Tonight, In This Very Ring: A Collection of Wrestling Timelines

The Highest Paid Jobber: In Your House 13
In Your House 13: Four Corners

Venue: UTC Arena in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Attendance: 7,000
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler​

Marc Mero (w/Sable) d. Al Snow

OTL match.

Ron Simmons (w/D'Lo Brown and Clarence Mason) d. 2 Cold Scorpio

Simmons looking to recruit to his Nation of Domination, beating down Scorpio for his refusal to join. He hits the Dominator, then he and D'Lo carry Scorpio off.

Rocky Maivia (c) d. Owen Hart for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Testing him working with a more talented worker here to get him over. You know, the usual tricks, but people keep booing Rocky. As you do.

The Thrillseekers (c) d. The Headbangers for the WWF Tag Team Championship

They're just one month away from a year in the company and a year as tag champions! Thrillseekers~

Davey Boy Smith d. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vader and The Undertaker in a Four Corners Elimination Match for the vacant WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Bret will get his shot at WrestleMania, but for now Davey Boy gets it thanks to a number of run-ins. First comes Kane to ruin it for the Deadman, getting him pinned by Austin. Austin gets taken out next thanks to Pillman, giving Vader a fall. Then Cactus attacks Vader, leaving him ready for Davey Boy to hit the Running Powerslam. Davey Boy gets his second WWF World title and will be meeting his brother-in-law Bret at WrestleMania.
The Highest Paid Jobber: WrestleMania XIII
WrestleMania XIII

Venue: Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois
Attendance: 18,197
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler​

(Dark: Billy Gunn d. 2 Cold Scorpio)

The Headbangers d. Doug Furnas/Phil LaFon, The Godwinns and The New Blackjacks (Barry Windham/Bradshaw) in a Tag Team Elimination Match

OTL match.

Rocky Maivia (c) (w/2 Cold Scorpio and Ahmed Johnson) d. Ron Simmons (w/D'Lo Brown and Clarence Mason) in a Chicago Street Fight for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Rocky takes on Simmons here, continuing his Blue Chipper run. Good plunder fun ending with a Shoulder Breaker.

Owen Hart d. Goldust

Mero's out, so we have Owen take the HHH matches. Get a Sharpshooter win over the Bizarre One.

The Legion of Doom d. The Thrillseekers (c) for the WWF Tag Team Championship

The Thrillseekers brag about their reign, saying they're the greatest tag team in WWF history and no team, new or old, could match them. Of course, that brings out Hawk and Animal, who Jericho clowns on for being old. They get the big returning veteran pop and win after a Doomsday Device to Lance. For added pops, we get a Doomsday to Jericho, who sells it like a pro.

Cactus Jack d. Vader

Just shave a few minutes from a few matches to give them some time to slug it out. Cactus Elbow off the top to win it.

Brian Pillman d. Stone Cold Steve Austin in a No Holds Barred Match by stoppage (Guest Ref: Ken Shamrock)

So, we let these two put on a show. They look to their each other apart. Austin gets locked in the Pillmanizer, but passes out rather than tap out, the whole shebang.

The Undertaker d. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)

Always good to have ya, Kane. We do some more shtick with them, ending with a tombstone.

Bret Hart d. Davey Boy Smith (c) for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Bret wins his second WWF title, main eventing his fifth WrestleMania against his brother-in-law. The two put on a clinic, Bret getting as much good wrestling as he can out of Davey Boy. Sharpshooter wins it.
The Highest Paid Jobber: In Your House 14
In Your House 14: Revenge of the 'Taker

Venue: Rochester Community War Memorial in Rochester, New York
Attendance: 7,000
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler​

The Legion of Doom (c) d. Doug Furnas/Phil LaFon for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Feed another team of young, talented workers to the veterans to help them get over with the growing attitude crowd. Furnas takes the Doomsday Device

Chris Jericho (w/Lance Storm) d. Rocky Maivia (c) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

The Blue Chipper's run as IC champion comes to a halt here as Jericho breaks into singles gold, locking Rocky in the Liontamer and getting him to tap to secure the win.

