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Who do you think will win nomination of ANZC Labour Party in the 2019 Federal Election?

  1. Brian Schatz

  2. Ross Hart

  3. Cathy O'Toole

  4. Malakai Tabar

  1. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    People across Australia nationwide horrified by the action chosen by police in Burnie. Many politicians from both the left and right political spectrum have spoken out against the idea that police should use snipers to handle school shooters!

    However the Leader of the Australian Liberal Party and Head of Opposition, Julie Bishop has spoken her honest opinion on the entire subject.

    “It is truly horrifying that police had to end the situation from escalating further by the use of a police sniper. The fact this had to be done during a school massacre is truly sad.”

    “But we have to understand the situation that was going on at the time during the shooting. The student basically ran to the library in his school and held everyone hostage while wearing a homemade suicide vest.”

    “Had any of the authorities decided to march into the library then the whole place would’ve been blown to kingdom come. There was no other option on how to handle the shooter.”

    “That said it makes logical sense why the police in Burnie had to call in a professional police officer who was trained for serious situations such as what happened in Parksland High School.”

    “If they hadn’t done so then we would’ve lost more people in Burnie yesterday.”

    -The Canberra Times, October 23rd, 2020

    “As Director of the CIB, I hereby fully agree with Bishop’s statement on the use of snipers.”

    “She is absolutely correct that there was no other option during the hostage situation in the library. The kid literally chosen with his own free will to hold up the place hostage and use a suicide vest. He had no second thoughts on it otherwise he would’ve never went through with his plan on shooting up his school.”

    “It is sad that the police of Burnie had to come to such terms, but once again more lives would’ve been lost had they not brought in a police sniper.”

    -ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, October 23rd, 2020

    “Despite the fact it is has been 24 years since the Port Arthur Massacre our nation still faces mass shootings despite tough gun laws and regulations. Crazy people are still able to get their hands on guns when they aren’t supposed to.”

    “In fact to be fair a decade prior to the 2010’s, the possibility of a mass school shooting happening in our nation was considered implausible.”

    “We need to figure out what is truly going on and how to combat it.”

    -Australian Senator James McGrath (Liberal National Party), October 23rd, 2020

    “We should also look at the possibility that the shooter behind the massacre in Burnie may of been radicalized by the Hamas Caliphate or perhaps a member of it. It wouldn’t be surprising that the Hamas Caliphate want to get into our very school system and brainwash our youths with their nutty propaganda.”

    -Australian Senator Peter Costello (Australian Liberal Party), October 23rd, 2020

    “I won’t disagree with my colleague Costello, as it is very possible that the Hamas Caliphate may of radicalized Ian Pinestone into a killing machine. But to be fairly honest I think that he had to of snapped at some point.”

    “Evidence shows that Ian been bullied much of his life ever since he moved from Broken Hill in New South Wales to Burnie, Tasmania when he was just 10 years old. His uncle told authorities that even up to the day Ian went on his rampage he still truly missed his home in Broken Hill.”

    “Further evidence I have gathered is that Ian had never met his father in his entire life and only knew that his dad was a Lebanese immigrant who migrated to Australia in 1979. However sadly his father was a lady’s man and slept with many women and was addicted to sex, so his mother Grace Pinestone basically left him when she was 5 months pregnant with Ian.”

    “Bear in mind not having a father in your life doesn’t automatically results in you going crazy later on, but it can be sadly a factor that can lay the foundations for disaster. And the same can be said with divorce between parents or the child never knowing his or her mother.”

    “Furthermore Ian’s mother died of leukemia when he was 12 years old and he never recovered from it so he had to live with his uncle which surely was a huge turning point in his life.”

    “Losing your parent at a young age can lead to devastating effects to the brain and mentality of a person especially a child or teenager.”

    “And last but not least once again Ian Pinestone was always constantly bullied by many people at his school for being considered gay because he enjoyed fashion designer magazines and enjoyed creating dresses resembling those that rich fashion models would wear. He was also constantly called a “anthrofag” which in the anthro community and fandom is considered an offensive insult since it basically is calling someone a zoophile, which are people who engage in sexual activity with animals.”

    “As disgusting that is, the thing is the anthro community never supports bestiality and is in fact entirely against it even though it sadly has a tiny small minority of those who engage in such sickening acts. But that said it is quite sad to hear that a fandom is being constantly viewed as a community full of animal molesters when in reality almost the majority aren’t.”

    “To compare this to everyone in Parliament, it is basically has disturbing similarities to how the Nazis depicted Jews and other Non-Aryans as bloodsucking monsters when in reality almost none of them were and most of them were just regular people with regular lives.”

    “So as a result being constantly called a “anthrofag” probably emotionally made Ian unstable to point he was going to snap.”

    “But honestly what may of made Ian finally snap was when his cousin Fiona Pinestone was killed in action in Saudi Arabia while fighting against the Hamas Caliphate. This is in my opinion what led to Ian ultimately deciding to go on a rampage at his school, due to the fact Fiona and Ian had a close relationship that was seen like that of a brother and sister despite the fact they were cousins.”

    “So as a result he lost another important person he loved and cared about in his life, and this basically led to him deciding to enact what he believed was justifiable revenge against the people who've hurt him throughout his life.”

    “This being said I believe that bullying had also played as a major factor in the Parksland High School Massacre, and as a result we the nation of Australia need make it mandatory for public to be aware of the horrific consequences done by bullying.”

