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Who do you think will win nomination of ANZC Labour Party in the 2019 Federal Election?

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  1. Brian Schatz

  2. Ross Hart

  3. Cathy O'Toole

  4. Malakai Tabar

  1. ohlourdespadua Active Member

    Mar 1, 2018
    The Bomb would have been built regardless. The theoretical frameworks are there and are public knowledge long before anyone in 2020 or even 1945 Earth would want it not be built...
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  2. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Brazilian social media website, Communékate (pronounced like the word “communicate”) goes online within the first 24 hours its gains a total of 6,500 members one of which includes the President of Brazil creating an account to post his status updates to public for the first time.

    -ABC World News, November 17th, 2020

    “What really annoys me the most is that many people still think that the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, when in reality they just made a glider and flew it off a damn hill.”

    “Wright Brothers didn’t make the first airplane because it didn’t have a engine! In Brazil we learn in school that Alberto Santos-Dumont was the true inventor of the airplane because he put an engine in his device to power it up!”

    “That said Santos-Dumont is the true and REAL INVENTOR of the airplane! NOT THE WRIGHT BROTHERS!”

    “Press the “thumbs up” button if you agree!”

    -Johnny Brazilian (real name unknown), Communékate, November 19th, 2020
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  3. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Litia Cakobau taken to safety after her security discover that her dinner was tainted with cyanide!

    Hawaii suspects that the Fijian military regime is behind it.

    -ABC World News 24/7, November 19th, 2020

    Six Fijian agents arrested by Hawaiian authorities after video evidence shows them tainting Litia Cakobau’s food.

    -ABC World News 24/7, November 19th, 2020

    Israel begins airlifting troops into the lawless Republic of Iraq in efforts to help bring back civil order!

    -NBBC World News, November 19th, 2020

    Iran demands that Israel leaves the Republic of Iraq stating “It is not their business”.

    -The Newcastle Herald, November 20th, 2020

    Israel demands that Iran needs to put it’s differences aside and help bring back civil order in the Republic of Iraq!

    -NBBC World News, November 20th, 2020

    Kurdistan and Assyria support Israel’s statement in LoN!

    -NBBC World News, November 20th, 2020

    Iran disestablishes it’s alliance with Kurdistan and Assyria!

    -ABC World News, November 21st, 2020

    The Kurdish major city of Erbil is seeing currently 700,000 Iraqi refugees living in shelters under government care. The Kurdish common people fear that there will soon not be enough to take care of more refugees coming in.

    -The Courier-Mail, November 21st, 2020

    LoN asks that Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, UAR, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Canada (Canadian Remainder Provinces), Celtic Alliance, Turkish Sultanate, Oman, Interim Parliament (India), Greek Federation, and Japan to send any large amount of help to the Republic of Iraq.

    During the meeting Australian PM, Julia Gillard, stated “If this goes ignored we will only allow the Hamas Caliphate a easier chance to expand into Iraq, along with a massive migrant crisis that humanity has ever seen”.

    -Sky News Australia, November 22nd, 2020

    GHO (Global Health Organization, a successor to the WHO) has reported that there are already now 5,000 confirmed reported cases of various cancers within the blast radius where Baghdad, Fallujah, Baqubah, Hillah, and Al Musayyib were destroyed by the powerful nuclear blast.

    Most common reported cancers so far are that of thyroid cancer, skin cancer, and Glioblastoma brain cancer. Although there are currently 5,000 confirmed cases, the GHO believes that the numbers of people affected by radiation are certainly higher, but due to lawlessness and total anarchy in the Republic of Iraq, the GHO will be unable to gather further more cases of it unless it is by fleeing Iraqi refugees heading into the surrounding countries that border the Republic of Iraq.

    -The West Australian, November 23rd, 2020

    Iran reports that religious wars between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims are occurring in multiple places across the Republic of Iraq!

    -NBBC World News 24/7, November 23rd, 2020

    Israel, Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand establish a LoN territorial zone containing the entire Iraqi city of Al Rutbah.

    -The Newcastle Herald, November 24th, 2020
  4. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “We should’ve taken out Uday before the Hamas Caliphate came into existence! Had we done so the Republic of Iraq would have gotten rid of its nuclear weapons and nuclear technology and thereby avoiding getting revenge-nuked by the Hamas Caliphate!”