Jesse James d. Billy Gunn
The Undertaker d. Cactus Jack

Two OTL matches, but with tweaks like the lack of Honky Tonk Man (and Rockabilly) or the WWF title.

Bret Hart (c) vs. Brian Pillman for the WWF World Heavyweight Title (No Contest)

Having beaten Austin at WrestleMania, Pillman gets a shot at Bret's title, but the match ends in a no contest when Austin rushes in and throws Stunners everywhere.
The Highest Paid Jobber: In Your House 15
In Your House 15: A Cold Day in Hell

Venue: Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia
Attendance: 10,000
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler​

Brian Pillman d. Owen Hart

Give Pillman a win here as we draw closer to the finale of this TL. We're coming up on SummerSlam '97. Pillmanizer gets the win here.

Cactus Jack d. Rocky Maivia

OTL match.

The Nation of Domination (Ron Simmons/D'Lo Brown) d. Ahmed Johnson/2 Cold Scorpio

The Nation continue their run here, hit the Dominator followed by a Lo Down to Scorpio. Good solid tag match.

Ken Shamrock d. Vader in a No Holds Barred Match

OTL match.

Bret Hart (c) d. Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Austin's got a shot at the title from last year's King of the Ring and he's gonna use it. He gets close, but Pillman attacks him and costs him the match.
The Highest Paid Jobber: King of the Ring 1997
King of the Ring 1997
First Round Results (Television)

Ahmed Johnson d. Owen Hart
Ken Shamrock d. Crush
Jerry Lawler d. Goldust
Cactus Jack d. Savio Vega

Venue: Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island
Attendance: 10,000
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Shane McMahon​

Ken Shamrock d. Ahmed Johnson in a King of the Ring Semifinal Match
Cactus Jack d. Jerry Lawler in a King of the Ring Semifinal Match

First two King of the Ring matches, Shamrock taking the Helmsley spot.

Goldust (w/Marlena) d. Crush
The Hart Foundation (Owen Hart/Davey Boy Smith/Jim Neidhart) d. The Legion of Doom/Sycho Sid

Two OTL matches.

Ken Shamrock d. Cactus Jack in a King of the Ring Final Match

Shane's big on UFC, so I can assume Shamrock will get a push under his reign. He especially gets the big King of the Ring win here, putting out Jack with an ankle lock here.

Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin (Double DQ)
Undertaker d. Ron Simmons

Two more OTL matches.

Bret Hart (c) d. Brian Pllman for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Shave some time off each match to give them some time to work. Pillman taps in the Sharpshooter, Bret's second reign continuing strong.
The Highest Paid Jobber: In Your House 16
In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede

Venue: Canadian Airlines Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Attendance: 13,000
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler​

Vader vs. Cactus Jack (Double Count-Out)

Vader takes the Hunter spot here but the result is the same.

The Great Sasuke d. Taka Michinoku

OTL match.

Bret Hart (c) d. The Undertaker for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Pull Bret from the ten-man (and drop Goldust) so we can have him defend once again. He gets it after a victory roll on the Deadman.

The Hart Foundation (Owen Hart/Brian Pillman/Davey Boy Smith/Jim Neidhart) d. Stone Cold Steve Austin/Ken Shamrock/The Legion of Doom in an Eight-Man Tag Team Match

Slightly modified version of the OTL main event. We got one more show, folks...
The Highest Paid Jobber: SummerSlam 1997
SummerSlam 1997

Venue: Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey
Attendance: 20,213
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler​

Cactus Jack d. The Undertaker in a Steel Cage Match

Fuck it, Deadman gets the Helmsley spot here. Put them in a cage, it'll be fun.

Stone Cold Steve Austin d. Brian Pillman in a Loser Leaves WWF Match

Bit low on the card, but this is the major match of the TL. Pillman's done five years with us, so we'll give him some time to rest at home. Unfortunately, during his vacation, he would pass away like he did OTL. The match itself is great. It's SummerSlam, so the two go full bore (and hey, Austin doesn't suffer a horrible neck injury, so it's win-win) before Pillman takes a Stunner and is dragged out of the building by security.

