Good examples, good practices
  • Various examples of good quality content for this thread, randomly selected from the previous thread:

    - surviving Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth passport
    - Danish-Canadian showdown in the Arctic
    - photo from an alternate Pacific War
    - Nova Roma, rebel breakaway republic from the Roman Empire
    - Abraham Lincoln, General Viscount of the Royal Fusiliers
    - illustrations from an alternate history / future history setting
    - Pacific Electric Streetcar, Long Beach, LA, July 2000
    - illustrations (three in a row) of a surviving CSA in a modern war
    - media and propaganda of Spacefilleria, an African authoritarian settler state
    - James Lovell, former NASA director, and the command module of the first manned Mars mission
    - Mark Gatiss as the Ninth Doctor in an alternate Doctor Who
    - John Pershing and Doroteo Arango, heads of the Expeditionary Forces in France
    - gas warfare in clockpunk Renaissance Italy, reflected in da Vinci's works
    - classified photo of the HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier ISOT event
    - a different kind of steampunk Western, set in New Spain
    - Harry Truman president, Lauren Bacall vice-president
    - an alternate New Zealand, on Federation Day
    - Yalta Conference ? More like Eridani Conference
    - Chinese at the Yalta Conference (original painting by Shi Xinning)
    - Confederate zeppelins shooting down a US zeppelin
    - BBC Éire logo (successful Irish Home Rule bill TL)
    - Mi-24 attack helicopter acquired by the Coast Guard
    - Jour J comic book covers about alternate early 2000s
    - Mallory and Irvine nearing the Mount Everest summit
    - protesters against the CSA (based on this)
    - "Perestroikapunk" early 1990s Soviet Union
    - Noble Republic of Elfheim wiki infobox
    - a Canadian Moon landing !
    - the EU lands on the Moon
    - ATL Reichstag flags: USA, CSA, UK, France, Italy, Russian Republic, Mexico, EU (1), EU (2)
    - "Pre-make" film posters: 1970s Wolverine (with Al Pacino), The Fifth Element (with Sean Connery) and Unbreakable (with Paul Newman)
    - preserved aliens from the early 20th century Martian War (1910: A Space Odyssey ! TL)
    - New York in a British Dominion of North America
    - English, Welsh and Scottish Railway
    - empty supermarket in US-blockaded Montana
    - God, the last album by the Beatles, from 1971
    - Russia at war... in the late 1920s ?!
    - soft drink ad with war propaganda overtones
    - Otto V, Holy Roman Emperor article on Wikipedia
    - USA/CSA border customs (original image by Cracked)
    - posters promoting the fictional Mborivia
    - Al Capone, grocery store mogul
    - Republic of Puerto Rico battleship
    - sapient kangaroo tribes in ATL Australia
    - Turkey as a nuclear power

    Just to give you at least a vague idea about what the guidelines mean in terms of quality standards. Hope it helps a bit. :)

    To start you off, I'll do two more posts with images.
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    Welcome ! (Introduction)
  • The original Photos from Alternate Worlds, started by Tetsu in 2005, was one of the first major threads on to deal with "media from alternate worlds" as its premise. After more than 12 years (!), that thread reached the end of its life with nearly 500 pages of content and has been closed. It's time to start anew...

    Here's a new thread to continue that simple, but interesting premise. Use it well, guys and gals. :)

    Have fun and show off your talents !


    A few quality guidelines, to avoid people posting random, non-AH junk:
    - post photos and images that could convincingly pass as actual alternate history.
    - photoshopped, hand-drawn, etc. works of your own are highly welcomed, especially if they're of good quality and fit the scenario described.
    - you can post illustrations in addition to photos, but they should be of the same "this could convincingly pass for something from an ATL" standard of quality.
    - no contemporary politics and no posting of memes or random pictures that you find funny. This isn't an "amusing stuff I found" thread, it's a thread to show off your creativity and skills at creating images from alternate universes. Also, no "edgy", questionable, or blatantly extremist content of any kind. (Should go without saying.)
    - you can post stuff from realistic, hard-plausibility timelines/universes, as well as more fantastical universes. Just always be mindful there has to be a clear AH element in it. Random science fiction or fantasy pictures won't count as AH, unless you include some visual element or good explanation of why they're AH or part of some wider multiverse of timelines.
    - if you find something from OTL that looks oddly AH, maybe this thread would be more appropriate.


    Related: Alternate Media article on our wiki (lists various "alternate images" threads, including these two)
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