Tonight, In This Very Ring: A Collection of Wrestling Timelines

Vince McMahon's Bastard: Finale
No Way Out 2008

Ric Flair d. Mr. Kennedy (c) for the WWE Championship in a Career Threatening Match (DQ)

Kennedy takes a DQ loss here so we can keep Flair from losing his career but not giving him the title. Everything else on the card has been the same.

WrestleMania XXIV

Triple H d. Mr. Kennedy (c), Randy Orton and John Cena in a Fatal Four-Way Match for the WWE Championship

We take the triple threat from OTL, make it a four-way match, but the Playboy lumberjill match for some extra time and the story ends here. Kennedy is revealed to have lied about the whole thing and Vince (who had made a point of referring to Shane and Kennedy as his two sons) makes a promo about how he has two sons: Shane... and Triple H. Hunter gets his revenge, but a long run with the title does mean that Kennedy's stock grows that even if he gets fired, TNA will gladly put the big belt on him.

That was just a small breather piece. Not as much big sweeping changes, but after the Pillman one, I wanted to take it a little easy. Besides, Kennedy got to be a main event champ in WWE, good stuff.
Well it was definitely a breather and Kennedy getting a lengthy run with the spinner belt isn't a bad deal. Granted, it was around this time I started lapsing away from pro wrestling in general (I actually didn't go back until 2016 so) so I'm not too overly familiar with some of the people involved, but hey, it was worth it.
Dragon Unleashed
Dragon Unleashed

Suggested by @SonOfSharknado, we're gonna have a look at a world where Daniel Bryan didn't return to the WWE after his controversial 2010 firing during the Nexus storyline. While you folks might think this is gonna be a break from the WWE and into the indies, I'm looking for a place where Bryan can make a bigger... impact.

June 7, 2010

Nobody in the WWE wanted to fire Bryan Danielson. However, the sponsors were having cold feet after the sight of him strangling ring announcer Justin Roberts with his hit airwaves. It was either D-Bry goes or they could potentially lose sponsorship. Thus, Danielson's contract with WWE comes to an end.

June 10, 2010

Dixie Carter, owner of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, announces on Twitter that there will be a surprised revealed at Slammiversary, claiming it will "change TNA forever"

June 13, 2010

On the night of Slammiversary, nine matches were on the card, ending with Rob Van Dam retaining the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Sting when suddenly, a man in a hooded jacket jumped the ring, delivering a series of hard kicks to the champ, one kick to the head knocking Van Dam out. The man took his hoodie off, the crowd reacting with shock while play-by-play announcer Mike Tenay shouted out.

"What's Bryan Danielson doing in the Impact Zone?!"
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Dragon Unleashed: July-August
Victory Road 2010

Bryan Danielson d. Ric Flair

Sorry, Jay Lethal, I have to give this one to the American Dragon. Danielson makes a big first impression here by outwrestling and tapping out the Nature Boy.

Hardcore Justice 2010

Bryan Danielson d. Rob Van Dam (c) in a Hardcore Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

The plan for this match was supposed to be RVD vs. Jerry Lynn, but with Lynn having to go out with a back injury, Danielson was brought in. The plan was for Sabu, but Danielson attacked him in the aisle and demanded a title match against Van Dam, which Van Dam accepted. The match is pretty good, with the hardcore stipulation mainly adding flavor while Danielson establishes himself as a wrestling machine, putting RVD in the LeBell Lock. The following Impact would feature RVD vs. Danielson in a Ladder Match for the title, with Danielson successfully retaining.

SummerSlam 2010

The Nexus (Wade Barrett/Darren Young/David Otunga/Heath Slater/Justin Gabriel/Michael Tarver/Skip Sheffield) d. Team WWE (John Cena/Bret Hart/Edge/Chris Jericho/The Miz/John Morrison/R-Truth) in a 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Team Match

Miz and Morrison, former tag partners, get the first set of eliminations after Miz takes out Young and Morrison takes out Tarver. A promising start until Skip Sheffield wipes out Morrison and R-Truth, with Bret getting DQed for chairshotting Sheffield. This leaves the future Ryback prone to an attack by Edge and Jericho, Edge getting the win. David Otunga then taps to the Walls of Jericho. Heath Slater managed to surprise everyone by getting wins off Edge, Jericho and... Miz? Yeah, Miz gets rolled up as well, Slater taking out half of Team WWE himself before Cena catches him with the AA.

