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Hotel Pools - Nightshade

The theme song for this timeline


It has been years since the bombs fell. The year of 1983, where the year was known for the third world war that occurred between the US and USSR. The year where 2 billion people died around the globe. The year that changed humanity forever.

It is now 2016, and by now two new superpowers have emerged from the ashes left behind by the Americans and Soviets. South American Confederation and ANZC.

Australia has became a world power along with the country of Brazil and it's South American allies. But they remain to see each other as complete rivals. Millions of refugees from Europe who have escaped the chaos going on in the European wastelands have fled to Brazil, Argentina and Chile, as now South American countries have gotten used to true form of democracy and got rid of their dictators for good. Brazil is flooding with many European refugees from former nations the used to inhabit Europe before the nuclear war.

While in the ANZC the countries of Australia, Samoa, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Alaska, and New Zealand have now seen each other as more united in their alliance. Recently Australia has been getting many refugees from the former US, former China and India. New Zealand is getting refugees from mainly the former US as well. Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Townsville and Cairns have become major populated cities in Australia, while in New Zealand's major city of Auckland has become a major city for many immigrants as well.

Many American refugees in Australia are mostly residing in the state of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. While Indian refugees have begun to reside mostly in Western Australia, and Chinese refugees been now living in the Northern Territory, and Queensland.

The Australians and the Brazilians still are seeing each other as major rivals and enemies. Could a new cold war happen once again is still questionable.

Meanwhile another Cold War isn't just something to worry about either, over the years in Australia since Doomsday the rise of mass immigration to Australia has begun and many Americans have already began moving in massive numbers to Australia. However a very loud minority in the nation has over the years done the unspeakable against minorities including refugees in the fear that their nation of Australia will be taken over by them.

Australia could very well face herself with internal terrorism and the question is when and how she will be able to handle it. Australia and the ANZC as whole are still extremely young and even though they are seen as the new world power, they still have plenty of things they themselves must do in order to achieve more for the Post-Doomsday world.

Will the ANZC be able to survive into the 21st century and remain a world power? The question asked by many is still yet unanswered and we have to find out ourselves as time goes by bit by bit.

But surely we know that we're all in for a world of craze.

(Notice this TL will mainly focus on ANZC issues, the rest of the world will be less focused on this TL.)
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Jibas Wishes No Second Term
Kataejar Jibas - Has His Time Come?

Our governor-general of the ANZC has been in power for three years now as leader of the dominate Labour Party of the ANZC

Now Jibas's health has begun to decline over the recent years, being now 55 years old and in political office for many years it has been well known for his influence he done with the ANZC might in the Pacific Ocean against the SAC's power. He recently said back in 2015 in the month of October that he said to the ANZC parliament "I won't step down until my time comes until then I have still much unfinished business to do." However by now the Parliament have begun to agree with the public that indeed he is getting very old for his job as the leader of the ANZC. And when he leaves we will have another election across the ANZC to decide who will become the new governor-general. But until then we have to wait and see.

-Australian Daily, written by Trent H. MacCoy, January 12th, 2016
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Missing American Children
Four American Children Gone Missing!

The American refugee families the Roonies, and the Smiths haven't seen there children since January 18th in the early morning as they got them up and fed them breakfast and walked to school. Jaime Roonie (age 30) a working mother who provides for her family while her husband Peter J. Roonie (age 29) stays home to help around the house are absolutely worried about what happened to their son Hector Roonie (age 10) and daughter Kelly Roonie (age 10).

"The last time I ever spoken to them was when they were ready and packed up to go to school after eating breakfast." Peter Roonie says to ABC News.

"I remember they both told me "We love you daddy." and that was the last thing I ever heard from them since..." He begins to suddenly tear up probably thinking of the fact his two children who are twins are somewhere unsafe or perhaps been kidnapped.

The ABC News officials ask him if he had known of any strange activity in his small neighborhood in Brisbane recently. Mr. Roonie said that he did not see anything strange ever lately since last December. Even if he did he said that he would of surely not allowed his kids to walk to school if there was even a single small robbery in the neighborhood.

Currently the Brisbane Police Department have begun a search party to try and find the Roonies' children in their neighborhood and all of Brisbane they announced. But at the same time the Roonies weren't the only ones who had their children gone missing. Elsewhere in Brisbane another American married coupled named Esther Smith (age 35) and Isaac Smith (age 37) haven't spoken or seen their two children Robert Kyle Smith (age 11) and Phil "Philly" G. Smith (age 12) since two nights ago. The last thing they remember their children telling them was that they were going out to play with they're friends in the neighborhood at 5:00 PM.

"We told them both that they must come back around 7:10 PM." Mrs. Smith says to the news reporter, as she begins to cry.

"And they never came back, and at first me and my husband thought maybe they were staying at a friend's house to sleep over. But we surely taught them that they must call us to ask if they can sleep over at a friend's house, without permission we would ground them for a week without asking us."

"Eventually me and Isaac begun to drive to everyone of they're friends' houses. We would be greeted at the door of each of their house and be told that..."

"We didn't see Philly or Rob at all tonight." She said breaking down into tears.

"That's when I knew that my boys were out there somewhere scared and wanting to go home but are lost. OR worse someone must of taken them." She panicked.

As of right now today the city of Brisbane have begun a search for these four American refugee children. So far they haven't found anything from them or left by them. And currently the Australian Police Department have begun to interview nearby sex offenders in the neighborhood to see if they can know anything about what happened to them. So far nothing has been given except "I don't know." from many of them.

"Lets hope we will be able to find these children and bring back home to their parents safely." The ABC news reporter says smiling.

-ABC News, January 20th, 2016
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Famous Chopper actor Eric Bana killed in serious car accident


Eric "Bana" Banadinovich well known for his performance in the movie Chopper and apart of the show The Comedy Company has been declared today at 12:00 PM at the St. Julian Hospital in Gladstone, Queensland. Eric was driving under the influence of alcohol and as a result he had a collided with a cargo crush on the freeway last night around 2:00 AM. He was severely paralysis and had been rushed to the hospital as a result, by the time he arrived to the hospital he had fallen into a coma and doctors tried all they could to wake him back up and save him to live another day, unfortunately after many hours of surgery Eric Bana (age 48) was announced brain dead and taken off of life support with the permission of his family and friends.

Today we have lost a well known famous actor, may he be remembered for his role he played in Chopper.

-Australian Entertainment Daily Bulletin, January 21st, 2016
Missing Children Found Dead
Missing American Children FOUND DEAD!

We have gotten full report by the Brisbane Police Department that they have discovered the four children that went missing days ago, sadly the police have found them buried in barrels of oil in an abandon factory in southern part of Brisbane. It is unknown how they were killed, but the police believe the four of them were drowned in liquid oil, whoever done so is still unknown. Currently the police are correcting any evidence of any traces left behind by the unknown killer.

-ABC News, January 22nd, 2016
A Missing Generation: Missing Americans in Australia
A Missing Generation: The Disappearance of American Refugees in Australia
Daniel O'Neill

Every since the end of World War III, many American refugees from the former United States of America have begun to migrate in massive numbers into Australia over the years more and more kept coming to restart anew and restart a new life. Many of these Americans were just any human being in need a help, and we as Australians let them in with open arms knowing they have lost their once great nation. But there is a really bad dark side to this, ever since the massive migration of American refugees began to flow into the cities of Brisbane, Townsville, Newcastle, Darwin, Gold Coast and Adelaide there have been more increasing high rates of disappearance of young American refugees between the ages as young as 10 years old to as old as 62 years old. It has become a hidden common phenomenon over the years and it is disturbing...

That the ANZC doesn't seem to know about this going on, or perhaps they simply don't care or that will give themselves a bad image to the rest of the world.

For instance in 1988, the city of the Gold Coast began to see high rates of American young children and teenagers going missing. In 1988 alone, Gold Coast had 290 cases of people going missing and never being found. And most of these people who vanished were American refugees mostly like I said above, children and teenagers. But why is this happening to the Americans who came to this nation we call Australia to rebuilt new lives only for them to be ending up missing for years and eventually found up dead by police.

On the night of the 6th of July, 1988, a man aged 32 years old going out for a late night jog stumbled across two dead corpses who were later identified as Primy Mackson (age 15) and Jackie Starfeild (age 16) by the match of DNA from skin tissue taken from them by sample. These two innocent American teenage girls were discovered to have been killed by blunt trauma to the heads and were also raped after evidence of semen samples were made a day later by autopsy.

The autopsy thought they found their killer which they thought was 14 year old Joseph Ro, only for him to be later found out to be innocent after discovering they made a error in semen DNA testing, leaving Joseph Ro to eventually commit suicide a month later, because everyone he knew always now saw him as a rapist and coldblooded murderer even though he wasn't one. And to make it worse the Gold Coast Police Database never found a matching to the semen sample a second time.

