The Eagle Down Under (1983: Doomsday TL 2016-2030)

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Who do you think will win nomination of ANZC Labour Party in the 2019 Federal Election?

  1. Brian Schatz

  2. Ross Hart

  3. Cathy O'Toole

  4. Malakai Tabar

  1. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

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    "Ladies and gentlemen, I come back with sad news that our greatest champion is no longer with us. Taylor was a woman who, if not for Louis, wouldn't have become the person that she is to this very day; she was a hero as well as a close and dear friend...and a sister to us all. Her contributions to our society and her deeds will never be forgotten.

    In the meantime, we shall carry on her legacy by being the first among groups to actively support PLAO. Here's wishing you lots of luck in the challenges ahead, mates, and don't forget--we're right behind you %100. The Hamas Caliphate and the Christian Patriots will both rue the day they decided to fuck with us..."

    - Bobby's blog entry on the SOO website, October 15th, 2020
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  2. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
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    Kudasai - TGIHM

    Louis was outside on the balcony of his apartment as he sat in his wheelchair. His blue eyes stared endless at the horizon of the Pacific Ocean as the dark blue color of the night sky seemed to almost blend in with the dark blue shade of the ocean. Only thing that made it easily stood out was the reflection of the stars that sat in the sky like they always do.

    It was late and to be precise it was currently 11:24 PM, and yet he didn’t feel tired whatsoever. Behind him the living room of his was currently dimly lit enough for Louis to actually see where the heck he was going while in his wheelchair. His male nurse whose name was Yohan was currently in the kitchen reading a fantasy book, and if Louis needed anything he would be of immediate assistance.

    Coming back to Howery-Morrell himself, he was currently wearing grey sweatpants, grey slippers, and a bluish-green buttoned flannel shirt. His hair was giving off somewhat a reflective glow from the Moon in the sky as it was currently in the stage of a waning crescent. As he looked up at Earth’s natural satellite, he remembers his mother often used to tell him when he was a child that she was never used to seeing the Moon upside down, as she was used to seeing it rightside-up when she lived in America during her early life. But Louis himself didn’t seem to really care what exactly the Moon looked like, to him it still was the freaking Moon.

    As his shaggy hair began to flow in the slight breeze of wind he then took his eyes off the Moon and looked at stars and the constellations. He could see the Crux, Cetus, Tucana, Eridanus, Hydra, Ophiuchus, Aquarius, Centaurus, Aquila, Ara, Virgo, Indus, Norma, Carina, Triangulum Australe, and the Reticulum constellation very well with his glasses used for distance. The fact that they were able to be all seen in a city like Jervis Bay was quite impressive since usually light pollution would interfere with being able to see the many stars in the night sky.

    But despite the stunning view he was seeing he felt there was something missing. And he already knew that answer to that. It was Taylor.

    With knowing the full truth of what happened to her, Louis felt somewhat proud that she sacrificed her life to save Bobby and Sophie. But still she was forever gone from this world, and yet he could still remember her cheerful warming voice.

    I remember once reading back in primary school that many Native American tribes saw the stars in the night sky as the souls of their ancestors and deceased friends and relatives.

    But being an Aussie my entire life, I find the Aborigines’ view on the night sky more interesting…

    He remembers back once again in primary school he was researching about astronomy and mythology out of curiosity in his school’s library to which he remembers after checking out the book his mother read him about the YoIngu people belief on the afterlife.

    She told him straight from the book that the YoIngu believed that when they pass away, they are taken by a mystical canoe named “Larrpan” where it takes them to a spirit-island named “Baralku” in the night sky. To them they viewed the stars as burning campfires made by the deceased along the great river of the Milky Way.

    The canoe is then sent back to Earth in the form of a shooting star, to which to the YoIngu basically informs them that their deceased friend or relative had travelled safely to the spirit-land in the night sky.

    Now all I need is a shooting star…

    He then sighs as he shut his eyes for a moment before opening them up again looking up at the sky again.

    And then suddenly by complete surprise and coincidence he sees a streak of light flash across the sky for a couple seconds to which Louis’s brain processes it as a shooting star. He then slightly smiled a little in response to what he saw.

    If Taylor is indeed up there, then he is glad to know that she got their safely.

    “Don’t have too fun up there…” Louis said to her even though she wasn’t even there.

    “Well if you are able to listen to me Taylor I want you to know I owe you my life.”

    “You saved me from becoming completely suicidal…”

    “For that I can’t thank you enough. You truly were a sister to me.”

    “But things never last forever. Friends come and go in life.”

    “But you never forget them along with the good memories you had.”

    “Taylor I want you to know for this very last time is that I love you.”

    “And by this I mean platonic love.”

    “And I will always love you.”

    “Thank you for making me a better person.”

    “Farewell for now, we will meet again one day whether in the heavens or in a new life.”

    “But until then this is farewell.”

    After saying all he could say from his heart he went back inside shutting the sliding door behind him as the sound of nightlife in the city of Jervis Bay continued on as usual.

    -Somewhere in Jervis Bay, ANZC Capital Territory, October 14th, 2020
  3. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “What is the current status of the investigation of what happened in Santiago?”

    “Still ongoing… Chilean government is still piecing together on what happened in their capital.”

    “So what is Chile’s capital now?”

    “Antofagasta has been declared the new capital of Chile a day ago.”

    “Sounds like a perfect name for a capital city, but then Santiago was and still always be a beautiful name for a city.”

    “Also what’s the status of the investigation in Rosario and the Great Barrier Reef?”

    “They are also still ongoing. However in Rosario the police managed to come across a few clues online via the deep net from certain suspicious posts.”

    “Do these posts have anything mentioning the Hamas Caliphate?”

    “Yes, two posts do in fact do.”

    “Also I ask you permission for something Governor-General.”

    “And what is this you ask me for permission?”

    “I would like to be given permission to have the culprit behind the destruction of Santiago be tortured and executed.”

    “Morrell… I understand this is very personal for you especially with the loss of your close friend. But we cannot do that otherwise we cause a international crisis between the South American Confederation and us.”

    “Plus if the person behind the attack is of Chilean or other SAC national origin we be basically angering them.”

    “With all do respect Governor-General Schatz, but I think the majority of Chile wants the man behind it dead just like I do.”

    “Well all I can say is Louis is that all we can really do is ask the Chilean government permission in this. If they give us an “okay” then we can do so, if not then we have to leave them be and let them handle it themselves.”

    “Very well.”

    -Private meeting between ANZC Governor-General Brian Schatz (ANZC Labour) and ANZC: CIB Director, Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, October 15th, 2020

    “I’m sorry Governor-General Schatz, but we cannot allow that…”

    “I wish we could allow the culprit to be given the death penalty, but we abolished it back in 2001.”

    “The majority of our government doesn’t want to ever bring it back mainly due to its connection during Pinochet’s regime. They basically feel that allowing death penalty would remind them of Pinochet and how he ran our country like a nightmare similar to 1984.”

    “Director Howery-Morrell has my condolences for the loss of his best friend. But other than that there is really nothing I can do…”

    “Well is there anything your government can do?”

    “No sorry, once again there nothing we can do.”

    “Unless the person is not a Chilean national then the person will be imprisoned for life.”

    “Very well, good day.”

    -Telephone conversation between ANZC Governor-General Brian Schatz (ANZC Labour) and Chilean President, Alejandro Guillier, October 15th, 2020

    “They won’t allow the culprit to be executed.”

    “They will only put him or her on trial and imprisoned them for life instead.”

    “Is it mainly because of the fact they don’t want to remember the carried out executions during Pinochet’s era?”


