A photograph of the Black Mesa Research Facility in 1995, eight years before it was destroyed in a accidental nuclear experiment that left over 3,000 people dead. Since then, the disaster has been a hotbed of conspiracy theories, with many stating that the destruction of Black Mesa may have something to do with the bizarre meteorological occurrences all over the world. In the aftermath of the disaster, a Exclusion Zone was formed where the former facility one was.
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An audience photo of John Lennon performing with the Beatles at Woodstock. Following George Harrison’s departure, the group had originally approached Eric Clapton to be George’s replacement. But Eric, being a close friend of George respectfully declined. And with the deadline for the performance approaching quickly, they quickly employed German bassist (and close friend of the group) Klaus Voormann to be bassist for the performance and for Paul McCartney to move to guitars. With Billy Preston being on piano and keyboards.​

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Stuart-Bourbon at the official visit to Vatican, with Pope John XXIV, for the 201th anniversary of the Stuart Restoration in England along with Roman Catholic Cult.
2007 Daytona 500, Mark Martin edges out Kevin Harvick for the win by .02 seconds. This would be Martin's lone win in the Daytona 500 as he would only run one more Daytona 500, in 2009, on his way to his only championship. (Image isn't mine, but who else would post it here?)


In 1994 Leonard Nimoy successfully brought back Doctor Who in a new Theatrical continuation of the BBC series that ended in 1989 with the writers of Star Trek 6 the Undiscovered country. The Movie stared
Pierce Brosnan as The 8th Doctor
Sandra Bullock as (the new Companion) Amelia (Amy)Earhart
Alan Rickman as The Master
F. Murray Abraham as The Monk
Tom Selleck as CIA agent Comander Williams
Tom Baker as The 4th Doctor (cameo)
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Marilyn Monroe, as seen in that iconic pool scene from 1962's Something's Got to Give. During the filming of the 20th Century Fox picture Marilyn Monroe would almost die of a drug overdose, and would spend the next couple weeks recovering in the hospital, still she would manage to complete the film and would continue on to star in films, such as 1967's The Graduate, where she would play one of her most iconic roles, as well as one of the most iconic roles in cinema history, that of the infamous cougar Mrs. Robinson.​

Elvis Presley, live at Madison Square Garden on his 1994-1995 farewell tour. Following his infamous 1977 drug overdose which would almost claim his life, he spent the next few years getting his life in order, working on his health, and firing his abusive manager. After getting a new manager and finally returning to music, he would have a comeback with the smash hit “I’m On Fire” written by Bruce Springsteen. The resulting album Down to Burn would set records for album sales, later competing with Thriller by Michael Jackson. His first ever world tour would be wildly successful and for the first time since the 50s, the world’s eyes were on Elvis.​
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A piece of concept art from the classic 1949 Disney film Hiawatha, based off the legendary Hiawatha and the precolonial Native American/Indian leader and co-founder of the Iroquois Confederacy, more accurately the epic poem of The Song of Hiawatha. The film was a smash hit, and would be considered among the best films made by Walt Disney.​