    “If we want to have less of our schools getting shot up then we got to crack down hard on bullying in schools. This includes public and private schools. If we do not do this we are just allowing ourselves to see another horrific school shooting months from now.”

    -Australian Senator Wyatt Roy (Australian Liberal Party), October 23rd, 2020

    “I agree fully with Senator Roy, this is a national bullying problem rather than a gun problem. It should also be stated that religious cults and terrorist organizations basically pray on victims of bullying and depressed people since they can easily manipulate them.[1]

    “So as a result we need to also make mandatory PSA’s on cults and terrorist groups recruiting depressed people and victims of bullying. That way the Australian people will wake up and realize the true consequences of this.”

    -Australian Senator Penny Wong (Australian Labor Party), October 23rd, 2020


    [1] - In OTL currently right now terrorist groups such as ISIS use tactics on recruiting new members by basically going after victims of bullying and mentally depressed people. And not just ISIS is doing this but what is more disturbing that the alt-right (which in general should be considered a terrorist group along with Antifa) is basically using the SAME tactics that ISIS does to recruit people to their movement by going after victims of bullying and mentally depressed people. That said and explained this update to my TL is basically explaining on what really needs to be done in US and Western countries if we want to have less shootings and terrorist attacks.
  2. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “Penny Wong and Wyatt Roy are correct. We have to stop this before this gets worse.”

    “Since I could’ve very well ended up like Ian did had I never been brought back on the correct path. I could’ve ended up like a terrorist or a school shooter.”

    “And I don’t want people ending up like this. It is the thing I will not allow to happen as I am Director of the CIB, since it truly gets me to my core on how emotionally it effects me on so many levels since I relate to each of these victims and brainwashed people.”

    -ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, October 23rd, 2020


    -The Torrington Post, October 23rd, 2020

    A new popular trend in music has become widely popular among teens and young adults across Alice Springs.

    Apparently people have become calling it by the name of “futura”, which apparently looks somewhat like that of electro, house, and funk.

    -ABC News 24/7, October 25th, 2020

    Futura is a genre of electronic music combining many elements from that of house, funk, electro, and sometimes even disco. The instruments mostly required to produce music of the genre usually required the usage of drum machines, fingerboards, Fairlight CMI computers, electronic keyboards (usually those that were fit and specifically made for playing electro-theme beats), bass synthesizer, and a sampler. Sometimes vocals were included in such “songs” which required the usage of specific microphones along with electronic voice modifiers.

    When it came to vocals in futura, basically singers would sing in a electronic voice somewhat how one would sound like if they were a computer program, robot, cyborg, or android, however the voices were still made to be somewhat heard as if it was half normal to that of regular human speech.

    The music genre of futura traces its origins to Alice Springs in the year of 2020 during which at the time the local community’s young LGBT population basically as a way for teenage and young adult people in the LGBT community to listen to alternative genres of music in nightclubs (when it came to anyone who was 18 years or older) or night-garages (basically like nightclubs but held within people’s garages to which many teenagers under 18 often did due to not allowing access into nightclubs).

    Surprisingly the inventor of futura, Will Verman was in fact heterosexual and ended up inventing after fiddling around with his music equipment in his own garage one day until he heard interesting “futuristic” sounds to which he gained a quick liking to. Being 17 at time of his invention he quickly shared it with everyone at his high school to which instantly he ended up becoming popular among the LGBT student population in his town. However Verman still doesn’t understand or know as to why the LGBT community were the first ones to pick up the genre since futura wasn’t aimed at any specific audience.

    Eventually throughout the 2020’s the genre spread from Australia to South America to which it became a success in Brazil creating a totally new sub-genre named
    Brazilian futura or commonly called by as “eBrasilia”. As futura became popular across Oceania it resulted in it become liked by the mainstream audience especially from those who were fans of funk, electro, and house.

    -Futura - Infopedia, June 20th, 2080

  3. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey

    -ABC World News 24/7, October 26th, 2020

    WE have gotten word that the military has completely overthrown the entire government of Fiji! Currently we have no word of what happening to any of the ANZC embassies!

    -ABC World News 24/7, October 26th, 2020

    “I have a fucking bad feeling something is going on in Fiji.”

    -ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, October 26th, 2020
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  4. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

    Nov 27, 2016
    Los Angeles, California
    "First a school shooting, and now this? Damn. It seems like every time we turn around there's always something bad happening on our turf. I hope whoever took over the island has a good explanation for this; if this turns out to be another plot by either the Hamas Caliphate or the Christian Patriots, heads are going to roll."

    - An Australian poster on the SOO forum, October 26th, 2020
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  5. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “They’re killing the Indo-Fijians, people with Indo-Fijian ancestry, and even natives who happen to have relations with them.”

    “Prime Minister you got to stop this we need to liberate Fiji from chaos!”

    -Telephone conversation between Australian Ambassador John Feakes (Ambassador to Fiji) and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Australian Labor Party), October 26th, 2020

    “Australians right now I have gotten word from one of our ambassadors in Fiji, that the new military regime that has occurred last night is conducting genocide against the Indo-Fijian population of Fiji.”

    “As the Prime Minister of Australia and as an Australian I will not standby and allow such acts of evil to occur especially in a nation that is very geographically close to us.”

    “That being said the Federal Parliament of Australia this morning has voted in favor of declaring war on Fiji with the possible help of our New Zealander, Hawaiian, Samoan, and Papuan allies.”

