James Douglas Morrison (Born December 8, 1943) is an American actor, director, and poet. He is iconic for his exotic voice and he gained the nickname of “Welles Jr.” because some people were vaguely reminded of Orson Welles when they heard him narrating Ulysses in an audiobook recording. He is also well-known for his debut role as Boba Fett in the fifth Star Wars episode and Carl Bernstein in All the President’s Men.
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So it looks like we got three newspapers from three different universes.

The first one (The Dallas Morning News from November 23, 1963) is from a universe where Richard Nixon defeats John F. Kennedy in the 1960 US Presidential Election and as a result, is slain in Dallas instead with Henry Cabot Lodge Jr taking over after Nixon's death.

The second one (The Daily Herald from March 31, 1981) is from a universe where John HinckleyJr. succeeds in assassinating Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush becomes the 41st US President 8 years early as a result.

The third one (The Washington Times from November 8, 2000) is from a universe where Al Gore wins the 2000 US Presidential Election by winning Florida instead of George W. Bush.
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So it looks like we got three newspapers from three different universes.

The third one (The Washington Times from November 8, 2000) is from a universe where the 2000 US Presidential Election is not as close with Al Gore winning Florida and the presidency instead of George W. Bush.
What do you mean not as close? It says the lead seesawed through the night and that Florida pushed Gore to a bare majority win.
Huey Long, former Governor now Senator of Louisiana, pictured while he officially declared live on television the formation of the American Union State, headquartered in the capital of his home state, New Orleans. He cited the takeover by General MacArthur and Jack Reed's "weakness in responding" and extreme socialist views as his main reasons for declaring the AUS. Notable commanders, like George Patton and Courtney Hodges, would later defect to his cause and form the General Staff of the Union State Army.
"General MacArthur's stance on putting the United States Congress at gunpoint to do his own desires and overthrowing a democratically elected government in a fair and square election is obviously unacceptable. This action breaks and compromises the very fabric foundation of this Republic. I have also cited severe concern for the lackluster action on the side of the deposed Jack Reed to cope up to this situation. I also despise his Bolshevik like fabrication of political views. While I despise the Army's action, I also despise the views and opinions of the Socialist Party of America. This day, it has come to our minds that this Federal Government and the elected government has failed us. Therefore, this day, I have officially talked with the governors of a few southern states, and they all agreed to focus their efforts of creating a new "American Union State". In short words, we are leaving this Union, and we will put it back together. Together, we will restore the greatness of this nation, and under which, we'll see a future of equal opportunity, and no more political squabbling."

The Union State was officially formed by the conclusion of the speech by the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and the northeastern part of Texas, who was convinced of Long's declaration. The first skirmishes between Longist and Federal troops would occur a few hours after the declaration.


Earl Browder, who spoke on behalf of Jack Reed who fell into a cold, during his famous declaration of the Second American Revolution and the formation of the Combined Syndicates of America, headquartered in Chicago. Browder shared centralization views but famously and relentlessly opposed the Totalist charter, with many Syndicalists comparing his rivalry with Totalist William Foster with the Jacobin-Sorelian rivalry in France.

"I speak on behalf of the TRUE and ELECTED President of the United States of America, Jack Silas Reed, who sadly couldn't make it due to some minor illnesses and decided on a quick rest, ladies and gentlemen. But I speak as the mouthpiece of the leader of the Second American Revolution. Since the military under General Douglas MacArthur, and Senator Huey Long of the America First Union Party, has refused to recognize our LEGITIMATE win in this election, I think it's time we show them the worker's fighting spirit. Today, under decree from the elected now deposed President, Jack Silas Reed, I officially declare the official establishment of the Combined Syndicates of America, which shalt be headquartered in this very city full of the very fabric of the working class. Today, ladies and gentlemen, far and wide, from Seattle to Miami, marks the beginning of the liberation of the oppressed American working class. Today marks the beginning of the Second American Revolution, OUR revolution! With our hands stuck together as we face these Rockefeller loyalists, we will succeed in truly Breaking the Chains like the oppressed workers of Britain and France. Break The Chains! End the Rich Class' supremacy!"

The states of Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Ohio would declare their secession from the Union a few hours after the speech. Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Long Island would be overunned by Socialist militias in the next few days. Minnesota would join the CSA by the end of the month.
Given when the palace of the Soviets was to be constructed, the statue was supposed to be Lenin but it would have been change at the last minute to Stalin because of the architects great admiration of him and dislike of forced labor in cold weather
A statue of linen would have replace the statue of Stalin in the mid-1950s