MONARCH. The Republic as it Stood.

Democratic United States President Elect John Orwell Baron (2012) seen above giving a speech the day after the election, not too long before the December 21st Far Right terrorist attacks, which many would sight as the early stages of the terrorist group known as Monarch, which would in 2014 violently overthrow the nation...


Riot police seen above dispersing and breaking up a violent Alt-Right violent, one of many which followed the December 21st terror attacks.
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The Alt Right would not be the only threat faced by police, as anarchist, socialist and other groups would begin fighting in the streets.

Nichole Davidson, the first female Vice President of the United States seen above during a TV interview. It was long since believed that she was killed when Air Force One was shot on the runway during the violent overthrow in 2014. This however would not be the case...

Spanish ambassador to the United States and future Spanish President Donovan Constantino, whom would become a key figure in uniting Europe in both the Great Recession and the collapse of the United States to Monarch...

Jim Baron, the only son of President Baron, and would feature with Barons late wife in his campaign videos. Jim Baron would survive the takeover, his story of survival being among the more famous and more written about...

Posters of the mysterious man known simply as Monarch, whom after the armed overthrow of the US Government would declare himself the Monarch of America...

Royal Iraqi Army Field Marshal, Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti (better known as Saddam Hussein) salutes Iraqi tank crews as they pass him in a 2003 military parade. Offscreen and next to Saddam, on his left, is Iraq’s reigning monarch, King Faisal IV of the Hashemite Dynasty. The annual parade is known as the Kingdom Day Parade.

Royal Iraqi Army tanks on parade during the 2003 Kingdom Day Parade.
The parade is to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the monarchy’s crushing of the attempted 1958 coup by disloyal elements in the Iraqi Army and the then fledgingly Ba’ath Party of Iraq (which has since then been severely driven underground and made illegal).

Iraqi Field Marshal al-Tikriti with other Royal Iraqi Army officials in Autumn 2004. The item on the agenda is the issue of the ever increasing cross-border raids committed by the Islamic Republic of Arabia which is led by the enigmatic radical Islamic leader, cleric, and terrorist, Usama ibn Mohammed ibn Awad ibn Ladi otherwise known as Osama bin Laden.
It is also to be noted that the Kingdom of Iraq has been having a serious problem with terrified Arabian refugees pouring into the country ever since Osama and his Islamic radicalist Al-Qaeda organisation took over the country in 1999, executed the Royal Family, and instituted a massive reign of terror against opponents of the “Great Islamic Arabian Revolution” whether they be real or imagined.

Ayatollah Usama ibn Mohammed ibn Awad ibn Ladin of the Islamic Republic of Arabia (known to the world as Osama bin Laden) during a 2004 interview with an American reporter and his camera crew from CNN.

Arabian royalist rebels, holdouts from the defeated Royal Saudi Army, celebrate the capture of Al-Bahah from the local militia and garrison in November 2001.

Soldiers of the Islamic Revolutionary Army of Arabia with a tank enter Al-Bahah, Arabia in November 2001. They are there to crush counterrevolutionary rebels who are made up of remnants of the old royalist, and Western-backed, regime’s army.

Members of the Great Arabian Revolutionary Guard, the elite soldiers of the Arabian army who take their orders from the Ayatollah himself, marching in Al-Bahah just after the counterrevolutionary rebels have been crushed.

Iraqi tanks roll through Riyadh, Arabia on August 1, 2004. After seemly endless cross-border raids by the Arabians and countless dead Iraqi civilians and refugees, Baghdad decided that enough was enough and invaded the Islamic Republic of Arabia.
Arabia’s only ally, the Republic of Sudan, objected to the Iraqi invasion while the international community’s reaction was either one of praise or indifference – Riyadh had been sponsoring and harbouring Islamic extremist terrorist groups ever since the bin Laden regime took power in early 1999 and in so doing drew the ire and hatred of the rest of the world with the notable exception of Sudan.