    “Within 24 hours we demand that the newly installed military regime cease their terror against the Indo-Fijian people or they will be met with the might of our military.”

    “Refusal to abide by our demands will result in a declaration of war and we will have no choice but to liberate Fiji from authoritarianism.”

    -Televised statement made by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Australian Labor Party), October 27th, 2020
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  6. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Hawaii, New Zealand, Papua, Samoa, Micronesia, and Vanuatu have withdrawn their embassies from Suva.

    -The Hilo Daily Post, October 27th, 2020

    Brazil condemns Fiji for it acts of genocide against the Indo-Fijian people and announces full support for Australia’s declaration of war against Fiji.

    -NBBC World News, October 27th, 2020

    Socialist Siberia denounces Australia in LoN for its “threats of war” against Fiji saying that is an act of imperialism.

    -The Australian, October 27th, 2020

    “Oh why of course… Because surely the Russians never engaged in imperialism when they colonized and genocided the natives in Siberia. Let’s not forget to mention the millions of Ukrainians that were killed in the Holodomor.”

    “That never happened either…”


    -ANZC: CIB Louis Richard Howery-Morrell’s response to Socialist Siberia’s statement at the LoN, October 27th, 2020

    “I agree with Director Howery-Morrell, the Soviet Siberian government are truly hypocrites since they are responsible for what happened in the Holodomor. Surely today no such justice has been made for the Ukrainian people and for the lives lost during the years of famine that lead to even cannibalism.”

    -Australian Senator Penny Wong (Australian Labor Party), October 27th, 2020
  7. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Newly installed military regime of Fiji has responded to the Australian government by saying it will come to it’s demands if Australia accepts an alternative.

    And this alternative happens to be allowing Fiji to deport Indo-Fijians back to India or the Union Interim Parliament as it is now called.

    -NBBC World News 24/7, October 27th, 2020

    “Gillard if we accept that alternative then logically we’ll have to deport much of entire population in Australia back to Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Due to the fact we aren’t native to Australia since only the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders are.”

    “We shouldn’t even accept such a evil alternative. Our country of Australia is better than this.”

    -Telephone message sent to the Australian PM from ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, October 27th, 2020


    -Sky News Australia, October 27th, 2020
  8. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

    Nov 27, 2016
    Los Angeles, California
    Looks like there will be war, then. The Nazis of Fiji are REALLY asking to get their asses handed to them.
  9. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Fiji refuses to respond to Australia’s demands. Since 24 hours have passed war has been declared on Fiji.

    -ABC News 24/7, October 28th, 2020

    ANZC Air Force engaging in battle against Fijian Air Force in the territorial waters around Fiji. We have already have a couple naval ships in the Fijian territorial waters, but without the lack of our aircraft carriers at the moment we will have to wait for a week until the ANZS Pele arrives from Yemen to Fiji if we are lucky. If not we may have to wait two weeks for it to arrive to launch a military invasion into Fiji.

    -Sky News Australia, October 29th, 2020

    Chile orders the their active ships the Chipana, Casma, Aquiles, Capitán Prat, and Almirante Latorre to assist the ANZC in their war against Fiji.

    -The Newcastle Herald, October 29th, 2020

    THE HAMAS CALIPHATE ARE 12 MILES FROM RIYADH! The remaining royal family of Saudi Arabia has fled to Egypt!

    -NBBC World News, October 29th, 2020


    Civil unrest breaks out on the island of Rotuma as the few Fijian military stationed there are getting arrested in massive numbers. Shocking footage of military men fleeing from angry native residents as they get pelted with glass bottles, soda cans, rocks, bricks, and even bullets.

    -SBS News, October 29th, 2020

    “Rotuma for the Rotumans!”

    “For centuries Rotuma has been a melting pot between Polynesians, Melanesians, and Micronesians. But it was us Polynesians who may of came from Samoa or Tonga who settled this land before anyone.”

    “Our native language bears similarities to Samoan and Tongan than it does with Fijian.”

    “But now it is time for us to go independent at last, no more will we continue living under the rule of Fiji for we are not Fijian, we are Rotuman.”

    “May God bless Rotuma!”

    -Garaj Maraf Solomone, October 29th, 2020

    United Chiefdom of Rotuma has been declared by the inhabitants of Rotuma.

    -The Courier-Mail, October 30th, 2020

    The largest village on Rotuma, Ahau has been proclaimed the capital of Rotuma.

    -ABC News, October 30th, 2020

    Australia, Hawaii, Chile, Papua, Micronesia, Kiribati, East Timor, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Vanuatu, Samoa, New Zealand, Nauru, and Brazil recognize Rotuma’s independence.

    -NBBC World News, October 30th, 2020

    Belau recognizes Rotuma’s independence.

    -Palauan Sun, October 30th, 2020

    Japanese government of Sapporo recognizes Rotuma as a nation.

    -Japan Times, October 30th, 2020
  10. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

    Nov 27, 2016
    Los Angeles, California
    Well, that was rather anti-climatic. I was kinda expecting a huge battle between the ANZC and Fiji, but it later turns out that the inhabitants of the island ended up defeating the military regime all by themselves...which, if anything, deserves a mention in the TL's Crowning Moment of Awesome page. Rotuma forever!
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  11. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
  12. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) and former Fijian prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka declares himself “president for life” after being the one behind the coup.

    -NBBC World News, October 31st, 2020

    ANZC Air Force begins to bomb military bases in Fiji!