    “Well I can’t say I blame them. I mean dropping off criminals from helicopters down to their deaths is something they don’t want to be reminded of.”

    “Well anyways our only hope is that when the culprit is finally found is hopefully not of Chilean nationality.”

    “So what countries in South America have the death penalty then?”

    “Currently Colombia since they brought it back in 2017, Guyana Cooperative, Paraguay, and Brazil.”

    “Brazil brought back their death penalty…? When?”

    “In October 2018, but the only difference is they only have a couple of states that legalized it again for serious criminal offenses.”

    -Looks it up on his desktop computer-

    “So basically Amazonas, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte, Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso, Pernambuco, and Goiás, along with the Federal District of Brasilia have basically death penalty…”

    “Heh… You learn something new everyday…”

    “Back to the original topic Director Howery-Morrell.”

    “Oh right! Well then if hopefully this person is from the said countries you mentioned in South America then we pretty much are good.”

    “Alright, so what about the Great Barrier Reef?”

    “I hate to say it but it has been royally fucked…”

    “Due to those two underwater nuclear blasts, radiation basically is already killing much of the wildlife and ecosystem.”

    “So it basically done for?!”

    “We don’t know for sure, but it is certain that it is sadly…”

    “Well then Australia’s economy is going to fucking plumpit and without tourism there we are going to see a lot of massive numbers of unemployed people and ghost towns.”

    “It going to be like Detroit only difference is it hundred times more worse!”

    “Then I argue we focus less on the who was exactly behind it and instead entirely focus on how to prevent the radiation from spreading to the rest of the reef.”

    “But that pretty much hard though.”

    “I don’t care, we are not losing our country’s national landmark!”

    “Alright I’ll dispatch many radar ships to map the seafloor and the reef. If we find the impact craters then we’ll begin to construct a structure to prevent further spread of radiation.”

    “And what sort of material are we going to use?”

    “I’ll research that myself.”

    “Very well but you are also aware of erosion and tectonic shift right?”

    “Then will make it have maintenance until the end of time itself.”

    “This will cost millions of dollars if not maybe billions.”

    “Governor-General at times like this money doesn’t fucking matter. We are not allowing Australia to lose its beauty. Government and companies are going to be forced to accept the fact that money has no part in saving and fixing the Great Barrier Reef.”

    “It getting fixed with zero money.”

    -Private meeting between ANZC Governor-General Brian Schatz (ANZC Labour) and ANZC: CIB Director, Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, October 15th, 2020
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  4. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
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    Several questions for readers of the TL that are on topic of the timeline itself.

    How would you imagine people from OTL would view the 2010's in this TL?

    And how would they view this alternate War on Terror?

    How do you think the politics differ in this world due to the World War on Terror and OTL War on Terror?

    What do you think is going to happen to Islam (and Christianity) once the World War on Terror concludes?

    The fate of Saudi Arabia after the Saudi Civil War?

    How long do you think PLAO will last for, along with ANZC and SAC alliance?

    Fate of the Republic of Virginia after the Virginian Civil War?
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  5. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

    Nov 27, 2016
    Los Angeles, California
    1. With how different that world looks compared to how it is here IOTL, I'd say they would view it as a nightmarish world. And to think it all started when the higher-ups in the USSR made the unfortunate mistake of replacing Colonel Stanislav Petrov with a rather jittery and inexperienced officer (who mistook a simple computer error for a real nuclear attack from the US).

    2. Pretty much like their own War On Terror.

    3. I'm not sure.

    4. Both de-radicalized. I really can't see anyone banning either faith just because they were ruined by total nutcases.

    5. If what remains of the government survives long enough, I could see the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia being resurrected in some form. Or depends on how the war ends.

    6. Possibly until after both the Hamas Caliphate and the Christian Patriots are taken down. Or longer.

    7. After the fall of the Christian Patriots, the Republic of Virginia would likely be restored. Later on it will then be reintegrated into the reborn United States.
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  6. filrabat Active Member

    Sep 6, 2017
    Certainly a lot more grim, given the state of North America and most of Eurasia. Yet oddly, in a macabre way, fascinating. They'd certainly be grateful OTL tech is ahead of TL tech (TL's just now moving away from dial-up connection, IIRC). Still, OTL people as a whole would have a cautious long-run hope for the future of TL - if only TL can get a handle on the Hamas Caliphate, Christian Patriots, and such.

    I can only speak from a OT USA perspective. I think they would generally support the War on Terror, but the libertarian types especially would be alarmed at the apparent loss of civil liberties. Just what an OTL Australian or Hawaiian or Alaskan (ANZC members) would think, I leave that question to them.

    OTL people would be shocked and alarmed at the antidemocratic coup attempt in TL Brazil (a superpower nation). Even OTL people would be shocked at that kind of coup in OTL Brazil, even if it is only an upper-middle power nation.

    Other than that, this world seems to be more tolerance of surveillance due to the World War on Terror. Social progress seems at least 10 and closer to 20 years behind OTL (tragic, but still understandable why that's the case. Doomsday really slammed the breaks on social justice issues to a great extent.

    Several possibilities, depending on the precise details of what happened in the past and how this war carries on in TL's future.

    (1) Within theological seminaries especially, but even Sunday School classes, people will read the Bible more thoroughly, more rigorously asking what Mohammed (and Jesus) meant when they said "this" and "that". Same thing for the Quran and the Bible in general.
    (2) Certain denominations may change their teaching style, as they may question whether the tone and "hellfire and brimstone" styles, long part of the the evangelical-fundamentalist tradition especially, were what contributed to people being open to a theology like the Christian Patriots and Hamas Caliphate in the first place.
    (3) I think Islam and Christianity (especially the fundamentalist varieties) will lose a considerable number of followers, but it won't completely vanish. Religious belief (at least the formal established denominations) even in OTL (i.e., even without Doomsday) has been on the decline for several generations. I don't see the Hamas Caliphate and Christian Patriots substantially accellerating the timetable in that regard.
    (4) The moderate to liberal factions of both religions (and probably Judaism and Mormonism too, as a result of seeing first hand what happened to the other Abrahamic religions) might actually gain from this.
    (5) Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy - similar story to Judaism and Mormonism; although their always being opposed to CP theology, they'll lose less than the hardened evangelical and fundamentalist varieties.

    At the end of the day, it depends on how the war went and probably more importantly, how the future of the war goes.

    I see Saudi Arabia splitting up. The Iranians will probably dominate at least part of the SW shore of the Persian Gulf (Shiite-dominated Gulf States for sure, while exercising some degree of power over the rest - if only because of the power vacuum there left by the Saudi collapse).

    Still, the SAC and ANZC alliance may keep a military presence in the region, so as to assure at least freedom of oil movement. Or maybe they'll invest more heavily in North American oil fields (especially Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana) so as to reduce dependence on the Persian Gulf (although I see Mexico being the principle player here, given it's still a pretty powerful country, even if not up to ANZC or SAC calibur. But this hinges on how stable the Persian Gulf region is postwar. The less dependent on Arabian oil sources, the less likely the major powers will militarily invest in the region.

    The Saudi Royal Family - probably out of power permanently, or at the very least reduced to ruling a small patch around Riyadh. Again, this depends on past and especially future events.

    The Holy Cities - Mecca and Medina. IIRC, and I could well be mistaken, Mecca got "dirty bombed", rendering the city uninhabitable for generations. So the worship center probably will move to Medina. There's either going to be a fight after the war over who controls that holy city or it will be something like Vatican City OTL (and historically TTL).

