west of the Rhine and the Alps has in the last two century been thoroughly Jacobinized and de-christianized, a revolutionary and atheist region.
France and the Iberian peninsula is a place where revolutionary zeal and the Cult of Supreme Being is spread strides hand in hand to bring revolutionary enlightenment and the atheist religion to the four corner of the globe.
Even though atheisms is cemented in constitution of Spain, Portugal and especially France the Cult of Supreme Being is de-facto the state religion of all three countries, with many officials having to belong to the “Culte de l'Être suprême” for any promotions.

Although many propagandists in Paris, Madrid and Lisbon like to portray their countries free of counterrevolutionary activity and as Saviors of slaves and the common people there are those especially south of the Pyrenees who disagree. Who are awaiting the return of the monarchies to their empty thrones.

The other nations of Europe and also the government-in-exile of Spain and Portugal, the New Spanish Empire and the Empire of Brazil, tries to contain the spread of Jacobin and French influence into the rest of the continent. In the case of New Spain and Brazil into the heads of their slaves which more or less made up two-third of their population.

Slave trade is still going on, mostly through slaver-ships of Carolina, although Charleston is getting pretty annoyed by the continued raids from Hébertists Haiti. Time and again the Haitians succeeded in breaching their blockade of their island nation to interdict the Carolinian slave ships. The notorious “Crâne de l'Afrique” is especially feared in the ports of Carolina.

The presence of liberal mixed race Kingdom of Louisiana is also not very helpful; luckily they lack the population to do much damage. Although the marriage of the French King to a native Indian woman sends shockwave into much of the eastern seaboard, Charleston is confident that nothing can seriously hamper their lucrative trade.

Until the Jacobin in New York overthrew their gangster-politicians and shopping off heads of counterrevolutionaries and started making noises of helping their brethren in Port-Au-Prince to stop the evil trade.
Now Plantation owners and slave-ship captains are getting nervous, as are the nobles and the refugee aristocracy of New Spain and Brazil.

With a Jacobin Republic on the soil of the New World, it also represents the latest failure of London to contain the spread of Revolutionary Ideas to Europe west of the Rhine. First the Jacobin-backed Indian Revolt have thrown British rule out of most of India, expect for Bengal, South India and Gujarat, a consolation for London was that all of the Indian states that emerged from the Revolt, didn’t went Jacobin. And second due to the Indian catastrophe and the presence of a hostile France across the Straits of Dover, most colonial adventures have been stopped, thus the reach of London have mostly been limited to small scale business ventures in many places which would have been colonized in OTL.

But worst for Britain the recent news of the failure of containment have just reached the London: A massive Jacobin rebellion has broken out in the Austrian Empire.
Now the Mediterranean Fleet is making speed for the Austrian Adriatic coast, with three full regiments of Red-coats in their ships belly.

Also converging on the Austrian crisis is the Prussian Army, fearing for the uprising of its polish subjects, as well as “Wacht am Rhein” Freeregiments from the other German states and also Russia is massing its Army on the Galician borders.

Russia which has pulled out of European affairs has over the last two centuries have modernized and liberalized their economy and politics stands as one of the most progressives nations of the world.
Though individual freedom and justice for its citizens have spared Russia the Jacobin revolts which had wracked many nations, the rule of the Tsar is still absolute and many say due to the reforms, deeply entrenched, much to the chagrin of Paris.

Standing besides Russia as one of most progressive nations is China. With an early death of dowager-empress Cixi in 1888, the Guangxu -Emperor and his successors have made great sweeping reforms to liberalize their country. Many in the west feared that the next “Great Leap Forward” will finally put China as one of the Great Powers of the world. Already British merchant in Africa and the India states are complaining about Chinese interference.

The Indian subcontinents have largely been free of British occupation for one and a half century. After the ecstatic aftermath of British rule from India, many local rajas, sheikhs and sultans quickly moved in to fill the void left by London and to crush all the Jacobin rebel groups.
Today the subcontinent is made up of many individual states content with their own internal problems.

Africa has mostly benefited from the lack of colonialist expansion, with many states cementing their rule, especially those in the Sahel zone and the Great African lakes. Also the Boer Republic and the Zulu Kingdom finally settled their border disputes to counter the interference of British merchants and prospectors.

Technology of this timeline still lacks behind OTL by about a hundred years, although dirigibles are a very common sight nowadays.
Europe west of the Rhine and the Alps has in the last two century been thoroughly Jacobinized and de-christianized, a revolutionary and atheist region.
France and the Iberian peninsula is a place where revolutionary zeal and the Cult of Supreme Being is spread strides hand in hand to bring revolutionary enlightenment and the atheist religion to the four corner of the globe.
Even though atheisms is cemented in constitution of Spain, Portugal and especially France the Cult of Supreme Being is de-facto the state religion of all three countries, with many officials having to belong to the “Culte de l'Être suprême” for any promotions.