    -ANZC Senator Malcolm Turnbull (ANZC Conservative), November 25th, 2020

    “If we had overthrown the family dictatorship that led the Republic of Iraq, things wouldn’t be even better. We would have only caused the entire majority of Iraq to hate us, religious tensions between Sunni and Shia Muslims would have only gotten worse.”

    “And last but not least we would have seen a huge rise in even more Islamic fundamentalism due to us taking out a dictatorship that put most of religious fundamentalism in check!”

    -ANZC Senator Bill Shorten (ANZC Labour), November 25th, 2020

    “But how the hell were we supposed to know that Iraq had nuclear weapons? We would have not known anything until it was too late. I mean yes, we were aware of the existence of the Republic of Iraq having chemical weapons since it used it on a wide-scale during the First and Second Gulf Wars.”

    “But did we had any possible idea that Saddam and his brother Uday were secretly making nuclear weapons for decades?”

    “No we didn’t and there was absolutely no way we could have known.”

    -ANZC Senator Sipa Anoa'i (ANZC Labour), November 25th, 2020

    “Regardless if we could’ve known beforehand or not, the main problem here is that Iraq is fucked.”

    -ANZC: CIB Director, Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, November 25th, 2020
  5. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Socialist Siberia proposes a international ban on chemical weapons, biological weapons, and other deadly weapons of warfare in the LoN.

    -NBBC World, November 26th, 2020

    Australia agrees with the proposal.

    -ABC World New 24/7, November 26th, 2020

    Brazil agrees with the proposal.

    -Rede Globo News 24/7, November 26th, 2020

    189 nations agree with the Siberians’ proposal on banning chemical, biological, and other deadly weapons of warfare.

    -The Newcastle Herald, November 27th, 2020
  6. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Lost Generation (1883-1900) also called the "Generation of 1914" in Europe, in which gets it term from Gertrude Stein to describe men from the United States, former British Empire (Australia and New Zealand included), and European nations who fought in World War I. The Lost Generation are the oldest generation most of which are mostly gone by many of them dying during Doomsday. Most of these men who did survived live in Australia and New Zealand and scattered throughout Europe and North America. The Lost Generation having fought and witnessed the true horrors of the First World War would never realize the horror that would come in 1983.

    G.I. Generation (1901-1924) the generation that includes veterans who served and fought in World War II, and grew up during the horrors of the Great Depression. Though many of these people served in the Second World War, they too had no realization of the horrors that World War III would have decades after World War II ended, neither did they imagined that the Cold War would end in a huge nuclear fire.

    Silent Generation (1925-1944) also known as the "Lucky Few", were born during the golden times of the 1920's, while witnessed the tragic effects of the Great Depression. Some of these people did serve in World War II, but most of the Silent Generation served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The Silent Generation were the ones who had what many consider the "first seats" of the Cold War.

    Baby Boomers (1945-1964) are the generation that were born mostly following World War II. While no precise date when the cohort birth years begin and end. Typically though, they range from the early-to-mid 1940's and end from either the year 1960 or 1964. This generation lived and grew up in the Cold War and most remember the Cuban Missile Crisis being considered a "close call", only to not realize that World War III would just be delayed by two decades. Most of the Baby Boomers who survived the nuclear war or were unaffected by it usually tell the younger generations of the "good old days" before the "bombs dropped". The Baby Boomers were also rebels as well many of whom smoked pot, took LSD, active with the hippy movement, and also saw the great change in society when it came to racial and gender equality. For American Baby Boomers it was the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream being accomplished by both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1968. For Australian Baby Boomers, a major significant event was the process of the abolishment of the White Australia Policy, which allowed people regardless of skin color to immigrate to Australia without racial discrimination. To many Australians who grew up during this time they usually see Prime Minister Harold Holt as the man who started the abolition of the White Australia Policy. Brazilians living in Brazil the significant event they remember was the military coup of 1964, which resulted in Brazil becoming a military dictatorship until 1990.

