Qbam Geographic Maps Thread

Rajasthan River Basins 1.png
Rajasthan River Basins 2.png

Rajasthan's River basins, based mainly on databasins stuff. It's a bit strange to see this since every other source I found on the basins just call it the "Outside Basin" with none of the individual endoheric basins shown (if they are as databasins says, which is true). I think the idea of this is based on the Ghaggar-Hakra River, which is itself considered to be the ancient Sarasvati river mentioned in old inscriptions. The Luni river is thought to be a tributary of this river. That being said, if there's any input for dividing this large basin up I'd be ok with undertaking that, just so long as it has something rational and factual backing it up.
can someone please post a full version of the no-border patches, thanks
I've kinda started making it, and it'll get done soon.
India 1.png
India 2.png

And finally, india is done and almost all of the subcontinent is to.
India 3.png

Before I make the basins-only version, should I do it with color or just white backgrounds?