Although many propagandists in Paris, Madrid and Lisbon like to portray their countries free of counterrevolutionary activity and as Saviors of slaves and the common people there are those especially south of the Pyrenees who disagree. Who are awaiting the return of the monarchies to their empty thrones.

The other nations of Europe and also the government-in-exile of Spain and Portugal, the New Spanish Empire and the Empire of Brazil, tries to contain the spread of Jacobin and French influence into the rest of the continent. In the case of New Spain and Brazil into the heads of their slaves which more or less made up two-third of their population.

Slave trade is still going on, mostly through slaver-ships of Carolina, although Charleston is getting pretty annoyed by the continued raids from Hébertists Haiti. Time and again the Haitians succeeded in breaching their blockade of their island nation to interdict the Carolinian slave ships. The notorious “Crâne de l'Afrique” is especially feared in the ports of Carolina.

These nations use the French Republican Calendar most likely? Am I correct? Then you should add An CXCVI to the description...
Miscellaneous maps - 2322 Geo War

2322 Geo War

Inspired by Rvbomally’s „The Day after Yesterday“, Quantumbranchings “A new Ice Age” and Paolo Bacigalupi “The Windup Girl”, as well as some grimdark scenarios, such as the 1998 movie “The Avengers”, and continued Cold War. I have created this fictitious Grimdark scenario.

The PoD here is that the Cold War didn’t end in 1989 but lingered on for a couple of decades. Which greatly frustrated a villain-like-character based on the evil guy in The Avengers, who hoped that a collapsed Soviet Union would generate allot of mayhem. Thus he engineered some truly apocalyptic devises – the Geo-Bombs, which can exhilarate tectonic movement, cause glaciers to melt and can cause land to sink beneath the waves.

When for the next 23 years there weren’t signs of a nuclear showdown between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, this evil Genius started to detonate his bombs…

His first bomb was to create the Nebraska Sea, a favorite theme of his, after reading the novel of Allan Danzig, but his “Sea” was quicker in developing.

His second, third and fourth bombs were planted in the Chad, Congo and Kalahari Basin – he was a fan of the Atlantropa Idea but despised its Pacifist element. Also he created straits which will lead into these Inner Seas.

The Sixth and Seventh bombs were the most devastating – he exploded them under the Arctic and in Antarctica causing these two ice capes to melt – the resulting tidal waves wiped large parts of Northern Europe out.

The consequence: Sea level started to rapidly rise, causing whole population to flee to higher grounds. The Eastern Coast of the US was quickly swallowed, the Amazon destroyed and East Asia and the Pacific drowned. With this Second Deluge came the sporadic of Geo-Bombs, especially in the South China Sea (creating the South China Islands), Scandinavia (Separating South Swede from the rest of the country), Central America and West Africa. Ironically the Gibraltar bomb sheltered the Mediterranean from the coming waves, allowing the North Africa countries enough time to evacuate their citizens until subsequent bombs flooded the Med and collapsed large parts of southern Europe into the Sea.

The reaction of the world was one of panic and apocalyptic. Whole countries were destroyed, the Netherland and Denmark drowned beneath hundred meters high tsunamis, Bangladesh and Senegal slipped under the sea, their populace just reaching safety in India and Mauretania, the US and the Soviets struggling to evacuate their people to high grounds, this and other apocalyptic scenes were played out everywhere on Earth.
But the world started to hit back, a War between one man and the world has started – the Man vs. the World War, the Hunt or simply the Geo-War.

For the next couple of months the fight against or more likely the search for the evil guy has started. After more suffering, the Volga River collapsed beneath the Ocean level, California destroyed and Japan drowned, the guy was cornered beneath Yellowstone, preparing to detonate his largest bomb yet. Luckily he was eliminated before he pushed the red button.

Now Earth has to deal with the cost and consequences of the Geo-War, climate shifts, loss of the Gulf Stream, hundreds of millions dead and billions of displaced persons.

It took most Earth governments nearly three-quarters of a century to take adequate control of the crisis and a further fifty years to stabilize the situation. In this time massive intrusion by earth nation into a wounded earth has caused more crises. Oil and coal was burned without any second though leading to an oil peak about sixty years after the Geo-War and ten years after petroleum has run out.

More seriously with losses in Europe and Midwest America Agricultural production has plummeted. Government struggling to feed their population turned to genetic-engineered food production. GEN-Food was born. GoodGeneFruits in Bloemfontein, BioFarm and Pure-AgriProds in Springfield, United Standard CalFruit in Sioux Falls, VidAlimento in Brasilia and others have accumulate vast powers and are constantly battling to produce disease free food for the Earth population.

With the loss of so much forest to the sea, the fire and the earth much of the world climate has changed desertification is a major problem, areas where this topography is unknown are now sprouting deserts and wastelands, an extreme example are the tropical isles of Madagascar and Papua. Experts say that in a few decades no Greens will be left and the islands turned into large deserts or dry wastelands.