    I'll take a pass on that one. Both alliance seem pretty stable. As for the PLAO, it'll be a strong alliance as long as it serves a useful purpose. Even if it no longer serves a useful purpose, political inertia just might cause it to continue anyway (although more as a "dinosaur institution" than an actually useful one). Again, this depends on the future of TTL.

    Probably a massive "nation-building" effort, but probably more successful than OTL's attempts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The anti-CP coalition nations have very similar traditions of government and day-to-day culture as Virginia and West Virginia. It still won't be easy to reform Virginia into a true republic, being dominated by first a military semi-democracy at best, followed by CP rule. On the other hand, at least the older people in this timeline (born before 1972-ish) are old enough to know a little bit of how democracy works. Certainly anybody born in 1962 or before (21 yrs old on Doomsday) will remember what cultures and institutions it takes to make democracy work. But that'll still put the youngest Virginians who remember how it does so in their late 50s by that time). On the bright side, the Virginia Republic is still surrounded by a lot of democracies, representative republics, or whatever you care to call governments chosen through universal sufferage.

    So I'll predict a nation-building effort similar to Germany after WW2, but adjusted to the local history, culture, and situation.
  7. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey

    The ANZC Army has released the Owen Gun II, a remake of the origin Owen Gun used by the Australian military during World War II. Just like it’s processor it too is a submachine with a 9x19 mm caliber. Unlike the first Owen Gun, the Owen Gun II is more powerful and more fatal being able to fire and reload faster.


    Another gun that has been released and is too be used by the ANZC Army is the BRAX-19, which is a unique but powerful looking shotgun. The BRAX-19 (Bullpup Revolver Automatic (X stands for nothing it simply for show)) is a bullpup revolver automatic shotgun using 12-gauge for the caliber. It has a powerful blast allowing fatal shots against enemies.

    -The ANZC Military Weekly Magazine, October 16th, 2020


    Brazilian-Peruvian-Colombian-Argentina militaries have released a new military gun to be used within all the armies under the SAC. The gun itself has been named the Nueva-1000 or also called the NVA-1000. Being a strange gun at glance it is basically a submachine gun/machine pistol which uses calibers of 9x19mm Parabellum and 9x19mm 7N21 +P+. It is able to fire a total of 20 or 45 round of bullet magazines per use. Also can have accessories attached to it such as a tactical light and laser sight.

    -The ANZC Military Weekly Magazine, October 16th, 2020
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  8. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “Oh Great One, what shall we do next after what we done to the Great Barrier Reef and Santiago and Rosario?”

    “Allah the Almighty True God has told me that we shall keep unleashing our fire of wrath against the infidels and the servers of Iblis, Australia and Brazil.”

    “We shall not hesitate in launching more nukes against our evil enemies.”

    “Then Great One, being the Servant and True Prophet of Allah, ask him where shall we strike next.”

    “Very well give me a moment of silence as I connect my mind to Allah.”


    “Allah has told us we are to destroy the city of Sana’a and Jerusalem. For it will cause a massive distraction for the SAC and the ANZC.”

    “Very well then…”

    “Great One so you know we have currently 10 nukes left we managed to steal from the former nation of China.”

    “Good. We shall not waste them for Allah wants us to use them wisely.”

    -Private meeting with the Great One (Osama bin Laden) and his followers, October 18th, 2020

    “Sir! We just detected a nuke heading towards Sana’a!”


    “Near the border of Iraq!”


    “One hour sir!”

    “We don’t have anything to shoot it down!”


    “YES SIR!”


    “I’m going to take out that nuke!”


    “Correct. That’s why I’m going to fly my plane into it!”


    “No I am not! I know what exactly I am going to do!”


    “Well good! I mean I won’t be alive anyway afterwards…”

    “Consider this farewell Commander Landerston…”

    “Also it not cool to yell at everyone even if your a military man, it just makes you look like a douche with no balls.”

    -Conversation at Al-Buq Air Force Radar Base, Yemen, October 18th, 2020
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  9. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “Where the fuck do you think your-” A young fellow pilot with a thick Australian accent was about to ask until receiving a blow to the face by Officer Timothy “Tim” Zarniecki’s left fist to which it renders the man unconscious.

    After that he manages to rush onto a RAAF C-17 transport plane to which he quickly notices the payload being two M1 Abram tanks that are perfectly held in place by dozens of ropes and chains. Being smart Zarniecki leaves the tanks in place without needing to undo them since they will allow the nuke he plans on colliding the plane with, to explode easily. Without the tanks the nuke could very well easily go right through it due to it fast speed.

    Without hesitation he jumps into the cockpit and turns on the plane and monitors the controls. He never flew a military transport plane before, but he has flown plenty of military jets in his life ever since he joined the ANZC Air Force at the age of 18 back in 1996. So he had good experience with piloting planes so hopefully he won’t have a problem with navigating this plane he plans on sadly “hijacking”.

    After starting up the plane with the four engines roaring loud he looks outside to see many men and women at his base trying to wave him down to stop him, while trying not to get run over or in the path of the burning engines.

    Suddenly the radio in the cockpit vibrates as he hears a male voice coming through from the other end.

    “Zarniecki what the fuck are you doing!?” The man said on the radio.

    He grabs it with his left hand and then replies.

    “Doing what’s right!”

    “Zarniecki if you leave this base with that transport cargo plane you are discharged from the ANZC military! Do you understand!?”

    “I do understand perfectly. But I am still doing it regardless.”



    Officer Zarniecki replied to the intercom one last time before switching it off.

    “Kindly fuck off! I am not taking orders from you any longer!” He said and then switched the radio off so he no longer would receive further replies from the base and other planes in the area.

    The radar that is built in along with the many dozen of controls turns on to which he knows will help him greatly on tracking the current whereabout of the nuke.

    Quickly he fastened into his seat and buckled in and quickly put on the emergency pilot’s oxygen mask.

    Zarniecki plans on flying this plane up into the sky at heights that no military plane should even be at. But if he plans on taking out that fucking nuclear missile then he going to have to go exactly to go further than 25,000 meters from the surface.

    And with a heavy plane like this it going to be difficult, but he knows he will manage it. There was no other option! He had to die to save the entire city of Sana’a and the entire country of Yemen!

    After taking off the ground and being in air at a suitable height for most planes, he then turns the plane towards the direction of the capital city of Yemen while maneuvering the plane diagonally straight up in the process. He wasn’t ready to turn on the emergency oxygen just yet, but Zarniecki knew that once he reaches 27,000 meters that when he’ll activate it.

    Looking at the fuel meter he is informed this plane he is piloting has enough fuel to allow him to complete his mission. His final mission to be precise.

    But being a semi-expert in physics and mathematics Tim knew that those two M1 Abram tanks will put on heavy weight for the entire plane the further as he currently goes up.

    Perhaps leaving them strapped in the cargo wasn’t a smart idea when it came to the mass of the plane. But opening the cockpit and letting the ropes holding them together snap from freezing temperatures would make it easier for the ICBM to go straight through the entire plane. He needed those tanks as a way to make sure that thing stops and explodes.

    Looking at the blue sky and white clouds around him he kept focused on the main goal.

    Stopping the nuke.

    He stared his eyes back down at the radar to which he doesn’t see a single green dot glowing on screen. But then again he was now currently a couple of miles away from the city of Sana’a at the fastest speed this military transport plane could go. Looking down he could only see nothing but arid desert that was pretty much native everywhere in the country of Yemen.

    He then looks at the height meter he gets informed he is now at 18,000 meters above the ground.

    “All I need to do is get past the 20,000 meter barrier and hope to God that this entire thing is able to further…” He said to himself.

    As he went higher into the sky diagonally the height meter rose further and further that within just six minutes he was now at 19,600 meters above ground.

