Peshawar Lancers Redux: Latin America

France offer was considered by Spain and the others. Reality was that far more personnel would be needed to push Mexico into recovery. Corruption was being dealt with and the New Mexican Federal Police was a lot better than the old organization . Political influence was eliminated and the entire Judicial system overhauled. Aid was arriving from both the US, Canada and Europe with lots of rebuilding and new jobs. Unemployment was falling from 18% to 4%.
Finally elections were held in Mexico with Obverses from Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Chile Greece, Austria, United States,Hawaii, Spain, Poland, Italy, Japan and Peru. Carlos Rodrigo was elected as the new President of Mexico. He was a political newcomer. Married,35 with 3 children > He had a degree from a University in Spain and a Masters degree from Columbia. He had run a small business that had grown. He believed that Mexico should live in peace with its neighbors. He pledged to seek a path to good relations with Sonora and the Mayan Confederation. His Party had also won control of the Congress. He also intended to insure that corruption did not find it's way into the Police and the court system.
Nine Months after the end of the Mexican conflict Mexico was showing signs of recovery and the peacekeepers began to draw up plans for a slow withdrawal from the country. The plan was to start to pull out in 3 months and complete it in 18 unless conditions got worse. Mexico had elected a government and was slowly rebuilding its Police and security force. The Police force was being screened and trained to insure a lack of corruption.
President Carlos Rodrigo pushed a series of bills through the Mexican Congress that would make the reforms urged by the Peacekeepers into law. It was also followed by legislation encouraging foreign investment. He also met with the leader of Sonora and was able to reach an agreement which would resolve many of the issues. Trade between the two nations was no longer to be blocked.
Neuva Granada and Brazil reduced their military forces in Sonora. Brazil retain a larger force to help train the Sonoran Army and Navy to operate Brazilian made equipment
Brazil and Sonora signed a deal which resulted in Brazil selling the Sonoran a package which upgraded the M-48A5 into a more up to date tank and equipped it with a new turret with a 120mm gun. The also sold artillery pieces, Infantry fighting vehicles and a new light weight 81mm and 120mm mortar. Brazil and Neuva Granada sold a jointly made Patrol Gunboat.
Brazil had a goal to produce all of the weapons that were needed by the Brazilian Armed forces in Brazil. It had also decided to compete with the Americans,British,,French,German and Hawaiians as well as the Russians. It sold the Brazilian made MBT to Kurdistan andd Sonora. It had also signed a contract with Neuva Granada to sell it the tank. Brazilian made Warships were in the Navies of Brazil, Portugal, Sonora and Chile. Currently the Brazilian Aviation Industry was working with Sweden to produce a jet fighter for Brazil.
Brazil had seen a great increase in its middle class. Reforms had seen the improvement in the quality of life and Brazil was now regarded as the most stable country in Latin America. The Monarchy was well liked by the people and Brazil was getting along with both Neuva Granada and Chile. Relations with Argentina seemed to move up and down depending upon who was running Argentina. Brazil wanted Latin America to be peaceful and it appeared that there was a lot of improvement in relations between Neuva Granada and Peru and Bolivia and Chile.
Brazil had become the largest power in Latin America. Much was a result of the growth in Industry in Brazil. The Brazilian economy was the largest in Latin America and Brail had gone from an importer of weapons to an exporter.