    Funk Generation (1965-1982)[1] is also called the "Disco Generation" or "Pre-Doomsday Generation". This generation grew up and came of age during the 1970's and early 1980's, where they laid witnessed the Second Wave of Feminism as women demanded equality in the workplace along with birth control, rising of crime in urban areas (such as New York City), end of the Vietnam War, and for Americans it was the Watergate scandal that lead to Nixon resigning from office. For Australians of this generation a major thing they found very significant in their history was the 1975 Australian constitutional crisis or the "Dismissal" in which saw Prime Minister Gough Whitlam (of the Australian Labor Party) being outed out of off by Governor-General Sir John Kerr, which replaced the Leader of Opposition, Malcolm Fraser (of the Australian Liberal Party) becoming prime minister. Many Australians of the Funk Generation are mostly very vocal and supportive of Australia becoming a republic and wanting nothing to do with the United Kingdom and it's successor New Britain, due to its influence in Australian politics. The Funk Generation would be the ones bringing back civil order after Doomsday in places greatly hit by nuclear war.

    Post-War Generation/Hopeful Generation[2] - (1983-2000) people born in between 1983-2000 grew up in a totally foreign world they considered as their true "home". Being born in the aftermath of World War III along with the worst human tragedy in history, the Post-War Generation/Hopeful Generation who grew up in badly hit areas during Doomsday, would see living in Brazil and Australia as the "Promised Land" due to how widely unaffected they were during World War III. As for people living in South America and Oceania (Australia included) that are of the Hopeful Generation would end changing the world for the better by standing up against the many bad things that still existed in the world. Both groups regardless of origin would see the United States as a long lost empire that was like that of the British Empire, losing it world power status, while also seeing the rise of Australia and Brazil becoming the new world powers after Doomsday. For Australians of the Hopeful Generation they see Grey Fox as the "man who saved the world" for standing up against terrorism and religious fundamentalism. For Brazilians of this generation they were to witness Brazil become a democracy once again in 1990, which finally ended the military regime.

    Hero Generation - (2001-2016) people of this generation would grow up to witness great massive changes in the world, being terrorism focused on a international light, religious fundamentalism being viewed as disturbingly crazy that it threatens modern society, and racism being also a threat to modern society. The Hero Generation also grew up witnessing the Net becoming apart of their daily lives and technology once again booming in what is now called by historians as the "Second Renaissance". The Hero Generation would also seeing itself advocating same-sex marriage and considering homosexuality to considered perfectly fine. Also the Hero Generation would end up seeing themselves serving in the World War on Terror as they fought bravely to stamp out the majority of terrorism and religious fundamentalism from modern society.

    Digital Generation - (2016-2029) also called the "Techno Generation", these people of this generation grew up during the World War on Terror making them already aware of what terrorism and fundamentalism is bad due to being taught in school, family, and on television. Many of them knew many people (mostly loved ones and friends) who died in the World War on Terror, but knew they died for a brave cause of bringing justice on a global scale. While they had the backseat to the war going on, they also were the ones who grew up with a lot of technology in their everyday life, being born with Net already a commonly used thing. Thus they had complete access to international headlines online, online entertainment, online gaming, and most importantly social media. The Digital Generation was notable for using social media on a daily basis posting status updates and making friends in other countries. As a result the Digital Generation was the most intelligent generation when it came to foreign language (being Spanish, Portuguese, or French) and geography, as they viewed on a global viewpoint instead of a national viewpoint, seeing that the whole world matters.

    -List of Generations of the “Western World” and "Southern World"[3], Infopedia, last updated on June 2nd, 2036


    [1] - Generation X as we know it in OTL never really gets it name in the TL, instead it is called the Funk Generation or Disco Generation for the fact they grew up when funk and disco music was very popular.

    [2] - The term "Millennial" never comes into existence in the TL, mainly due to Doomsday kicking back technology a few decades. This resulted in them not being children when the "internet" was in it's infancy (instead it is the Hero Generation). If anything basically the "Millennials" are the ones who helped piece back society together after nuclear war.

    [3] - By 2030, Brazil and all of Latin America are considered as apart of the Western World due to having historical legacies from Spain and Portugal (being religion of Catholicism, language of Spanish and Portuguese, and the culture left behind), along with the fact much of Latin America basically is like that of a resemblance to First World and having good democratic elected governments and good human rights. Although Latin America is considered now apart of the Western World, many do argue that Latin America is either it's own "world" due its own unique culture or that it is a combination of the "Southern World" being the world below the Southern Hemisphere.
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  7. HawkAussie Is not a Magical Girl

    Apr 4, 2014
    This is not looking good with the return of Nukes.
  8. ohlourdespadua Active Member

    Mar 1, 2018
    Highly doubt the treaty's going to work - only a few countries remain that have the capacity to do it and those are superpowers; nobody is that dumb-idealistic to believe this...
  9. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    “Prime Minister!”