However, just as Cena's about to do the same to Barrett to end the match, Miz comes back and clocks him with the Money in the Bank briefcase, leaving him prone for the Wasteland and a 450 from Gabriel. Gabriel and Barrett are left standing as we reverse this infamous decision from OTL. This might also be a Nexus rewrite timeline (I was gonna do that only with, ya know, D-Bry being there, but this works too) depending on how much I have to jigger with.
Dragon Unleashed: September
No Surrender 2010

Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship (Time Limit Draw)

Oh yeah, thirty minutes of Danielson/Angle. That's the good shit. Stick that right into my veins! We keep up the "if Angle loses, he retires" gimmick from OTL, but now it's against Danielson and it's so good.

Night of Champions 2010

John Morrison d. The Miz (c) (w/Alex Riley) for the WWE United States Championship

Instead of D-Bry, JoMo takes the US title from his former tag partner. The C4 wins it for Morrison.

Wade Barrett d. Randy Orton, Sheamus (c), John Cena, Edge and Chris Jericho in a Six-Pack Elimination Match for the WWE Championship

The match goes about OTL until Cena's elimination. Then Barrett... he steps back. He gets away from Orton and Sheamus and lets them fight it out. Sheamus takes the RKO and gets eliminated before the Nexus storm the ring and beat on Orton. Cena runs in for the save and the beat on Cena in the corner while Barrett hits the Wasteland on a prone Randy and takes the title.
Dragon Unleashed: October
Hell in a Cell 2010

John Morrison (c) d. The Miz in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE United States Championship

We take out the Submission stip and just have these two in Falls Count Anywhere, Morrison wins after Starship Pain off something high.

Randy Orton d. Sheamus

Just let them have a match to keep up that feud.

Wade Barrett (c) d. John Cena in a Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship

Rather than having Cena join the Nexus, this is gonna be title vs. career and against all odds, Cena loses the match after a Wasteland.

Bound for Glory 2010

Jeff Hardy d. Mr. Anderson

We cut Ink Inc. vs. Eric Young/Orlando Jordan and give the time to Hardy and Anderson to determine a #1 contender for the world title. Hardy wins with the Twist of Fate.

Bryan Danielson (c) d. Kurt Angle in a Submission Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

This time, Danielson gets Angle in the LeBell Lock and taps him out, ending the career of Kurt Angle and celebrating to end the match, much to the displeasure of the crowd.

Bragging Rights 2010

John Morrison d. Dolph Ziggler

Once again, JoMo subbing for D-Bry. A good interpromotional contest no doubt, ending with the C4 to win it for Morrison.

The Nexus (Heath Slater/Justin Gabriel) (w/David Otunga) d. Cody Rhodes/Drew McIntyre (c) for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Instead of Otunga and Cena, we have Slater and Gabriel take the tag straps to add to the Nexus. After all, Cena's gone. Otunga stays at ringside as a manager. Cody gets hit with the Sweetness, followed by a 450 Splash.

Team SmackDown (Alberto del Rio/Big Show/Edge/Jack Swagger/Kofi Kingston/Rey Mysterio/Tyler Reks) (w/Hornswoggle) d. Team Raw (CM Punk/Ezekiel Jackson/John Morrison/The Miz/R-Truth/Santino Marella/Sheamus) (w/Alex Riley) in a 14-Man Elimination Tag Team Match

OTL match, but worth noting.

Wade Barrett (c) d. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

Barrett continues his run by beating Orton next, securing a win after Gabriel, Slater and Otunga make their way in to beat down on Orton, setting him up for the Wasteland. Barrett logs his first defense on PPV.
Love what you're doing here Megafighter, I have a suggestion for the next one after this. What if The Rock had turned heel in 2001 instead of Stone Cold? I'd think it would be interesting take on rebooking the inVasion angle (if you do have him join WCW, it's up to you).
Dragon Unleashed: November
Turning Point 2010

Fortune (AJ Styles/Kazarian/Robert Roode/James Storm) d. EV 2.0 (Raven/Rhino/Sabu/Steven Richards) in an Eight-Man Tag Team Match

Rather than a ten-man, we cut Williams and Kendrick to make this an eight-man and the stip goes from firing one member to firing all of them, essentially disbanding the stable here.

