Chapter 111 - The Duke of Bedford’s Marriage
October 1479: Eventually, a decision is reached in France. The Duke of Bourbon, Peter, scarred (in fact it was falsely reported he was dead) by war, is a sickly man. Married to the beautiful Elizabeth Fitzroy, he accepts little Agnes Fitzroy, officially acknowledged as a ward. While he knows that Agnes is Elizabeth’s child, he could care less. Peter is more interested in his male companions anyways. By Christmas, Elizabeth is fairly sure she is pregnant again. Peter is pretty sure Louis is the father. This is shrugged off.

November 1479: As Edward IV attends the wedding of his illegitimate son, the Duke of Bedford to Elizabeth Neville. Margaret of Anjou has found peace of heart with a man who loves her and is glad to see her son in such a good match. While some might scoff at the idea of Elizabeth marrying a bastard, George is one of the wealthiest men in England, favored by the crown, and he is, like both his parents, ridiculously handsome. Edward also hears the news of Jacquetta Fitzroy’s marriage to the Duke of Bari. He makes some decisions in regards to the future of his illegitimate children, and his many nieces and nephews. Matilda and Joan Fitzroy, both incredibly sickly girls (born as triplets), are placed in a convent to be educated. It is understood that both should take vows as adults. Anne, Joanne, and Mary Fitzroy are left unbetrothed, but it is hoped that they will make good matches. Marian Fitzroy is a particular favorite of both the King and Queen, and she is betrothed officially to the young King of Cyprus.

George of Clarence is undoubtedly Tudor’s son, and he is placed under the care of monks. Margaret and Anne of Clarence are probably legitimate, but they have no money or titles and are living off the charity of Richard of Gloucester. Richard, the Duke of York, is married to the Anne d’Orleans, while Joan of York is married to Louis, Duke of Orleans in a double match.

December 1479: Things in Castile over the past few months have gotten worse. While the Navarrese seem to be loosing, Aragon (backed by Portugal) may be winging against the dwindling forces of the Castilian armies. The younger infantas are captured, only Maria manages to escape. France celebrates as the Duke of Valois, Charlie, is married to Isabelle of Burgundy.

Peter, Duke of Bourbon to Elizabeth Fitzroy
George, Duke of Bedford to Elizabeth Neville
Ludovico, Duke of Bari to Jacquetta Fitzroy
Richard, Duke of York to Anne d’Orleans
Louis, Duke of Orleans to Joan of York
Charles, Duke of Valois to Isabelle of Burgundy

Elizabeth Fitzroy, due July 1480

James, King of Cyprus to Marian Fitzroy

*Peter’s first wife, Maria of Savoy, died late in 1478 of a fever.
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