    “We have amazing news!”

    “Tell me.”

    “The Brazilians are asking to work together on a military project that will create two special military satellites that are made purposely as EMP weapons.”

    “So they are nukes? But that will violate the treaty that Schatz made months ago!”

    “Well that’s the thing, they aren’t nukes since they aren’t going to be made to spread radiation. They are made purposely to denote over a targeted area that the military chosen.”

    “Explain further General Campbell.”

    “Basically if let’s say Brazil wanted to turn off all electricity within a certain radius, it will send a message to the satellite that is in orbit around Earth, and then it will purposely burn up in the atmosphere which will exploded itself causing a non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse over that specific area.”

    “As a result the EMP will shut off all enemy electronics both civilian and military. Enemy transport, missile defense, electricity, computers, etc. will be permanently destroyed in a manner how solar storms destroy our electronics.”

    “So basically General Campbell, were talking about making two military satellites whose purpose is to burn up in the atmosphere and explode just to turn off enemy electricity?”

    “Yes Prime Minister.”

    “That does sound amazing and useful, but the one thing I do see that is making me want to reject the proposal is that the fact these satellites can be hacked by anyone who has an advanced knowledge of hacking.”

    “What if the Hamas or the CP is able to figure out how to hack them and use them against us?”

    “The military project will be made secret from the public. Only the highest ranked members in the military and people of higher political office will be told about it and be ordered to keep it a secret.”

    “But what if someone goes against orders and decides to leak it to the public? There will be massive public outcry if this occurs.”

    “It’s a risk were willing to take, and already the Director of the CIB has approved of this, along with the Governor-General.”

    “Very well, only two will be made correct?”


    “Then what if they are never used? Eventually all satellites will return to Earth and burn up or crash land. I mean you and I surely remember when NASA’s Skylab burned up and it’s remains crash landed in the Outback.”

    “Well that’s the thing, they have to be given permission to go to Level 3.”

    “Level 3?”

    “Level 3 is the final activation mode that will set the satellites to be able to explode and create EMPs. If the satellites are not on Level 3, they cannot be able to explode and give off electromagnetic pulses.”

    “Well then that gives me relief that they can never be able to detonate unless ordered.”

    “And the Governor-General is the one who has full right to have these satellites activated and used right?”

    “Yes, but we still will need to receive full support from the President of the SAC, which is currently the President of Brazil.”

    “When both leaders of the ANZC and SAC agree on activating one of them to Level 3, they both be given a special code[1] being three Greek letters and three numbers, that only the Heads of PLAO Military[2] be given, and that code gives authorization to activate one of the satellites to Level 3.”

    “Both of the satellites have two different codes, that way it will avoid confusion and avoid accidentally setting both to Level 3.”

    “So that’s mean I will not know the codes?”

    “Yes, neither will I.”

    “Very well, I support this secret military project.”

    -Private conversation between Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (Australian Labor) and ANZC General Angus Campbell, Canberra, November 30th, 2020


    [1] - Satellite 1 will be controlled fully by the SAC, only the President of SAC can activate Satellite 1 to Level 3. Satellite 1's activation code is "Rho, Gamma, Sigma, Três (3 in Portuguese), Sete (7 in Portuguese), and Nove (9 in Portuguese)", which for short it basically PΓΣ379. Satellite 2 can only be activated to Level 3 by the Governor-General of the ANZC, that said Satellite 2's activation code is "Delta, Xi, Omega, Eight, Two, Four", which is ΔΞΩ824.

    [2] - The Heads of the PLAO (Pacific Latin American Organization) are the Governor-General of the ANZC and President of the SAC. For further simple information basically if let's say President of the SAC wants to activate Satellite 1 to Level 3, he/she has to inform if the Governor-General of the ANZC is fine with it, if not otherwise Satellite 1 cannot be activated to Level 3. Once again only the Governor-General of the ANZC and the President of the SAC can give the order to activate one of the satellites to Level 3, because only they have the code. And to prevent such a code from being able to be stolen from someone else, they have it written down on paper in invisible ink used by a special pen. Furthermore the slip of paper that has the code is locked away in a small safe next to their desks, that can be opened up by a password the Governor-General of the ANZC and the President of the SAC has given for the safe. Both of them have a safe next to their desk for this purpose.
  10. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    I was debating whether to go through with this idea since it sounds much like science fiction, but then again I do think is very possible for such a satellite to be made for such purpose since non-nuclear electromagnetic pulses do exist.

    Also I felt it made sense for the two satellites to have special codes for it that can only be activated specifically by one of the Head of the PLAO.
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  11. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

    Nov 27, 2016
    Los Angeles, California
    Sounds like a good plan to me.
  12. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Democratic nominee Rebecca Casper wins the 2020 US presidential election!

    -NBBC World News 24/7, November 30th, 2020

    Despite what seemed to be a long and very crazy presidential election, Casper wins the presidency of the United States.

    -ABC World News 24/7, November 30th, 2020
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  13. Zharques Tiberius

    May 13, 2017
    The Capital
    Posting in lieu of @LouisTheGreyFox, who is having trouble posting anything above a few sentences today.

    The US 2020 presidential election is considered by many modern historians especially even those from the New USA, as “the craziest election of all time”. The whole election from beginning to end was full of so much craziness on all sides of the political spectrum.

    As President Shirley Ringo, the first elected female to serve the US presidency; announced she would not be interested in being reelected, this begun the “madhouse” within the nation. Since 1983, America itself has changed entirely that to many of the generations coming before the Funk Generation, America by 2020 was entirely unrecognizable that one would agree with the statement of saying “America is a foreign country now”. This was true and that statement would be something every Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, and independent would agree upon.

    America having lost so much during the Third World War, found itself being reborn in a totally different world that was unlike the one it was in before 1983. North America was now full of so many different nations whose people either still viewed themselves as “somewhat American” to “not American” and only the old surviving generations lucky enough to survive the nuclear war were the ones still prideful and patriotic of the “Old America” which the younger generations coined.

    And even upon being refounded in the 1990’s, it’s political system was completely different as well. The Republican Party shifted from being controlled by hard-line conservatives to a political party of moderates who were mostly younger people who were born in the Funk Generation or were born after Doomsdays.

    The Democratic Party itself changed a lot since Doomsday, from a party that last saw major victory in the 20th century with Carter elected as president, only for him to fail at being reelected due to Reagan’s victory in the 1980 US presidential election. The only reason Reagan was able to win was due to the failure of the Iran hostage crisis and the rising inflation that was occuring during the end of the 1970’s. And when Doomsday came and went the Democrats who were lucky enough to survive the shitshow still held onto their social liberal and progressive views. But oddly enough a lot of old Democrats who survived ended up shifting from liberal to conservative after having witnessed the struggle to live in the aftermath of nuclear war.

    Simply put many old Democrats were still somewhat more traditional (example though not being against same-sex marriage, Old Democrats basically felt that same-sex marriage would come later in the 2020’s and 2030’s, since at the time they felt the main priority for America was the focusing on the NAU and relations with the many new nations in North America (as chance to hopefully get these new nations to rejoin the US)). As for New Democrats usually those of the Funk Generation and generations born after Doomsday they were in fact way more progressive than the Old Democrats, with the notable great difference was that New Democrats believed that America’s world power status was done and it was pointless to try and reunite the entire US.

    Another change in America was the drastic change in religion especially in the New USA. Due to Doomsday bringing horrors to the eyes of many people, many people from all parts of life became less religious, non-religious, or even outright anti-religious.

    For those who became less religious it was mainly due to the fact they felt that if God was such a great guy he would’ve done everything to prevent Doomsday, but since that didn’t happened many who became less religious began to believe that God exists but he just simply watches the world like a movie without interfering.

    For non-religious, they simply believed that such a deity couldn’t exist due to the fact humanity would be too crazy to be even created by such a higher power, or simply common thing was that people who grew up in harsh conditions brought by the aftermath of nuclear war had simply saw that there is no God due to all the shit happening that led to Doomsday and happened in the aftermath.

    And for the anti-religious, these people were thoses who survived Doomsday only at the cost of them losing many loved ones and friends. Even many very religious people became anti-religious simply because they lost many people they once knew to nuclear war. And to the minds of the anti-religious they simply viewed that God is an evil asshole due to the fact he done so much crazy things in the Old Testament and main fact to them was mainly because he was a “stupid asshole” who created Adam and Eve by mistake without realizing the entire horrors that would eventually come.

    With the changing of religion in the New USA, it also led to the decline of Christianity in the US as many people became atheist, agnostic, or outright anti-religious. However another thing that led to the decline of Christianity was the fact many of the Funk Generation and the Hopeful Generation began to affiliate themselves with neo-pagan groups (usually Wicca, or groups that combined Native American and European pagan mythologies together) with the most notable of the neo-pagan group being the United Pagan Church of America, Buddhism, Taoism, and various other East Asian religions (Chinese folk religion and Korean shamanism being the most notable with over 450,000 members in the Provisional US by 2019).

    As for the still very religious of Christianity in the New USA, many felt that the recent generations betrayed them and America for throwing what they believed was the “pillar” that established what America was, which to them was a Christian nation. And the main advocate who believed this was none other than the governor of the state of Lincoln, Sarah Heath, having been born and raised in a very Christian household.

    Surely with the Funk and Hopeful Generation being told they were “traitors” to America, it just grew more resentment towards the older generations and of course Abrahamic religions all together feeling that only “backwards whackjobs” believed in a hypocritical/careless/jealous/genocidal deity. This of course hit hard to many of the churches across the New USA as many saw themselves no longer being attended by younger people and instead being attended by the older generations.

    Add that with the rise of radical Christianity from various fundamentalist cults across the New USA and the fact with the Christian Patriots who plagued the former nation of the Republic of Virginia, who brought themselves constantly on American spotlight when it came to news about terrorist attacks in North America. This in turn resulted in Christianity becoming more and more viewed as a negative thing by many younger people due to the fact fundamentalist cults practiced child marriage, extremely sexist, xenophobic, and of course being often very violent. To people in the New USA who were born after Doomsday often were told stories from former cult members who escaped or from the Net itself which pretty much dove deep into many sickening secrets that were going on in many cult communities across the New USA. Plus the fact the younger generations were very much brave and heroic in exposing secrets from Christian cults onto the Net which helped the police take care of them, resulting in massive raids done by the FBI throughout the late 2010’s and 2020’s.

    The last major divide in American politics was the issue of American exceptionalism. Older generations born before Doomsday pretty much still believed that America is the best country in the world or was the best country in human history (and that no one could surpass it not even Australia or Brazil). Along with the fact they felt that US will be reunited within their lifetimes, while failing to realize so many of the new nations in North America no longer wanted anything to do with the United States (however most of the new nations in the Old US were very thankful for the US existing having brought democracy as the common government system in the world).

    Of course the Funk Generation and the generations after them felt that the US had now reached it’s final chapter. To them the US status as a world power was never meant to last forever and many of them compared it to how the people of the Roman Empire thought their civilization would last a 1,000 years, only to never even do so. Just the Roman Empire, it was political change and power decline that led to the Roman Empire being split into two. Although the Romans aren’t around anymore their legacy lives on today with common example being the Latin script (being used almost by the whole world). That said the Funk Generation and the generations coming after them all agreed that the United States would no longer ever become a world power again but one of it great legacies that will always live on was the fact that America made a strong ground on democratic-elected governments which many countries use today (whether if it be fair democracy or not is still up to debate).

    Simply put due to the many drastic changes that occurred during and after Doomsday, the United States was completely different and it resulted in the 2020 US presidential election becoming the last major election in American history that had two major ruling parties in power. As a result it would lead to the US end up getting rid of the two party system and having itself become a government with a total of 4 political parties (American Labor Party (taking its name from the same name of the Australian Labor Party (which is in fact the oldest Labor party in world history) which is comprised by those who are center-left or mid-left on the political spectrum), Progressive Party (founded by hardcore liberals of the former Democratic Party), Centrist Party (established by Republicans and Democrats and a few Libertarians who were basically centrist on many things), and the American Conservative Party (established by politicians mostly from the Republican Party who were hardcore conservatives)) by the 2024 presidential election.

    Simply put American politics changed forever.

