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    Iron Roses
    Anarchy In The UK

    Union Of Southern Africa Defense Forces on patrol to find black rebels (New Years 1980)
    Arm rebels before they would take a small town during a government pullout in the area.
    British anti war and armed protest aging arming the Union Of South Africa this would peak with bloody 30 where riots would grip London along with other major cities in the empire for a month demanding a pull out of arms and men from South Africa along with sanctions.
    Other movements would spread throughout the empire embolden by the riot
    Riots in Australia.
    Aftermath in Cairo
    But none would be worst than in Northern Ireland armed with American heavy weapons and even stolen armored vehicles the would take key points over in the north with the army thin as it was it was just about impossible to stop them. The King would override the PM and starts reforms which would see the reopening of truly independent and opposition media, protest would not be made illegal along with the Empire becoming a Confederation of nations that each counties could vote on leaving. This backfired massively as one by one each country would vote to leave.
    Hardliners would attempt the coup only to have it fail as mass protest convinced the soldiers to not follow orders from the hardliners.
    While the brits was out The US had one more enemy on the horizon
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    Should I make it a full timeline?
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    Regno di Longobardia, Margraviato di Toscana.
    Is empire of Japan Collapsing?
    from "La Triplice, n.11/anno 26

    General Tojo submits his resignations to His Majesty Hiroito, the Emperor of Japan.

    The Japanese Empire is the powerhouse of Asia.
    The Sun never set on Tokyo, or so the Emperor says to his subjects on the mother islands and in the various dominions scattered in the Pacific Ocean.
    Its navy is stronger and bigger than German and American ones combined and its alliance with British Empire allows to Tokyo a lot manuverability.

    They felt invincible, and truly they armies and navies were a marvelous march of victories, from 1905 against Russia in Mnachuria, to 1936 against Usa in the Philippines.
    But in 1946, the Japanese machines was interrupted by a crushing defeat: The war of Korean Indipendece.

    Altrought Germany and Britain has signed a treaty and normalizing relations in the '20s and '30s, both empires conspired and plotted against each other.
    When Japan declared war to China in 1940, to prevent the formation of a national assembly in Najing sponsored by Germany(in clear anti-Japanese and anti-bristish function), in Tokyo everything seemed only the next victory.
    The were wrong.
    Aided by italian(also if Italy was committed in its own wars, cannot refuse an invitation from Berlin) and german technicians and "conuselors", Japanese army found a match for its teeths.
    Korean Volunteers in German uniform at battle of Pyongyang.

    China mass armies and german technologies were too much for the overstreched and tired Japanese Empire.
    After a war that lasted four years, Tojo Hideki, commanding general and minister in chief of Japan had to ask for a cease fire.
    This ended the carreer of this "New Shogun" and changed Japan forever.

    Japan resigned its territories in mainland china to the Nanjin government(Excepf fot Tsingao) and gave indipendence to Machukuo, that become a republic and to Korea.

    In the streets of Peyongyang peoples rejoice to the news of indipendence.
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    President of the South Carolinian Republic
    The first image of the aftermath of the Miami Attack

    Refugees from the Miami Nuclear Attack travel north to refugee camps near Orlando

    A still from President Bush's famous "Love of God" speech given just days after the attacks
    The Nuclear Attack on Miami is the most devastating terrorist attack in US and World history. Carried out by Al-Qaeda using nuclear materials bought from the collapsing Soviet Union, the attacks killed tens of thousands instantly, with tens of thousands more being injured. The materiel was bought by Osama bin-Laden himself supposedly on June 1st, 1990 from a unknown Soviet military commander in Siberia. From there the attack was planned in Afghanistan as the material was prepared. It was a rather simple plan with the terrorists who were to carry out the plan (Jordanian Abu al-Jawari, Palestinian Samad Karwal and Egyptian Nawar el-Sayyid) already living in the US, having lived in the US for years and been radicalized by family in the organization. Over the next few years the nuclear materiel was turned into a carefully constructed suitcase bomb and smuggled into the US through the Bahamas. Once in the Bahamas the suitcase was smuggled into the US over water into the Florida Keys where it was picked up by al-Jawari. With that done the three (who all lived in South Florida) met in Miami where they set out targets. Later the FBI, through captured Al-Qaeda members and informants, would learn that the original target was New York City, Wall St more specifically as the financial capital of the United States. However the three were still untrained in the use of the bomb. Something happened that the world will never know but we all know the aftermath. On November 21st, 2000 a small nuclear weapon detonated in the outskirts of Miami. The blast was rather small in comparison to other nuclear weapons previously used but its worth noting that those were used in war by nations during times of war. Their increased yield is to not be used to undermine the devastation. Estimated to be around 10kt the bomb was detonated in the Kendall neighborhood. The official death toll has settled around 20,000 but some suspect that the true number is higher.

