1. iatecreepypasta

    US border at St Lawrence River

    During the American Revolution suppose the Nova Scotia joins by the Americans not raiding on Nova Scotia villages and the 14th state joins which included New Brunswick now with the help of Nova Scotia the Americans successfully invade up to the St Lawrence river and holding till the end of the...
  2. Sarthak

    The Tides of Lightning: The History of Yamnia and Beyond - A Cradle of Civilization TL.
    Threadmarks: -Prologue-

    The Tides of Lightning: The History of Yamnia and Beyond *** -Prologue- *** Urheimat (A), Ruaehneghithla Sector, 1250 Efahel (B) (50 AD) Treyef sighed as he rubbed his back and walked through the streets of the bustling capital. The guards watched him carefully and eyed him as he smiled...
  3. endy776

    Qbam Geographic Maps Thread

    This thread is made for four Qbam maps. A Rivers and basins map, a Roads map, a Railroads map and a height map. I am too lazy to complete any of the above by myself so I made this thread so that the internet can complete these for me.
  4. Do drainage basin divides make good national borders?

    I am not sure which forum to put this in, so I will put it here. Do you think that drainage divides, the lines that separate two different river basins from one another, serve as good national and state borders? The US states of Montana and Idaho have some of their borders defined as drainage...
  5. Beedok

    Battleships in Rivers

    So, with the 20th century warships have gotten big. Very big. They are typically too large for rivers. However some rivers are much bigger than others. For instance the St. Lawrence is pretty deep, so a bit of dredging allows large ocean cargo ships to get as far as Montreal. Kolkatta meanwhile...
  6. Could the Danube River have become the center of a new empire after the fall of Rome?

    Could the Danube River have become the main artery of trade and travel for a new empire after the fall of the western Roman Empire? How does the navigability of the Danube compare to the Dnieper River that allowed the Kievan Rus to raid the Black Sea? What could create a river-based empire in...
  7. If the US had no straight line borders, what would it look like?

    What if the US only had natural borders, or hypothetically, had hundreds of years of medieval/Renaissance style warfare like in Europe, that created twists and turns in its borders? I'm mainly referring to the international borders with Canada and Mexico, but state borders would also be...