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It'd be nice if you could use the subdivision colors for sub-basins, because the Mississippi basin currently is a huge blob of little use. I'd like to be able to recreatethis.
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yeah we can do that, though we still have to finish all the other rivers first before we can do that. What color would you like to use for the subdivision color, cause there's more than one you can pick from? Also, do you want to color each individual basin?
WIP SEASIA Basins.png

Made progress in SE asia, especially with the Mekong. Still a WIP but planning to finish it pretty soon
Let me know if I should fix something while I'm still working on it
Southeast Asia 1.png
Southeast Asia 2.png
Nile WIP.png
India WIP.png

Alright, finally finished the vast majority of SE Asia, mainly so I can deal with those long ass extensions of the Salween and Mekong rivers which will help me make the Ganges and other rivers that originate in Tibet. Also some progress for the Nile and India, the latter of which is next on the list (subject to change).

If you guys want me to change something, let me know
New Rivers Basemap.png

Another thing, I've been making a river map without the artificial lakes and whatnot alongside the river basin map, and I am going to hopefully in time replace this map I've had for a while

Anyone know which river the orange one is? It's supposedly a tributary to the Luni River

I have dug into this, but, at least according to these, the basin of the Luni River doesn't extend that far west:

I'm guessing either the Char Dhoro, or the Nara River in Pakistan.
I think you'll find it's the Nara canal, runs in a dried up river bed - the Nara river [remnants of] is in India, dammed up and flowing into the Rann
Nara Canal
Nara River

EDIT** Looking into it - could this be the dried up bed of the Paleo-River Nara?
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This might help with the water Basins Map.
Indusand2more 1.png
Indusand2more 2.png

Here's the Indus and other nearby rivers.
The weird rajasthan megabasin and the other basins in Rajasthan, and then its on to the ganges.