    “I’m getting close.”

    After another couple of minutes going by he was now above 20,000 meters, to be exact he was now at approximately 21,400 meters from the surface.

    Suddenly a green glowing dot appears on the radar to which he then knows that nuke is here. As he looked out the window he could see it in the distance heading straight towards him as it was heading towards the ground at incredible speeds.

    This is it… Within the next seconds I won’t be alive…

    As he quickly could he began to look back on his entire life from being raised in Albury, Western Australia along with his twin brother Caleb whom they shared a very close bond with. He remembers attending primary and secondary school together and graduating to which they went their separate ways when it came to what careers they wanted. For Caleb he went to university in the city of Hobart to get a degree in teaching special education to disabled children and then became a teacher for disabled children. As for Tim himself he quickly joined the ANZC Air Force fresh out of secondary school at the age of eighteen years.

    The last time Tim saw his brother was a year ago at his wedding where he served as his best man. He was happy for his brother Caleb since he was now happily married to a woman who truly loved him. Looking back Tim realized that he spent his entire life not interested in another person whether men or women so in a way he probably could agree he may of been asexual his entire life.

    Instantly he remembered that a week ago he got a phone call from Caleb to which he informed him that his wife was pregnant. He couldn’t be even more happy for his brother since he always wanted to become an uncle.

    But sadly turns out you can’t always get everything you want in life.

    Before the nuke collided with the plane the last thought of Timothy “Tim” Zarniecki was the thought of his brother naming their child after him.

    -Above the skies of Yemen, October 18th, 2020
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  10. Frank Hart When Your Hometown Doesn't Feel Like Home

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    Apart from the minor mistake of "Say Sana'a", shouldn't those "kilometers" actually be "meters"?
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  11. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey


    -NBBC World News 24/7, October 18th, 2020



    -ABC World News 24/7, October 18th, 2020

    Prime Minister of Israel declares that “God saved Israel once again!”.

    -Knesset News 24/7, October 18th, 2020


    [1] - During Doomsday, Israel's capital of Jerusalem was hit by a Soviet nuclear warhead, but funnily enough it didn't detonate due to being shit. So the fact the Hamas Caliphate's nuke failed as well makes you really question if Israel is truly protected by Yahweh or if it by pure coincidence.
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  12. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

    Nov 27, 2016
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    An interesting theory. That means Israel was saved twice: first during Doomsday and again a second time when the nuke turned out to be a dud. Looks like a divine miracle, all right, so apparently even Allah (God to the Christians and Yahweh to the Israelis) has had enough of the Hamas Caliphate's heretic bullshit.
  13. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Iran begins to question on whether the banning on nuclear weapons is making things worse since terrorist groups have them.

    -NBBC World News, October 19th, 2020

    Chilean authorities have captured the culprit behind the destruction of Santiago, only to be utterly horrified to discover it was none other than Pedro Alonso López, who now goes by the name of Mu’iz Omar de Al'iiman Alhaqiqiu.

    Chilean, Peruvian, Colombian, and Ecuadorian officials are entirely shocked by the evidence that Pedro Alonso López (considered one of the most infamous serial killers in Latin American history) was entirely behind the complete destruction of Chile’s capital city, along with the fact he converted to Islam.

    We currently have still many unanswered questions on why Pedro Alonso López converted to Islam, became radicalized by Islamic fundamentalism, if he has connections to the Hamas Caliphate, when he converted to Islam, and most importantly what exactly has he been doing since he was released from Ecuadorian prison in 1980.

    -The Newcastle Herald, October 20th, 2020

    “I have heard the news of what happened in Chile just now.”

    “I will ask permission from the Governor-General to go to Chile along with permission from the Chilean government to be allowed to travel to Chile to be able to get further answers from the Monster of the Andes.”

    “Because right now answers is what we need from that crazy man. And we cannot afford to waste anymore time.”

    -Private conversation between ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell and his staff, October 20th, 2020

    “You have my permission to do so Director. Just whatever you do, don’t do anything stupid.”

    -ANZC Governor-General Brian Schatz’s (ANZC Labour) response to ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell request, October 20th, 2020

    “Good news sir, we got permission from the Chilean government to visit López who being currently held under custody in Arica, Chile.”

    “Wonderful, lets get there ASAP.”

    -Conversation between ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell and his staff, October 20th, 2020

    CIB Director Howery-Morrell granted permission to visit Chile to question Pedro López on why he destroyed Santiago along with further more questions on what he was doing since he was released from prison in 1980.

    -The Courier-Mail, October 20th, 2020
  14. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “Para un hombre lisiado, te ves más guapo que yo.”

    For a crippled man you look more handsome than me.

    “Si no fueras tan pedófilo y violador, te dije que también te veías guapo.”

    If you weren't such a pedophile and rapist I say that you look handsome too.

    “¿Estás tratando de golpearme?”

    Are you hitting on me?

    “Tal vez yo soy... Quizás no lo soy.”

    Perhaps I am… Perhaps I am not.

    “También te pareces a uno de ellos gringos americanos. ¿Trabajas para la CIA?”

    Also you look like those American gringos. You working for the CIA?

    “Soy australiano para su información, y para su información, los Estados Unidos ni siquiera son una potencia mundial.”

    I'm Australian for your information, and for your information the US isn't even a world power.

    “¿De que hablas chico? Es una potencia mundial y aún lucha contra esos comunistas en Rusia.”

    What are you talking about boy? It is a world power and still fighting those commies in Russia.

    “Me parece que has estado aislado del resto de la realidad desde que saliste de la cárcel.”

    Seems to me you have been isolated from the rest of reality since you were released from prison.

    “En pocas palabras, le informaré de que los Estados Unidos y la URSS entraron en guerra en 1983 y murieron 2 mil millones de personas. Décadas más tarde, América Latina y Australia han alcanzado el estatus de potencias mundiales.”

    Simply put I will inform you that US and USSR went to war in 1983 and 2 billions of people died. Decades later Latin America and Australia has rose to status as world powers.

    “¿Nosotros, los latinoamericanos y tú, los gringos australianos gobernando el mundo? ¡Eso es seguramente una broma!”

    Us Latin Americans and you Australian gringos ruling the world? That is surely a joke!

    “No eran más que un grupo de países pobres dirigidos por dictadores que apoyan a los criminales corruptos.”

    Were nothing but a bunch of poor countries run by dictators who support corrupted criminals.



    “No estoy aquí para discutir con un maldito degenerado como tú. Estoy aquí para hacerle varias preguntas.”

    I am not fucking here to argue with a fucking degenerate like you. I am here to ask you several questions.



    “Bueno, ya que estoy encerrado en esta celda de la prisión sin posibilidad de escapar, entonces supongo que tendré que obedecerte.”

    Well since I am locked up in this prison cell with no chance of escaping then I guess I will have to obey you.

    “Bueno primera pregunta.”

    Okay first question.

    “¿Qué hiciste una vez que saliste de la cárcel en 1980?”

    What did you do once you were released from prison back in 1980?

    “¿No debería ser obvio para ustedes, idiotas? ¡Volví a matar y violar a las niñas de nuevo ya que lo disfruté!”

    Shouldn't it be obvious to you idiots? I went back to killing and raping little girls again since I enjoyed it!

    “De acuerdo, pero eso nos deja cuestionándonos exactamente a dónde fuiste durante el resto de los años 80 y 90.”

    Okay, but that still leaves us questioning where exactly did you go during the rest of the 1980's and 1990's.

    “Viajé por gran parte de Sudamérica como un nómada cuyo único objetivo en la vida era violar y matar. Fue mi búsqueda dada por Allah.”

