Peshawar Lancers Redux: Latin America

Britain saw the drilling for oil in the Falkland Island region by British Petroleum and its Hawaiian partner. A refinery had been constructed in Brazil where it would process some of the oil. Argentina was making some threats but both Britain and Brazil had warned them not to cause any trouble.
Brazil had increased its contribution toward the space program. Five Brazilians were part of the Kennedy Lunar Base population. Nearly 250 people from Earth were living on the Moon.
Brazil was Holding talks with the Hawaiian Government about the purchase of two Hawaiian Made Guided Missile destroyers and the right to build 4 more in Brazil. The Hawaiian Prime Minister was getting a somewhat negative reaction among elements of the party but the King and the National Conservatives were applying pressure to approve the deal as it would mean jobs and Brazil was an ally of many years
The first new guided Missile cruiser cruiser was nearing completion in Hawaii and it was exactly the same as the Hawaiian Zorro class. The Royal Hawaiian Navy had 3 of these cruisers and another two were on order.
Prime Minister Peter G Kamehameha was expected to visit Brazil to finalize the contract allowing Brazil to build 2 of the Zorro class cruisers in Brazil.
The Prime Minister Had brought his wife and young children with him as he planned to also visit the Falkland Islands so that his wife could visit her parents and their children get a chance to see their Grandparents
Brazil's Emperor was watching the MGM series The Fall and was wondering as to when it might tell the tale of the Empire's role. He was quite concern that it seemed to be ignoring a lot. Brazil did decide that it would do a five part tale of the Brazilian effort to rebuild Portugal and the effort in Africa.
Brazil entered into talks with MGM nd reached an agreement for a joint Brazilian-MGM production which would tell the story of Brazilil's involmnt in the recovery of Portugal.
Neuva Granada held legislative elections which saw the election of a reform minded majority in the National Assmbly. Victor Martinez was elected as the Speaker of of National Assembly and vowed to pass reform legilation. In effect he was challenging the people who had ruled Neuva Granada since they came to power before the Fall.
Brazil began to build some highways which would allow travel to Nevua Granada. This roadway was built to do the least amount of damage to the environment.
Brazil was busy working on Hydroelectric projects to increase the electic power produced in the country. It also looked at water projects and worked with Neuva Granada to make life better for the people in the border region.
In 1940 the Empire of Brazil had begun work on the Queen Isabella. The ship was a larger version of the British Queen Elizabeth class battleship. It would be armed with 10x15 inch guns and have a top speed of 30 knots. The Imperial Brazilian Navy planned to build at least 3 of these battleships.
In 1942 Neuva Granada convinced the United States to sell it the Battleship Oklahoma to it but the Navy did not want to sell the Nevada.
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A Naval arms race seems to have bee triggered in Latin America with the Construction of the first of 4 new Battleships for the Imperial Brazilian Navy. Neuva Granada ,Argentina and Chile all were looking at adding newer ships to their fleets. Neuva Granada's Chief of Naval Operations joined the Foreign Minister on a trip to the United States. Argentina had sent its Minister of Defense to Italy to look at Italian designed warships..
Mexico City July 1942 Jorge Miguel Podeo the Governor General of Mexico had been holding the position since 1936, Power had been shifting from the position of Governor General to that of the Prime Minister for the last 10 years. But what was about to happen on this day would result in the destabilization of the government and country. Assasins killed the Governor General and the Prime Minister. A group of Criminals intended to seize power and they proceeded to kill off those that might oppose them.
Operation Bright Star was launched on July 14,1942. Elements of the 17th and 82 Airborne secured the International airport at Mexico City and elements of the 8nd raced into the city to secure the US Embassy.. At the same time General George S Patton commanding the Ist Armored Corp crossed the border into Mexico The Corp consisted of 2 armored divisions and 2 Mechanized divisions
The US 17th Airborne expanded its position around the Mexico City International Airport allowing the 82nd Airborne to push into Mexico city and secure the US Embassy. The Paratroopers had engaged insurgents but so far the Mexican Military had remained inactive. The 187th Airborne Regimential Combat team had broken up insurgent forces near the coast which had allowed the 1st Marines and the 10th Mountain Division to land.
Able Company of the First Bn of the First Armored Division was engaged by some Mexican Army tanks but the M-4 Shermans made scrap metal out of them. The Mechanized Infantry cleared a nest of 37mm Antitantguns manned by Mexican irregulars.