Our Cousins Across The Water (Yankee Dominion continuation)

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    Well, we finally did it! After much work, starting from the political map and extending to every corner of the globe, the time has come to at last start the "official" continuation thread. This project (and world) are radically different from the American Commonwealth, True North, Hail Brittania, and Our Fair Country in terms of content, but are very much the same in their format. This project will be open to everyone, so long as established cannon is respected. All major events (such as a federal election) will be decided by consensus.

    I want to thank our, many, many, many, many contributors. @Oryxslayer, @Riley Uhr, @ElectricSheepNo54, @Pokemon Master @ST15RM, @Kanan, @CanadianTory, @Gian, @Turquoise Blue, @Zyxoriv have all put in a ton of effort into this. My ability to moderate the project was hampered by school, but everyone I listed (and many more who I might have missed, for which I apologize) kept this thing going on autopilot, and the insanely awesome ATL we've created is beyond amazing.

    So I present, after a year and a half of work, The American Crown. Here is a link to the original thread.
    Born from the nexus of history and philosophy, the Commonwealth of America is the foremost economic and military powerhouse on the North American continent and one of the most critical member states of the British Empire. Extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic sea with a population of just over 250 million citizens, the Commonwealth is the predominant English speaking nation on the North American continent. The capital is located in the city of Philadelphia, though other prominent cities include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Calgary, Caernarfon, Charleston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Halifax, Liverpool, Miami, Minneapolis, Montreal, New Orleans, New York, Pittsburgh, Quebec, Seattle, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

    A highly developed nation, the Dominion boasts an abundance of natural resources and a long tradition of industry. With the seventh highest GDP per capita and ranked first by the Human Development Index, the Commonwealth of America is both the foremost economic power of both North America. Its advanced economy, one of the largest in the world, relies on well-developed trade networks, agricultural and industrial export, finance, technology, and tourism. America is part of several major international and intergovernmental institutions or groupings including the Council of Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the G7 (formerly G8), the Group of Ten, the G20, the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

    The Commonwealth of America is a federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy, with King George II reigning as head of state, though political power is primarily are wielded by the Prime Minister. The American Parliament is a bicameral legislative body with the lower chamber, the House of Representatives, allocating its seats in proportion to population. The Senate similarly consists of members who are proportioned by population. The Commonwealth is a realm officially within the broader British Empire, though the Commonwealth is distinguished by her peers as being the only nation with an independent monarchy, the current King being a descendant of King George III of Britain and a not-so-distant relative of Queen Elizabeth II. The Commonwealth is officially bilingual, with a large Francophone minority. It ranks among the highest in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many other countries.

    Various indigenous peoples have inhabited what is now the American Commonwealth for thousands of years prior to European colonization. Beginning in the 16th century, British and French expeditions explored, and later settled, along the Atlantic coast. As a consequence of various armed conflicts, France ceded nearly all of its colonies in North America in 1763. What followed after was a period of unrest over taxation, colonial autonomy, and corruption led to the ultimate Confederation of Britain’s continental holdings. This began an accretion of provinces and territories and a process of increasing autonomy from the United Kingdom. This widening autonomy was highlighted by the Constitution's adoption in 1785, in which George III's son William, Duke of Clarence, was declared King of the Commonwealth of America.

    Carte Goodwin (born February 27th, 1974) is the current Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of America and leader of the center-left Alliance. Serving as Prime Minister from 2015, following the retirement of his predecessor, Blanche Lambert, Goodwin has been a slightly more progressive figure within a Labor Party that is increasingly drifting left-ward. A lawyer before serving as Chief of Staff to then Father of the House, MP Robert Byrd, Goodwin was parachuted into parliament as a "star candidate" in a region that has traditionally been viewed as the Labor heartland. Serving as Minister of Energy from 2012-2015, Goodwin ultimately beat out other candidates for the party leadership at the 2015 Labor convention. He was elected leader of the Alliance over his Liberal counterpart, and soon after entered office after Lambert's letter of resignation took effect. Since taking office, Goodwin has called for expanded the social welfare system and has worked to raise income taxes; however, his attempts to push gun control and immigration reform has rallied up fervent opposition to his government.

    Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth of America.
    1785: Benjamin Franklin (Crossbencher)
    1790: Benjamin Franklin (Crossbencher)*
    1791: John Adams (Federalist majority) [Inherited]
    1795: John Adams (Federalist majority)
    1800: Thomas Jefferson (Whig majority)
    1804: Thomas Jefferson (Whig majority)
    1807: James Madison (Whig majority)
    1811: James Madison (Whig majority)
    1815: John Gallois (Whig majority) [Inherited]

    1816: John Gallois (Whig majority)
    1820: Alexander Hamilton (Federalist majority)*
    1823: Henry Clay (Federalist majority) [Inherited]
    1824: Henry Clay (Federalist majority)
    1828: Henry Clay (Federalist majority)
    1832: John Tyler (Whig majority)
    1836: John Tyler (Whig majority)
    1840: Henry Clay (Federalist majority)
    1844: Henry Clay (Federalist majority)
    1848: Henry Clay (Federalist majority)*

    1851: Daniel Webster (Federalist majority) [Inherited]
    1852: Alexandre Étienne (Whig majority)
    1856: Alexandre Étienne (Whig majority)
    1859: Alexandre Étienne (Whig minority with Liberal support)
    1860: Abraham Lincoln (Federalist majority)
    1864: Abraham Lincoln (Federalist majority)

    1867: John MacDonald (Federalist majority) [Inherited]
    1868: Horatio Seymour (Liberal majority)
    1872: Horatio Seymour (Liberal majority)
    1875: Edward Blake (Liberal majority) [Inherited]
    1877: Edward Blake (Liberal majority)
    1882: Robert Todd Lincoln (Federalist majority)
    1884: Robert Todd Lincoln (Federalist majority)
    1888: Grover Cleveland (Liberal majority)

    1893: Grover Cleveland (Liberal majority)
    1895: Joseph Cannon (Federalist majority)
    1900: Joseph Cannon (Federalist majority)
    1905: Theodore Roosevelt Sr. (Progressive majority)
    1910: Theodore Roosevelt Sr. (Progressive majority)
    1915: Theodore Roosevelt Sr. (Progressive minority with Federalist support)
    1916: Charles Evan Hughes (Federalist majority)
    1920: Thomas Crerar (Progressive minority with Liberal support)

    1922: Calvin Coolidge (Liberal minority with Federalist support)
    1924: Calvin Coolidge (Liberal majority)
    1928: Calvin Coolidge (Liberal majority)
    1930: Herbert Hoover (Liberal majority) [Inherited]
    1933: Upton Sinclair (EPIC majority)
    1938: Hamilton Fish III (Federalist minority with Liberal support)
    1940: Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (Progressive led war government with Federalist, Liberal support)*
    1944: Corentin Romilly (Progressive led war government with Federalist, Liberal support) [Inherited]
    1945: Evan L. Lewis (Labor majority)
    1950: Evan L. Lewis (Labor majority)
    1953: Felix Hebert (Labor majority) [Inherited]
    1955: Felix Hebert (Labor minority with Progressive support)
    1960: Leslie Arends (Federalist minority with Liberal support)
    1962: Leslie Arends (Federalist majority)
    1965: Leslie Arends (Federalist majority)
    1968: Dufferin Roblin (Federalist majority) [Inherited]
    1970: Pierre Trudeau (Alliance majority)
    1974: Pierre Trudeau (Alliance majority)
    1977: George McGovern (Alliance majority) [Inherited]
    1979: Joseph Clark (Federalist minority with Reform, Social Credit support)
    1980: Walter Mondale (Alliance minority with Progressive support)

    1982: George HW. Bush (Coalition majority)
    1986: George HW. Bush (Coalition majority)
    1987: Brian Mulroney (Coalition majority) [Inherited]
    1988: Brian Mulroney (Coalition majority)
    1993: Lynn Martin (Coalition majority) [Inherited]
    1993: Guilliame Blanchet (Alliance majority)
    1996: Guilliame Blanchet (Alliance majority)
    1999: Richard Gephardt (Alliance majority) [Inherited]
    2000: John Ashcroft (Coalition majority)
    2004: John Ashcroft (Coalition majority)
    2008: Jack Layton (Alliance majority)
    2012: Jack Layton (Alliance majority)
    2015: Jack Layton (Alliance majority)*
    2017: Carte Goodwin (Coalition majority) [Inherited]
    2019: TBD.