    I traveled around much of South America like a nomad whose only goal in life was to rape and kill. It was my quest given to me by Allah.

    “¿Alá? Escuché que te convertiste al Islam en algún momento mientras te escondías, ¿es correcto?”

    Allah? I heard you converted to Islam at some point while in hiding, is this correct?

    “Sí. Me convertí a la verdadera fe del Islam en 1989, cuando estaba en Paraguay. Encontré una biblioteca y decidí robar un montón de libros, todos los cuales eran aleatorios.”

    Yes. I converted to the true faith of Islam back in 1989, when I was in Paraguay. I came across a library and decided to steal a bunch of books all of which were random.

    “Curiosamente, uno de esos libros al azar que robé era un Corán, en el que leía todos los días dedicándome a él.”

    Funny enough one of those random books I stole was a Quran, to which I read everyday devoting myself to it.

    “Cuando lo leo me doy cuenta de la verdad en la vida. Nunca fui destinado a ser católico porque es la religión del diablo. Así me di cuenta de que la verdadera religión era el Islam.”

    When I read it I realize the truth in life. I was never meant to be Catholic for it is the religion of the Devil. Thus I realized the true religion was Islam.

    “Finalmente, una noche tuve un sueño en el que hablé con el mismo Alá. En el sueño, me dijo que mi destino me fue hecho desde el día en que fui llevado a este mundo maldito.”

    Eventually one night I had a dream where I spoke with Allah himself. In the dream he told me that my destiny was made to me since the day I was brought into this cursed world.

    “Y ese destino para mí fue que fui hecho para salvar a todas las chicas de Latinoamérica de la malvada religión demoníaca del cristianismo. Tuve que matar a tantos como pudiera para que pudieran ir a Jannah y vivir una vida más feliz lejos de la horrible vida de prostitución, crimen, corrupción, asesinato y pobreza.”

    And that destiny for me was I was made to save all the girls across Latin America from the evil demonic religion of Christianity. I had to kill as many as I could so they could go to Jannah and live a happier life away from horrid life of prostitution, crime, corruption, murder, and poverty.

    “Entonces, después de ese sueño, comencé a usar un nuevo nombre y cambié mi identidad. Viajé escondido por los Andes acechando el campo.”

    So after that dream I began going under a new name and changed my identity. I traveled hidden throughout the Andes stalking the country-side.

    “Y recogería a muchas chicas que podría preguntándoles "¿Has oído hablar de la religión del Islam?" o "¿Has oído hablar de la vida de Muhammad?".”

    And I would pick up many girls I could by asking them "Have you heard of the religion of Islam?" or "Have you heard of the life of Muhammad?".

    “Hacer eso les permitió salvarse fácilmente dándose cuenta de la verdad de que la religión en la que nacieron para convertirse en catolicismo no les ha beneficiado en absoluto.”

    Doing that allowed them to be easily saved realizing the truth that the religion they were born into being Catholicism has done nothing of benefit for them.

    “Como resultado, pude salvar a muchas niñas de la malvada religión del cristianismo y las traje a Jannah a donde ahora están felices.”

    As a result I was able to save many girls from the demonic evil religion of Christianity and I brought them to Jannah to where they are now happy.

    “Así que déjame ver si lo entiendo…”

    So let me get this straight...

    “Básicamente, ¿me estás diciendo que crees que hiciste lo correcto al matar y violar a niñas de tan solo 6 años para que pudieran ir a Jannah?”

    You basically are telling me that you believe you did the right thing by killing and raping little girls as young as 6 so they could be able to go to Jannah?

    “Sí. Quiero decir que muchos de ellos gritaron y gritaron de terror, pero al final sé que me están agradeciendo por haberlos llevado a un lugar mejor.”

    Yes. I mean many of them screamed and cried out in terror, but in the end I know they are thanking me for bringing them to a better place.

    “Después de todo, Allah también me dijo que estaba mal tener relaciones sexuales con mujeres que no estaban casadas. Así que me aseguré de realizar ceremonias matrimoniales y de hacerlas mis esposas antes de hacerles el amor.”

    After all Allah also told me that it was wrong to have sexual intercourse with females that weren't married. So I made sure I would conduct marriage ceremonies and make them my wives before I made love to them.

    “Eso es asqueroso… No puedo creer lo que estoy escuchando.”

    That is disgusting… I can’t believe what I am hearing.

    “No es asqueroso, ya que Alá quería que lo hiciera.”

    It isn’t disgusting, since Allah wanted me to do it.

    “Pedro ... escúchame.”

    Pedro... Listen to me...

    “No merecías ninguna de las cosas horribles que te sucedieron de niño.”

    You didn't deserve any of the horrible things that happened to you as a child.

    “De Verdad?”


    “Solo eres un extraño de una tierra lejana que nunca conocí en toda mi vida. No sabes nada de mí.”

    Your just a stranger from a far away land who I never met in my entire life. You don't know anything about me.

    “En realidad, mucha gente sabe quién eres ahora desde que te escondiste en 1980. De hecho, en la escuela incluso hablan de ti y de tus delitos cuando se trata de clases de medicina forense.”

    Actually a lot of people know who you are now since you went into hiding in 1980. In fact in school they even talk about you and your crimes when it comes to classes about forensics.

    “Leí sobre usted en el año 11 en la escuela secundaria. Y déjame decirte que tu vida temprana fue triste y sentí pena por ti.”

    I read about you back in Year 11 in secondary school. And let me tell you that your early life was sad and I felt sorry for you.

    “De Verdad...?”


    “¿Viviste en una casa pequeña con muchos hermanos junto con una madre que se dedica a la prostitución?”

    Did you fucking live in a small house with many siblings along with a mother who engaged in prostitution?!

    “¿Alguna vez tuviste que sufrir por tu propia madre que te obligó a verla tener relaciones sexuales con otros hombres para castigarte?”

    Did you ever had to suffer from your own mother who forced you to watch her have sex with other men for punishment!?

    “¿Alguna vez tuvo que pasar algunos días sin limpiarse o incluso poder comer una comida real?”

    Did you ever had to go some days without getting clean or even being able to eat a real meal?!



    “Pero a mí me molestaron a una edad tan joven como tú.”

    But I was molested at a young age like you were.

    “Sí, leí lo que te sucedió en el internado al que asististe.”

    Yes I read about what happened to you at the boarding school you went to.

    “Absolutamente horrible. No merecía nada de eso, ¡Pero fue una elección estúpida escapar!”

    Absolutely horrible. Didn't deserve any of that, but it was a stupid choice to run away!

    “Entonces dime, ¿Cómo diablos te molestaron? ¡DÍEMOS QUE USTED ESTÁ PEGANDO GRINGO!”

    Then tell me how the hell were you molested then? TELL ME YOU STINKING GRINGO!

    “Cuando estaba en el noveno año en la escuela secundaria, decidí escabullirme de la casa en mitad de la noche porque quería pasear por mi vecindario.”

    When I was in Year 9 in secondary school, I decided to sneak out of the house in the middle of night since I wanted to go for a walk in my neighborhood.

    “Solo en el camino de regreso a casa, una de mis matones y sus amigas de mi escuela me descubrieron y me trataron como una mierda toda mi vida.”

    Just on the way back home, one of my bullies and her friends from my school discovered me and treated me like crap all my life.

    “¿Te violaron por una chica?”

    You got raped by a girl?



    “Y lo recuerdo todo en detalle también. Sus amigos me llevaron a una pequeña área boscosa de Adelaide. Y allí me sujetaron y me desnudaron exponiéndome.”

    And I remember it all in detail too. Her friends carried me into a small wooded area of Adelaide. And there they pinned me down and stripped me down exposing me.

    “Y la chica que era mi matón decidió arrastrarse sobre mí como una maldita araña asquerosa. Y lo siguiente que sentí fue nada más que jodida tortura.”

    And the girl who was my bully decided to crawl on top of me like a freaking disgusting spider. And next thing I felt nothing but utter fucking torture.

    “Ella me dijo mientras tenía la boca tapada, "¡Relájate, joder! ¡Lo disfrutarás!”

    She told me while I had my mouth covered, "Relax you fucking squirt! You'll enjoy it!"

    “No podía dejar de llorar con lágrimas de horror y seguí esperando que todo terminara.”

    I couldn't stop crying with tears of horror and I just kept waiting for it to be over.

    “Y finalmente, cuando terminaron conmigo, me dijeron que si se lo contaba a alguien, incluida mi madre, ¡entonces me matarían!”

    And finally when they were done with me they told me that if I told anyone including my mother then they would murder me!

    “¡Así que sí, fui molesto!”


    “Bueno, deberías haber matado a esa perra malvada. ¡Será una justicia apropiada hacerlo desde que ella te quitó tu pureza!”

    Well you should've killed that evil bitch. It be proper justice doing so since she took away your purity!

    “Entonces, ¿Me estás diciendo que debería haberme vengado y asesinado por lo que me hizo?”

    So you're saying to me, that I should've gotten revenge and murdered her for what she did to me?

    “¡¿Cómo diablos iba a resolver eso?!”

    How the fuck would that solve anything?!

    “¡Me habría hecho igual que ella, una persona totalmente fría y sin corazón!”

    It would have made me just like her, a total cold heartless person!

    “Y déjame decirte que no me convertí en un pedófilo y un violador como tú. De hecho, ¡acabé convirtiéndome en una mejor persona luchando por la justicia!”

    And let me tell you, I didn't fucking become a pedophile and rapist like you! In fact I ended up becoming a better person fighting for justice!

    “¿Justicia? Por ley...?”

    Justice? By law…?

    “La ley es corrupta y no da una mierda por ti. ¡Lo aprendí de la manera difícil!”

    The law is corrupt and doesn't give shit about you. I learned it the hard way!

    “Está olvidando el hecho de que vengo de un país donde la corrupción policial es poco común y es manejada por la policía.”

    Your forgetting the fact I come from a country where police corruption is uncommon and is handled by law enforcement.

    “Tú, por otro lado, no lo hiciste!”

    You on the other hand didn’t!

    “Honestamente, si fueras una mejor persona, Pedro, ¡Nunca te habrías convertido en un violador/ asesino en serie!”

    Honestly if you were a better person Pedro, you would've never became a rapist/serial killer!

    “Demonios, ¡deberías haberte convertido en un político para Colombia y hablar contra la violación y el abuso sexual! Si hubieras hecho eso, te habría apoyado.”

    Hell, you should've ended up becoming a politician for Colombia and speak out against rape and sexual abuse! Had you done so I would've supported you.

    “Pero en lugar de seguir el camino de tu padre, fuiste al camino del mal puro.”

    But instead of following your father's path, you instead went to the path of pure evil.

    “¡Terminaste violando y matando a tantas chicas inocentes sin ninguna preocupación en el mundo!”

    You ended up raping and killing so many innocent girls without a care in the world!

    “¡Felicidades! Te has jugado a ti mismo!”

    Congratulations! You've played yourself!

    “Fue víctima de violación y terminó convirtiéndose en un violador.”

    Was a rape victim and ended up becoming a rapist yourself.

    “Me alegro de no ser como tú.”

    I’m glad I didn’t become like you.

    “¿Que diablos quieres de mi?”

    What the hell do you want from me?

    “De hecho, ¿Por qué estás aquí?”

    In fact why are you here?

    “Me alegra que hayas preguntado!”

    Glad you asked!

    “Soy el jefe de una organización similar a la CIA, pero para Australia y sus aliados. Investigo el terrorismo y mi objetivo es aplastar a los terroristas.”

    I am the head of a organization similar to the CIA but for Australia and her allies. I investigate terrorism and my goal is crush terrorists.

    “¿Y qué tiene que ver el terrorismo con esto?”

    And what does terrorism has to do with this?

    “Porque eres uno!”

    Because you are one!

    “¿Has olvidado que destruiste a Santiago con una bomba sucia?”

    Have you forgotten that you destroyed Santiago with a dirty bomb?

    “¡Por supuesto que no! Hice eso porque Alá me dijo que lo hiciera.”

    Why of course not! I did that because Allah told me to do so.

    “¡Tuve que salvar a tantas personas en Santiago para que pudieran ir a Jannah!”

    I had to save as many people in Santiago so they could go to Jannah!

    “¿¡Salva gente!?”

    Save people!?



    “¿Y crees que tienes derecho a decirme que la salvaste?”

    And you fucking think you have the right to tell me you saved her?



    “¿Por qué estás enojado conmigo? ¡Ella es feliz ahora que está con Allah!”

    Why are you mad at me? She is happy now since she is with Allah!

    “¡No, ella no! ¡Si acaso no está en tu loca versión de Muslim Heaven!”

    No she isn't! If anything she most definitely isn't in your insane version of Muslim Heaven!

    “Así que les voy a hacer una vez más varias preguntas…”

    So I am going to ask you once again several questions...

    “Y los responderás o daré permiso a los guardias de la prisión para que te golpeen.”

    And you will answer them or I will give permission for the prison guards to beat you.

    “Bien aquí la primera pregunta.”

    Okay here the first question.

    “¿Tuviste alguna conexión con el Califato de Hamas?”

    Did you have any connections with the Hamas Caliphate?

    "No, pero apoyo su causa. Porque están trayendo paz al mundo".

    No, but I do support their cause. For they are bringing peace to the world.

    “¿Así que eres un partidario o un miembro?”

    So your a supporter or member?



    "¿Sabes quién es el Grande?"

    Do you know who the Great One is?

    "En realidad lo hago".

    In matter of fact I do.

    "Lo conocí en persona en 1998, cuando hice una peregrinación a La Meca".

    I met him in person back in 1998, when I took a pilgrimage to Mecca.

    "Él es un gran hombre."

    He is a great man.

    “Próxima pregunta…”

    Next question...

    “¿Hiciste esa bomba sucia por tu cuenta?”

    Did you make that dirty bomb on your own?

    “No. Me lo regaló un compañero del Califato que visitaba Arica en 2019.”

    No. It was give to me from a fellow member of the Caliphate who was visiting Arica back in 2019.

    “Estaba encubierto por suerte.”

    He was undercover thankfully.

    -noise of Howery-Morrell opening up a portfolio of pictures is heard-

    "¿Que es eso?"

    What is that?

    “Usted debe saber qué son exactamente estos…”

    You should know what exactly these are...

    “Son las imágenes de todos los cadáveres y restos de todas las chicas que mataste.”

    They're the pictures of all the dead bodies and remains of all the girls you killed.

    “Una vez más los salvé.”

    Once again I saved them.

    “Sí, sigue creyendo que…”

    Yeah keep believing that...

    “Así que tengo una última pregunta que me gustaría preguntarte…”

    So I have one last question I like to ask you...

    “Y eso es...?”

    And that is…?

    “¿Cuántas chicas más mataste cuando saliste de la cárcel?”

    How many more girls did you kill when you were released from prison?

    “Desde 1980, he guardado un total de 141 chicas…”

    Since 1980, I have saved a total of 141 girls...

    “47 siendo de peru.”

    47 being from Peru.

    “23 siendo de bolivia.”