The Legion of Doom (c) d. The Godwinns for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Make this match for the tag tiles, only real difference there.

Lance Storm d. Davey Boy Smith (c) for the WWF European Championship

I think Davey would be willing to drop the belt to Lance. Hell, the dude's a two-time World champion, what does it matter if he's not champion of Europe? Lance gets it with the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Los Boricuas (Savio Vega/Jesus Castillo/Jose Estrada Jr./Miguel Perez Jr.) d. The Disciples of Apocalypse (Crush/Chainz/8-Ball/Skull) in an Eight-Man Tag Match

OTL Match.

Chris Jericho (c) d. Owen Hart for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Oh, hell yeah. Look, no matter how wank my bookings get, never say I don't supply the goods. 15+ minutes of Owen/Jericho? You love it. Jericho keeps with the Liontamer.

Ken Shamrock d. Bret Hart (c) for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Ken gets hotshotted to the main event title, courtesy of Shane O'Mac, but Bret's able to make it work. He takes the Ankle Lock like the pro he is. We strap up Shamrock and keep the belt on him until Survivor Series, then have him drop back to Michaels, Bret gets some goodbye match (maybe the Hart Family win the main Survivor Series match) so we don't have the Screwjob. But that's all beyond this TL's end.

Now, as for Melanie? Well, Shane makes sure that the rest of Brian's contract is paid out to her and even gives her the revenue from the RAW after Pillman's death. Along with that, she gets all proceeds from future Brian Pillman Tribute Shows (and possibly a check from David Arquette, should he win the WCW title ITTL.) They don't have her do that horrible interview segment on RAW.

That wraps up things here with The Highest Paid Jobber.
Even with the fact that Pillman was destined to die, it is still a good TL there. 2 British Bulldog reigns and Ken Shamrock with the WWF Title, it's not a bad deal.

So, what's next?
Vince McMahon's Bastard
Vince McMahon's Bastard

Man, June 2007 was a wild month for Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon Appreciation Night ended with his car exploding, his illegitimate son was secretly working for the company, Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son before hanging himself... just a tough month all around.

But the thing that got people's attention (besides, you know, the Benoit tragedy. By the way, watched the Dark Side of the Ring part 1 on Benoit. Absolutely brutal stuff, but fascinating all the same. Check it out,) was the illegitimate son angle. Who doesn't love a good mystery about an illegitimate son? WWE loves it so much they did it twice! With this one, the plan was for it to be revealed to be Mr. Kennedy... then Kennedy got busted in a pharmacy scandal in the wake of the Benoit tragedy. Again, bad month to be Vince. Then they had to come up with a replacement... they chose Hornswoggle.

But what if Kennedy wasn't on that list of busted wrestlers? What if he was able to take up the role... of Vince McMahon's Bastard?

June 11, 2007

Monday Night RAW emanates from the Wachovia Arena in Pennsylvania with two major events taking place. First is the draft, which sees stars from all three brands battle it out to get a newly picked Superstar for their respective rosters. On that night, the Great Khali, Torrie Wilson, Chris Masters and Ric Flair went to Smackdown! The Boogeyman and Chris Benoit jumped to ECW and Booker T (accompanied by Sharmell), Bobby Lashley, Gene Snitsky and Mr. Kennedy made their way to RAW. But more important than all that was the close-out of Vince McMahon Appreciation Night. Despite being a night celebrating the boss, Mr. McMahon is downcast the whole time. He barely speaks a word as his employees talk up the whole night.

As the assembled roster meets at ringside, Mr. McMahon slowly makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He's handed a mic and talks about how he should be overjoyed. He should be ecstatic that everyone is singing his praises... but before the show began he got a letter. Vince pulls out the letter from his coat pocket and unfolds it, reading it aloud. It's from a woman he had... relations with decades ago. How their son had become a wrestler with the hopes of one day becoming WWE champion and how now, that son is working for the WWE. Vince isn't certain of how true any of this is, but his lawyers have looked over a copy of the letter thoroughly and his own testimonies of where he was that night and it all checks out.