    -ABC News, October 31st, 2020

    “Sir, what are you wearing?”

    “It’s Halloween! This year I’m a zombie.”

    “Well I have to say that your makeup is spot-on.”

    “Thank you, I was up all night preparing for it.”

    “But you do realize you have a meeting later today with Colombian government officials.”

    “Well aware of it.”

    “Then why did you make yourself look like a zombie?”

    “Because I’m in the Halloween spirit.”

    “But the Colombians will think you look fucking weird.”

    “So? I don’t care.”

    -Conversation between ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, October 31st, 2020

    “Señor Howery-Morrell-”

    Mr. Howery-Morrell-

    "Feliz Halloween."

    Happy Halloween.

    "Ah. Veo que decidiste vestirte este año para eso".

    Ah. I see you decided to dress up this year for it.

    "Lo hago todos los años."

    I do it every year.

    "De todos modos estamos aquí para discutir sobre Pedro López".

    Anyways we are here to discuss on Pedro Lopez.

    "Muy bien, vamos a terminar con esta reunión".

    Very well, let’s get this meeting over with.

    -Conversation between ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell and Colombian government officials in Antofagasta, Chile, October 31st, 2020
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  13. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Pedro Alonso López has been placed on execution row by government of Colombia. He will be executed for his crimes against humanity in La Modelo Prison in Bogotá, Colombia on the 10th of November.

    -Rede Globo Brasil, November 1st, 2020

    “The Colombian government has given you and I permission to witness Pedro’s execution. If you want you can come with me to Colombia if you wish.”

    “Plus I have something I want to show you while were there anyway.”

    -Private email sent to Bobby Hayes from ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, November 1st, 2020

    President Romero Jucá Filho of Brazil has announced that all military men who serving during the Brazilian military regime and were involved with crimes against humanity will be put on trial. Punishments will range from life imprisonment or execution via firing squad.

    -NBBC World News, November 1st, 2020

    Brazil bans all far-right political parties due to all of them holding “un-democratic” views.

    -The Newcastle Herald, November 1st, 2020
  14. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

    Nov 27, 2016
    Los Angeles, California

    "Sure thing. Sophie and I don't plan to go back to Australia anytime soon yet, so I wouldn't miss it for the world. We'll see you there."

    - Bobby's reply to the E-mail, November 1st, 2020
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  15. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    President Romero Jucá Filho of Brazil has announced that all military men who serving during the Brazilian military regime and were involved with crimes against humanity will be put on trial. Punishments will range from life imprisonment or execution via firing squad.

    -NBBC World News, November 1st, 2020

    Brazil bans all far-right political parties due to all of them holding “un-democratic” views.

    -The Newcastle Herald, November 1st, 2020
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  16. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “I think that’s everything I had to do tonight for homework.” A younger Louis says as he appears able to still walk on his two legs without the need for a wheelchair. Not to mention at the time he has noticeable dyed hair in color of pink which his girlfriend did for him four months prior.

    It was funny how he remembers it since he went to his school’s principal at Woodsville High School to ask if dyeing your hair completely was allowed. At first he thought it be against school rules since it would cause a distraction for other students and perhaps a few teachers. But by his surprise the principal was fine with it as long he didn’t put in weird patterns or designs.

    He looks at the clock that hangs from the blue colored textile wall in Ana’s kitchen which the clock itself resembles like that of a cartoon cat from the 1930’s or 1940’s. He reads it with his camo-green glasses from the dining table he was sitting at and he notices it is 9:15 PM.

    “I should get going…” He said to her as she was sitting on the living room in a green retro-square armed sofa that had grey pillows with black patterns that resembled the kind of patterns you would see in the 1970’s.

    “Thanks sugar for helping me with my English literature project on Lord of the Flies. Anyway’s I’ll see you tomorrow-” He said as he grabbed his black bookbag and began to walk out the front door of Ana’s home before stopping in his tracks when Ana then said something.

    “In a rush?” She said to him to which the young teenage Louis at the age of eighteen turns himself around making eye contact across the room towards her.

    “I guess I was in a rush like a racecar…” He then said as he acknowledged that he was indeed going out the door in a quick pace even though there wasn’t anywhere he needed to go to in a hurry.

    “Why not stay here with me tonight?” Ana asks him as she blinks at him with loving eyes and forms a sweet smile.

    “I’d love to, but it’s a school night sweetie.” Louis then said to her with a look of disappointing desire in his blue eyes as he really wanted to stay over at his girlfriend’s house but couldn’t do so since it was a Wednesday night. If he wanted to stay over at Ana’s place for the night he would have to wait until Friday which was two days from now.

    “So…? School isn’t going to separate me from the boy I love.” She then grinned with her perfect straight teeth.

    “You can sleep with me tonight, my mum won’t mind since she completely trusts you.” She told him to which he stood there for a moment and thought about it.

    He knew that Ana wasn’t wrong by that statement, he has known her mother for two years now and already by now she has gained enough trust towards Louis when it came to him and her daughter’s relationship.

    But he still had to deal with his own mother of course, after not coming home after a certain exact time was something he always used to get in trouble with when he was a pre-teen and early teenager. But then again his mum would get home later around 1:00 AM in the morning after working 12 hours at the answering service she has worked at for plenty of years now.

    He figured his mother, Rebecca would be too exhausted to even check on him so she probably assume he be already asleep in bed. But then Louis realized that flaw in that situation since in the morning around 6:00 AM she’ll go into his room to wake him up for school only to discover he hasn’t returned home from last night.