    23 being from Bolivia.

    “26 siendo de Chile, excluyendo a las personas que liberé en Santiago.”

    26 being from Chile, excluding the people I liberated in Santiago.

    “14 siendo de ecuador.”

    14 being from Ecuador.

    “Y 31 de colombia.”

    And 31 from Colombia.

    “Muy bien... Parece que esta sesión ha terminado. Pero esta no es la última vez que me verás.”

    Very well… Looks like this session is over. But this isn’t the last time you will be seeing me.

    “¡Eso es bueno! ¿Cuándo volveré a verte?”

    That’s good! When will I be seeing you again?

    “En su ejecución, que se llevará a cabo en su país de origen, Colombia.”

    At your execution which will be taking place in your home country of Colombia.

    “Bueno, entonces te veo entonces supongo…”

    Well then see you then I guess…

    -Audio recording of conversation between Mu’iz Omar de Al'iiman Alhaqiqiu (formerly Pedro Alonso López) and ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, October 21st, 2020
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  15. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “I was an Australian teen during the World War on Terror, AMA!”

    -BlueAussieBoi144, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “Did you ever got drafted into the military during the World War on Terror?”

    -Anonymous poster from Papua, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “Thankfully I didn’t since mainly it was due to the fact that during the World War on Terror, basically it only required that the oldest sibling in your family (if you had any…) would be drafted into the military.”

    “I didn’t need to get drafted since I was 3rd youngest child in my family. However my sister (being the first child of my parents) was drafted into the ANZC Army and was stationed in Oman during the war.”

    -BlueAussieBoi144, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “Did she engage in any combat? Did she kill anyone in the war?”

    -Anonymous poster from the Republic of Texas, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “She was involved in combat so yes. As for killing she did had to kill a bunch of child soldiers a few times which she always felt horrible over.”

    “Can’t say I blame her since I would have felt the same way if I was placed in that situation.”

    -BlueAussieBoi144, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “Where exactly did people got drafted at? Was anything like it was in the Vietnam War?”

    -Anonymous poster from the Kingdom of Cleveland, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “Usually whenever you turned 18 (if you were a only child or were the oldest child in your family) you basically were required to head to your nearest library, gym, townhall, or in most cases the nearest school in your area.”

    “Most Australian teens basically went to their own high school that they graduated from and would basically gather around in their school’s gymnasium or cafeteria. From there all boys and girls who recently turned 18 years of age and graduated would be ordered to line up in a straight line.”

    “Boys on one side, and girls on the other side.”

    “Next was the national draft lottery.”

    “Basically it was similar to how it worked in the Vietnam War.”

    “There would be two people (one for boys and one for girls) all of which would have lightweight desktop computers which basically had the information needed for each person that was there.”

    “These computers had everyone in it and had your history as well. This includes medical records, any felonies, relatives, and so on. EVERYONE had to be registered into it when they turned 15 in order to prepare them for possible future conscription. Anyone who failed to do so by the time they turned 18 were basically facing up to a sentence of 1 year in prison along with a $300,000 fine.”

    “Although we don’t have draft anymore since the World War on Terror, we do still have this registration for Selective Services. Basically put if you live in any ANZC country you basically are required to fill out an application for this online or on paper when you turn 15 years old.”

    “So that way if conscription is ever brought back in the ANZC, then it we will already have many registered men and women ready to fight.”

    “Coming back to those computers, basically they printed out your official draft card in random order by year. So that means any card says the of August 1st, 2004, then basically everyone with that birthday will basically be sent into the ANZC Armed Forces (mostly sent to Saudi Arabia or to many military bases in Brazil) within one month.”

    “This was basically always random. So each time it be different every 12 hours. And to make it more interesting is that they did this every four days of every week.”

    “So if your D.O.B. was chosen by the said computer, you had to until one month to be ready to be sent out. Usually you had a choice on what part of the armed forces you wanted to serve in. So that means if you wanted to be in the ANZC Navy then you had that right to be in it since you chosen that.”

    -BlueAussieBoi144, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “How did many girls react to the military draft?”

    “Did many felt very scared and thought it was unfair that they had to be drafted in war?”

    -Anonymous poster from Sweden, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “Many girls who were suitable for draft basically freaked out completely.”

    “In secondary school I would always hear conversations between girls about “I’m suitable for draft and I am the oldest child in my family” or “If I get drafted what part of the ANZC Armed Forces should I pick that sees the least combat” at lunch or in the hallways while walking to my next class.”

    “To be honest I understood why many girls freaked out when military draft was brought back, since the World War on Terror basically was the first war we Australians had women being drafted into battle alongside men.”

    “Before that being a girl especially during the 1960’s when the war in Vietnam was happening, many teenage girls were ignorant of what really was going on in Vietnam so most of them didn’t fully understand what it was like for boys around their age being in dangerous situations.”

    “And for a long time for much of human history, warfare was seen as a dangerous place for women as they were easy targets for enemies. Though it is true that men are mostly physically stronger than women, having only men fight in war never helped whatsoever as many families were destroyed or damaged.”

    “But as of modern day we realize that war is war for a reason and you are going to see a lot of fucked up shit in battle. But if your not drafting women from 18-25 then your country is basically allowing itself to get attacked easier.”

    “Times have changed. People used to say war never changes.”

    “But to be fair it has changed because we have women serving in full combat now.”

    -BlueAussieBoi144, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “How did the LGBT community in Australia respond to the military draft?”

    -Anonymous poster from New Zealand, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “From what I remember is that it was mixed.”

    “Some gays and lesbians were proud that they were able to serve for Australia to protect it.”

    “While others were against it mostly because they were pacifists or because they were against the idea of see themselves in war.”

    “I mean the Hamas Caliphate and Christian Patriots were slaughtering a bunch of gays, lesbians, transgenders, and bisexuals. So as a result what we Australians saw was a lot of people in the LGBT community willing to put their lives on the line just so they could show the rest of the world why homosexuality, transgender, and bisexuality is normal.”

    “In fact during the World War on Terror, Hawaii had a gay man who ended up becoming a commander for his own division while fighting against the Hamas Caliphate. His name was Commander Bernard “Bernie” Kawasuki, to which many today call him by the title of the “Gay MacArthur”.”

    -BlueAussieBoi144, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “Did you know anyone who died in the war, especially people you knew and were close to?”

    -Another anonymous poster from New Zealand, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “I knew plenty of students at my secondary school who died in the war and were given a proper memorial ceremony held in their honor. I didn’t know them personally though, but I felt sad for their families and friends.”

    “In fact I attended the same high school the famous Grey Fox went to, Woodsville High School. Today the high school has an entire World War on Terror memorial wall in it’s main lobby that has all the names of both male and female students who fought and perished in the war.”

    “They maybe gone but they are remembered by our community for serving not for our country, but serving for humanity’s fight against terrorism.”

    “And thus they died true heroes.”

    -BlueAussieBoi144, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “How did your parents react when your oldest sister got her draft card?”

    -TechnoFreak101, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “I saw my father cry when he saw her draft card. It was the only time in my life I ever saw my dad cry so many tears, perhaps more tears when our mother died from breast cancer back in 2014.”

    “Although he was very scared of losing his daughter, he accepted it and demanded to her that she bring her ass back home alive and in one single piece.”

    “And my sister didn’t break that promise, since she survived the war.”

    -BlueAussieBoi144, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “How were soldiers treated when they came back home after the war? Were they mistreated like veterans were during the Vietnam War or was it opposite?”