Jeff Hardy d. Matt Morgan

Shave a minute off each of the other matches, give them eight minutes and have Hardy win with the Swanton Bomb. Why isn't he wrestling for the title? Well...

Bryan Danielson (c) d. Brian Kendrick for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Because now we got Danielson vs. Kendrick. Two Brians. Two students of the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. It's a good match, if a bit short at 12 minutes, ending after a LeBell Lock puts Kendrick out.

Survivor Series 2010

Ted DiBiase d. John Morrison (c) for the WWE United States Championship

Morrison looks to have it won here, before suddenly being attack by... is that? It's Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris! They're attacking Morrison! They give him a beating before helping DiBiase onto him. The ref counts and now DiBiase is US Champ! He thanks both men for their help, using their real names: Joe Hennig and Windham Rotunda. It's the Fortunate Sons!

Team Mysterio (Rey Mysterio/Big Show/Chris Masters/Kofi Kingston/Montel Vontavious Porter) d. Team Del Rio (Alberto del Rio/Cody Rhodes/Drew McIntyre/Jack Swagger/Sheamus) in a Five-on-Five Survivor Series Elimination Match

We swap out Tyler Reks for Sheamus, but the outcome remains the same.

Wade Barrett (c) d. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

If the Nexus interfered, Barrett would lose the match. This time, Barrett keeps the title cleanly, beating back Orton and hitting him with the Wasteland,
With regards to Windham Rotunda (aka Bray Wyatt IOTL), please don't butterfly away one of the best wrestling characters of all time--The Fiend...

Talk about a character right out of a creepypasta or nosleep story (and, according to Braun Strowman, Rotunda came up with everything himself which, if you know what Vince McMahon is like, is even more impressive)...
Dragon Unleashed: December
Final Resolution 2010

Rob Van Dam d. Matt Morgan

Rhino's gone, so instead RVD gets a match against the Blueprint. Five-Star Frog Splash wins it for RVD.

Bryan Danielson (c) d. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Danielson wrings out as much good wrestling as he can from Jeff Hardy at his lowest, putting him out with the LeBell Lock. You can't stop the American Dragon.

TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2010

Ted DiBiase (c) d. Rey Mysterio for the WWE United States Championship

Just give Ted Jr. a solid defense here, beating Mysterio thanks to the help of the Fortunate Sons.

The Nexus (Justin Gabriel/Heath Slater) (c) (w/David Otunga) d. Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Flip this result so the defending champs are the Nexus and keep the belts on Slater and Gabriel.

Edge d. Kane (c) and Alberto del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) in a Triple Threat Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Take Mysterio from this match, make it a triple threat, but Edge keeps all the same.

Wade Barrett (c) d. Randy Orton in a Tables Match for the WWE Championship

Cut out the Chairs match and instead have Orton and Barrett face off in a Tables Match. Wasteland through a table means that Barrett still has the strap.
With regards to Windham Rotunda (aka Bray Wyatt IOTL), please don't butterfly away one of the best wrestling characters of all time--The Fiend...

Talk about a character right out of a creepypasta or nosleep story (and, according to Braun Strowman, Rotunda came up with everything himself which, if you know what Vince McMahon is like, is even more impressive)...

Sad thing is, I can't see it not being butterflied. The Fiend, is a very fascinating character, and I have to put it to Windham Rotunda, if wrestling wasn't his passion, he would do great as a storyboard director in some kind of media.

That being said, the Fiend IMHO was a product of what happened to him as a character IOTL, at least the latest in that line. Something I feel is delicate enough that just one divergence in his direction could mean bye-bye Fiend.
Dragon Unleashed: January
Genesis 2011

Bryan Danielson (c) d. Mr. Anderson for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

After winning a shot that night, Anderson goes up against Danielson, but falls all the same, tapping out in the LeBell Lock. The American Dragon rolls into the new year still the champion.

Royal Rumble 2011

Wade Barrett (c) d. John Morrison for the WWE Championship

Morrison won a #1 contender's shot at the title at TLC and uses it here, putting on a valiant effort before getting hit with the Wasteland. Coming up soon, probably the biggest post of this TL.

The 2011 Rumble.
Dragon Unleashed: Royal Rumble 2011
The 2011 Royal Rumble Match

#1: CM Punk
#2: Zack Ryder

This Rumble's gonna be only a 30-man, so that adds extra time for people, though not in the case of poor Zack, who Punk tosses out easily. (30, Ryder)

#3: William Regal

Punk and Regal trade stiff blows.