Finally, he decides to stop beating around the bush. Vince is sure you all wanna know who the mystery bastard is. It says that the boy grew up as little Kenneth Kennedy... Kennedy.

Wrestlers on the RAW side begin to part as Mr. Kennedy looks up to the ring, to Vince, with wide eyes and a dropped jaw Slowly, Kennedy enters the ring and stands face-to-face with Vince.


June 18, 2007

Next week's RAW is built around the reveal and Kennedy's reactions to all of this. He went thirty-one years never knowing who is real father was. He never really thought about it, he was happy with Papa Kennedy raising him and just wanted nothing more than to be WWE Champion. Which he gets his chance when Vince, wanting to make up for 31 missed birthdays, promises him anything he could ask for. Kennedy, after laying into Vince for never being there when he was growing up, demands a WWE title shot. Vince agrees, making the Five-Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship into a Six-Pack Challenge.
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No, Foley's still in, no-ones getting replaced. It's just that Kennedy is now being added in.

And somehow I bet this TL was inspired by Adam's Booking of "Kurt's Illegitimate Son" angle.
Actually, Adam did book the Vince's Illegitimate Son angle. In his version, the bastard was CM Punk. Here, I'm sticking with the initial plan.
Vince McMahon's Bastard: June-August
Vengeance: Night of Champions

Mr. Kennedy d. John Cena (c), Bobby Lashley, King Booker (w/Queen Sharmell), Mick Foley and Randy Orton in a Six-Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship

Throw in some spots from Kennedy, cut two minutes from Umaga/Santino and a few from Edge/Batista to get this up to around 13. Cena goes for the AA to Lashley, only for Kennedy to slide back ion, toss him out of the ring and steal the pin. Kennedy has won the WWE title!

The Great American Bash 2007

Mr. Kennedy (c) d. John Cena for the WWE Championship

Gonna focus just on Kennedy, so this will cover multiple PPVs. Cena looks to reclaim the title, winning a Beat the Clock to get the shot. However, during the match Shane runs in to distract, allowing Kennedy to escape the AA and hit the Green Bay Plunge. Kennedy retains.

SummerSlam 2007

Umaga (c) d. Carlito for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Take Kennedy out of this match, but the result is still the same.

John Cena d. King Booker (w/Queen Sharmell)

Just to give Cena something to do. Who's fighting Kennedy, you ask?

Mr. Kennedy (c) d. Triple H and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

Orton gets taken away by security towards the end after an RKO, allowing Kennedy to once again steal the pin. Then Vince comes out, hands Kennedy a sledghammer and has him work over Hunter's leg. Hunter gets stretchered out while Kennedy does his shtick on the mic. "Your WWE Champion... Miiiiisteeeerrrr KENNEDY... MCMAHON!"
Vince McMahon's Bastard: September-October
Unforgiven 2007

John Cena d. Carlito in a No Disqualification Match

Just keep Cena out of the main event, that's all we need. AA to Carlito wins this one.

Randy Orton d. Mr. Kennedy (c) for the WWE Championship by disqualification

Shane makes the save here, throwing a chair shot at Orton to draw the DQ. Orton, pissed off, batters Shane and drops him with an RKO.

No Mercy 2007

Randy Orton d. Jeff Hardy

Winner faces Kennedy later tonight in a Last Man Standing Match.

Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch d. Brian Kendrick/Paul London

Drop this from a six-man to a standard tag.

Mr. Kennedy (c) d. Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship

Rather than a new champion, we get Kennedy keeping after a Green Bay Plunge through a table.

Cyber Sunday 2007

Venue: Verizon Center in Washington, DC
Attendance: 10,094
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler (RAW), Michael Cole/JBL (SmackDown!) Joey Styles/Tazz (ECW)​

(Dark: Jesse/Festus d. Deuce & Domino (w/Cherry)

First Poll: Stipulation for Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay

No Disqualification Match (56%)

Stretcher Match (44%)

Rey Mysterio d. Finlay in a No Disqualification Match

About the same outcome as OTL, just a different stip. Oh, hey! We're doing a full card! Why? Why not, it's Cyber Sunday.