    (This list and box may be subject to change over the next few hours.)

    The Parliament of the Commonwealth of America is the supreme legislative body in all of the Commonwealth of America's provinces and territories. The Parliament is divided into two separate chambers, the House of Commons, in which seats are elected by and proportioned to the population in individual electoral districts, whereas the Senate is proportioned by population but is elected by the provincial legislatures. The seat of Parliament is the House of Congress on Commonwealth Avenue in the capital city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, having been home to the parliament since the 1830s, when the legislature grew too numerous to be housed there. Commonwealth Hall was thus constructed in it's place.

    Formed by the British North America Act and subsequently codified by the constitution's ratification that same year, the American Parliament continues to be the undisputed political authority in the Commonwealth. The King holds the power to dissolve parliament, but has ceded almost the entirety of his executive powers to the Prime Minister, whom is traditionally selected from the party with the largest amount of seats. Likewise, the cabinet is filled with Secretaries and Ministers being drawn from the House and occasionally the Senate.
    Provinces of the Commonwealth of America.
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    Looks awesome
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    1th (sic) in both GDP categories? Is that supposed to be 1st or 11th?
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    By National GDP America is 1st by capita its 11th
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    Sounds cool
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    Looks awesome
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    That looks interesting!
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    Hi, it looks interesting indeed. Is there a world map for this TL already? Or have you busied yourself only with the "Yankee Dominion", i.e. the Commonwealth of America?
  9. Threadmarks: World Map

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    I know there already was a response, but in case you didn't know, this is apparently the "official timeline" thread. There is a thread called "The Yankee Dominion" which is essentially a collab exercise in building the lore for this world. I've only browsed it a bit myself, but I'm really excited to see it all compiled together.
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    I percieved the "The Yankee Dominion" thread to be focused on the Commonwealth of America. Is that correct?
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    It was responsible for creating all of the lore for the world, to my knowledge.
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  13. Threadmarks: ABC News Brief #1

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    And here is my first ABC News Summary. I'll be putting one of these up at least once a week.​

    Trump, Santorum deny merger plans.

    PHILADELPHIA, NY: America First! leader and MP Donald J. Trump denied rumors that a meeting between Rick Santorum and him was focused on a possible merger of the parties; leaving Trump Tower, where the meeting was said to take place, Santorum only said "legislative efforts" when pressed by a reporter for details about the meeting. A source within America First! told the ABC that the meeting was "absolutely" about a potential non-competition agreement between the two parties. Though neither Trump nor Santorum have made any comment, media speculation about the dual existence of the two right-wing populist parties has been persistent since the 2015 federal election. Trump, who campaigned vigorously in the 2015 election on a platform of "make America Great Again," wooed away a significant chunk of the American Heritage base as well as disaffected blue collar Labor voters and the more conservative Federalists to storm into parliament with 13 seats. Since his election to the House of Commons in 2015, Trump has been repeatedly chided by Speaker Nancy D'Alesandro (Labor-MD) for use of unparliamentary language and was even formally rebuked in a House resolution that specifically condemned him and MP Steve King (I-IA) for making statements that many in the press have described as racially charged or insensitive to minority groups.

    Trump's political history dates back some thirty years to the late 1980s; it was in 1987, when the late Premier Thaddee Coueran resigned in the wake of scandal that Trump first weighed standing for the leadership of the party, promising to stand for the House of Commons against incumbent freshman MP Chuck Schumer. Ultimately, despite a genuine grassroots effort by activists, the "Draft Trump" effort failed to pan out when Trump decided to not stand for parliament; this was largely motivated by the bankruptcy of a number of his casinos, which had put the billionaire real estate mogul deeply in debt. His financial situation had considerably improve come the early 1990s, when Louisianan billionaire H. Ross Perot tried unsuccessfully to woo him as a candidate of the short lived Citizen's Movement. Trump did not seek a seat in the House, ultimately staying out of politics until 1999, when he briefly ran for the leadership of the fractured Citizen's Movement but withdrew before the leadership election, citing infighting and a lack of direction. Though he continued to stay out of the political orbit of Philadelphia, he continued to opine and commentate of national and international affairs over the years and gained a large public following due to his consistent opposition to overseas conflicts, free trade, and increased immigration, particularly from Mexico and Latin America. In 2015, he banded together with longtime activist and agitator Roger Stone to form America First!, a new political party led by him that catered to the cares and concerns of middle Americans. His rapid political rise led to a handful of MPs from the Federalists and American Heritage parties to defect to his cause. The most noticeable defection came in the form of Rudy Giuliani, the former New York Mayor who had made a failed attempt to win the leadership of the Federalist Party. The new party proved to be widely successful in the 2015 election, gaining several seats and cutting into the base of the Federalists and American Heritage parties enough to ensure a number of defeats for his movement's two right wing rivals.