    The aftermath showed a massive surge of patriotism in the United States which quickly grew toxic as news of Al-Qaeda's involvement leaked and the "Reprisals" began against anybody who looked Muslim or Middle Eastern. It began just a week after the attacks when a Muslim Latino in Dallas was lynched. As the US Government strongly condemned the lynching, more attacks were reported across the nation, culminating in the NYC Riot where 'patriots' rioted against the cities large Muslim population. Riot police were called, hundreds were arrested or injured and attacks began to decline as recovery began. Florida and Miami in particular was flooded with aid from all corners of the nation. Russia sent nuclear experts to help with the cleanup, The EU sent thousands of doctors and even Kenya sent food. Much of the aid was accepted by the US Government under pressure from Congress as the US also began to rebuild the ruined areas. Meanwhile the FBI launched massive raids across the US against dozens of suspected radicalized mosques. While most of the raids came to nothing and the arrested were soon released one man was picked up, Mohammad Atta, an Al-Qaeda convert who moved to Orlando just a few days before the attacks. His home was soon after raided and it was found that he was the go between for the larger Al-Qaeda apparatus and the attackers, allegedly being the man who transported the bomb from the Bahamas to America. He was tried for planning the attacks and over a dozen other counts of various charges and found guilty after just 10 min by the jury. Atta is currently serving life in prison in a super max in Colorado. In 2007 he was put in protective custody after being stabbed several times by inmates who had heard of the attacks.

    Meanwhile Al-Qaeda was officially blamed on October 21st, 2001 by President Bush in a speech in Orlando. Soon after America demanded that Afghanistan, who reportedly sheltered Osama for a time in late 90s, hand him over for trial. The Taliban responded saying that soon after the attacks were carried out Osama moved into Central Asia. America didn't believe them and soon after brought a resolution before the UN demanding they declare the Taliban a threat to World Peace and organize an intervention against them. The UN agreed and Operation Restoring Freedom began on December 1st, 2001 when a UN force of Americans, Russians and Germans landed in Northern Afghanistan to support the rebelling Northern Alliance. The Taliban were forced out of Kabul within two months and the long road of occupation began which continues to this day. Meanwhile the US's Intelligence community, supported by various other nations, tracked Osama bin-Laden. In February of 2005 a tip led the CIA to bin-Laden's current hideout in rural Turkmenistan. After hurried discussions with the Turkmen leadership a force of US Marines invaded the compound on February 25th, 2005. The resulting gun battle between Osama's guards and the Marines lasted for nearly half an hour before Osama's door was broken down and he was captured, alive. The announcement that Osama bin-Laden was captured alive was met with jubilation across the United States and the public began to immedeatly debate on what punishment best suited him. Osama was however not tried on US soil, fearing the outcry. Instead his trial in Guantanamo Bay was nationally televised. He was charged with over a hundred crimes including nuclear terrorism. His trials outcome was known from the second it started and when Osama bin-Laden was sentenced to death, nobody was suprised. He was executed by firing squad two months later. [...]
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    Jun 2, 2015

    On the re-election campaign in '76, President Ron Reagan (D-IA) and Eddie Zschau (D-CA). Also featured joining in the celebration in former President Ruth Ginsberg (lower-right-hand corner).
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    By 2017, with the sudden emergence of superhumans, vigilante organisations would gradually be on the rise, many of which forming in secret, whilst only a minority would make their presence public, such as the RLSH (Real Life Superhero Movement) mostly due to them existing prior to the official discovery of superhumans, as well as being a primarily peaceful organisation, mostly conducting small patrols and homeless relief.
    There were however more violent organisations and individuals whom would arise...

