Peshawar Lancers Redux: Latin America

The Mexican criminals who had attempted to take over the country was now finding themselves invovled in a massive military conflict with the United Stated. A battalion of Us Rangers assaulted the headquaters of the conspiracy and captured more than 2 dozen people who had plotted the death of both the Governor General and the Prime Minister. Papers were captured that lead to more and more of those involved .General Patton had pushed to link up with US forces in the Mexican capital. A desire was to re-establish a Mexican Government that could take control of Mexico.
General Eisenhower reported to the President that Mexico was secure and plans were already underway to allow the withdrawal of US forces by the end of 1942. Mexico City was to be returned to Mexican Control as soon as a stable government was in place. The 17th Airborne and the 187th Airborne RGT were to be withdrawn by late October.
Miguel Podea was elected as the new Prime Minister of Mexico. As the senior elected offical he reached an agreement with the United States which would allow the Americans to withdraw from the country Pablo Valdez was appointed by the Spanish crown as the new Governor General. Mr Valdez was born in Mexico and marked the first appointment of a Mexican born citizen to the position.
The US withdrawal was completed in November 1942 as the last elements withdrew from Mexico and turned their positions over to the Mexican Federal Police. The US Congressional elections had seen just a few seats in congress change hands. General Eisenhower was recalled to the capital and in 1943 it was announced that he was nominated for the position of Army Chief of Staff which the Senate Confirmed.