#4: Ted DiBiase

DiBiase comes into the mix.

#5: John Morrison

And gets jumped by Morrison.

#6: Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi comes in to help Morrison with DiBiase.

#7: Windham Rotunda

Windham evens the score for DiBiase here.

#8: Chavo Guerrero

Ooh, Chavo! He goes into Punk/Regal, taking on both.

#9: Mark Henry

Henry storms through through the fights, taking out Yoshi Tatsu (29, Tatsu) and Chavo (28, Guerrero)

#10: JTG

You know, I haven't done this gimmick in a while. First comes a Million Dollar Dream, followed by him being tossed into a Power of the Punch from Regal. Then Punk hits the GTS, leading him into a World's Strongest Slam. A running Senton from Rotunda and a Starship Pain leaves him laying.

#11: Joe Hennig

Then Joe comes in and dumps him out (27, JTG) before he joes up with Windham and Ted to work over JoMo.

#12: Chris Masters

Masters goes to fight Henry, splitting him off from Regal and Punk. Meanwhile, Morrison gets dumped out by the Fortunate Sons (26, Morrison) who go after a few targets.

#13: Tyler Reks

Reks goes for the Masterpiece while we have Punk/Hennig, Regal/DiBiase and Rotunda/Henry.

#14: Vladimir Kozlov

While poor Kozlov gets the unlucky number, we half the current field as Masters manages to send out Tyler (25, Reks) and the Fortunate Sons are sent packing (24, Hennig) (23, Rotunda) though Regal gets sent out by DiBiase (22, Regal)

#15: R-Truth

Truth opts to work with Henry to fight DiBiase and Punk while Kozlov and Masters meet up.

#16: The Great Khali

Everyone stops to work together and send out the Punjabi Playboy (21, Khali)

#17: Tyson Kidd

Kidd goes for DiBiase, leaving Punk to fight R-Truth and Mark Henry on his own, at least until Masters sends Kozlov out (20, Kozlov) before going for Henry.

#18: Kofi Kingston

DiBiase gets tossed out (19, DiBiase) leaving Tyson to fight R-Truth while Punk and Kingston go at it. Currently we have Punk/Kingston, Kidd/Truth and Henry/Masters.

#19: Jack Swagger

It's Swaggie Time!

#20: Sheamus

The Masterpiece gets tossed out here (18, Masters) Sheamus and Henry going at each other while Swagger fights Tyson Kidd and R-Truth in a triple threat.

#21: Rey Mysterio

Rey goes flying into the scramble.

#22: Dolph Ziggler

Dolph goes right for Lil Rey.

#23: Drew McIntyre

The Sinister Scotsman teams up with Sheamus and the two send the World's Strongest Man out (17, Henry) before going up against Kofi and R-Truth. Tyson Kidd and Jack Swagger keep up their fight, as to Rey and Ziggler while Punk goes to recover in the corner.

#24: Alex Riley

A-Ry runs in as a spoiler for The Miz, who isn't allowed in the match because he's got the Money in the Bank. If Riley wins the Rumble, that's a guaranteed cash-in. He goes for Punk, but gets tossed out instead (16, Riley)

#25: Big Show


#26: Ezekiel Jackson

Big Zeke goes running in to face off against the Big Show. Meanwhile, we lose Truth, Kofi and Tyson (15, R-Truth) (14, Kingston) (13, Kidd) with the resulting fights being Swagger and Dolph teaming on Rey while Sheamus and McIntyre go after Big Show and Big Zeke.

#27: Santino Marella

Punk paintbrushes Santino a bit before tossing him out (12, Marella)

#28: Alberto del Rio

Del Rio helps in sending out Rey (11, Mysterio) while Jackson gets sent out by McIntyre (10, Jackson) who then falls to the Big Show (9, McIntyre)

#29: Randy Orton

Orton comes in with RKOs for everyone, sending out Swagger (8, Swagger) and Ziggler (7, Ziggler) before going after Punk while Big Show gets tossed out by Sheamus (6, Big Show)

#30: Kane

Kane squares up with the Celtic Warrior while Punk and Orton continue their tussle. Sheamus manages to send Kane out (5, Kane) before getting dumping out by Alberto (4, Sheamus) meanwhile, Punk's run in this Rumble finally ends with Orton giving him and RKO sending him out (3, Punk) before he gets caught from behind and taken out by del Rio (2, Orton)

Alberto del Rio has won the 2011 Royal Rumble! del Rio is going to WrestleMania!
Dragon Unleashed: February
Against All Odds 2011

Rob Van Dam d. Mr. Anderson

Have someone else take the loss to RVD here since I got a match for his OTL opponent.

