The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

Is there a Qbam with lots of latitude and longitude lines available?

If there is I would appreciate if someone could quote the post it’s in or link to it if it’s not on this thread.

Moldova (regions), Ukraine (new larger raions), India (districts).
Edit: Forgot Khmelnytskyi Oblast.
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How big do you think a polar projection of the 60º parallel should be to fit the dimensions of the Q-Bam?

I don't know
I'm just a big fan of all the work done since nearly ten years ago on that map and i've never seen a map with such informations than the Q-Bam

I trust you and I'm sure one day there will be a Q-Bam bathymetric map of the world, so do as you please if you want to try the polar projection
I believe in all of you
Updated the natural lake map from the imgur album, I got most of the artificial lakes that were left, but I only added lake Texcoco back in the middle of Mexico and the dry lakes that linger around


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Here is a map of the projection of Antarctica around the 60º parallel. Its size should fit in the QBam, after making the calculations with the formulas that appear in wikipedia for robinson. It is a projection made with GProjector of the original QBam, so there may be some errors that should be corrected with a direct projection of Antarctica but in general it is quite accurate.
Antarctica QBam.png
There is Lake Tulare missing in California on the natural lake map, I don’t know if there are other large drained lakes missing
I have modified the map of Antarctica, using a projection of the 8K-Bam in GProjector. I think it is the most accurate map I could do because there are many inconsistencies in most of the maps of Antarctica and it is a real chaos. I will try to make a real topographic map of Antarctica without ice, since this map represents the height of the ice sheet.
Antartida QBAM blank.png

Antartida QBAM topographic.png

Does anyone know if any program can make the 1-pixel boundaries between water and land automatically? (Maybe Gimp or Inkscape?) I use MSPaint. I would appreciate it if someone knew. :)
I don’t even know how to comment this right here but I’m going to warn you guys on this thread about this because I discovered this just now (not that it’s the end of the world or something): the state’s “subdivisions” of Brazil (the “mesoregions” and “microregions”) that are used for statistical purposes by IBGE were "revoked" by the same institute and replaced by "intermediate and immediate geographic regions", and this happened in 2017 and I believe that almost no one knows this.
In summary, the completeness of Brazil's state subdivisions is currently wrong.

There is this IBGE PDF explaining (in portuguese) the change and it contains higher quality maps of these changes, and also includes previous versions of subdivisions than the one that currently exists in QBAM;

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Thought I might bring this to everyone's attention again because everyone seems to have forgotten about it.