Then on November 17th, 1988 in the city of Hobart, an American teen was found completely naked with bruise marks and stab wounds all over the body to the point the police couldn't even identify the victim let alone find out who was the culprit. A day later a 18 year old American girl by the name of Bailey Batchieson was discovered found cut in half from what looked to have been that someone must of used a machete to slice the poor girl's torso in half. And the girl was found in a nearby street very closer to the one that the police had discovered yesterday.

As of 2016, the American Society of Australia have stated that over at least 1,000 American refugees have gone missing since 1983.

The question is though, why is the ANZC ignoring this growing problem?

-pg 23
Guyana Cooperative to join SAC?
Should Guyana Cooperative become a member of the SAC? Yes or No?


After World War III, South America being untouched by a single nuclear weapon of mass destruction would lead to the former Commonwealth of Nation member Guyana to be isolated from Europe and US and especially the motherland of the UK. With no contact of Britain for months, that led to no more further food imports as well. Guyana however had still maintain contact with the neighboring nation of Suriname and other South American nations including Brazil. However this would lead the adjacent nation of Venezuela to take advantage of Guyana's loss of contact to the UK and rest of Europe. As a result the Venezuelan army invade almost all of Guyana in order to reclaim the historic Guayana Esequiba. A civil war was sprung up between the African-Guyanese and Indo-Guyanese. Eventually the people of Guyana sought aid from its neighboring country of Suriname who too also was isolated by the lack contact from the Netherlands and Europe in general. And the Venezuelan military had no intentions of expanding past the Essequibo River either.

This would later lead to the two nations of Guyana and Suriname becoming closer allies to each other. Demands were brought to create furthermore closer ties between the two countries. And the talks went well between the two governments. Forming a mutual protection agreement.

Eventually later on the Guyanese and Surinamese began to discuss the idea of a political union together, which came into being creating the Guyana Cooperative as the two nations merged together into one.

As the SAC was formed in the year of 2004, the Guyana Cooperative saw big interests in establishing relations with nations like Brazil and attempted to join the South American Confederation, however the member state of Venezuela refused to allow the Guyana Cooperative to become a member of the SAC.

And for all these years the Guyana Cooperative continued to not be apart of any alliance that the SAC had to offer due to Venezuela's disputes.

But as of recently the Guyana Cooperative demanded that to become a member of the SAC regardless whether or not if the Venezuelan government will allow it or not. This recently just yesterday the president of Guyana Cooperative met with the Brazilian president in Georgetown, resulting in the Brazilian government to begin the process of membership of the Guyana Cooperative into the South American Confederation.

It has been announced that all the members of the SAC will vote in a referendum on whether or not should the Guyana Cooperative should become a new member to the SAC. And stated that if the Yes Majority wins Guyana Cooperative becomes a new member. If the the No Majority wins the election then the Guyana Cooperative will still continue to be a nation not apart of the giant union in South America.

-Rio Today Telegram, January 26th, 2016
Former US President George H.W. Bush hospitalized!
Former US President George H.W. Bush hospitalized!

To at approximately at 6:00 AM in the morning the former and considered the last president of the United States of America, George H.W. Bush was hospitalized after suffering from a stroke. Currently the doctors at Jarvis Bay's Medical Center say that he will back to health in a matter of days, and that it probably mainly stress that has been with him through all these years to mainly cause him to have a heart attack.

-ABC News, January 27th, 2016
Bill Shorten begins his campaign and the introduction of a major character
Bill Shorten announces his candidacy!

Today well known Australian politician of the Australian Labor Party, Bill Shorten has announced his candidacy for governor-general of the ANZC. Many people are in support for his cause and campaign, and he is by far the first person to declare candidacy so far for this upcoming election.

"It is time for the ANZC to be heading into a new age. We need a new age of peace with the SAC, we need to strengthen our relations with the South American nations so that they won't see us as a enemy rival across the ocean. And we need to bring back Australia's socialist values it was founded upon such as universal healthcare and maturity leave."

"It is time for change ladies and gentlemen of the ANZC. If we don't change we will be going backwards as the SAC is beginning to get more advanced than we are."

-Australia Political News, January 30th, 2016

Australian born to American refugee first to get scholarships to University of Canberra!

Today we have gotten word of big headline from the city of Adelaide. An Australian-born young man who was born to an American mother named, Louis Richard Morrell has been accepted into the University of Canberra by scholarships.

"Mr. Morrell how do you feel about getting accepted into the nation's difficult university?"

"To be honest I'm not excited, but I'm not scared either. I honestly don't know what I feel currently at the moment after being accepted into the University of Canberra."

"What do you plan on studying there Mr. Morrell?"

"I plan to study law, civil rights, world history, and economics there. I dream of one day becoming the governor-general of the ANZC."

"Governor-general of the ANZC?! I am sure you will change the history of the ANZC when you do become leader, for being an American."

"I don't consider myself an American. I consider myself Australia because I was born here. I know my mother was an American refugee, but what difference does it make?"

"I am simply an Australian with American ancestry."

-ABC News, Feb. 1st, 2016
Kataejar Jibas Resignation Speech
Kataejar Jibas Resignation Speech


"For the past many years as being the governor-general of the ANZC, I have met many great people and created many friends during my time in office. I have encountered many issues during my reign, such as the Panama Crisis, helping newly established nations along the Pacific Coast of North America such as the Municipal States of the Pacific and helping the re-established nation of Provisional United States of America. It has been a great and wonderful journey for me in these years for me and I am very honored to have served as the governor-general of ANZC."

"But my time is over, and I must say that a year ago I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and I truly am very sorry that I haven't told the public about my declining health. I'm sorry everyone I just was so afraid at time on how to run the ANZC and how my health will interfere with me as still being the governor-general."

"I hereby declare myself that I, Kataejar Jibas, governor-general of the ANZC will step down as leader. Hereby declaring myself to the people of the ANZC that I am resigning my leadership as governor-general. My health is getting worse and I cannot continue to face the stress along with the political pressures of the ANZC."

"Remember one more thing that we the people of the ANZC, is that we are unified and a powerful alliance containing most of the Pacific Ocean. But let us also remember that this is our world now along with the SAC and we must share it together. Thank you."

-ANZ Political Channel, Feb. 2nd, 2016
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2016 ANZC Election Info
The 2016 ANZC Election


After the resignation of former governor-general John Howard, the ANZC will now officially declare that an election will be taking place
to elect a new candidate to win the office as new governor-general of the ANZC. The candidates who are wishing to run must be at least
28 years old or older, have been in the political field for a great number of years, and must be willing to accept great responsibility as the
head of the ANZC.

-ANZC Parliament News, Feb. 2nd, 2016
Malielegaoi 2016
Tuilaepa Malielegaoi announces his campaign and candidacy of the Labour Party of the ANZC


Today this morning at 10:00 AM, the former prime minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Malielegaoi of the Samoan Human Rights-Labour Party has announced his campaign to run as governor-general of the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand. He has declared to have become a member of the federal Labour Party of the ANZC as a candidate for them. He may perhaps be the first elected governor-general of the ANZC, who is of Polynesian descent and first governor-general born in Samoa. Other Labour Party candidates of the ANZC have still yet to announce their candidacy for governor-general.

-ANZBC NewsRadio, Feb. 3rd, 2016
King 2016
Annette King declares candidacy for the Labour Party

This afternoon we have gotten news of another candidate who has announced her campaign to become governor-general of the ANZC and announced her candidacy of the Labour
Party, Annette King a native New Zealander born in Murchison, New Zealand. Originally before she came into politics she was originally a dental nurse. She is also of partial Sri Lankan
descent. King later got into politics in 1979 and became member of the Labour Party of New Zealand. And in the 1984 elections she was appointed as a member of the federal Labour
Party of the ANZC.

Does Annette King has what it takes to win the 2016 ANZC Elections and has what it takes to become the governor-general? We will have to wait and see in the coming days, weeks
and months that are to come. And surely she will be competing against the other Labour candidate Tuilaepa Malielegaoi.

-ANZBC NewsRadio, Feb. 3rd, 2016
Newman 2016
Newman announces candidacy for the Conservative Party

Former mayor Campbell Newman once the mayor of the city of Brisbane and recent member of the federal Conservative Party of the ANZC, has today
announced his candidacy for governor-general of the ANZC. Being a native to Tasmania and born and raised in the state since 1963, both his mother and
father represented the Australian state of Tasmania in the federal former Australian parliament. His parents were both apart of the Liberal-National coalition.

Back in the year of 2004, he ran for mayor of the city of Brisbane and narrowly defeated his Labour opponent Tim Quinn. Newman's most significant thing he
done while in office as the mayor of the city of Brisbane was improving the city's infrastructure and delivered the first term of TransApex package of bridge, road
and tunnel projects across Brisbane. Newman was also selected as among the 25 best mayors in the world in the 2010 World Mayor Prize, a online competition
aimed at raising the profile of civil leaders. As a result in 2010, Campbell Newman became ranked the 5th best mayor in the world.

After finishing his term as mayor of Brisbane, he then became a member of the Conservative Party of the ANZC in March of 2012. Question is though is the ANZC
ready to have another governor-general who is of the Conservative Party?

-ANZBC NewsRadio, Feb. 5rd, 2016