Bryan Danielson (c) d. Matt Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Matt's here to avenge his brother's defeat, but he comes short in one of his best matches around this time. Another victim of the American Dragon.

Elimination Chamber 2011

Venue: Oracle Arena in Oakland, California
Attendance: 11,500
Announce Team: Josh Matthews/Michael Cole​

Ted DiBiase (c) d. Jerry Lawler for the WWE United States Championship

We have Lawler go for one more title match, having had enough of DiBiase's obnoxious attitude since winning the title, but he ends up fall short, taking a beating from Rotunda and Hennig and getting put in the Million Dollar Dream (Here I am forgetting DiBiase Jr. even did Dream Street.)

Alberto del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) d. Kofi Kingston

OTL match.

Edge (c) d. Big Show/Booker T/Drew McIntyre/Kane/Rey Mysterio in an Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Booker takes Barrett's spot here and gets an early elimination by Edge and Mysterio before this goes on like OTL.

The Nexus (Justin Gabriel/Heath Slater) (c) (w/David Otunga) d. Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov (w/Tamina Snuka) for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Differences from OTL are that Slater and Gabriel are the reigning champs and they're not the Corre.

Wade Barrett (c) d. CM Punk/John Morrison/R-Truth/Randy Orton/Sheamus in an Elimination Chamber Match for WWE Championship

This becomes a title match rather than for a title shot and Barrett takes Cena's spot, keeping the title. However, just as things are wrapping up, Cena jumps from the crowd and attacks Barrett, beating him down and hitting the Attitude Adjustment. As Barrett is getting up, Miz comes rushing down the ramp.

The Miz d. Wade Barrett (c) for the WWE Championship

Miz cashes in quickly on a beaten, battered Barrett and then hits the Skull Crushing Finale, getting the win. Cena gives him an AA afterwards as well so the crowd has someone to cheer for (okay, they'd boo Cena too, but you know what I mean...)
Dragon Unleashed: March-April
Victory Road 2011

Matt Hardy (w/Ric Flair) d. Sting

We give this match to Sting and have Hardy win. What happened to AJ? Well...

Bryan Danielson (c) d. AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Yeah, so Jeff still wound up being messed up on drugs, but this time they caught it and had him written out as being attacked backstage, AJ taking over and putting on a clinic with Danielson. They go until the end of the show, ending with another LeBell Lock victory for Danielson.

WrestleMania XXVII

Venue: Georgia Dome
Attendance: 71,617
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler​

(Dark: Sheamus wins a Battle Royal)

Start off with just the one dark match and have Sheamus win here.

Edge (c) (w/Christian) d. Alberto del Rio (w/Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez) for the World Heavyweight Championship
Cody Rhodes d. Rey Mysterio

OTL matches.

Big Show/Kane (w/Santino Marella) d. The Nexus (Justin Gabriel/Heath Slater) (w/David Otunga) (c) for the WWE Tag Team Championship

We give these two giants the tag titles and have them just ragdoll Slater and Gabriel. Double Chokeslam ends their reign as tag champs.

Kofi Kingston d. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

I'm cutting the Cole/Lawler match and putting any effort to make time here, so they get whatever they can. Kofi wins after Trouble in Paradise.

Randy Orton d. CM Punk
The Undertaker d. Triple H in a No Holds Barred Match

Two more OTL matches.

The Miz (c) (w/Alex Riley) d. John Morrison for the WWE Championship

Yeah, these guys get the short stick and are the co-main event. The two put on the best match they can, ending with the Skull Crushing Finale. It's a promising match from a storytelling standpoint and should be good, but instead the main event goes to...

John Cena d. Wade Barrett

Cena finally gets rehired by WWE and gets his match against Barrett. The stipulation if Cena loses, he has to leave WWE for good. If Barrett loses, the Nexus must disband. Cena wins here after a 20-minute match, ending the Nexus for good.

