The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

Please can I have a base map with no rivers, borders, state lines. Basically just a base map. I can't find one that has matching borders with other Q-BAM maps.
I think that either Monaco or the subdivisions of France are wrong (or the border with Italy..) Monaco should be closer to the border, in most q-bam maps Monaco is located roughly where Nice should be. I tried to fix it:


There are many river versions, but I tried to make my own version of the Rhine river:

Many of the borders of Germany's districts and other subdivisions match with the river so I just followed those borders and I did the best I could on districts that are crossed by the river...

And about what I said before about British Columbia, I tried to match its borders with the internal divisions of the United States, It's a bit sloppy ... but it would look like that:

(The blue line, WIP...)

If anyone better than me at this could check it :confused:
If someone is interested, the bathymetric q-bam world map of the world is advancing very fast :) :

Thanks to Spinovenator !
I've been doing some work on the bathymetric qbam so if you'd wanna see that just let me know, in terms of a basemap with outlines for water bodies and land masses