Our Cousins Across The Water (Yankee Dominion continuation)

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Known colloquially as "the Coalition," the alliance of the conservative Federalist Party, the libertarian Reform Party, and the right leaning Francophone party, Rally for Freedom, the coalition is the primary right of center force in American politics. Like their rivals in the Alliance, the Coalition uses a primary system in which candidates from member parties compete for the Coalition's endorsement. Though each member of the Coalition sits as a member of their respected party, the Coalition effectively binds it's three member parties under a National Committee which regulates internal and external competition in federal elections. The bulk of the Coalition's MPs are from the Federalist Party, though the Reform Party of R.E. Cruz and Maxine Bernier's RFL both hold a significant share of the Coalition's seats on the whole. Recently, the Coalition's monopoly on the center-right has been threatened by America First! and the American Heritage Party, though the leader of the coalition and opposition, Paul Ryan, has dismissed these fears.

The Alliance is the electoral compact encompassing the Labor, Liberal, and Union Populaire; like the coalition, the Alliance uses primaries in which the three member parties compete for the Alliance's nomination in that seat. This system allows internal disagreements to be decided at the ballot box by the members of the three parties, while also working to unite around a specific candidate in the afternoon. In certain key seats, such as the Prime Minister's riding in western Virginia, the other member parties would not contest the primary in normal circumstances. Since it's foundation in 1967, the Alliance has evolved from a loose supply and confidence deal into an organized and well funded organization.

The Labor Party was launched in 1941, after the EPIC (End Poverty in the Commonwealth) movement led by Upton Sinclair formally merged with the AFL-CIO to form the Labor Party. With strong ties to the labor movement, the party is the leading social democratic movement within the country and is the dominant force of the Alliance. Led by Carte Goodwin, who current serves as Prime Minister, the Labor Party's political role is only half of their role; since the 1940s, the Labor Party has been active outside of politics in the worker's and civil rights movement.

The Federalist Party is the oldest active political party in the Commonwealth; traditionally, the party was in favor of confederation, and sought a stronger central government to oversee the administration of the Commonwealth. Fiercely royalist, the Federalists were considered to be the more conservative faction of the first party system, and have overtime evolved into the modern form of Conservatism. Though the party is increasingly moderate on social issues, they maintain a sizable evangelical wing and have promoted a foreign policy that is assertive on a global level.

The Liberal Party is the traditional historic rival of the Tories, though the rise of the Labor Party and the subsequent Alliance has left them as the "third" force in the Commonwealth's politics since the 1970s. Having not been in power since 1930, the Liberal decline is in part due to their transition from classical to social liberalism. Descended from the Whigs, who believed in free trade, provincial rights, and a more agrarian inclined economy, the party split in the 1860s after disagreements between the northern and southern wings, with the northern faction rebranding itself as the Liberals. The party followed a Gladstonian line all the way through the 1930s, advocating for capitalism and free trade. When the Great Depression began, many voters who traditionally supported the Liberals flocked to the EPIC Party, blaming the policies of the party for the economic downturn. Relegated to a distant third in the 1933 election, the party slowly embracing a new ideology of "social liberalism" that reversed their decline and stabilized themselves as the junior partner in the Alliance.

The Progressive Party emerged at the twilight of the 19th century, and were until the 1930s the main left of center party in the Commonwealth. Their emphasis on preserving the natural ecology of America was matched by their anti-corruption drives and efforts to effect social reform. Though the modern social welfare programs known today were not established until the EPIC and Labor governments in the forties, the Progressives remain firmly committed to preserving a social safety net while maintaining fiscally conservative positions on issues like the deficit. Invited to join both the Coalition and the Alliance, the party chose to remain independent and still garners support in certain pockets of the country.

The Socialist Workers Party is one of America's oldest running political parties, but also one of the newest additions to Parliament. Despite a history dating back to 1910, the Socialist Workers Party only won their first seat in the House of Commons in 2013, when economics professor Kshama Sawant was elected to parliament in a by-election. In 2015, she was joined by Randy Bryce, a Wisconsin MP who won an upset victory. As the most outwardly leftist party elected to Parliament since the EPIC era ("End Poverty in the Commonwealth,") the party advocates for nationalizations of industry, redistribution of land, and most controversially, they are staunchly republican in their outlook on the monarchy. The party has also turned heads for their support of left-leaning liberation movements in the past, and the party for years has been accused of "entryism" by Labor, particularly after a group of SWP members organized around a group of leftists known as "the Waffle" in a failed attempt to elect Professor James Laxer as party leader at the 1977. Today, the party has been focused on expanding their reach to a new generation of voters more willing to embrace socialist policies than ever before, and are a frequent presence at anti-racism protests. Some have accused the party of looking the other way on political violence, with some right-leaning outlets like Sun News accusing the party of being a front for anarchists, antifa, and republican agitators.

The Green Party was formed in 1979, following the near meltdown at Three Mile Island. Originally an ecology party that was similar to the Progressives in terms of general policies, the party has dramatically shifted to the left in recent decades under the leadership of Ralph Nader and his successor, Elizabeth May. Supporting "eco-socialism" as their ideology, and campaigning on combating climate change and implementing the "Green EPIC" (named for the End Poverty in the Commonwealth public works campaign during the Great Depression), the Greens have built a steadily growing presence in the House of Commons in recent years.

America First! is the political party organized by populist real-estate mogul Donald Trump in 2015, running on a nationalistic platform of "Making America Great Again." After a whirlwind media tour promoting his party, his numbers in the polls rose rapidly, outpacing both the American Heritage and the Reform parties to become the single biggest threat to the coalition. Within a matter of weeks, the party scored high profile MP defections when former NYC Mayor (and current MP) Rudy Giuliani and fellow New Yorker Peter King became his first two to sit in parliament under his banner. Trump then went on what political commentators deemed "a stadium tour," speaking to packed arenas of supporters who in some cases either waited outside for days or have traveled hundreds of miles. So powerful was Trump's effect on the Coalition base that he began to pull in new candidates and supporters with the force of a magnet. In West Florida, the Coalition's Federalist nominee Matt Gaetz bolted the party just days after winning the primary, forcing the Coalition to scramble for a candidate. Afterwards, longtime West Florida Coaliton MP Jeff Miller and freshman MP Neal Dunn joined the party as well. The domino effect gave America First the momentum it needed to break through in the 2015 election. Trump, despite uncountable controversies, plans to soldier on into the next election, which he predicts he will win, and will win "bigly."
NOTES: Sun News is TTL's version of Fox News. Basically the same hosts, same guests, same anchors, same agenda, but with a new name and logo.
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ABC News Brief #3

Goodwin announces gun violence initiative.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: The Prime Minister announced today that the Alliance majority in the House of Commons will pursue "common sense" solutions to the growing concerns about mass shootings. Among the proposals outlined by Prime Minister Goodwin include the federal introduction of "red flag" laws that are designed to disarm anyone perceived to be a risk to themselves or others, a federal ban on the sale of bump stocks, and lastly raising the age to purchase semi-automatic firearms. The proposed legislation would also close the so called "gun show loophole." The Prime Minister's announcement comes just weeks after a massacre in El Paso, Tejas, where a white supremacist Anglo gunman slaughtered 25 citizens and injured almost a hundred more. The El Paso massacre was followed by a second, unrelated mass shooting in Dayton, OH, in which 10 people were killed, including the gunman's sister. The El Paso gunman's automatic rifle was purchased legally in Louisiana and smuggled across the border, leading to calls from gun control advocates to take greater action against international arms trafficking. The incidents, both less than twelve hours apart, has inspired the Prime Minister to reach out to his colleagues in Tejas, California, and Mexico about the possibility of a pact to make it significantly more challenging to bring firearms across the border.

Instantly, there was opposition within the parliament. Paul Ryan, leader of the Coalition, offered tepid support for red flag laws but warned "any gun grab is off the table, as far as we're concerned." Other members of the Coalition, particularly the Federalist Party, voiced similar concerns about the feasibility of a flat out ban on privately owned firearms. Reform Party leader R.E. Cruz was more vocal about his opposition, claiming that the proposed legislation would lead to a "slippery slope" in which "individual freedoms are curtailed." America First! leader Donald Trump told host Ainsley Earhardt on Sun New's morning program "
Sunrise," that the plan is "a nonstarter" and warned that any gun confiscation or buy back program "simply wouldn't work." Trump went on to lambast the Prime Minister for having armed security of his own. American Heritage leader Rick Santorum was similarly opposed to the Prime Minister's proposals, and warned that a disarmed public would only lead to deadlier mass shootings. Santorum proceeded to blame the recent rise in gun violence with a lack of public morality, and warned that "a nation that turns it's back on God will never be bulletproof."