    With a combined 25 seats, the potential alliance of the two parties could put Trump and Santorum in a position to seriously challenge the Coalition for the votes of citizens who are inclined towards the right. Trump took to Twitter to confirm that he had a "tremendous meeting" with Santorum, but firmly (in all caps) added "no planned merger, don't believe the fake news media." One source, who was present for the meeting, claimed that electoral politics were not discussed, instead claiming that the meeting was purely about parliamentary business. With an election due to be called sometime before 2020, Trump and Santorum have both ratcheted up their rhetoric and have likewise have been campaigning unofficially across the Commonwealth. While the American Heritage Party continues to poll at 4% nationally, below that of America First!, Trump has raced ahead, holding massive rallies across the country. Trump's rapid rise has been met only with tepid criticism from Santorum, though the leaders of the other parties, including Ryan, Goodwin, Freeland, and Cruz have all condemned Trump as a demagogue or as a liar (or both). Trump has been known to hit back at his critics, to the delight of audiences on the campaign trail. The insurgent party leader is scheduled to headline an America First! rally with MP Matt Gaetz next week in the city of Pensacola, West Florida.

    Next American Federal Election (Gallup)
    Federalist (Paul Ryan): 22%
    Labor (Carte Goodwin): 17%​
    America First! (Donald Trump): 12%
    Liberal (Chrystia Freeland): 10%
    Reform (Rafael Cruz): 9%
    Green (Elizabeth May): 7%
    Union Populaire (Marie Landrieu): 7%
    RFL (Maxine Bernier): 6%
    Progressive (Michael Chong): 5%
    American Heritage (Rick Santorum): 4%
    Independent/Other (N/A): 1%​
    NOTE: This is the first poll, which is to set the "mood." As more contributors join, and OTL events transferring to ATL (for example, if there is mass shooting or terror attack this week, I'd update the story to reflect an ATL version of the attack. Or say, a hurricane forms and turns towards Florida, where I'm living - I'd update the timeline to reflect the storm. Other events that aren't OTL are also welcomed, but they are better off proposed in the Original Thread (link in the thread's opening). For example, one might choose to have the Duke of Edinburgh die. That is something that could be proposed, approved, and put up. If anyone wants to see what this thread is supposed to be, I'd recommend checking out the American Commonwealth thread from 2010-2013. This is basically the same concept.

    Also the poll above is just the start; the numbers can and will change over time. The nature of the TL and contributions of posters will affect the poll. When we do get to the federal election, which will be reasonably soon, the last of these polls will be weighed against a formula that accounts for the votes of a user poll to determine a final result.
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    Really? @Nazi Space Spy , @Bennett , what was decided - for example - on Germany?
  15. Bennett Human Time-Waster

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    I, unfortunately, never took part of TYD (wish I did, seemed cool as shit). I do think they were juggling the idea of a German Australia for a bit, though.
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    We got up to WWI, and I think Oryxslayer had a plan as I mentioned in the other thread. I'd think everyone would prefer it if I kept this thread free of clutter, so any comment or questions on the worldbuilding will be happily answered in the original thread.
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    Looking good!

