Because Disney owns both the MCU and Star Wars should have totally done this:
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“How did you react when all of the Fab Four unfortunately died of a drug overdose, Mr. Presley?”



[Elvis begins to sob]

“Well, I- uh, th-they were too young to die! They shouldn’t have made that goddamn Magical fucking Tour number two. They were so good at- I apologize for my anger, everyone like me in 1972 were sad when we heard that they died of that fuc- excuse me, overdose.”
Christ on a bike, how did THAT happen?

by Flavio Bolla
from my thread expanding the FATE RPG setting Sails full of stars

Borusar: Queen of the Sands
The ottoman empire is, between the great powers, to space colonization.
However, the Ottomans still posses the finest of the fleet and their rheoships can be found in every corner of the solar system and their merchants(expecially armenians and greeks, but also some arab and native turk) travels in every city and outpost in the space.
Mars is the only planet, outside Earth, where Ottomans are common(The Empire posses nerarly half of the planet and used it to dump trubling minorities(sending greek and serbian "rivolutionaries" on Mars spared the empire the greek revolution).
The capital of ottoman Mars is called Borusar and lies on a great Channel, one of the many waterways built by an unknow but ancient civilization thousands of years before.
The city is very ancient for Mars, because it was built aroun 1470 as first extraterestrial settlement of ottomans.
In then image you could see the outside bazaar, where the weekly market is held, the imposing Ahmet Cami (Mosque of Ahmet) built in XVII whrn ottomans where the most powerful state on Earth, and in background the goverment quarter and Rheoship spaceport.

Bonus video from the critically acclaimed 2018 musical biography Walt. Detailing the life of Walt Disney from his childhood as a paper boy in turn of the century Chicago to his death in 1966 California. Exploring his humble beginnings and greatest achievements from his first professional cartoon to the construction of Disneyland.
America You’re Beautiful:


photo of at the time candidate Martin Luther King during the 1964 presidential election. King would become forth African American to hold the office of the president.

painting of Ex slave revolutionary war soldier. The American Revolution would often be called the “First Colorless Revolution” as it saw nearly free slave take up arm against the British.

President Huey Long at the White House press dinner.

Old Glory being raised above the street of Berlin.
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