Peshawar Lancers Redux: Latin America

The New King was beginning an era of reform. He had given the National Assembly a great deal of power and had broken the tight hold that the 20 families had held on the country. He proposed several changes in the laws of the nation. He proposed a reform of the minimum wage and of Social Security. A widower himself he married his brothers widow and adopted the children,Piedro Martinez was elected as the Prime Minister by the National Salvation Party which won the majority in the House.
In March 2010 President & Mrs Longstreet arrived in the Neuva Granada capital for a state visit.The King and his wife were at the airport to greet the Americans. The King and the President haeld a 90 minute conversation and then were joined by the Prime Minister to begin hammering out a new trade deal as well as an arms deal
The King was happy with the arms deal that was reached but even more so with the trade deal. His Prime Minister signed a deal with Sweden for a purchase of 48 mew Fighter aircraft from Sweden with options for an additional 48 aircraft.
Neuva Granada signed an agreement with Brazil to purchase 260 Main Battle Tanks from Brazil's arms industry. This marked a first for both countries. Brazil was the only country in Latin America that produced a Min Battle tank close to that made by the major powers.
Brazil had mad a big sale to Neuva Granada and the Brazilians waer also selling Neuva Granada's army a new light weight 105mm howitzer and a new light weight 155mm gun. Neuva Granada was also looking to purchase 300 new Infantry fighting vehicles and was looking at the Brazilian vehicle as well as a German, British and American design.
Neuva Granada was moving to diversify it military equipment so as not to rely too much on the US. The result had been to turn to Sweden for aircraft. It was now looking at both the Swedish and German Submarine designs . It had even considered the Korean design Main Battle tank but had passed on it in favor of the Brazilian deal. Once again the Korean were offering a SP 155mm Howitzer and this time the country was going to buy it as well as three frigates built by a Korean Company.
The National Assembly in Neuva Granada was spending a lot of money on improvement to schools and medical facilities, construction of new highways and bridges.
The Government had come up with a 10 year plan to massively improve the living conditions in the country> Revue from Oil and mining , sale of Bananas etc were epected to help fund this spending. The Government was also funding a major upgrade of the military. The Castillo family had donated 250million dollars out of their fortune toward this.
Chile signed an agreement to purchase the Brazilian designed MBT. It ordered 140 of the tanks but took an option to buy an additional 14o tanks. It Purchased the American F-20 fighter buying 54 of the single seaters and 6 trainers and 9 two seat striker verisions. Argentina turned to France Buying new Mirage 1000 fighters to replace its aging Mirage III fleet.
Argentina had turned to Italy to purchase several new surface warships . It had also bought 3 French designed conventional submarines.
Peru had at the last minute dropped the Chinese tank deal in favor of a better deal from the Hawaii-Israeli group to sell Peru a massively upgraded M-60A-3 tank equipped with a new engine upgrade armor an electronics and a new Hawaiian made 120mm gun. China sold 20 of their jets which were modifications of a Russian design.
Hawaii was attempting to calm things in South America and prevent a possibility of a new conflict in the region. Thus the joint Hawaii-Israeli arms deal with Peru was aimed at keeping an arms race from igniting .Bolivia was quite concern with Peru's and Chile's arms purchases> The Bolivian Army tanks were quite obsolete as they were the old Sherman M-4 and the Chaffee M-24 and its fighters were the old American F-86.
Hawaii offered Bolivia the M-48A5 with an upgrade and the US agreed to the sale of the F-5G fighter 12 Cobra A1 attack helicopters and 24 Hueys.
Relations between Neuva Granada and Peru improved somewhat but the government of Neuva Granada continued to strengthen the border. A discussion was made that no chances were to be taken that insurgent would sneak across the border and start an insurgency. Neuva Granada as a result had insisted that all ethnic Peruvian be required to relocate to Peru. The Kingdom bought their property so that they would have some money. The border was fenced and military outpost were established.
The Peruvian Government was quite pleased that most of pre-Fall Peru was reunited. Peru had also costructed some military post along the border. While the extreme Nationalist continuted to demand all the lands return most of the people were pleases at the treaty and were against a war with its more powerful neighbor.
Britain and Brazil had had meeting concerning Argentina . Both nations were seriously concern with the current government of that country and its drift toward once again pushing a claim to the Falkland islands. Britain had serioulsy uprgaded its forces on the islands and now had a reinforced Battalion Battle group which consisted of a Infantry Battalion supported by a battery of artillery, Company of tanks and and air defense Missile unit from the Royal Army and a fighter squadron from the RAF plus 2 Royal Navy frigates.
Brazil warned Argentina not to start any trouble with Britain over the Falkland Islands. It informed the Argentinian Government that Brazil had a mutual security Pact with Great Britain.
Britain also deployed the new Seabolt cruise missle to the Falkland Island . The Missile had a strike range of 1500 miles which would allow it to hit a wide range of targets in Argentina.