    Surely that would have himself in a load of trouble with his mother since she’ll be asking him where exactly he was last night and why he didn’t came home, even though she knew he was obviously with Ana. But Louis even for a teenager at the time understood why his own mother be mad him for that even she knew if he was safe, since after all it what mothers are supposed to do.

    Worry for their children.

    He then makes a clicking sound as he hit the roof of his mouth with his tongue as he found a easy solution to the problem. Within seconds he grabs the home telephone and dials his mom’s house phone number and it goes to her voicemail messaging system which he automatically knew it do that since his mum isn’t there.

    “Hey mum, I’ve decided to stay over at Ana’s house for the night. Don’t worry I brought my bottle of medications for the morning so you won’t have to worry about me being a cunt to Ana.” He said chuckling a little to which he could hear his girlfriend in the background saying to him “You better not be a douche in the morning, or else no sex for you tomorrow night.”

    “I think my mum doesn’t need to know about our sex life.” He said to her while he still was recording a message on the telephone. After that he got back to recording it.

    “Anyway’s I’ll be fine, if anything happens Ana will protect me. So I’ll talk to you later mum, love you!” He said as he then finished recording the message and hanged up the phone.

    He then walked over to the sofa where his girlfriend was and sat down next to her to which she rested her head on his left shoulder despite the fact they both are of different heights (Ana being somewhat more taller than Louis, as well being a year older than him). But the teenage Louis didn’t seem to really mind since he always loved it whenever Ana did that.

    She then takes off her geeky-style glasses for distance and places it on the small wooden table that has a book and a green marble lamp on it.

    “You wanna watch something?” She asked him as she grabbed for the remote.

    “Nah. I don’t want to watch a rerun of Wentworth Prison or Bloody Parliament to be fairly honest.” He replied as he rested his head on a pillow and listened to Ana’s breathing as he wrapped his left arm around her waist.

    She then made a sound of satisfaction as she then kissed him on the cheek without him honestly really caring.

    “You wanna do it on the sofa?” She asked him abruptly out of nowhere which hilariously enough made him snap out of staring into nothingness as she looked directly at her with a surprised expression.

    “Ugh… No.” He said in complete disgust.

    “Sex should only happen in the bedroom or bathroom, I mean the way I see it the living room is basically the place where people usually first see when they enter a home…” He then explained to her from his own point of view on this strange but funny topic.

    “I mean you really want future guests coming over not realizing that we fucked on this sofa?” He then asked her to which she then imagined that for a moment and realized how wrong it would be to do that.

    “Now you put it that way, I agree…” She said in agreement as she giggled it off.

    Louis then sighed since he had no other way to react after that.

    “So you still want to-” She then said until he interrupted her politely.

    “No, I’m too tired for even that tonight. Sorry my love…” He said to her feeling quite a bit little sad that he couldn’t satisfy his girlfriend’s needs tonight.

    “It’s okay, not like I am going to die anytime soon.” Ana replied smiling.

    “Besides I really want to just sleep next to my future husband tonight…” She said whispering for no reason.

    “Speaking of which…” Louis then remembered upon her mentioning the word “husband”.

    “When you want us to get married?” He asked to which by his surprise she wasn’t even shocked by that question. Seems as though Ana knew Louis was going to eventually ask her that.

    “I really want us to get married soon as possible to be honest.” She replied.

    “Well we would have to work this out between our mums. I mean I don’t know if my mum or your’s would be alright with that.” Louis then spoke.

    “True, but your eighteen years old now so therefore you can marry me without needing permission from your mum.” She then mentioned to him to which even though this is true, he felt that it be wrong to get married in secret without telling his own mother first.

    “Plus my mum be fine with it, she knows were happy together since it very obvious.”

    “I’ll tell you what.”

    “I’ll wait for you to finish up your senior year in high school and after you done with high school we get married.” She then tells him to which he comes to like.

    “Sounds perfect.” Louis replied.

    “What about our wedding though…?” He then asked.

    “Let’s honestly just get married at the Himeji Garden, don’t want a huge wedding obviously…”

    “I mean it will just be us and our mothers. It basically all we will have…”

    “Along with Father Jack from St. Mary’s Catholic Church.” He then mentioned to which he was happy to have Father Jack be the man to do their future wedding vows, after all Louis knew Father Jake ever since he was a little kid. As for Ana she knew him since she was a little kid as well since he always performed Sunday masses every week to which he got to know her and her mother. And in some of these Sunday masses Louis and Ana happened to attend together without realizing it until years later.

    “Also Ana, I like to take your surname if that’s okay with you?” He then asks her to which then replies.

    “Nah. I want you to keep your last name.” She replied in disagreement.

    “Besides since I am Latino our tradition always goes where the man’s surname goes first and his wife’s surname goes last.”

    “So Morrell Lopez? Or Morrell y Lopez?” He then asked her despite being an expert on the Spanish language, he still found it quite confusing that Spaniards and Latinos have two surnames.

    “Morrell y Lopez.” She replied.

    He then laughed at imaging how people would read his future surname on future applications and driver’s license. Most Australians wouldn’t have a single clue what the “y” even stand for or even why the word “and” would be even needed in a surname.

    “I see why you wanted me to stay tonight.” He then said to her as he stroked her left arm in comfort.

    “You wanted me to get prepared to be living with you before we get married.”