Also with the Geo-War earth bio and eco system has been dealt a large, some say fatal wound, wheat and other agricultural products have fallen to repeated outbreaks of plant diseases. Only the GEN-Food of the New Agri-Companies has saved most Earth population from starvation. Domesticated mammals, such as poultry, cows and others, and humans alike know feed themselves with Single-Life-Wheats and PurGenTomato.
Without Oil, Earth has returned to the sail, genetic engineered work-mammals and their own muscles to power their methods of transportation. The cycle has made a major comeback. Also sail ships made from US-Teakwood or Dragoon Redwood criss-cross the storm-wracked oceans of the earth, bringing GEN-Food, Novo Stegodons and religious settlers to foreign coasts.

Earth population and nations have also gone tremendous and sometimes terrifying changes. Religious fundamentalism has risen in many countries, the Gordonites in the US and their allies, the Waraabies in North Africa, the Middle East and some Asian countries.

After the old regimes of North Africa have fallen to the Waraabies, a Fundamentalist Theocracy has been declared stretching from the Maghreb to the dried up Indus and also including the Malay and Indo Islands.
Western Europe has since fallen to the fundamentalists, swamped by refugees from Africa and Asia; it was an easy prey for the Waraabies. Some managed to flee to the Eastern Bloc or to the Alpine Neo-Fascists, the rest of the native population have been reduced to second class citizens.

Eastern Europe has weathered the Geo-War and its result surprisingly well, courtesy of the centralized and planned-economy policy, though many foreigners say that having large armies helped. It has successfully assimilated Geo-War refugees and others fleeing from Western Europe. The Neo-Soviets are the greatest rival of the Waraabies, seeing themselves as the true Europe.

China has recovered from the devastation of its eastern provinces. Large concrete cities has sprung out along the new coastline, being more practical and with the need to house large numbers of people, these new cities are nothing more than sprawls filled with sewage and sweating humans.

Africa and Asia outside of China and the Waraabie Theocracy have more or less stabilized. Ranging from waste-filled metropolis in West Africa and India, to near-nomadic life cycle of Uganda and Central Africa, from the Urban-Archipelago Sprawls of Malay, Indo and Thai Islands to the vast GEN-Food fields of South Africa, these countries have since aligned themselves with one of the major powers or are dealing with uprisings, revolt, corruption or battling Plant-Diseases, Desertification or a combination of all these crisis.

In North America the rise of the fundamentalist Gordonite Christians was partially kept in check by the powers of GEN-Food companies, some say that the companies paid off the priest-generals of the Gordonites or that some of its leaders sit on the board of directors. The presidency is mostly a farce by now; in reality GEN-Food controls the American government, with the church as a respectable front.

South America has since returned into the warm bosom of Chicago, or more precisely into the greedy arms of BioFarm, Pure-AgriProds and United Standard CalFruits. Large areas around the Amazon and La Plata Sea which isn’t suffering from desertification or from the Free Food Guerillas, the FFG, attacks, have been turned into gigantic GEN-Food farms.

The major powers have since returned into space and even managed to build semi-permanent bases on the moon using small ancient technologies of the 20th and early 21st century. By using large amounts of coconut and palm oil, a heaven-ship from each of the powers managed a return every decade to their one to two-man bases, after a month long journey from earth’s surface. America has even managed a one-way space mission to Mars…

World Population has after three hundred and ten years returned to over six billion people, Asia with 2.7 billion and Africa with 2.3 billion are the most populous continents on earth. And some say that this booming population is a time bomb waiting to explode...
Technology is mostly based on work-mammal strength, wind power and the basic human muscle, palm oil fuel is purely restricted to heavenly rockets, GEN-Food directors and governmental ministers’ coal-cars. Although the powers have returned into space and even made some-what inhabitable bases on the moon, they have failed to effectively combat plant-diseases and climate change turmoil.

This is the world in 2322 the Legacy of the Geo War.
Miscellaneous maps - It’s the year 2022…

It’s the year 2022…

And the Soviet Union is preparing for is centenary. It has survived the freedom and democracy movements of the last three decades by brutally crushing them in their own country and in their puppet states. Nowadays the Red Menace is focusing on a hybrid form of state capitalism and socialist reforms with a big dose of nationalism.

America has turned more and more right wing with a religious undertone. It is still number one in the World, although a couple of Wall Street crashes have caused some heartache. The remedy for that was more cooperation. Increasingly does what it wants without any regards for the interest and sovereignty of its NATO and Non-NATO Allies…

Which is very worrying for the European Union. The EU is more economic focused orientated than political or even military. It has taken Turkey in, much to the chagrin of conservative elements in the respective government. There is a single currency for most of the EU, but it still made the same mistake as OTL and now much of southern Europe is in debt, though the presence of Turkey has actually cushioned the fall of Greece’s economy somewhat. West Germany is a very reluctant power of Europe, much more so than OTL, with a Red Bear over the border. The EU is worried about the increase of illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East and is really considering building a wall for Fortress Europe.