Members of the Iraqi Royal Guard Assault Force, a large detachment of the well-equipped and well-trained Iraqi Royal Guard that is directly attached to the royal army and acts as an elite unit. They are marching towards Mecca which has been turned into a fortress by the forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Army of Arabia.​

It took the Iraqis only 2 weeks to take control of the country. Arabia’s leader, Ayatollah Osama bin Laden fled to Sudan as Iraqi forces neared Riyadh. A member of the Saudi royal family that fled to Baghdad during the Islamic Revolution in 1999, Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, was installed by the Iraqis as the king of the newly restored Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

King Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia wearing an Italian-made suit in 2004.

Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti with other army officers and soldiers on the outskirts of Mecca. The Royal Iraqi Army captured the holy city from the remnants of the Islamic Revolutionary Army of Arabia on September 10, 2004.​
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A group of Republic of Gilead Handmaidens, seen above during a public execution. Taken from an American history book, the Handmaidens are seen as symbols of that dark period in global history, the colour red and the Handmaidens uniforms have since been incorporated into the Women's Rights movement, much like how the pink triangle had been reclaimed by the LGBTQ community in the 1970s.
I want to see this
Iron Roses
Hafez al-Assad Chairman of the National Workers Party Of Syria one of the anti British independence leader during it struggle against Britain. After it’s independence the country would remain neutral until Assad would lead a German backed military coup. His hard line anti religion policies would lead to a uprising and to protect its interest the Third Reich would invade with the invention from Assad.

German apc moving their way down a Syrian highway shortly before and ambush by the communist. (1976)


Communist insurgency using captured German guns (1977). They would fight a underground war and insurgency against the us invasion.

Syrian helicopter down by communist using US provided missiles.

A destroyed German tank, with war with still a minor insurgency in the frontier and one in Syria the future looked bleak for the thousand year Reich although not as bad as it was for Britain. The 80’s would be truly exciting decade....

A United States Mid Western Fireman (1966 - 1999), seen above after a literature search and destroy mission. Firemen of this time were granted the power to search anyone, anywhere, at any time, and burn any books they found.

From "La Triplice" World

This morning, the most famous animation director, Kim Jong Un; scion of the world famouse animator family of the Kims, has signed the most remunerative contract of korean animation with USA television magnate Dunald Trump CEO of Tower Television.
Tower Television brought an Aeni serie celled the "The man with tiger teeth", a clear tribute to a 1919 Lupin movie very successeful in Asia.
Un, instead of his father very in love with fantasy and sciefiction, is a director that love more mundane stories.

In "The man with tiger teeth" we follow the adventures(24 episodes are just been filmed and another serie is optioned) of a Korean secret agent that must chose to defend the Emperor of Japan by a terrorist attack or take away an invaluable diamond.
As is traditional in the works of the Kim family, the protagonist has a central role and other characters are only there to enlight one aspect of the protagonist.

Kim Jong Un is well renow for his works, between them we must remember:
The General and the people - a movie about Korean war of indipendence of the '40s
Master of my own destiny II - a remake/sequel of his grandfather's work abut the rising of poor farmer to the most hight echelons of the Korean state.
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From la "Triplice" World

Taekon V teaser posterfrom 2011 advertisment campaing.
The long awaited remake of a classic korean anei was aired in Korean State, Republic of China and Japan early in 2012, gaining immediatly a lot of success.

This remake was directed for the first 12 episodes by the famouse korean director Kim Jong Il, that unfortunately died before the show was aired.
In the story, plajarized in '70s by the less famouse japan Mazinger Z, a mad scentist discover an alien civilization on Earth and uses its secrets to conquer the world.
In late 2016, superhumans were discovered, made public to the media...
Blue Eyes..jpeg

Afolabi Bai [1] whom was dubbed by the media and by the US forces who first encountered him in Somalia as "Blue Eyes" for his eyes which was originally perceived as a form of ablinism, which would appear to glow whenever his powers were in use. These powers, as well as the boy himself were discovered by the US soldiers when cameras caught the boy being shot repeatedly in the crossfire between US and Al-Shabaab forces, surviving these injuries before with incredible strength, managed to kill three [2] of the seven remaining Al-Shabaab fighters (One of which he was reported to have picked up and thrown up to 50 feet into the air), injuring the remaining four. Blue Eyes now lives in the United States, where he has become a much loved global celebrity, even appearing on Time Magazine as Person of the Year [3].

