As far as I know it isn’t happening for real. Actually the video was posted 2 years ago, so my guess is that it won’t be a reality anytime soon.
LA TRIPLICE: N.3 (Anno X - 11/1953) - LA CADUTA DELL'AQUILA BICIPITE(The fall of doubleheaded eagle)

Occupied Prague, and quelled the revolt, the Reichstag in Berlin, tryed to end the Bohemia issue and bring peace to central Europe while as troops were required in eastern europe, where after an initial acclamation, the populations of Belarus and Ukraine were starting to get excited.
It was resurrected, no one knows precisely from whom, an old Wittelsbach claim.
In the seventeenth century, the dynasty had claimed the throne of Bohemia and had started the Thirty Years War.
But in the twentieth century, with the now-collapsing Habsburg empire, this claim could finally be satisfied.
The Reichstag, and the Keizer Wilhelm, demanded that the thrones of Bavaria and Bohemia could never unite, once this clause was obtained, Prince Leopold of Bavaria was crowned as king of Bohemia and Protector of the Sudeten.


King Leopold the III of Bohemia in Bavarian army uniform.
Jurassic Reich Part 6: Dark Matters.

While the Project Regenesis team where breeding dinosaurs and engineering new ones, another wing of the project were doing something rather more sinister. Under the leadership of Untetsturmfuehrer Josef Gebbach, his wing were conducting medical experiments on inmates at the southern part of the Groeftenbergen Research Facility. The inmates in question were mostly political prisoners, but some were Jewish. The experiments were splicing human genes with ones from Dinosaurs, thus creating abominable mutants, whose purpose were to be used for medical research for the Dinosaurs in the German Armed Forces. This data was also used for the highly ambitious Uberraptor project.

A photo of Untersturmfuehrer Josef Gebbach, circa 1939.

An image of a laboratory at the Groeftenbergen Facility, where the SS were doing experimentation with genetics.

Gebbach's team would constantly consult with Josef Mengele, an Infamous SS Doctor from Auschwitz.

An image of one of the test subjects, known as C-6071, formerly known as Rudolf Tannenbaum, who was in his human form a Political Dissident in the Third Reich. The portrait in the top left was of Subject T-4401, who was in her human form a Jewish woman from Warsaw. Some of these mutants were used for testing to see the possible effects of chemical warfare on Dinosaurs.

A drawing of another Velociraptor/Human hybrid, this time being of C-9843, who was originally was a soldier from the Soviet Army who was captured in the opening days of Operation Barbarossa and was sent to the Groeftenbergen Labs as a test subject.

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Idris Elba as Ian Flemmings James Bond in the 26th 007 film License Renewed, starring Idris Elba alongside Emilia Clarke, Hugh Laurie, Cillian Murphy, Jay Baruchel, and Jim Broadbent as M in a film which would see 007 being sent to the neon lighten streets of Japan to stop billionaire Anton Munik from hacking global defence systems and endangering the world with nuclear destruction. Idris Elba was the first black man to play James Bond, and his performance would be loved by both critics and audiences, and would see him star in six more 007 films, including Colonel Sun and Icebreaker.

A group of Republic of Gilead Handmaidens, seen above during a public execution. Taken from an American history book, the Handmaidens are seen as symbols of that dark period in global history, the colour red and the Handmaidens uniforms have since been incorporated into the Women's Rights movement, much like how the pink triangle had been reclaimed by the LGBTQ community in the 1970s.
Iron Roses


(Photo of President Nixon 1968-1980)

Promising to restore “law and order” and “kick this fascist counter culture and draft dodgers in the ass” as well as “taking at this whole Kongo thing” ex Vice President Nixon would launch his campaign for the 68 presidency with a harder stance on Germany and her puppets. President King would directly support Nixon against his opponent who Nixon labeled a
“A far right peace loving fascist”

Photo of Hitler Funeral 1968

At first Rommel would look like the first pick to replace him smart cunning, but his stance of peace with the west would make him target from hardline Nazis. Ultimately he would launch the coup to try to keep the hardliners from taking powers. The coup would fail In he would be tried and killed on public tv.

Through the power struggle 68 year old himmler would take power and the hardline faction would remain in control.

The Congo free state celebrates victory after the peace deal. The northern German rump Kongo would soon fall to a black nationalist insurgency (1974). President Nixon would attend taking a break from the campaign as well as Uncle Ho And Chairman Mao among other anti fascist leaders.


Jacksonville Cops drags pro nazi protesters after a protest turned into a riot (1974)

Example of counter culture skinheads who would often clash with the police in riots (1972)


After the fall collapsed of the Nazi rump state in 76 the third Reich would look to the Middle East Germany looked for a new ally...