China is one very big, but lighter version of OTL North Korea. A massive army dominates the central committee and much of its economy is agricultural based with some pollution-heavy industry. It still propagates world revolution, but other than a few minor states its message hasn’t really fallen into eager hands. China has since been surpassed by India in Population and some say if Delhi can get its rampant corruption in charge, by GDP.

The rest of the world is has to deal with the fallout from this three way power struggle. Some try a third way like the IRO, which is only a front for their own corrupt interest, most just take it as best as they can. Revolt, uprising, ethnic and religious fighting and civil wars are common in this timeline. And to top it all off…

The Environment is a big, big mess, desertification is spreading to an uncontainable level, pollution is getting critical and rare animals and plants are disappearing. The Soviet Union and China are firing up mountains of coal and other toxic wastes and global warming skepticism holds sway over the White House, the Congress and the Senate, even the Europeans are too busy to make much difference.

It’s the year 2022, Seventy-Seven years after the end of the Second World War, and the World is still locked in a Cold War
TL-191 Fatherland

TL-191 Fatherland

An alternate timeline where the Confederate States under Jake Featherston won the Second Great War and the Confederate States now dominates the American continents.
It is April 1964 and one week before Jake Featherston's 75th birthday, Carver March, a detective of the Virginia State Police, is called out to investigate the discovery of a dead body in a lake near Richmond's most prestigious suburb.
As March discovers the identity of the body, he uncovers signs of a conspiracy that could go to the very top of the Confederate States. And, with the Freedom Party Stalwarts just one step behind, March, together with a German journalist, is caught up in a race to discover and reveal the truth - a truth that has already killed, a truth that could topple governments, a truth that will change history.

“Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will dig you in.” - Remark by Jake Featherston to European ambassadors during a diplomatic reception in Richmond - November 18th 1956

“Mr. President, call the toady of German imperialism to order.” – Featherston remark in the League of Nations General Assembly, denouncing a speech by Ghana Mandate delegate Kwame Nkrumah - October 12th 1960.

“A shadow has fallen upon the scenes so lately lighted by the Central Powers victory. Nobody knows what the Confederates States and its Racist international organization intends to do in the immediate future, or what are the limits, if any, to their expansive and proselytizing tendencies... It is my duty however, for I am sure you would wish me to state the facts as I see them to you, to place before you certain facts about the present position in the Americas.

From Newfoundland on the North Atlantic to Buenos Aires in South America, an iron curtain has descended across both Continents. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the New World states of North and South America. Philadelphia, Ottawa, Quebec, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montevideo, Asunción, Port-Au-Prince, Santo Domingo, Guatemala, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa, Managua and San Jose, all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the Confederate sphere, and all are subject in one form or another, not only to Confederate influence but to a very high and, in many cases, increasing measure of control from Richmond. Caracas alone — Venezuela with its immortal glories — is free to decide its future at an election under German and Austro-Hungarian observation.
The Confederate-dominated Canadian Government has been encouraged to make enormous and wrongful inroads upon the United States, and mass expulsions of millions of American on a scale grievous and undreamed-of are now taking place.
The Freedom parties, which were very small in all these States of the Americas, have been raised to pre-eminence and power far beyond their numbers and are seeking everywhere to obtain totalitarian control. Police governments are prevailing in nearly every case, and so far, except in Columbia, there is no true democracy. Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru are all profoundly alarmed and disturbed at the claims which are being made upon them and at the pressure being exerted by the Richmond Government. An attempt is being made by the Confederate in Philadelphia to build up a quasi-Freedom party in the occupied United States by showing special favors to groups of right-wing US leaders…” – Speech by Reichskanzler Theodor Duesterberg – March 5th , 1946

“I would say to the leaders of the Confederate States, and to their people, that if either of our countries is to be fully secure, we need a much better weapon than the H-bomb--a weapon better than ballistic missiles or nuclear submarines--and that better weapon is peaceful cooperation.” - Speech before the European League by Reichskanzler Franz von Papen – September 20th, 1963

Note: I edited the Russian part a bit.
TL-191 Elleander Morning

TL-191 Elleeander Morning

Author’s Note: Inspired by the book „Elleander Morning“, I’ve transported this alternate history of Jerry Yulsman into the Southern Victory series of Harry Turtledove. So here the German counterpart of Elleander Morning shots Jake Featherston before the Great War and so butterflies the Second Great War away, along with the Population Reduction. Enjoy!