    She then nodded to him.

    “Yes…” She said afterwards.

    “For now on I want you to come to my house and stay here every weekday and every Saturday and Sunday you head back to your mum’s house.” She told him.

    “I want you to see this place as something you will always call “home” in the future. It will be temporary of course since we will be getting an apartment in Canberra after you finish Year 12.”

    “But other than that I want you to start living with me in preparation. But not just that…” She was about to continue until Louis then finished it for her.

    “I know…”

    “I can’t stand being separated from you either.”

    “I love you very much…” He told her as he hugged her.

    She then hugged him back and kissed him for a moment until they sat back in their original position they were sitting in on the sofa.

    “You know what would fucking suck?” He then said changing the topic to something random.

    She then looked at him curious to what he was going to say.

    “If all my life up to this point was a dream and I wake up from this now, I will be surely pissed off. I mean with all this happening between us and being so happy together looks too good to be true.” He then told her.

    “Yeah...” She shrugged with a little bit of laughter.

    “Does seem too good to be true, literally our relationship would put many romance novels and fanfictions to shame.”

    “But I agree with you babe, it be really fucked up it was all just a dream or turned out to be a love story with a sad ending…” She told him.

    “Well let’s not jinx that now.” He then replied stopping her since even though she was joking, he felt that it is safe than sorry by mentioning bad possible outcomes.

    “You know I really wish I was there for you, I’m sorry that I died.” She then said which caught him off-guard and made him wonder what the hell she was saying by that.

    “Wait what?” He said in confusion.

    She then began to speak again only instead her voice wasn’t anything that sounds that of human speech, instead it sounded like a electronic buzzing sound every time Ana moved her lips to which instantly Louis realizes he was dreaming and then woke up in the hotel room he rented in Antofagasta along with his male nurse.

    “The human brain surely can be a motherfucking cunt at times.” He said as he got himself up carefully out of bed into his wheelchair.

    -Somewhere in Antofagasta, Chile, November 2nd, 2020
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  17. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey

    The government of Australia has announced that the nation will hold a referendum in April 2021, in which everyone across Australia will vote on whether Australia should become a republic or stay as a stay as a commonwealth.

    The referendum outcome will determine Australia’s future with former Great Britain (whose successor state is New Britain) and the Commonwealth of British Nations. If the outcome results in Australia becoming a republic, the British royal family will no longer have any ties with Australia and her people, and current and future prime ministers of Australia may end up becoming president (or stay under the title of “prime minister”) who is elected by the Australian people.

    -NBBC World News, November 2nd, 2020


    Although Australia has had a long history being apart of the British Empire and serving in both World War I and II, and being heavily involved in the Vietnam War, simply as of now since 1983 the nation has evolved into something that nobody would have ever believe nor think be possible decades before Doomsday.

    When the nation was established in 1901 nobody at the time would have ever suspected that their new country under the Southern Cross would end up becoming a world power, if anything most people believed that the British Empire would be still around today and that Australia would be still serving under the British royal family.

    Although it is true that Britain was responsible in creating the foundations for our nation (whether good or bad) we are no longer see ourselves as being British anymore. Since the 1950’s we have seen many people come across the seas to call Australia as home. And with the abolishment of the White Australia Policy, we have shown the world that our nation is not British, European, Asian, or Aboriginal.

    But our nation is an Australian nation. Where all people of all races and religions come together to call our nation home.

    Voting “Yes” for a republic will show the entire world that we have changed for the better.

    -”Yes” campaign advertisement on Channel Ten, November 2nd, 2020

    “Sir have you heard about the upcoming referendum?”

    “Yes I have. And I am going to proudly vote “Yes” in favor of a republic.”

    “As long we do not make any major changes to our flag.”

    “Well many people would be in favor of removing the Union Jack from our flag.”

    “I rather it honestly stay on our flag, sure we may not be British anymore and that we are a nation of many immigrants now, but we need always remember that Britain created our country.”

    “If anything I think New Britain ought to be proud of Australia for becoming a successful child. But we shouldn’t get rid of our past honestly.”

    “That said the Union Jack is there to show that Britain is to be remembered for creating Australia to what it is today. Republic or not.”

    -Private conversation with ANZC: CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell and his male nurse, November 2nd, 2020
  18. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    7,000 women march in streets of Dubai to protest of laws that arrests women who report to police after being raped.

    -The Newcastle Herald, November 3rd, 2020


    -March for Islamic Feminist Movement, Dubai, UAE, November 3rd, 2020

    The religion of Islam has a long history dating back to the year of 570 AD, when Muhammad was born. Before Islam came into being much of the Arabian peninsula was pagan, Jewish (example being that Himyarite Kingdom had Judaism as it dominant religion), and Christianity was already popular in plenty of places throughout Arabia and the rest of the Middle East.

    Other time the religion that Muhammad created became widespread as it expanded outside it’s native homeland in Arabia and into Northern Africa, the Levant, Anatolia, Persia, Central Asia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, India, and even into the Iberian peninsula.

    Islam is often regarded and widely accepted by modern historians as a religion that both expanded through both peace and warfare, same how Christianity did in Europe, and how Early Judaism did in Ancient Israel.

    But for a long time the religion was often plagued by massive extremism and fundamentalism, leading to many wars with other religions mainly being Christianity during the Crusades. Although Christianity was not innocent either having committed worst crimes ever imaginable, it made no difference to Islam when it came to terrorism and religious radicalism.

