Tonight, In This Very Ring: A Collection of Wrestling Timelines

Hogan's Dark Side: SummerSlam 1992-Royal Rumble 1993
SummerSlam 1992

Randy Savage (c) d. The Ultimate Warrior for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Savage keeps the title, but not by count-out as this is the end of Warrior's run. Yeah, the steroid trial still came up and while it went as well as it did for Vince in OTL, they needed to start sweeping things up by sending off the Warrior. Also, Flair left since he had been given shit to do, so he's out of the company early.

Survivor Series 1992

Mr. Perfect d. Razor Ramon (DQ)

Turn this match from a tag to a singles but the result remains the same, with the new heel getting DQed.

Bret Hart d. Randy Savage (c) for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship

We begin the transition to the New Generation with Bret winning the world title from the Macho Man with the Sharpshooter.

Royal Rumble 1993

1993 Royal Rumble: Hulk Hogan Wins

So, some things do change with this match, first is Savage entering at #1 rather than Flair and fighting until the end when he gets eliminated by the #30 entrant, Hulk Hogan. Hogan, after a long absence from the company, is back to take what belongs to him and he's gonna take it from Bret Hart at WrestleMania IX.
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Hogan's Dark Side: WrestleMania IX
WrestleMania IX

Venue: Caesars Palace in Paradise, Nevada
Attendance: 17,000
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Bobby Heenan/Randy Savage​

Shawn Michaels (c) (w/w/Luna Vachon) d. Mr. Perfect for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Kick things off with a huge match and another example of the New Generation stepping forward with the Heartbreak Kid knocking off Hennig's head with Sweet Chin Music.

The Headshrinkers (w/Afa) d. Tito Santana/Brutus Beefcake (w/Jimmy Hart)

Just have the Samoans tear apart a couple of babyfaces, no harm in that.

Doink the Clown d. Bob Backlund

Backlund, a wrestling lifer, does not take well to this clown in his sport. But, he falls to the Whoopee Cushion

Razor Ramon d. Tatanka

Tatanka takes a beating from the Bad Guy. Razor Edges finishes him off. Tatanka's pretty much a jobber for the stars ITTL.

The Steiner Brothers d. Money Inc (c) for the WWF Tag Team Championship

The Steiners make Ted and IRS eat suplexes all around Nevada, hitting a Steinerline to Schyster to win the straps.

Lex Luger d. Crush

Give Crush something a bit of a better match, though he still loses to put over the Total Package. He hits the running forearm to win his second WrestleMania in a row.

The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) d. Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji)

The Deadman takes on the Federation's Big Kahuna, overpowering him and hitting the Tombstone Piledriver.

Bret Hart (c) d. Hulk Hogan for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship

We wrap up the timeline here with a match that would never happen in OTL. Bret Hart, the face of the New Generation vs. Hulk Hogan, the face of the 80s WWF. Hulkamania has run wild since he returned almost ten years ago. Bret has been a tag champ, IC champ and now he walsk into WrestleMania IX as world champion. We have Hogan promo about how Bret's small, he's Canadian, he's not worthy of being a champion. Bret counters how Hogan is getting old and breaking down, that he had to stop doing the legdrop since it was wrecking his back and of course, digs at his monstrous ego. Get some shooting in there on the way to this match. We give them 20 minutes and while Hogan is stronger, Bret plays the skill and youth advantage, forcing the Hulkster to cheat. However, Bret overcomes Hogan, locks in the Sharpshooter and makes him give, retaining the title and resulting in the passing of the torch that even Warrior couldn't get as we wrap Hogan up here rather than King of the Ring.
That was really good. Only thing I'm wondering about now is what happens with the NWO in this timeline? If they even exist.
That was really good. Only thing I'm wondering about now is what happens with the NWO in this timeline? If they even exist.

It'd probably start way earlier as a stable of Hogan and his pals (Brutus, Earthquake, the Nasty Boys) and would mainly fizzle out, then the Outsiders would rock in and while they would be cool to start, Hogan's jopining would be actually seen pretty poorly as WCW had about two years of heel Hogan and were sick of him, meaning the group never really explodes the way it did in OTL and would actually be done by 1997.
The Broken Redneck
The Broken Redneck

Not a great title, but to run counter to the Bionic Redneck TL is this one, where Austin's neck injury was more severe and actually forced him into early retirement.