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 9.20.17 pm.png

Little Shiva, discovered durring a terrorist attack in Nepal during the Maha Shivaratria in 2017, during which she proceeded to kill the terrorist without even raising a finger, using telekinesis to either smack the attackers against walls or in one horrific case, tearing one to pieces. She is incredibly elusive, and the Nepalese government has since offered a three million dollar reward to anyone who can find her [4]. She has been spotted throughout the asian pacific...

[1] Though the public perception is that he was the first superhuman, it is highly believed by scientist and officials that he is not.
[2] Blue Eyes at first claimed that it was an accident, though in later interviews he would admit that it was not.
[3] Which was highly controversial, especially in the United States.
[4] It is unclear what the governments intentions are with her.​

In the early 1960s, Ed Graham Productions optioned the television rights to the comic strip Batman and planned a straightforward juvenile adventure show, much like Adventures of Superman and The Lone Ranger, to air on CBS on Saturday mornings.
East Coast ABC executive Yale Udoff, a Batman fan in his childhood, contacted ABC executives Harve Bennett and Edgar J. Scherick, who were already considering developing a television series based on a comic-strip action hero, to suggest a prime-time Batman series in the hip and fun style of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. When negotiations between CBS and Graham stalled, DC Comics quickly reobtained rights and made the deal with ABC, which farmed the rights out to 20th Century Fox to produce the series.
In turn, 20th Century Fox handed the project to William Dozier and his production company, Greenway Productions. ABC and Fox were expecting a hip and fun—yet still serious—adventure show. However, Dozier, who had never before read comic books, concluded, after reading several Batman comics for research, that the only way to make the show work was to do it as a pop-art campy comedy. Originally, espionage novelist Eric Ambler was to have scripted a TV movie that would launch the television series, but he dropped out after learning of Dozier's campy comedy approach. Eventually, two sets of screen tests were filmed, one with Adam West and Burt Ward and the other with Lyle Waggoner and Peter Deyell, with West and Ward winning the roles.
Well, that's the history of OTL's Batman series. But I'd love to know more about This Alt-Timeline's Adam West, Captain America show.

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Photo of 80’s pop star Justin Bieber 1985 first album Baby names after his hit song.
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It would be followed up by second album which would see him explore synth and hip hop styles and would ft Run-DMC on his hit song “Sorry”
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Master of Synth and self proclaimed synth god himself music produced as artist DJ Khaled would drop his new album Father Of ASAHD where we he would also ft on other artists he produced songs such as
the clash-rock the casbah.
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Ex mid to late 70’s child star turn R&B and MC Drake would drop Si papi in 1984.
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Rap group Migos would drop Black Beatles in 1985 where they would come into controversy over being sued by Yoko Oni for using John Lennon name in their title song Black Beatles.
OK, so if ITTL all of our modern singers are 80s stars, is the reverse also true? Like, are we going to see David Bowie and Micheal Jackson doing EDM Pop? Can we expect to see The Beastie Boys and the Clash taking the places of One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer?
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Well, that's the history of OTL's Batman series. But I'd love to know more about This Alt-Timeline's Adam West, Captain America show.

OK, so if ITTL all of our modern singers are 80s stars, is the reverse also true? Like, are we going to see David Bowie and Micheal Jackson doing EDM Pop? Can we expect to see The Beastie Boys and the Clash taking the places of One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer?
Nope as I mentioned DJ Khalid produced the Clash and groups like Run DMC would be on the same track as drake and the migos. Thanks for reminding so i can post another addition to this.

Photo of the 1984 movie it which was highly controversial due to it gore and horror along “the scene”...

Poster for the 1980 movie hell boy

1989 Logan.

Acclaimed tv show the Walking Dead it would also become famous the President would in a late night speech with
“Now this over I got go catch the walking dead”

Breaking bad about a chemistry teacher who snaps and starts making his own crack to sell to pay off his cancer treatment.

John Wick about an ex special forces agent and hitman war against the mob after they killed the only thing he had to remember his dead wife...his wife.

1960's Rapture: Hell Beneath The Waves poster. Note this particular poster is rarer, due to the early printing error regarding Telly Savalas, which was fixed after 110 of these were printed. Only 27 are known to still be in circulation among collectors.