Peshawar Lancers Redux: Latin America

South America had been quiet ever since Brazil crushed the Marxist in Paraguary. Argentina had also been very careful not to ofend Brazil.
Neuva Granada supplied a Regimential Combat team and a fighter Squadron. The US supplied them with P-47 and trained them to operate the aircraft.
Brazil and Neuva Granada troops returned from Kurdistan with combat experience that no other Latin American Nation Had.
The Central American Republic had a security Agreement with Hawaii which dated back to the 1880s. In 1915 it was revised and remained in effect until 1940 when it was again revised and was to run for another 25 years.
In 1953 Brazil proposed establishing the Organization of American States and it was joined by the United States, Canada, Central American Republic, Chile, Neuva Granada, Mexico, Hispaniola, Peru, Bolivia,Argentina, Cuba and Jamaica
The Organization of American States thus was a means or an attempt to prevent issues from leading to hostilities. The organization thus was an advance in diplomacy. Some issues were immediately dealt with leading to a lowering of tensions.
Brazil was seeing an economic boom in the Mid 1950. The country was seeing a growth in Employment and well planned construction..
The Brazilian and US Military deployed forces to protect the Commonwealth of Nations from the threat of attack. The 12,000 Brazilian and 9,000 US forces were there for the next 9 months.
Brazil was now very happy that the Royal Hawaiian Navy was considering sell Brazil its first nuclear submarine. In Navy to Navy talks the Hawaiians explained that there would be a lot of cost involved in operating a nuclear Submarine.
Both Hawaii and the United States would train the Brazilians in how to operate the boat.
Brazil sailors were now attending the nuclear submarine school in Hawaii in preparation for it taking procession of Hawaii's first Nuclear submarine.
The Hawaiian Public was very concern about the state of the economy.One large employer in Samoa went bankrupt and closed its plant. The Hawaiian Prime Minister flew down and gathered up information which helped him to target the problem providing help so that a new company was able to within 30 days reopen the plant. The Liberal Democrats believed that 1964 could be their year but Charles Richards was proving to the people that he would act where he could.
He announced the submarine deal with Australia which would end up saving the country money,
Hawaii had begun to carry out joint exercises with the Central American Republic as a means on enhancing the training of the Central American Republics Army. Hawaii had agreed to sell its second non Whale class Nuclear Submarine to Brazil. It would also be building 2 destroyers for the Brazilian Navy and License the construction of 5 more ships in a Brazilian shipyard.
1965 Both Nuclear attack submarines were now serving with the Imperial Brazilian Navy. Any suggestions for names for these new nuclear submarines serving with the Brazilian Navy?
The Empress along with the Governor of the Amazon Territory renamed the 1st Hawaiian SSN the Brazilian Submarine HANERA and the Brazilian Navy Chief of Naval Operations christen the 2nd ex Hawaiian SSN the AUETO
The Imperial Brazilian Navy was about to order the construction of 5 conventional powered submarines. Hawaii would aid in the construction of the submarines in Brazil.
Hawaii was also selling one of its Admiral William Kamehameha class carriers to Brazil. It was to be replaced by the Royal Hawaiian Navy with a new class of carriers.
The Imperial Brazilian Navy ordered 24 F-8 jet fighters from the US and its air Force was buying the newer P-3c to replace the P2
Brazil's close connections to the Kingdom of Hawaii was now paying off big time as the Kingdom sold the Empire military technology which made Brazil the leading power in Latin America.