    -Anonymous poster from New Britain, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “Surprisingly when the war ended in 2028, we saw everyone in Adelaide cheering and praising our soldiers coming back from war. It was very much unlike what happened during the Vietnam War, since the World War on Terror wasn’t a war only fought by Australia or Brazil, but it was a global war fought by everyone.”

    “We all had one enemy which was the terrorist. Sure we never did stop terrorism forever since it is impossible, but we did however brought a total end to religious fundamentalism in Christian and Islam. Because of that war we saw many Muslim nations become secular after realizing how fundamentalism was basically destroying them.”

    “That said I won’t forget seeing many soldiers from all paths of life walking together waving the Australian flag and ANZC flag together. I won’t forget the massive crowds of people praising them for making Australia proud and showing Australia’s military might to the rest of the world.”

    -BlueAussieBoi144, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “How do you view Grey Fox or otherwise known as Louis Richard Howery-Morrell?”

    “Is it true he is considered the greatest hero Australia ever had in her history? Because to be honest it sounds like it is often said so much to the point it almost like you guys brag about it.”

    -Anonymous poster from the Provisional US, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054

    “I see your point that yeah he is indeed bragged about a lot. But he really is indeed the greatest hero Australia had in her entire history.”

    “He stood up against what was wrong in Australia’s society when it came to racism and other discrimination. He exposed Hanson to the entire public showing that she was the real leader of the Australian Brotherhood. He teamed up with the Australian government and ANZC government to crush the organization.”

    “I could go on and on about all the incredible things he did and fought for, but it be too long of a list.”

    “But at the end of the day it really goes to show that if it wasn’t for him our nation would’ve been still the same old racist nation today. He proved our country wasn’t meant to be a European nation, Asian nation, Aboriginal nation, Polynesian nation, etc. He proved that Australia was a nation for Australians regardless of color.

    “Plus I also have to thank him for showing us how our countries of Australia and Brazil are literally cousins with similar histories of multiculturalism. He basically the reason our relationship with Brazil is still going strong.”

    -BlueAussieBoi144, t/Ask Me Anything, TypeIt, July 1st, 2054
  16. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey

    Gunshots have been reported at Parklands High School in Burnie, Tasmania!

    Police are currently on their way as we speak!

    -ABC News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020

    000 Operator: “0-0-0 what is your emergency?”


    000 Operator: “Alright sweetie, calm down and take deep breaths… Tell me where your location is.”

    Female Student: “Parklands High School, Burnie, Tasmania.”

    000 Operator: “Alright we have dispatched police to the school. We just got emergency calls from your school as well.”

    000 Operator: “Now tell me what is your name and how old are you?”

    Female Student: “My name is Bonnie Clayford and I am 17 years of age. Please hurry! I think he is getting closer!”

    000 Operator: “Okay Bonnie find a place to hide ASAP!”

    *Audio picks up of faint screams and gunshots coming from the classroom next door*

    000 Operator: “Is the door locked Bonnie? And is there anyone else in the classroom besides you.”

    Bonnie Clayford: “The door is locked yes. And there is only one other student in the classroom whose a boy in Year 9.”

    000 Operator: “May I have his full name Bonnie? I’m sure his family is worried sick about him.”

    Bonnie Clayford: “His name is Perry McNatchson.”

    000 Operator: “Is he right next to you hiding?”

    Bonnie Clayford: “Yes he is, currently I’m comforting him since he is absolutely scared out of his mind.”

    000 Operator: “Don’t leave him, stay with him!”

    *Violent slamming is hurt on the classroom door as the shooter tries to enter by slamming a metal chair against it*


    Bonnie Clayford: *whispers* “That’s Ian Pinestone! Jesus Christ!”

    Ian Pinestone: *Tries to bash the door down with a metal chair but fails*


    000 Operator: “Is he gone?”

    Bonnie Clayford: “Yeah he left and is probably going down the hallway towards the science classrooms…”

    Bonnie Clayford: “It’s alright Perry he’s gone…”

    000 Operator: “I have good news, the police have arrived in many numbers and are currently evacuating the school. I’ll hang up when you inform me when authority arrives.”

    Bonnie Clayford: “Alright, thank you…”

    -Audio recording from the Parksland High School Massacre, October 22nd, 2020


    -ABC News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020

    Shooter been identified to be Year 10 student, Ian Pinestone who is currently 15 years old!

    -SBS News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020


    -ABC News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020


    -ABC News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020


    -ABC News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020



    -SBS News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020


    -ABC News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020


    -Sky News Australia, October 22nd, 2020



    -ABC News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020



    -SBS News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020



    -ABC News 24/7, October 22nd, 2020

    Police discover 19 students dead in the shooting along with 4 teachers.

    -Sky News Australia, October 22nd, 2020

    Australia once again faces itself with another deadly school shooting, it seems that despite tough gun laws enacted since the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996, the country itself is still seeing mass shootings regardless.

    -NBBC World News, October 22nd, 2020
  17. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

    Nov 27, 2016
    Los Angeles, California
    "See? Don't you SEE it, guys? That's why we need to tackle the bullying problem! If that shooter hadn't been pushed around and laughed at for being who he is, the whole mess would have never happened! In that case, I'm open for a petition to end bullying in all schools. The guns aren't the real problem--insensitive assholes are!"

    - A New Zealander user's post on the SOO forum, October 23, 2020
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  18. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Basically put in my TL, I have Australia end up suffering from mass shootings similar to the levels of how the United States has in OTL. Sure in OTL the Port Arthur Massacre resulted in a complete change in gun legislation in Australia.

    But only difference is that despite the fact that restrictions on certain guns have been made and tougher gun laws have been made, the problem is shootings still happen due to being able to purchase guns illegally through the deep web (or Deep Net as they call it in TL), and the fact that farmers in rural Australia still own guns for hunting. Civilians in Australia in the TL happen to own handguns usually revolvers or pistols, but they only make up about 20% of Australia's population.

    Shootings are happening regardless of tougher laws on gun ownership and registration. People are finding loopholes around it and with bullying becoming more well noticed now in the late 2010's this means Australia and other ANZC countries will see a lot more bullying that can result in a student going crazy. And even if the bullied don't decide to mass murder others they will commit suicide bringing more of the focus of bullying to the public attention.

    The 2020's or what will be called the Nu-Twenties (Nu-20's, basically I got the word "nu" from the fact that it can be used for nu-disco, which basically is just a another way of spelling new) will have a lot of changes in Australian society which it is going to have to adapt from.

    • Bullying problem in schools
    • World War on Terror
    • Sexual harassment in media, entertainment, workplace, etc, resulting in massive movement called Standing Up Against Sexism (it will basically focus on both females and males)
    • Child abuse will become more and more focused to the point that government action will occur to heavy lengths in which it will make it uncommon by 2030.
    • Religion will become subjected to more progressive forms especially in Christianity, but at the same we are going to see a lot of young Australians becoming actually Buddhist seeing it is a better alternative to them than following Abrahamic religions that can be often seen as violent. YES! Buddhism is going to rise in huge numbers in the 2020, or at least there will be Buddhist-inspired religious groups that are liberal but believe in a higher deity.
    • Australian society having to come to full terms in accepting their country being a world power as Australia is going to end up heavily involved in major conflicts anywhere in the world, mostly as a way how the US did during the Cold War. But only difference is I will say is Australia will basically be lawfully good when it comes to toppling dictatorships and funding revolutionaries who they certainly agree with.
    • Women are going to have to accept the fact they are no longer exempted from military conscription
  19. bhlee0019 Just An Ordinary CItizen

    May 5, 2017
    Seoul, South Korea
    Not just buddhism, but also jainism, taoism, Confucianism and Chundoism.
  20. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Yeah they too. Forgot to mention them honestly.