Other party leaders were more receptive. Chrystia Freeland, the leader of the Liberal Party and the current Deputy Prime Minister, told ABC reporters in an interview with Ali Velshi that her party "stands behind the Prime Minister's plan," a sentiment shared by Green Party leader Elizabeth May. Michael Chong, the leader of the Progressive Party, was supportive of most of the proposed measures but warned that any infringement on the rights of farmers and hunters to posses rifles would result in his party withdrawing support. Curiously, the Socialist Worker's Party has come out in opposition to the measure, warning of the dangers of a disarmed proletariat in an article slated to appear next week in their newspaper, The Militant. The Prime Minister has reported tasked the Minister of Justice and Civil Rights to introduce to the House of Commons the proposed bill, though some Labor MPs in rural districts may be convinced by both their Federalist counterparts and their own constituents. Though the Prime Minister believes he has the votes to push through such sweeping gun control measures, both Ryan and Chong have warned the Prime Minister that it would be easier to amend already existing legislation, making it possible for the more popular proposals to be passed while buying time for debate on the more controversial aspects of the bill.

What was the Tejan Government's response to the event?
That is an area that I left vague, because I figured a poster with a particular interest in Tejas would eventually show up. I'd imagine the incident would inflame tensions but otherwise be dealt with similarly to OTL. IE, trial by jury and death by the needle.
alex jones would probably blame something stupid. oh, yeah, we made him be president of texas. wee (/sarc)
I remembered that, but was it ever made official? I'm certainly ok with the idea. Actually, it'd be interesting to see him and Goodwin clash on this stuff.


I remembered that, but was it ever made official? I'm certainly ok with the idea. Actually, it'd be interesting to see him and Goodwin clash on this stuff.
it is. i’m thinking of doing a follow up news segment about him ranting at a press conference about how the shooting was faked in order for the globalist elite to take him down and saying that he wouldn’t ever even dare of passing gun control legislation with those brain-dead american twats yadda yadda yadda.
it is. i’m thinking of doing a follow up news segment about him ranting at a press conference about how the shooting was faked in order for the globalist elite to take him down and saying that he wouldn’t ever even dare of passing gun control legislation with those brain-dead american twats yadda yadda yadda.

(No seriously that'd be awesome)
ABC News Brief #4



Tejan President Jones denounces Goodwin's gun control proposal, claims El Paso attack was faked
BEXAR, TEJAS: President of Tejas Alex Jones made a surprise press conference today following PM Goodwin's international gun control proposal in the Commons. After a reporter asked him about what he thought Tejas should do about this proposal, he passionately responded "That whole idea is just pure globalism, just pure evil, and my heart and soul are telling me to resist. Texas mustn't fall into this trap laid by the Americans and the globalists to take down our country!" He then spoke about the 3rd amendment of the Tejan Constitution, which grants citizens the right to bear arms. "Our armed militias, enshrined by our Constitution, are what granted us our independence! You know who took the guns? Mussolini took the guns, Nin Perez took the guns, Curiel took the guns. And I am here to tell you, [shouting] 1912 will commence again if they try to take our firearms! It doesn't matter how many lemmings they get out there on the streets begging for them to have their guns taken; we will not relinquish them, do you understand? That's why they're going to fail, and the Americans know, no matter how much propaganda, Texas will rise again when they attempt to take our guns!"

He then denied that the shooting even really happened. "El Paso was synthetic, completely fake, with actors, in my view, manufactured. I couldn't believe it at first. I knew they had actors there, clearly, but I thought they killed some real people. And it just shows how bold they are, that they clearly used actors, just so we could bow to their influence. And if [in a mocking voice] Goodwin wants to believe that that all really happened, him and his pansy Parliament can go along being lil puppets to the world order. But we will say NO! We will stand with our people, our nation! And we will not prostrate to the globalist satanists in Philly!" He then calmed himself down, and further explained that Tejas will not enact any gun control legislation, and will instead be working with the National Rifle Organization of Texas, or NROT, to promote gun safety programs.

American and international reaction to Jones was highly critical. Goodwin denounced Jones on Twitter and hoped that California, Sonora and Mexico would be more open to "these critical and necessary measures." Alliance leaders agreed with Goodwin and also denounced Jones. Coalition leaders were less harsh, with Reform leader R.E. Cruz saying "I agree with Jones on the matter of gun control, however, denying that a horrific event happened shows that he is not a leader at all." Trump, by contrast, fully supported Jones, and shared his skepticism of the event on Twitter. Domestically, a plurality of Tejans agreed with his statements. Many political scientists noticed an overlap between people who agreed and people who voted for him in 2018, as well as with Tejans who were "skeptical of America and its interests".