“There will no longer be need for spheres of influence, for alliances, for balance of power, or any other of the separate alliances through which in the unhappy past the nations strove to safeguard their security or promote their interest.” 1945 Speech before the C.S. Congress hearings on the League of Nations Charter, by President Cordell Hull

“****HEADLINE OF THE DAY**** Germany wins the World cup on Penalties… 166.864 Fans at the final in London, United Kingdom 1942” Reuter 19th July 1942

“At times history and fate meet at a single time in a single place to shape a turning point in man's unending search for freedom. So it was at Lexington and Concord. So it was a century ago in the War of Secession. So it was last week in Selma, Alabama. There is no black problem. There is no southern problem. There is no northern problem. There is only a Confederate problem. Many of the issues of civil rights are very complex and most difficult. But about this there can and should be no argument. Every Confederate citizen must have the right to vote... There is no moral issue. It is wrong—deadly wrong—to deny any of your fellow Confederates the right to vote in this country. There is no issue of States' rights or National rights. There is only the struggle for human rights.” Introducing the Voting Rights Act to Congress on 15th March 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson

“FIRST MAN ON THE MOON – ASTRONAUTS LANDS IN MARE NUBIUM, CONFEDERATE FLAG PLANTED, ROCK SAMPLES COLLECTED – First Words from the moon. “Confederacy, Confederacy above everything, above everything in the world!” The Süddeutsche Zeitung 22th October 1983
TL-191 Back in the CSSA

TL-191 Back in the CSSA

The latest alternate history crossover features Timeline-191 with the novel “Back in the USSA”. Please do enjoy the scenario.

The point of divergence in this timeline is the quick defeat of Russia in 1914-15, a delayed Red rebellion until later in the war and the Barrels were butterflied away. Unlike in the original timeline the leader of the Confederate black socialist movement figured that the war would generate a widespread discontent among the general population of the Confederacy making a successful rebellion more inclusive, other than being only Afro-Confederate in character. By late 1917 the breaking point has been reached and a general red uprising took place that included black and - more importantly, white Confederate citizens. Many people flocked to the socialist cause of Cassius and Joe Steele (his white counterpart) and by the end of 1917 the Confederate Socialist States of America has been declared. A Civil War erupted with reactionary forces, but with a general support for the CSSA among the population, the “White” forces would be slowly defeated in a brutal warfare.

The CSSA succeeded in negotiating a humiliating peace treaty with the Yankees, losing large territories to the Northerners, but many were ultimately recovered after the defeat of the United States to the rest of the Entente forces.

The armistice and the Versailles Peace treaty in 1919 resulted in a breakup of the United States into many small minor nations with the core US being relegated to the Atlantic and Great Lakes states. The American Pittsburgh Republic (called that way because the new constitution was written in Pittsburgh, after a Hamburger/Blackford inspired red uprising took place in Philadelphia, resulted in the Congress fleeing to Pittsburgh – the uprising was ultimately defeated by the reactionary “Free corps” – Hamburger and Blackford murdered) was wracked by economic difficulty and harsh reparations to the Entente powers and a chaotic political landscape. The rise of the Social-Nationalist American Party ultimately destroyed the weak republic by early 1933. The SNAP ran on a platform of rabid nationalism and anti-black sentiment. The SNAP anti-black rhetoric increased the oppression of Afro-Yankees, with most losing their citizenship and workplace. The SNAP discrimination of the black North American minority evolved into more sinister practices. When the southern War started against the CSSA, groups of SNAP enforcer squadrons massacred the native Afro-Confederate population. This policy was expanded to include every single Afro-American man, woman or child in the occupied territories. The scale of this monstrous plan was laid bare when Russian and Confederate troops started to liberate the nations of North America.

Europe during the start of the First Great War saw German forces quickly defeating the Russian army in the Battle of Tannenberg. The subsequent collapse of the Eastern Front and surrender of the Russia surprised even the German leadership. Large tracks of lands were seceded to Berlin (though not as much as the OTL Brest-Litovsk-Treaty), leaving German forces free to concentrate on the Western Front. Here German and Entente forces fought each other to a bloody standstill. Meanwhile Russia consolidated itself – politically the reforms implemented after the surrender resulted in a genuine constitutional monarchy (ultimately the monarchy was peacefully dissolved in 1925 – although the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the Tsar are still prominently placed on the front pages of tabloid newspapers), it also rebuild the Russian armed forces to be a formidable fighting force. While the Entente and the Central Powers destroyed themselves in the fields of Flanders, the Russian bear is building up its muscles. By mid-1917 Moscow was ready to reignite the war. Russian troops quickly crushed the weak German forces in the east and by early 1918 Berlin and Vienna were in Russian hands. British, French and Russian ships quickly transported millions of Russian troops to the North American Theater and by November 1918 the Hundred-day Offensive crushed the Yankee forces in Canada.

The Versailles Treaty stipulated that war guilt lies solely with the North Americans. Philadelphia also has to pay harsh reparations and suffer territorial loss. The other Central Powers were lucky to escape a harsh treatment, mostly due to Russian objection of French and English demands and also due to brutal bloodletting of most of the Entente armed forces. Germany did loss some territory to Russia, but no harsh occupation or an unfair peace treaty.