Second Poll: Opponent for CM Punk

John Morrison (53%)

The Miz (47%)

CM Punk (c) d. John Morrison for the ECW Championship

Morrison takes this one from the Miz, but Punk still retains. Match is probably a lot better as a result.

Third Poll: Diva of the Year

Mickie James (38%)

Torrie Wilson (27%)
Maria (15%)
Layla (12%)
Victoria (8%)

Took half of the names off and moved this poll up. Mickie still wins as in OTL.

Kane d. Montel Vontavious Porter (c) for the WWE United States Championship (Count Out)

We take away the poll (the other options for Khali and Mark Henry, ick) but OTL match.

Fourth Poll: Opponent for Mr. Kennedy

Shawn Michaels (50%)

Randy Orton (34%)
Jeff Hardy (16%)

Randy Orton d. Jeff Hardy

Have the poll losers face each other. Another RKO for Jeff.

Shawn Michaels d. Mr. Kennedy (c) for the WWE Championship (DQ)

Another DQ after a low blow from Kennedy. Ken sneaks away as champion once more.

Fifth Poll: Stipulation for John Cena vs. Umaga

Street Fight (57%)

Steel Cage (43%)

John Cena d. Umaga in a Street Fight

Sorry, Youmanga. You're this TL's victim of the Cena Burial Train. It's a familiar pain for you.

Final Poll: Special Guest Referee for Batista vs. The Undertaker

John Bradshaw Layfield (80%)

Mick Foley (20%)

Batista (c) d. The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship (Guest Ref: John Bradshaw Layfield)

Take Steve Austin off because that's just a waste to have him for this. Give it to JBL, but the outcome remains the same. Batista keeps, MVP keeps, Kennedy keeps. It's all good here.
Vince McMahon's Bastard: November-December
Survivor Series 2007

Jeff Hardy/Kane/Rey Mysterio d. Randy Orton/Finlay/Montel Vontavious Poter/Umaga in a Handicap 3-on-4 Survivor Series Match

Drop Triple H from this match and switch Kennedy and Orton here, cut the Khali/Hornswoggle match. Umaga takes out Kane, followed by Rey taken out by Umaga, leaving Jeff to beat four guys on his own.

Mr. Kennedy (c) d. Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship

We have Shawn put out all stops to get Kennedy over here, give him some legitimacy as a champion. There is the stip that if Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music, he gets DQed but if Kennedy gets DQed, he loses the belt. We do the same finish, but this match is all about making Kennedy look as good as we can. Take the extra three minutes from the Khali/Hornswoggle match, maybe five from the tag match, give them to this match, get it to 25 minutes and end it with a Green Bay Plunge.

Armageddon 2007

Jeff Hardy d. Shawn Michaels

Cut the Khali/Finlay match , give this 20 minutes and have Jeff win a shot at the title for the Royal Rumble.

Chris Jericho d. Mr. Kennedy (c) for the WWE Championship by disqualification

This goes 30 minutes, the two putting on a good match ending with JBL causing the DQ and keeping the belt in Kennedy's hands. The man has weaseled his way through this run while still talking up how he's a top-tier champion the whole way.
Vince McMahon's Bastard: Royal Rumble
Royal Rumble 2008

Venue: Madison Square Garden
Attendance: 20,798
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler (RAW), Michael Cole/Jonathan Coachman (SmackDown!), Joey Styles/Tazz (ECW)​

Mr. Kennedy (c) d. Jeff Hardy for the WWE Championship

Log another defense for Kennedy here before move onto the Rumble.

The 2008 Royal Rumble Match
#1: The Undertaker
#2: Shawn Michaels

Kicking off with some huge entrants. The Deadman and the Heartbreak Kid.