    Originally Muhammad himself demanded racial equality and justice which it states in Last Sermon within the Quran. The prophet himself stated that nationalism and tribalism is to be discouraged, but when he died many rejected his final words and led to bad outcomes within the religion of Islam.

    Islam as a result became divided into two different sects shortly after the death of Muhammad himself in 632 AD. Dispute over the succession of Prophet Muhammad led to widespread controversy in the religion across the Islamic world that it resulted in two bloody notable battles being the Battle of Jamal and the Battle of Siffin. Because of this it lead to the creation of Sunni Islam and Shia Islam.

    Over time what was a religion of great thinkers, astronomers, scholars, doctors, inventors, poets, and mathematicians would end up becoming a religion slowly decaying itself into radicalism and fundamentalism. This resulted into the creation of various radical Islamic sects within the Sunni and Shia communities, most notably being the ultra-conservative Salafi movement and Wahhabism.

    Due to the creation of Salafism and Wahhabism, it became widespread across the Islamic world and ended up giving a very negative image to the rest of the world as a result. And with Doomsday nearly bringing the whole world back to the Stone Age in 1983, the movements became far worse than they were before hand as many people with evil history and blood on their own hands became members of those movements.

    As a result the religion of Islam along with its millions of followers would begin to question their own religion. And it made perfect sense after the destruction of Mecca done by Osama bin Laden (Going by the name “The Great One”) of the Hamas Caliphate, along with destruction of ancient ruins and artifacts both Islamic and non-Islamic (most notable being the damage done to the Sphinx in Egypt done by a member of the Hamas Caliphate).

    With the World War on Terror, millions of Muslims both young and old and both male and female had begun to no longer put up with the violent radicalism that existed within Islam and because of this many realized that if Islam did not change it’s ways or reform then their own religion was basically done for as it would surely see itself decreasing in numbers as many would become atheist or convert to another religion altogether.

    As a result this led to the birth of a reformist movement in the Islamic world called ‘Iislah which was taken from the word “reform” in Arabic. Strangely enough there is no true founder of ‘Iislah, mainly due to the fact many young Muslims felt that having a founder would end up leading to a disaster similar to what led to the creation of Sunni and Shia Islam.

    ‘Iislah itself was created in December of 2020 at the University of Sfax in Sfax, Kingdom of Tunisia. The movement was criticized by many in the Islamic community due to the fact that ‘Iislah demanded support for women’s rights and equality between sexes (most notably advocating ban on gender segregation in mosques and other buildings, not to mention advocating young women and men to speak out against sexual harassment and sexual abuse), ending discrimination towards men and women who have sex before marriage (since ‘Iislah was founded in Tunisia, it didn’t had trouble with the law since the Tunisian age of consent is 18, however in other Islamic countries where fornication was illegal was very difficult), end to child marriage in all Islamic countries, demanding abolishment of laws against homosexuality (especially in Iran where it was punishable by death), demand on secular government (seeing that theocracies resulted in the birth of fundamentalism and radicalism), pro-birth control (stating that Allah made humans to be sexually active like all animals in nature, therefore stating that having sex not for the purpose of procreation wasn’t sinful) and most notably demanding the end to female genital mutilation (which many correctly stated that in the Quran, Muhammad himself never stated anything about female circumcision, not to mention he never had his daughters go through it. ‘Iislah was correct when it stated that female circumcision was never practiced within Islam even in the early days of its existence, due to the fact Islam picked it up from Ancient Egyptian customs).

    Although ‘Iislah had a long way to go, in the end it was able to establish great change across the Islamic world for the better.

    -The History of ‘Iislah, written by Prof. Salamash Al-Frezad, June 20th, 2090
  19. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “Where exactly are we?” Bobby asks as he sat next to Sophie in which they were both buckled in the backseat of a black Chevrolet Sonic which was been driven by none other than Howery-Morrell’s male nurse. In front of them was a black metallic colored Renault Logan which was been driven by Howery-Morrell’s security.

    Louis himself was drifting out into space due to his ADHD, realizing he finally made it to Ana’s hometown where she was born.

    “Louis, can you come back to Earth mate?” Bobby said raising his voice a little to which it finally caught Louis’s attention.

    “Oh sorry!” He then apologized before continuing.

    “Were in Armenia, Colombia.” He then answered.

    “Armenia? Isn’t that the name of a country in the Middle East?” Sophie then asked by guessing to which Howery-Morrell knew she wasn’t good at geography, but he can excuse her for that since there are many countries in the world that not many people can keep track of.

    “Yes, but it is a country in the Caucasus, not the Middle East.” Louis replied.

    “Isn’t it located right next to Georgia?” Bobby then asked.

    “Yes it is.” He replied.

    “Surely this city has a connection with the nation of Armenia?” His male nurse then said to him.

    “Yes, originally the city was called Villa Holguín but was renamed to Armenia in memory of the people who died in the Armenian Genocide.”

    “So why are we here…?” Bobby asks him.

    “Because this was where Ana was born.” Louis replied as he then got out a slip of white paper which had an address written down on it in red ink that looked to be years old. Surely Bobby could tell it wasn’t Louis’s handwriting since he has what he would consider unique form of handwriting.

    “Is that her handwriting?” He then asked.

    Louis then nodded and then looked at the address and then motioned for his male nurse to stop the car and parallel park it.

    “We’re here.” He said to them.