France and Britain were left weak after losing many of the youth in the fields of Flanders. The governance of their colonies proved increasingly costly and difficult – the result being home rule for many of their colonies or outright independence in the case of India. The subcontinent nation quickly descended into a decade long civil war between nationalist, communist, religious and separatist’s faction, with the Communist Party of India ultimately defeating all opponents by 1949.

In North America the SNAP started to arm themselves for a round two with the Entente forces, they allied themselves with the bombastic, fascist leader, the “Duke” of California and Japanese Empire. War started on the first September of 1939 when Confederate Tank forces crossed into Deseret quickly defeated the small Mormon army. By the end of 1940 the Fascists occupied all of North America, only Alaska, the Confederation of Nevada; the Alberta-Saskatchewan Union and Newfoundland (Britain) remained free of the SNAP armed forces.

In 1941 the war against the CSSA started with Operation Blondbeard. The southern front was the most brutal and genocidal warfare conducted by the SNAP with millions killed, it ended when CSSA forces enter Philadelphia in April 1945 and ended the Social-Nationalist dictatorship in North America.

Russian, British and Free Quebecois/Ontario forces invaded occupied Quebec on June 6th 1944 from Newfoundland. By April photographs of Russian troops shaking hands with their confederate counterparts on Lake Erie were distributed around the world and by May 8th North America signed the unconditional surrender of all Yankee armed forces. North America has been liberated, the second Great War has ended and the Cold War between the CSSA and the Russian Republic is about to begin.

The next thirty five years saw a power struggle between an increasing stagnant CSSA and the capitalist Russian Republic. The failed reforms of the Confederate General Secretary resulted in the collapse of the Red Empire in 1991. Now 25 years later a resurgent nationalist Confederacy has regained their strength, while the northern/eastern democratic nations are struggling with economic debt crisis, rising radicalization amongst their young immigrant population and a wave of populist parties. These are interesting times indeed.
TL-191 Confederate African Empire

TL-191 Confederate African Empire

Another short timeline. This time the scenario features a cross between Timeline-191 and the novel Afrika Reich by Guy Saville. This does NOT reflect any of my views and opinions in any way.
The point of divergence here is the successful Confederate Operation Coalscuttle to capture Pittsburgh. Whole divisions of the United States army was captured or destroyed by the armed barrel forces of the CSA. Building on their success the Confederate resumed their offensive towards the North American Atlantic coast, with Philadelphia captured by the end of 1943 and finally New York in spring of 1944. The unconditional surrender of the United States followed soon after. The Confederate States moved to occupy the whole North American continent. Canada and Deseret were spun off as puppet states, while the US was carved into five confederate protectorates and two special administration regions.

With their victory in North America complete, the confederate moved their gaze south of the Rio Grande – the Mexican Empire already depended on Richmond, was further integrated into “Freedom Orbit”. The Central American and Caribbean campaign resulted in a quick victory for the Confederates, the little Latin republics forcefully annexed. The march of the Confederate army was finally stopped on the border of Colombia, when Colombian troops were joined by their Brazilian counterparts. South America remains free from Richmond shackles.

After over ten years the Confederate economy is still geared for military usage. The occupation of North America forces the government to send most young confederate men for garrison duty, thus denying the factories and civil service sector from many fresh and eager brains and brawns. With many men doing their duty in the armed forces and with the Confederate society unable and unwilling to let their womenfolk go to work, the industry rely on the one free source of workers – the cheap labor of Hispanics from Mexico and their conquered territories and more often the forced labor of the Yankee population.

While Confederate lured Hispanics with false promises to work on their farms and enslaved many Yankees, their black population was quietly being shipped to Madagascar. Due to the super-bombs being butterflied away, the European War took longer to finish, but like the original timeline the Germans won. Russia surrendered by late 1944 when German Panzer troops entered Moscow, France signed an unconditional surrender in May 1945 and while the British fought tooth and nail to prevent the successful German invasion in spring of 1946, they surrendered in September 1946. The end of the European Theater left the Central Powers exhausted they managed to regain their colonial holdings, but they hadn’t got the strength to occupy the colonial territories of the Entente. While the British Indian Empire was partitioned into three independent parts and French Indochina occupied by the opportunistic Japanese, all Entente colonies in Africa either declared their allegiance to Richmond or were absorbed into the CSA.

Africa became part of the Confederate States of America. The higher echelons were thus able to deport all their African-American population to Madagascar, branding it a “humanitarian” return or a “good reparation”. The death due to disease or ill-treatment of many during this forced resettlement only makes their “kind” words sound hollow and sadistically. While Confederate Africans were resettled on the island, the Africans themselves suffered a far more violent fate.

After the CSA consolidated their new regions, they began to forcefully relocate the native population to the former French West African colony, now renamed the “Griffith Special Administration Region”, as part of an official “resettlement” policy to make way for eventual Confederate colonization of Africa. Yankee and North African Arab and Berber slaves were brought in to build the infrastructure to make this a reality, with terrible consequences.

Berlin has in the post-war years managed to build a credible and strong European Community (EC), so strong in fact that the Confederate Eggheads in Richmond are starting to get nervous about German Aircraft carriers fleet emerging off the coast of Virginia. The European Community has integrated much of Central and Eastern Europe up to the new Russian border, with only Britain, Spain and Russia itself remaining out, although the ascension of London and Moscow into the European Community is a matter of when not if. German with Austro-Hungarian, Brazilian and Ottoman diplomats formed the United Nations, the world first true supra-national organization. All four of them are also member of the Security Council, with the Empire of Japan being the fifth member to be included after their ascension to the UN in 1950.

The Brazilian led South American “Liga da Liberdade” or League of Liberty is a German ally, but paths its own way, with a more socialist tendency. The frail bonds between Berlin and Istanbul were finally severed after the end of the Second Great War. Now both of them engage in a friendly but albeit fierce contest for influence in Central Asia. Istanbul shares Berlins concern about the Confederates, with many calling for a Jihad to liberate their brethrens in the Maghreb.

While Japan opportunistically grabbed Russian Siberia and French Indochina after the fall of their capitals, it still remains in the quagmire that is China. Manchukuo, their Pacific territories and parts of occupied northern China are now the only areas without significant anti-colonial agitations, outside of the Home Islands. Berlin and Istanbul are imploring Tokyo to end their occupation of China and give more autonomy for the colonial subjects; sadly it fell on deaf ears.

In 1955 the tensions are building up between the racialist Richmond Pact and the United Nations led by a recovered Germany and while it hasn’t blown up yet, the action of one special agent Burkhard Kohl could spell the end of the Peace Years. Burkhard is being sent to assassinate Walt Highcastle, the notorious Confederate governor of Nigeria.
TL-191 The Man with the Cotton Heart

TL-191 The Man with the Cotton Heart

The next short scenario is a small cross-over between Timeline 191 and the novel “The Man with the Iron Heart”. In here the surrender of Confederate Forces signaled the start of the Freedomite insurgency. The US occupation policy against the Confederate insurgence and population is a hybrid between the Soviet Union and Western Allies administration of Germany in the “The Man with the Iron Heart”. While most Border States and strategic important lands remain occupied by the military, some regions are deemed too chaotic and hard to control. Rebel actions in the military zones were met with harsh reprisals by US forces against the civilian population - Hostage-shootings and wholesale deportation of villages and towns to the northern arctic territories.
Military forces in the chaotic zones were withdrawn after all strategic infrastructures and resources were destroyed or looted. These regions were then embargoed and subjugated to frequent bombing runs and Special Forces raids. It is fair to say that this strategy backfired when the Freedomite insurgency regained control over these states, declaring a Second Confederacy.
So here the German counterpart of Elleander Morning shots Jake Featherston before the Great War and so butterflies the Second Great War away, along with the Population Reduction. Enjoy!

Cool map, and the closest German-sounding equivalent name would be Eleonore Morgen.
TL-440 This is Planet Earth
TL-440 This is Planet Earth

My MotF 94 entry: Make a map showing the initial stages of a worldwide unification.

"After nearly a century of global hardship the people of the earth have decided on taking the first tentative steps towards global unification. The come to this point in our common history we had faced many hardships: wars, inter-ethnic and religious violence and global environmental catastrophe of the rising sea level or the “Slow Flood”.

With the formation of the "Eight Great Unions" a couple of decades ago we laid the first foundation for a world government and with the will of the people of the Earth and their leaders - notably American President Haughton, granddaughter of a famous American Musician and Humanitarian, and President Koothrappali of India, grandson of a famous Indian Astronomer – we will remember this day, the fifth of June as a truly historic event – humanity first step towards global unification." – Reuters Pundit at the first session of the First World Government in Bahia

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TL-441 Lamia et Servitus

TL-441 Lamia et Servitus

Authors note: My take on a Vampiric World

“One Death is a thrill, one million my inheritance, dominion and retribution!” – William Walker, Supreme Vampire

Near Lake Nicaragua, December 23rd 1856 - William Walker, the Dixie despot, the Gringo president, the ruler of Nicaragua, is in a deep pickle, when he first set out on his conquest of Central America to establish his divine rule of an English speaking “Centroamerica”, he didn’t expected so much resistance from the backward Spanish-speaking natives. Now they are driving him out of his God-given place as leader of these ignorant masses. They don’t know better. Now he is a fugitive in the middle of the jungle, bitten by thousands of mosquitoes, leeches sucking his legs dry and with the damn coward of a general, Charles Frederick Hennigsen, pushing him around like a common peasant.