    BTW, on the provinces map, you have "New York" twice, including where New Jersey is located.
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    North New York and South New York lol
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  19. Threadmarks: Cabinet of the Commonwealth

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    Jul 29, 2011
    Prime Minister: Carte Goodwin (LAB-VA)
    Deputy Prime Minister: Chrystia Freeland (LIB-ON)
    Minister of Government Coordination: Alphonse Espie (UP-IN)


    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Olivia Chow (LAB-ON)
    Minister of Defense: Caroline Kennedy (LIB-NY)
    Minister of North American Cooperation: Kirsten Gillibrand (LAB-NY)


    Minister of the Treasury: Robin Kelly (LIB-IL)
    Minister of Revenue: Tim Kaine (LIB-VA)
    Minister of Trade: Justin Trudeau (LAB-QC)
    Chief Secretary to the Treasury: William Clay Jr (LAB-MO)


    Minister of Justice and Civil Rights: Amy Klobuchar (LAB-MN)
    Minister of Home Affairs: Cédric Richelieu (LAB-LA)
    Minister of Immigration: Grace Meng (LIB-NY)


    Minister of Health: Sanford Levesque (UP-GA)
    Minister of Social Affairs: Cadi Lloyd (LAB-OR)
    Minister of Human Resources: Tammy Baldwin (LIB-WI)


    Minister of the Environment: John Horgan (LAB-FR)
    Minister of Conservation: Ethan Berkowitz (LIB-AK)
    Minister of Energy: Conor Lamb (LAB-PA)


    Minister of the Interior: Howard Berman (LIB-EF)
    Minister of Natural Resources: Earl Pomeroy (LIB-MB)
    Minister of Water Resources: Maggie Hassan (LIB-NH)


    Minister of Culture and Information: Wayne Stetski (LAB-ID)
    Minister of Education: Anthony Brown (LIB-MD)
    Minister of Science and Research: Cory Booker (LIB-NJ)


    Minister of Housing: Brian Cronin (LIB-ID)
    Minister of Transport and Public Works: François Duchamp (UP-LA)
    Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Patrick Leahy (LAB-VT)


    Minister of Employment: Sherrod Brown (LAB-OH)
    Minister of Labor: Bernie Sanders (LAB-NY)
    Minister of Pensions: David Cicilline (LAB-RI)


    Leader of the House of Commons: Nathan Cullen (LAB-FR)
    Chief Whip of the House of Commons: Maxine Waters (LAB-EF)
    Attorney General: Brad Ellsworth (LIB-WA)
  20. Threadmarks: ABC News Brief #2

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    Jul 29, 2011
    Epstein Death subject to RAMP Inquiry.

    NEW YORK, NY: Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's suicide at a Manhattan jail is now the subject of an investigation by the Royal American Mounted Police (RAMP), a source in the Ministry of Justice confirmed. The results of an autopsy that had been conducted on Epstein were released this afternoon, officially ruling the death as a suicide. Despite the autopsy's conclusions, conspiracy theories abound in mainstream and fringe media outlets alike. The common point of contention - that bed sheets were not strong enough to support his weight, much less break his neck - has many questioning the timeline of events that transpired. Today, the Minister of Home Affairs, Cedric Richelieu, announced the firing of the head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons has been removed from his post after it was revealed that two guards were asleep at the time when Epstein hung himself, despite being on suicide watch while in detention.

    Epstein's case was recently re-examined by the Crown Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, following allegations against him by several teenage girls as part of the broader #MeToo movement. In reopening the case, public attention has centered on the abnormalities and generously light sentence handed down on Epstein in 2007, when he first was charged and convicted on charges of child abuse. Alexander Acosta, the former Crown Prosecutor for the southern district of Florida, has come under scrutiny recently for his record and conduct during the case. Acosta, who had previously indicated he'd challenge incumbent Labor MP Norma Torres in her riding as a Federalist candidate, may be withdrawn as a candidate according to some sources in the party. The case has sparked headlines around the world; in the United Kingdom, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has been named. In the Commonwealth, victims have accused both former Prime Minister Guilliame Blanchet, Donald Trump, and a who's who of Wall Street financiers and corporate executives, as abusers. Others claimed Prince Thomas, Duke of Virginia, as another celebrity abuser, though the White House has thoroughly denied the allegations and claimed that the Duke had never even met Epstein. Similarly, former Prime Minister Guilliame Blanchet strongly denied the allegations, and claimed that his wife Gennifer Blanchet, had accompanied him and Epstein on all 32 flights to and from Epstein's island.

    The Epstein scandal has become one of the largest and most complex in recent memory. The whereabouts of his girlfriend and alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell are currently unknown. Though no charges have yet to be brought against her, Maxwell is facing several civil lawsuits from alleged victims of Mr. Epstein. The Royal American Mounted Police may be forced to track her down should charges be brought against her, with prosecutors describing her as a flight risk.
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