At SummerSlam, everyone saw the piuledriver that ended Stone Cold Steve Austin's career. With little recourse, Owen was forced to pin Austin, retaining the Intercontinental title and forcing Austin's tag titles to be vacated. The Headbangers would beat the Legion of Doom at the following PPV, Ground Zero: In Your House, while Owen would defend the IC title against Austin's former tag partner, Dude Love. At One Night Only, Owen would successfully defend his IC title against Vader, but Vader was a lot stiffer than usual, fueling rumors that Vince had ordered him to shoot on the younger Hart in retaliation for Austin's injury.

At Badd Blood: In Your House, Owen was set to face Brian Pillman for the IC title, but this would not be the case as Pillman would be found dead in his hotel room, forcing a change in card. Owen would successfully defend against Faarooq in Pillman's place before dropping the belt to Rocky Maivia at Survivor Series... where his older brother Bret also lost to Shawn Michaels.

Yeah, you know this one. This time, Owen goes with his family as he had pretty much been iced out of the locker room and was feeling a sense of growing resentment from Vince despite his long run as IC champion. Thus, Owen jumped with the others to WCW. Also Rock defended his new IC title against Marc Mero at D-Generation X: In Your House.

So, Vince is now down Austin, Bret and Owen... things aren't looking good heading into 1998.
The Broken Redneck: 1998

The first major change of 1998 is the Royal Rumble. For one, Chyna takes Owen's spot and takes a few guys (maybe a Godwinn, Steve Blackman, just lower card guys) before getting sent out by Ken Shamrock. Then, we have the winner of the match. Instead of Austin, it ends up being Triple H. No Way Out of Texas: In Your House has its main event cut down to just a non-sanctioned tag between the Outlaws vs. Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie but the big change is at WrestleMania XIV.

So, first we have the European Title match, which is now TAFKA Goldust (ugh...) as the reigning champ, having taken the title from Hunter after the Rumble. He defends against Marc Mero and keeps it. Meanwhile, Triple H becomes world champion. Yes, in 1998. I don't even know if they could still get Tyson without Austin, all I can say is the crowd was not sold on this at all. Not helping matters was the Hart Family vs. nWo feud going on in WCW, where Bret lead Owen, Jim and the Bulldog in taking on the nWo, building off the Fall of the nWo storyline started by Eric Bischoff as he began to transition away from the stable after Starrcade 1997.

But while the nWo was slowly being chipped away, Triple H did try to establish himself by sending Shawn onto the bench (yeah, he still took that casket bump) and forming the DX Army, comprised of him, X-Pac, Chyna and the New Age Outlaws. It started off hot enough, but most saw it as the blatant nWo knock-off it was. Hunter would keep his world title over Dude Love at Unforgiven: In Your House and at Over the Edge: In Your House. At King of the Ring, he unmasked Kane in a Title vs. Mask match thanks to interference from the DX Army, who also had the tag titles around the Outlaws' waists. At Fully Loaded: In Your House, Triple H would keep in a fatal four-way against Mankind, Kane and the Undertaker while The Outlaws keep over the LOD. The Rock is the only one to hold gold that isn't D-X, beating X-Pac in a two out of three falls match at 2-1 at the PPV.

At SummerSlam, the Outlwas would keep over Mankind (whose partner, Kane, had abandoned him) X-Pac would win the IC title in a ladder match against the Rock and Triple H would retain over the Undertaker. The stable is now fully draped in gold, but the company is losing steam. Without a rebellious babyface to stand up to him, Vince opted to pull himself from TV permanently after the Screwjob and focus on keeping business afloat, but ratings began a slow decline since SummerSlam of last year and have only gotten worse with each major star to depart. The fact that a tweener stable like DX were pushed as the face of the company at this time was not helping things, especially since people believed Triple H wasn't ready to be the main star of the show.

However, the DX train kept rolling with Hunter pinning Kane and Undertaker at the same time to keep the World title once again. At Judgment Day: In Your House, the Outlaws keep the tag titles through DQ, X-Pac keeps the IC title against Mankind and Triple H keeps the World title against Ken Shamrock. The Reign of Terror would end at Survivor Series 1998, with D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry taking the tag titles, Ken Shamrock winning the IC strap and the Rock, who was building up momentum over the year, defeating Triple H for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

At Capital Carnage, The Rock would defeat X-Pac to defend the World Title while Triple H would beat Mankind, Kane and the Undertaker in a Fatal Four-Way match. Hunter would beat Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match at the final PPV of 1998, Rock Bottom: In Your House while The Rock kept his title against Mankind. The WWF began to slowly turn things around, but WCW was still winning the ratings war.
Should I assume that Sting is doing his own thing against the Giant, Lex, Flair, Piper, (hopefully) Raven, with a Goldberg showdown simmering in the background while the NWO/Hart war is building to WarGames?
Should I assume that Sting is doing his own thing against the Giant, Lex, Flair, Piper, (hopefully) Raven, with a Goldberg showdown simmering in the background while the NWO/Hart war is building to WarGames?

Basically, he was also part of the Fall of nWo storyline, helping to dismantle the massive stable. WarGames would be the end of the nWo, though Hollywood Hogan would reclaim the title only to drop it to Goldberg at Starrcade (Streak's still going at this point) but there was certainly time for other feuds for the Harts and Sting. I'd say Warrior didn't get signed out of desperation but I imagine the Karl Malone and Jay Leno stuff did get signed off on.
The Broken Redneck: 1999

Things seemed to look up for the WWF with the Rock, as he began to draw back crowds. He defended his title against Faarooq at the Royal Rumble, but the major moment was the surprise arrival to the WWF of Paul Wight, entering at #30 and emptying out the entire arena to become the Rumble winner. The Rock would defend against Triple H in a Steel Cage at St. Valentine's Day Massacre: In Your House while Wight destroyed Mankind in a match, establishing his heel cred. At WrestleMania XV, the Outlaws retained against the mismatched team of D'Lo Brown and Test, X-Pac reclaimed the IC title in a four-way match against, Shamrock, Goldust and Val Venis, an unmasked Kane defeated Mankind, Triple H lost against The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match while The Rock put on a fun recreation of Hogan/Andre in a No DQ match against Paul Wight, retaining the World Title.

Post-WrestleMania, Mankind would get revenge on The Big Show (as Wight would be known) in a Boiler Broom Brawl while X-Pac rekindled an old feud with Jeff Jarrett for the IC title and The Rock would keep once again against Triple H, all at Backlash. No Mercy in the UK saw a triple threat Anything Goes match that saw The Rock, Triple H and The Undertaker for the World title with Rocky keeping. However, events would only get worse for the WWF when at Over the Edge 1999, they would lose another superstar, not to WCW.... but to the Reaper.

X-Pac, attempting a parody of Shawn Michaels' WrestleMania XII entrance for a match against Jeff Jarrett, plummeted almost fifty feet when the harness malfunctioned, hitting the turnbuckle chest first. Waltman would be rushed to the hospital but would die on the way. Even worse was that unlike OTL, the fall was caught on camera, resulting in a lot of viewers at home witnessing a man's death. The last major ratings pull WWF got after that was next night's tribute show, but after that, the slowly regrowing viewership plummeted. The WWF would come under heavy scrutiny for continuing the event after such a morbid sight.

But, the show went on and Triple H would go on to win King of the Ring, dedicating the win to Sean while Scott Hall opted to go to rehab after spending a week-long bender and nearly hitting Kevin Nash with a white hummer while driving under the influence. The death also resulted in the longstanding antagonism between the harts and Shawn Michael's Kliq to finally end as both sides reconciled during the funeral. While Hunter got the title at Fully Loaded, many (Helmsley included) saw this as a cynical attempt to cash in on Waltman's death and for some, too little too late. The WWF continued to hemorrhage viewers, even as the Rock reclaimed the title at SummerSlam and dropped to the point that in desperation, they put the title on the Big Show at Survivor Series.

But, it was all for not. The year 1999 utterly destroyed the WWF and by the start of the new millennium, Uncle Ted came knocking. Vince, watching as his ship sunk, accepted the bitter defeat and sold his company to Turner. 2000 would begin a year-long invasion angle for WCW, which while played out after the nWo, at least had the promise of seeing matches like Undertaker vs. Sting, The Rock vs. Booker T and Triple H vs. Ric Flair among others.
Well this is interesting. WCW becomes the hegemon of professional wrestling in Anglo-America rather than WWF, but at the same time, it's still WCW.

I'm going to hazard a guess that ECW will still suffer the same fate as IOTL, albeit this time being bought out by Ted Turner, right?