Carte Goodwin's tweet in reaction to Jones' conference
Sudan (film)
Sudan Wikibox.png

Sudan! (1949) is considered a cinematic classic masterpiece. It is a dramatic romance and is historically significant due to the fact it features one of cinemas first interracial couples. The story is set in French Sudan. After meeting on accident after local authority Jean Lemarie gets lost in the capital of French Sudan Bamako. By chance, he runs into Fatouma Dene, a young Mande girl. A forbidden relationship blossoms between them with secret rendezvous throughout the city behind the back of Lemaries Boss Jaques Gateraux [Played by Humphery Bogart]. A secretary to Lemarie [Played by Talulah Bankhead] soon learns of the relationship and pledges to keep it a secret from the colonial authorities. Dene keeps the secret from her Aunt [played by Hattie McDaniel] and freind [Played by Albert Mongita]. Howver Lemarie is caught by by Dene's two companions. The news spreads and is eventually overheard by another colonial officer which leads the incident to be reported to the authorites. Fatouma Dene and Jean Lemarie vow to run away with each other to America with her Aunts blessing while France sends a large task force after the couple. Lemarie's Secretary and Gateraux get into a large confrontation bout the incident which leads the secretary to leave her job. The couple almost makes it to Senegal before being caught. They are separated and borderline tortured for many days. This news makes it back to Lemaries Secretary who travels across the country to attempt to rescue the two. She is captured as well and it seems as all hope is lost. Until Lemarie pulls a gun on the authorities and causes one of cinema's most dramatic faceoffs. A large monologue is performed by Lemarie to the Authorities to defy the authorities discrimination, it has become a very famous speech in cinema history with his final line "I'm not sick I'm not sinful... you are!" quoted often in pop culture. The Gang escapes to Senegal where they bribe a British officer to sail them to Miami which is accepted. The final image from the film of the kiss shared between Lemarie and Dene is also a famous one in history.

No film company would sign off on the movie idea for many years until Selznick Pictures agreed to produce the movie. France threatened America and the United Kingdom to not allow the film to be shown in cinemas as the film showed many anti-colonial and anti-french themes. Southern cities in America completely banned the movie and held large protests against screenings of it. This prevented many from seeing the movie initially but also gave the film more attention. Germany to spite France gladly allowed the movie to be shown in German Cinemas. For the actors of the film, it also took a toll. Hattie McDaniel would never return to the south ever again in her lifetime due to the massive backlash against the movie, Shelia Guyse didn't visit her move province of Indiana for 6 months after the movie came out. Gilbert Gil was also nervous to return to France as the movie has not only been completely banned there but there was hate for it in France. The movies strong anti-racist message made it a key part of civil rights movements all across the world. The movie was re-released in France and former French West Africa in the 1970s as the movie was also ironically banned in West Sudan despite the movie being mostly filmed there as well as it being the main setting. The movie was selected for preservation in Philidelphia by the American National Film Registry in 1988 for being historically significant.

The movie made an approximate box office income of 180 million dollars at the time which adjusted for inflation is 1.94 Billion dollars. One of the top 10 highest-earning films adjusted for inflation ever. The movie also holds an IMDB rating of 8.5. Critiques say the lack of genuine Sudanese actors was disappointing as the only African cast member other than extras was Mognitta Likelele who originated from Congo.
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Aotearoa Elections
The 2018 Aotearoa legislative election was held to elect members to the Aotearoan house of members
The election resulted in the loss of the incumbent Unity Government and the Community party winning back power after losing it in the 2015 election. Davet Parker Became prime minister with the help of the Change party and Marama Davidson and former prime minister Hekia Parata would retire soon after.
Aotearoa Presidential Election.PNG
The 2018 Aotearoan Presidential election was held to elect the President of the Republic of Aoteroa who acts as head of state. The office was established to replace the Governor from the era of the Aoteroa Condominium.

President Peter Dunne who had held the office since 2004 announced his attentions to run again. President Dunne was assumed to emerge victorious as most Aoteroan Presidents remain relatively uninvolved with politics and remain popular. The place for his contender was a race that was hard-fought with Television Presenter Hayley Holt surprisingly pulling ahead of Community Candidate Chris Hipkins and advancing to the second round. The remainder of the campaign saw Hayley Holt stay safely behind in opinion polls and losing. Peter Dunne's victory margin had slightly decreased from his previous campaign he took his oath of office in front of parliament in the first sitting of the House of Members on the 5th of February 2019.
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