    Despite the more violent vigilantes, public opinion on superhumans and superheroes (Both groups being grouped together despite the fact that not all vigilantes were superhumans and not all superhumans were vigilantes) would be mixed, though a majority of the public would become supportive of them. A large amount of the groups supportive of vigilantes being either in the middle of the political spectrum, or near both ends of their extremes. Superhumans were primarily supported by minority groups, left leaning groups, and the youth. Though it must be noted that there were exceptions in both cases. ​
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    ALPHA & OMEGA. Tomorrow USA 2017.
    Images taken at Tomorrow USA 2017, which would draw in a large amount of superhuman attendees, leading to the event being dubbed by one vlogger as "Nambassa, Woodstock and Burning Man with superpowers thrown into the mix".

    It should also be known that the superhuman counterculture movement would see the rise of many figures in both pop cultural history, as well as history in general.

    For better or for worse, with some being seen as heroes, whilst others seen as...

    Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 7.06.58 pm.png
    A superhuman teenager dubbed "Banshee" for her superhuman abilities (Including a sonic scream and mild self-tactile telekinesis) seen above is entranced by a speech one of these countercultural figures is giving about superhuman empowerment. Despite popular belief, she had already met this figure weeks prior to this photo.
    Banshee would go on to become his most devoted and loyal followers...

    Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 1.58.36 pm.png Zod.jpg
    That superhuman was Omega, whose true identity was that of the controversial writer Terrence Weaver. An infamous superhuman supremacy advocate, and future extremist leader... Among other things in his lifetime.

    The flag of the Organisation of Metahuman Extremist with Goals of Achieving Supremacy (OMEGAS), later the flag of the Order of Omega...​
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    The first came in 1945 after the end of ww2 two Show ship was spotted flying over Egypt as they did the pyramids began to move and seemed to activate some kind of power from with in them. The same happened at other historical sites all over Africa and even parts of Middle East. Artifacts in museums began to give off signals. The main craft known at the time simply as the mother ship hovered above DC for three days then on the White House lawn a pod from the mother ship landed.
    The military and world were not prepared for what came out.
    Photo of their welcoming party at the time the assumed the war still dressed like that of ancient Egypt. The public was shocked at these alien who where not little green men from mars, but tall nearly 6’7 for the average man of their kind ebony skinned. The race would introduce themselves as the anunnaki. Soon after their leader would step forward.
    Small for his planet standing at (6’5) he would be considered a great warrior and leader by the anunnaki. He would meet with the world leaders at the UN where he would announce that in fact his people hadn’t just discovered our world, but had known about and visited earth thousands of years before.....
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    Mar 13, 2006
    Regno di Longobardia, Margraviato di Toscana.
    From "la triplice" tl
    Fieldmarshal Rommel and his staff patrolled the front lines near Shymkent is Russian Kazakhstan during operation "Sandsturm".

    Rommel and his "Turkenkorp", the most successful and brilliant of the German generals in the conflict embroiling Germany from '41 to '52 called "Zwei Langekrieg".
    The main conflict was against Russian Republic and its allies: Bulgaria, Rumania and Serbia.
    The war exploded in 1941 after years of provocations between the New Russian government led by russian party of the Workers of Konstantin Rodzaevsky and the new Keiser Wilhelm III.

    German reichswehr enter in Minsk(1945)

    The Turkish Republic, allied with Berlin, declared war both to Russia and Bulgaria, and invaded Russian Central Asia with German helps.
    If not to German levels, turkey perform a lot better than weltkrieg.
    Turkish officers discussed after the fall Shymkent, the most important airport in South Kazakhstan.

