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  1. JCC the Alt Historian

    Photos and Videos from a World without 9/11
    Threadmarks: Start of the thread and some rules

    Hello! This is @JCC the Alt Historian here. I have decided to make a thread about photos and videos from an alternate world (or technically from different types of worlds) where the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks never happen. Without 9/11 ever happening, society in both the United...
  2. RedKing

    Alternate History: Explain the historical event

    Inspired by the Explain the AH Quote | and AH Cultural Descriptions | threads. In this thread one person comes up with an alt-historical event and the next explains and gives them their own. You must explain what happened in the event and why (you can go...
  3. Ed of the Pueblos Libres

    A place in the Sun in 1919: Anthology of the Great War
    Threadmarks: 1-A Tsesarevich should not go to a quadrilateral.

    While the civil war in the United States and other problems in Europe developed Ivan wondered what he was doing. He took the Tsesarevich away quickly while he protested. That quadrilateral was not a place for someone who would inherit an empire sooner or later "Paskevich what the hell are you...
  4. Petike

    Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)
    Threadmarks: Welcome ! (Introduction)

    The original Photos from Alternate Worlds, started by Tetsu in 2005, was one of the first major threads on to deal with "media from alternate worlds" as its premise. After more than 12 years (!), that thread reached the end of its life with nearly 500 pages of content and has been closed...