    -The Election That Changed It All, written by former US President Tábatha “Tabby” Paulina Kennedy-Janiot (2028-2036), April 16th, 2065

  14. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Thank you @Zharques hopefully I find out what exactly is causing this problem.
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  15. ohlourdespadua Active Member

    Mar 1, 2018
    I look at this way, being a world power is very much overrated. It brings nothing to the table except increased spending, maintaining unnecessary number of troops and fearing the next nation-state is going to bump them off the pedestal. The USA existing fundamentally as it is AT ALL is an achievement in itself, them having doubts seeing themselves as "American" (as arbitrary as it is given the vagueness of it all) is rather disconcerting. One question though; with the destruction of all things Americana like the old cities of Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington DC along with the museums, did the New US did any effort to recreate and/or preserve whatever relics they can salvage or build from and preserve the "Americanness"? It's not a happy thought the Original Constitution and the original Declaration of Independence (among others) did not survive...
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  16. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

    Jun 19, 2015
    British Dominion of New Jersey
    Due to the civil war happening in Venezuela, Ferrari Motors of Venezuela has been relocated to São José dos Pinhais, Brazil.

    -Rede Globo 24/7, December 1st, 2020

    ANZC and SAC troops are now invading the Fijian capital of Suva! It is estimated within a few hours they will arrive at the Government House!

    -ABC World News 24/7, December 1st, 2020

    Sitiveni Rabuka sat in a red luxurious chair within his office as he waited for his fate to come soon. Already Australian, New Zealander, Papuan, Chilean, Peruvian, and Brazilian forces were just a couple blocks away as he along with the remainder of his loyal cabinet could hear the tank blasts echoing in the distance as ANZC and SAC troops fought against Fijian forces.

    “Was this all for nothing Rabuka?” Naiqama Lalabalavu asked him as beads of sweat was pouring down his face due to him being very nervous.

    “No. It was all for something.” Rabuka replied.

    “Bullshit! This was all for nothing and in the end nothing has worked out!” Lalabalavu then shouted in anger as he slammed his fist against the wooden table in front of him.

    “This coup has done nothing but bring more shit towards our nation of Fiji! I should’ve warned you about overthrowing the government of Fiji, but no I had to keep my mouth shut!”

    “Face it! We’ve lost, and be more exact we lost since Day 1!”

    The President of Fiji felt extreme anger flow through him as he absolutely mad at what he was hearing right now from one of his “loyal” cabinet members.

    “So what the hell are you going to do then!?” He replied in anger.

    “Me?” Lalabalavu said in response until he suddenly then laughed a little before continuing.

    “Actually we your entire cabinet are here to overthrow you. You’ve done nothing but brought utter shit to Fiji. Your days are over!”

    “No! This is nonsense!” Rabuka screamed as he saw Mosese Bulitavu, Suliano Matanitobua, Anare Jale, Teimumu Kepa, Naiqama Lalabalavu, Mikaele Leawere, and Salote Radrodro taking small pistols out of they’re pockets which the President of Fiji could tell they were indeed loaded.

    Teimumu Kepa was the first to hold his gun with his two hands pointing directly at Rabuka.

    “Sitiveni we can do this the easy way.” Kepa said to him while still pointing the gun at him.

    “You give up and let us arrest you. Then we will negotiate with the Australians and the Brazilians and tell them it was all a misunderstanding.”

    “And do what!? Tell them that you never supported me the entire time!?” Rabuka then rudely replied.

    “Sitiveni if you want us to do this the hard way, your only way out of that is through death.” Mikaele Leawere then responded to him.

    The President of Fiji stood there for a moment as he constructed what he considered was a good plan for himself.

    “Very well, you guys win.” He said.

    As they walked towards him as he sat in his chair, Rabuka quickly grabbed a Glock 17 from behind himself and quickly shot Mikaele Leawere in the chest resulting in Leawere falling onto the floor.

    “THIS IS TREASON!” Sitiveni Rabuka screamed his last words as he was then shot in response by his cabinet, resulting in his lifeless body still sitting in the chair with dozen of red holes on his chest.

    -Government House, Suva, Fiji, December 1st, 2020
  17. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

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    Wow...that was a shocking plot twist I never saw coming. :eek:
  18. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

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    I wonder if you know what movie I referenced that from.
  19. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

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    The Godfather?
  20. LouisTheGreyFox The Hyperactive Furry Historian

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    No Revenge of the Sith.