#3: Santino Marella

Welp, he's going quick. Superkicked right out. (30, Marella)

#4: The Great Khali

And another easy elimination. Chokeslammed gone. (29, Khali)

#5: Hardcore Holly

Bob holds out longer than one would expect, staying in and bringing a fight to 'Taker.

#6: John Morrison

Using purple for ECW entrants in place of the hideous yellow Wikipedia uses. Symbolic of it being between RAW and SmackDown! Morrison goes up against Michaels, which sounds like fun.

#7: Tommy Dreamer

In comes the Innovator of Violence, throwing cane shots to everyone.

#8: Batista

The Animal runs in and powers Dreamer right out (28, Dreamer) before gunning for Undertaker

#9: Hornswoggle

Bob just picks up and dangles him over the rope, dropping the little bastard. (27, Hornswoggle)

#10: Chuck Palumbo

Palumbo goes in after Holly. We got Undertaker/Batista, Michaels/Morrison and Holly/Palumbo. Truly, a triple threat of feuds.

#11: Jamie Noble

Joins Palumbo in helping to dump out Holly.

#12: CM Punk

Punk joins Palumbo and Noble, tossing Bob out (26, Holly)

#13: Cody Rhodes

Cody comes in, going after Punk while Noble and Palumbo start throwing down.

#14: Umaga

Umaga charges in on the Undertaker/Batista, making it a three-way.

#15: Snitsky

Snitsky charges in on the big man fight, Undertaker catching him and sending him out (25, Snitsky) while Punk sends out Rhodes and Noble manages to take out Palumbo. (24, Rhodes) (23, Palumbo)

#16: The Miz

Miz goes right for CM Punk.

#17: Shelton Benjamin

While Shelton heads for Jamie Noble.

#18: Jimmy Snuka
#19: Roddy Piper

Two WWE legends up next to fill some spots. Here comes #20.

#20: Kane

That's gotta be Kane! Kane dumps out the legends (22, Piper), (21, Snuka) and goes about ruining the rest of the feuds sending out Miz (20, Miz), Jamie Noble (19, Noble) and JoMo (18, Morrison) while Batista takes out Umaga (17, Umaga)

Things between to resettle with Michaels/Undertaker, Batista/Kane and Punk/Benjamin.

#21: Carlito

Carlito joins in on the Punk/Benjamin fight, eventually getting him thrown into a stray superkick by Michaels that sends him out. (16, Benjamin) Carlito decides to settle on Punk.

#22: Mick Foley

Bang Bang!

#23: Randy Orton

Orton barrels in, hits the RKO on Foley and dumps him out (15, Foley)

#24: Big Daddy V

Everyone tosses him out (14, Big Daddy V) before we get some big eliminations. Michaels finally sends out the Undertaker (13, Undertaker) before Orton tosses him out (12, Michaels) while Batista tosses out Kane (11, Kane) and goes for Orton.

#25: Mark Henry

Henry gets Carlito sent out (10, Carlito) before going for Batista while Orton and Punk mix it up.

#26: Chavo Guerrero

Chavo goes into the Punk/Orton fight.

#27: Finlay

Finlay goes after Henry and Batista

#28: Elijah Burke

Burke adds to the pair wanting ride of Punk, helping to send him out (9, Punk) before Orton goes after both of them. Meanwhile, Henry has managed to dump over Finlay (8, Finlay) and gone back to Batista

#29: John Cena

Cena runs in and throws out Elijah (7, Burke) and helps toss out Mark (6, Henry) while Orton sends out Chavo (5, Guerrero) But if Cena's #29, then who's #30?

#30: Triple H

Ready to play the Game? Fights are mix of Cena/Batista & Triple H/Orton, Cena/Orton & Triple H/Batista, and Triple H/Cena & Orton/Batista. These four just go at each other. Randy goes out first, courtesy of Batista (4, Orton)

Following that, Cena manages to toss out Batista (3, Batista) and it ends on Cena and Triple H fighting for control until Triple H manages to toss him out (2, Cena)

The Game is going to WrestleMania! Triple H is going to challenge Mr. Kennedy!