Lockdown 2011

Bryan Danielson (c) d. Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

You know how it is. Danielson makes it out with the belt while Van Dam is hurt from hitting a Five Star Frog Splash on Anderson, keeping once more.
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Dragon Unleashed: May
Extreme Rules 2011

Venue: St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida
Attendance: 10,000
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler​

Randy Orton d. CM Punk in a Last Man Standing Match

OTL Match.

Kofi Kingston (c) d. Jack Swagger in a Tables Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Kofi keeps over Swagger here, hitting a Boom Drop through a table.

Ted DiBiase (c) d. John Morrison for the WWE United States Championship

We put Morrison here, have them just do a normal match to give people time to breathe.

Rey Mysterio d. Cody Rhodes in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
Layla d. Michelle McCool in a Loser Leaves WWE Match
Christian d. Alberto del Rio in a Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

All OTL matches.

The Empire (Wade Barrett/Sheamus) d. Big Show/Kane (c) in a Lumberjack Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Lumberjacks: Byron Saxton, Conor O'Brian, Darren Young, David Hart Smith, Evan Bourne, Heath Slater, Jacob Novak, Johnny Curtis, Justin Gabriel, Lucky Cannon, Primo, Santino Marella, Titus O'Neil, Trent Barreta, Tyler Reks, Vladimir Kozlov and Yoshi Tatsu.

Barrett, no longer able to form the Nexus, teams up with Sheamus (who has been kind of ignored in this TL) to tag the tag titles. They claim the belts after hitting a Spinebuster/Brogue Kick combo to Kane.

John Cena d. The Miz (c) in a Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship

Just take Morrison out, but have the outcome remain the same. Cena gets the winlol.

Sacrifice 2011

AJ Styles d. Sting

Give AJ the win here rather than have Dreamer beat him. Styles Clash does it for him.

Kurt Angle (w/Chyna) d. Jeff Jarrett (w/Karen Jarrett)

Just make this one a singles match, same amount of time. Let Chyna get the Pedigree to help Angle win.

Bryan Danielson (c) d. Rob Van Dam for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Another successful defense logged for Danielson as he comes up on a year into his run in TNA.

Over the Limit 2011

Venue: KeyArena in Seattle, Washington
Attendance: 7,500
Announce Team: Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler​

R-Truth d. Rey Mysterio

OTL Match.

Wade Barrett (w/Sheamus) d. Kofi Kingston (c) for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Barrett gets the Triple Crown by beating down Kofi Kingston. Wasteland secures the Triple Crown for him.

Sin Cara d. Chavo Guerrero

OTL match.

The Empire (Sheamus/Drew McIntyre) (c) d. Big Show/Kane for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Sheamus and McIntyre are back together, bitches! They hit the combination Spinebuster/Brogue Kick to Big Show to keep for the Empire.

Brie Bella (c) (w/Nikki Bella) d. Kelly Kelly for the WWE Divas Championship
Randy Orton (c) d. Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena (c) d. The Miz (w/Alex Riley) in an I Quit Match for the WWE Championship

Three OTL matches, plus we cut the Cole/Lawler stuff to wrap up this month. The finale is coming soon.
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Dragon Unleashed: Finale
Slammiversary IX

Bully Ray d. Mr. Anderson in a Last Man Standing Match

Have Anderson take the loss here.

Bryan Danielson (c) d. AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Have these two rematch because the first was so good. Danielson keeps once more.

Capitol Punishment

Ted DiBiase (c) d. Kofi Kingston for the WWE United States Championship

Another defense for the young DiBiase thanks to interference by the Fortunate Sons.

Wade Barrett (c) d. Ezekiel Jackson for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Flip the OTL result.

Destination X 2011
Kurt Angle d. Bryan Danielson (c) for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

We end the TL here with Angle, who had been retired by Danielson last year, ending his reign with the Angle Lock. We cut the Eric Young/Shark Boy vs. Generation Me match and take eight minutes off Styles/Daniels to give these guys 15 minutes to work with before Angle reclaims the title.

That'll wrap this TL up, though I wouldn't mind doing a year 2 since we're heading into the Pipebomb era of WWE. Maybe have an addition to the Pipebomb be Punk offer to go to Florida since "Hey, Daniel Bryan did great when he went down. They'll love me."