    The Russian war was brutal, but nothing compared to Homeline wwii, and was concluded by a strength show, when Germany launched its first atomic bomb on Kronstadt naval base near Petrograd.
    The explosion of Kronstadt naval base was the first atomic bomb used.
    It was an idea of German scientists Heisenberg and Einstein, but was completed by Italian ones Majorana and Fermi, whose idea for a superweapon was refused by Italy to be "too expensive".
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    In the Republic of Texas, a runaway slave is humiliated in public by the police as he is taken to a stake in the middle of Galveston where he was repeatedly lashed by other members of the police department before being returned to his owners.
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    Photo of the founding members along with their pet dog and mascot of the PI firm known as Mystery Incorporated (1966).
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    The iconic image of the dark period between 1968 and 1985 known by many names, most popularly as the Dawn of the Dead. The image above, taken outside of Pittsburgh in 1968, depicts a large pack of ghouls, taken by a photographer travelling with a group of hunters, moments before they would open fire on the pack.
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    So like and earlier WWZ that would actually make a good time line.
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    Iron Roses​
    With the never ending war with the Sino Soviets in the German east and humiliation of the both Kongo and Syria crisis along economic stagnation and decline due to spending to keep up with the allies combined with the largest oil crisis it had seen Germany slowly through out the late 70’s-80’s began to crumble.
    Reformists Otto Doner Rockwell JR son of the American Nazi activist who moved to the Reich in 1976 would rise to the top of the Reich in 1988 becoming the first and last non Germany leader of Reich. He would launch and campaign of some freedom of speech and the press although these would be limited at first. Otto would also try to fix the economic crisis by opening up to the west.
    French Nationalists takes to the streets 1990
    These reform backed-fire as Reich Citizens from outside and even inside German ethic areas saw the higher standards of living fueled national protests.
    Hungarian Nationalist protest German rule demanding home rule (1992) seen in the photo is the future leader of Hungarian Army Of The Republic which would commit war crimes against non Hungarians this is the only known photo of him.
    Otto in 93 would also announced a pull of a lot of the area to the east leaving german settlers to defend themselves Moscow would fall by the end of 94.



    (German SS riot control lay down to rest after being pushed out of most area of Hamburg after a police strike and student riot took place)

    (Protester celebrating as the soldiers much like in Britain decided to join the anti coup protest)

    The real fall of the Reich would happen after a massive slave revolt by Slavic and other enslaved races by the Reich that happen along side students protest and riots. Hardliners would try to “once more save the white race and the German people” by launching a coup against Otto which failed horribly, but it would trigger a secession problem with other non Germany territories leading to conflict between pro and ethnic German armies and the nationalist forces.
    “French Nationalist Forces” opening fire on the German military who been sent into stop the crisis....
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    You ask you say receive
    Link to the TL:
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    Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the 3rd man to step foot on the moon after Neil Armstrong and mere seconds after Buzz Aldrin on July 20th, 1969. He would serve as the ambassador between the USSR and the lunar colonies of Konstantin and Yuri, before running for president in 1979, being the first presidents of the reformed USSR.​
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    First Contact in London England. March 31st, 1989...
  19. Filo Count of Santa Lucia

    Mar 13, 2006
    Regno di Longobardia, Margraviato di Toscana.
    From "La Triplice"
    The British Japanese alliance of 1902, was renowed in 1912 and 1932.
    [​IMG] British and Japanese diplomats signed the treaty of Honk Kong(1932)

    The alliance was needed to protect the interests of the two states in Pacific and eastern Asia.
    The alliance, called also Pacific Pact, included(and still included) GB, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland, Empire of China(Taiwan Island), Kingdom of Hawaii and Kingdom of Thailand, and the main task was to coordinate sealane patrols and watch German(and now Chinese) interferences in Pacific and Indian oceans.

    The famouse postcard of 1902. celebrating the alliance, was issued again in 1932.

    The postcard is cosplayed in 2002 for the 100th year of Pacific Pact.
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    Photo of 1982's video release of Disney's Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs