Peshawar Lancers Redux: Latin America

The Brazilian Government was facing resistance to counting to spend large amounts of money on the military. The opposition party proposed limiting the spending of large amounts of money on big ticket items.
Hawaii's new King arrived in the Empire of Brazil for a state visit. It was his first visit to the country. He met the Emperor's sister and they seemed to be drawn to one another. He attended Church service with the Imperial family and danced with the young lady at several parties. The were constantly together but always under the watchful eyes of the dowager Empress. He finally had to leave and promised to call and write. The Dowager Empress spoke to her daughter and then to her son suggesting that talks begin on a possible Royal Wedding.
Brazil's Minister of the Royal court arrived in Hawaii for talks with the Dowager Hawaiian Queen and the new King regarding a possible wedding between the Royal Families.
Some have asked why does it appear that Hawaii is everywhere. Much of this is because as a result of The Fall Hawaii stood up and decided to do something. At a time when Britain was under an unbelievable amount of pressure the Hawaiians helped out with the evacuation of people from Canada. The was a realization that Hawaii was highly dependent upon sea trade so it had to develop a navy and seek resources. This resulted in a relationship with the Central American Republic, Empire of Brazil and latter Neuva Granada.
Thus I developed the Kingdom of Hawaii to tell the story of The Fall but as time went by it was expanded to cover other areas and the recovery. The fall resulted in changes to the path of some nations. For instance The Monarchy in Brazil made some changes to the titled Nobility which resulted in drawing them closer to the crown. Brazil's National pride lead to it showing that it could not be pushed around and the brief Argentine-Brazilian War of the Post Fall period ended with a Brazilian Victory.
The talks were held between the Hawaiian and Brazilian Royal families and the governments of the two countries regarding the engagement of King Gregory I to the Brazilian Princess. And finall nes of the engagement was made in Brazil and then Hawaii.
Brazil purchased a second Admiral Kamehameha class aircraft carrier from the Hawaiian government. Prime Minister Tamm used the money to help cover the cost of the 5th Nuclear carrier.
Brazil was quite happy to have purchased a second carrier from Hawaii. A Brazilian crew was enroute to sail the ship back to Brazil after it completed some maintenance . Thus Brazil continued to be the only Latin American country with aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. It also purchased 4 Shark class SS diesel electric submarines from Hawaii.
King Gregory I of Hawaii and Princes Maria Frances of Brazil were finally married in a ceremony in the Brazilian Capital. This united the two royal families.. A year latter twin were born with Michael being the older by 5 minutes and David Alexander. The royal couple had 3 more children Princess Stefanie, Princes Maria Ann and prince Charles Michael.