Who does that bastard think he is telling William Walker what to do? Not only has that man burned down his capital down he still insists on telling the President Walker, first of his name, what is best for him.

Now Henningsen is busy arranging an escape! across Lake Nicaragua, a perfect time to inspect some Mayan ruins, maybe a treasure or an artifact can be found, which can adorn William Walkers rebuild and grand new Presidential Palace, when he, the President, singlehandedly drives out those damn Hondurans.

Stumbling up broken steps of a small ziggurat, William Walkers enters a dark chamber. At first there was nothing but darkness, but then his gaze fell on a red pulsing thing, which on a closer inspection depicts a man with a bats head drinking and killing from a throng of sacrificial humans. Such fascination does the image hold on William Walker that he doesn’t realize that he has taken a step towards it. Within seconds he has the thing in his hand, which as it turns out is an amulet.

At first thinking it was the wind, but then he realized that the amulet is whispering to him, putting his ear on the amulet, which feels really warm, Walker at first only felt a pulsing sensation coming from the heart of the amulet.

Then he heard it, the amulet was talking to him, him William Walker. Pressing his ear harder against the surface of the strange object he now heard the words very clearly.

"I promise you William Walker, the Eternal President, the Despot of All of America, POWER, WEALTH, BLOOD and ETERNAL LIVE. Bare me your neck and all that you desire, all your wishes will become true. You will be loved, despised, envied, respected but most of all FEARED… Do you submit yourself to fulfill all your inner desire?"

After William Walker emerged as the first Succubus, the first fiend, the first Vampire Lord and Father of all the Vampiric, he and his sons and daughters have waged a long and bloody war against all of mankind.

Building the greatest Vampire nation on earth, upon a victorious Confederate States of America, William Walker rules as the Supreme Grandmaster of the Vampire. He is the father of tens of thousands of Vampires, but the greatest are his first seven “children”.

Those Seven have now formed their respective clans on all continents of the globe and are either very active or passive in their “fathers” pursuit for the domination of mankind.

The Vampire War has been fought for nearly a century now, sometimes flaming up, sometimes only on secretive engagements, but never dying down. The War with the humans is being fought on large battlefields against the armies of the Kings of Europe, in small-scale pirate raid against the coastal regions of the Samurai lords of Japan, in the dancehall of Vienna and Munich, in the jungles of Papua and Africa, against the medicine-sharp-tooth-hunters of Africa (trying to save the last of Africa from the Vampire-slavers) and the feared Van Helsings of the Amsterdam Bureau.

Mankind in their desperate attempt to ward of the Vampire has in turned sold their souls and body to the werewolves (Prussia) and the demonic (Russia), the result has stopped the Vampire but what they got is not better either.

The remaining human nations still stand proudly in their fight against the darkness.

“Let us sharpen the stakes, dip our swords in holy water, load the silver bullets in our rifles, say the catechism of banishment, for darkness is coming and we will be waiting!“ – Anonymous, attributed to Dutch Prime Minister Abraham van Helsing II.

“I have gazed into the abyss and when it stared back at me, I rejoiced!” – William Walker, December 25th after appearing before Henningsen

“The cattle ask the difference between a wolf and a man. The wolf leads, the man drives!” - Theodore Roosevelt, commander of the Wolf riders
TL-442 A Traumatic Birth

TL-442 A Traumatic Birth

Authors Note: Sometimes small and relativly insignificant events can start an avalanche or butterflies of alternate histories. In this scenario, which has some ASB elements (only for the wow/cool effect), I made Wilhelms birth more traumatic, which could have many more outcomes. I’ve chosen the evil one (it’s more interesting). For Wilhelm personally it’s a darker world but maybe the scenario is better for the world at large. So enjoy!
TL-443 Ernst sein ist alles

TL-443 Ernst sein ist alles

In this scenario Hitler suffered a stroke after celebrating the victory over France. Although he didn’t die, it severely affected his judgments. A great side effect of this situation was no invasion of the Soviet Union, but instead a focus to defeat Britain in the west. This scenario ultimately culminated in an amphibious invasion of the British Isles in 1942 and the subsequent surrender of the Allies (the US fought on for a couple of years though).

Now several decades later the world is locked in a four-way Cold War between the US-led alliance, the Reich, the Soviets and the Maoist Chinese.
TL-444 Requiem

TL-444 Requiem

This small ASB scenario is a tribute to B_Munro also known as Quantumbranching and rvbomally. I particularly like their Nazi-World-Collapse and Endsieg scenarios, so I decided to make one myself, which is heavily influenced by both of their timelines. I should also mention that, this is not a sequel my TL-443, but a new timeline.
The premise is that after winning World War 2, the Japanese and German Reich split up the world between themselves. After a couple of decades the two former allies came to blows, which resulted in the nuclear destruction of their empires and the world.