TL-191: Pax Romana - Neutrality for the Kingdom of Italy (1914-1944)

Interesting thread (also if I don't like HT).
Italian neutrality, expecially in the First Great War seems odd, if not compensate by at least Tunisia and(may be) Corsica.

In the secondo Great War, seeing the amount of damage and violence, and having not a fascist party in power, it's more understandable.

Imho Mussolini could still become Presidente del Consiglio, but with the socialist. Before to turn, and founding Partito Fascista, he was a journalist of a socialist newspaper... So...
Yes. So far I believe the opinion on Italy remaining neutral during TL-191's Great War from 1914-1917 is split, though some have said that it would have been odd and unlikely. The "compensation for more territory" issue has also come up with regards to Italy's neutrality. If Italy is going to remain neutral, someone has to make sure Italy gets something out of that neutrality. That's the idea I'm getting from all this.
I found this pic of the proposed Italian carrier the "Aquila" and I imagined the Italians making said carrier in TL-191 and then making a larger carrier afterwards so I increased the length of the Aquila here, a simple alteration.
Needs a name, any suggestions?
cv-aquila_1943-nc90 larger than OTL BY ONE QUARTER.png
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I go with Vittorio Emanuele II, the grandfather of the current king in the TL (at least the one reigning during the second great war) or maybe the name of an important city like Milano (Milan) or Roma (Rome)
IMVHO this is a very probable OOB of Regia Marina at the eve of the second great war, it take in consideration (or at least try) budget and different political system

aircraft carrier: 1 (A)

A - OTL Project by Admiral Bonfiglietti in OTL 1929, 15.000ton, max speed 28/29

Progetto Bonfiglietti

Battleships: 8
Montecuccoli Class : 4 (modernizated on the same manner of the Count of Cavour and Caio Dulio)
Count of Cavour Class: 2 (Modernizated as OTL)
Caio Dulio Class. 2 (modernizated as OTL)

Heavy Crusier: 7
Venezia Class: 3 (roughly equivalent to the Trento)
Genoa Class: 4 (roughly equivalent to the Zara)

Light Crusier: 12
Alberto da Giussano Class 10
Colleoni Class:2 (B)

B - originally part of the same class and batch of the Alberto da Giussano, they were transformed in specializated Anti Aircraft Crusier in the late 30's

Destroyers: 50/60 of various class
Torpedo Boat: 60/70 of various class