edmund of rutland

  1. RedKing

    The Four Suns in Splendour: A Wars of the Roses Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - The Escape

    December 30th 1460: The Battle of Wakefield has just ended. It has been a disaster for the Yorkists, with their leader, Richard of York falling alongside his close ally the Earl of Salisbury. York’s son, Edmund flees from the Battle, with a vengeful Baron, John Clifford in pursuit. For a moment...
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    WI: Edward IV and Edmund, Earl of Rutland switch fates?

    What if Edward IV and Edmund, Earl of Rutland switched fates? Here Edmund manages to reach Sanctuary before Lord Clifford can kill him, and later manages to regroup with main Yorkist force. Meanwhile Edward IV dies during the Battle of St Mortimer’s Cross, which ends in a Lancastrian victory...