    He points his right index finger out the window and Bobby and Sophie look to see a red bricked one-story house that has a metal roof and white window frames in it. The window also has white painted metal bars covering it as well, to which Bobby found quite odd even though it was fairly common to see within Colombia.

    “This was where she was born on August 11th, 1996. Right here in that red-bricked house.”

    “I take it you wanted to see this place for yourself.” Bobby guessed to which Louis nodded.

    “I wish I had met her Louis, she surely was a great woman who changed you.”

    “Is there anything else you like us to see?” Sophie then asked.

    “Nope, that’s it.” Louis replied.

    -Somewhere in Armenia, Colombia, November 6th, 2020
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    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Pedro Alonso López, otherwise known by the name Mu’iz Omar de Al'iiman Alhaqiqiu nowadays, sat on his metal bed within in small cell that been held in for the past seventy hours of his life. He spent most of his time watching the television looking at recent events happening in his home country of Colombia where he ended up finding many news reports cheering for his execution.

    And twenty-four hours ago he was asked by the guards if he wished to be given a last meal of his choice, to which he declined saying “I do not take food from infidels”. If anything Pedro wanted food the first thing to be eaten once he gets to see Allah in the afterlife.

    Which will be within the next twenty minutes.

    Even though he was due to be executed for his crimes against humanity, it felt like those minutes were twenty years. Had this prison not been heavily monitored with maximum security then surely Pedro would have escaped and went out to “save” more girls again until getting caught. To him he always never feared the law since he felt the law was a bunch of utter stupid rules one had to follow in order to be a good citizen of society.

    He finally heard footsteps getting closer to his cell to which he saw an Afro-Colombian prison guard standing outside staring at him with no expression on his face.

    “Pedro Alonso López, ha llegado tu hora.”

    Pedro Alonso López, your time has come.

    “Bueno….” He said with a sadistic grin on his face as he was now being handcuffed by guards and let out the cell down the hallway towards a wide large room.

    He looked to see a large crowd of 70 people sitting down in a row of plastic blue chairs who were all staring at him. He realized who these people were, they were people mainly friends and relatives of the victims he murdered over the years.

    Then he recognized Louis Richard Howery-Morrell along with two other gringos sitting beside him. Surely he did kept his promise at being at Pedro’s execution.

    He wondered what exactly was Louis thinking of right now.

    He looked over to see a hanging gallow to which sudden to which he realized that he wasn’t going to be given a humane death. He was promised he be killed via lethal injection, not by hanging.

    The Colombian serial killer/terrorist began to become hysterical as he began to beg forgiveness to all the people in the room he was in right now.

    “¡Tener compasión!”

    Have mercy!

    “¡Lamento haber matado a tus seres queridos!”

    I am sorry for killing your loved ones!



    The crowd began to respond with rightful and justifiable insults and rude remarks.

    “Vete a la mierda!” Shouted an elder man in his seventies.

    Fuck you!

    “¡Violaron y mataron a mi hija, asqueroso cerdo!” A woman in her sixties cried in anger.

    You raped and killed my daughter you filthy pig!

    “No acepto tu súplica de misericordia.” Another woman with darker brown hair and tannish skin said.

    I don't accept your plea for mercy.

    “¡Eres un monstruo! ¿Por qué deberíamos perdonarte?” Another man with a Peruvian accent shouted.

    You're a monster! Why should we forgive you?

    “¡Has violado y asesinado a mi hermana!” A young man cried who happened to have a Ecuadorian accent.

    You raped and slaughtered my sister!

    “¡Quema en el infierno, maldito pedófilo!” An Australian man (who happened to be Bobby Hayes) shouted.

    Burn in Hell you fucking pedophile!

    “¡Nunca te perdonaré por lo que le hiciste a mi mejor amiga y a toda la ciudad de Santiago!” Howery-Morrell then shouted as he joined in with everyone who were shouting insults and rude remarks towards the serial killer/terrorist.

    I will never forgive you for what you done to my best friend and the entire city of Santiago!

    “¡Sí! ¡Has destruido a Santiago!” A woman replied in response to what Howery-Morrell said.

    Yeah! He destroyed Santiago!

    “¡Maldito monstruo malvado!” Another young man cried.

    You evil fucking monster!

    “¡Recuerda Santiago!” An Afro-Colombian man cried.

    Remember Santiago!

    Then within seconds everyone began to shout the following…

    “¡Recuerda Santiago!”

    “¡Recuerda Santiago!”

    “¡Recuerda Santiago!”

    Pedro Alonso López then realized how much he regretted in becoming the man he become, he wished that he could go back in time and convince his younger self who was a street boy to never turn towards crime, so that way he would’ve never became a serial killer/terrorist.

    But he realized he lost.

    He lost at life.

    The guards carry him to the noose and wrap it around his neck while placing a leather brown bag to cover his head. He could only see darkness now but he could still hear the people shouting “Remember Santiago” within the darkness.

    As the Islamic priest finishes reading his final sermon to him which he mostly ignored he could hear one of the executioners begin to walk toward the lever.

    He was going to get killed soon!

    With no hesitation Pedro Alonso López, the Monster of the Andes shouted out his final words.



    “¡Lo siento mucho!”

    I am very sorry!

    And within moments the Colombian man was now hanging from his feet and a loud snap in his neck was heard which showed that the infamous Monster of the Andes was no more.

    -Somewhere in Bogotá, Colombia, November 10th, 2020