Qbam Geographic Maps Thread

So now feel free to continue work on these maps I have started.
And please, do not use the borderpool or previous river maps as templates for this new river map, please.
And I probably won't do anything with the heightmap cause I am just scared of it.



progress so far...
The Basins Great Lakes should all be shown as part of the St.Lawrence Basin. (Maybe one day we will have First Level Subdivision borders between basins within basins (like Missouri and Ohio in the Mississippi basin)
And what i have done in Kansas should serve as a template of how many rivers the map should show.
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Should I include the Gulf of saint lawrence basin into the SL river basin? or should they be seperate?
What is that red bit?
And where are the other rivers of this basin?
And i think the sea of Marmara should have it's own color for it's drainage basin.
(Every sea should have a color for it's seaboard drainage basins)
The red bit was a border of bulgaria just for a reference point to draw the basin's borders.
And I'd prefer to give it another color until after we get the borders and main rivers in
Is anyone planning to do anything with the roads map?
(BTW coastal roads are to be shown on the coastline not a pixel inland)
I have updated the map in my DA post.
Also you seem to be a bit confused about the coloring of the basins.
This is how the rivers should be colored: