Our Cousins Across The Water (Yankee Dominion continuation)

Just a little note, I saw a few stray "Texans" in there. Nice story. But important question: are Tejano (a better demonym for Tejas) frogs straight again?
Just a little note, I saw a few stray "Texans" in there. Nice story. But important question: are Tejano (a better demonym for Tejas) frogs straight again?

The Turning frogs gay line may be butterflied away so people in this world probably have no clue what your talking about :p
Dang. OK :p

In other fake news, I like this a lot, and would like to see more of Tejas
Ive Considered making a Tejan election and a few items. On Tejan History, if thats something youd like to see id be happy to work on it. Anything in particular that interests you?
Ive Considered making a Tejan election and a few items. On Tejan History, if thats something youd like to see id be happy to work on it. Anything in particular that interests you?
How Tejas got independence. From what I could tell from Yankee Dominion, it got independence in the late 19th/early 20th century, far later than OTL
Tejan War of Independence
Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 5.26.59 PM.png

I'll do a proper writeup some other time but the main message is that During the 1910s the formerly Powerful Mexican Central government was slowly losing its grip on the nation and secessionist movements that had been kept under control for decades sprung up looking like a competent alternative to the Mexican government. In late 1920 many Mexican states including Tejas declared independence and set up their own governments.

The new Tejan government was lead by Interim President Canales as well as High ranking young individuals in the Military who had aligned themselves with Succession. Due to the size of the loyalist army who was taking orders from the Mexican central government facing the quickly formed Tejan Army the Military campaign was slow at first but resulted in Tejan victory and the establishment of an Independent Tejas.

Goodwin considering 2020 election.
PHILADELPHIA, PA: Though his mandate is not set to expire until the fall of 2022, sources close to Government House are telling the ABC that the Prime Minister is considering calling a snap election shortly after New Years. Having been in office since the Alliance won the 2010 federal election, the current Prime Minister has until this point struggled to maintain the popularity enjoyed by his late predecessor and has been weighing calling an election to extend the Alliance's mandate through 2024 or 2025, citing voter fatigue and an uptick in support following the implementation of the Firearms Licensing Act of 2019, which aims to prevent mass shootings and gun violence. Though the Prime Minister has made no comment upon the claims, several MPs speaking off the record have confirmed that the Alliance's member parties leadership are mulling the pros and cons of an early election, with several MPs voicing support for this plan. Should an election be called, it'd set America on the course for her fourth election in ten years, resulting voters deciding the fate of the parliament in all of the 656 constituencies in the Commonwealth. The Labor Party, which constitutes the majority of the Alliance's MPs, has held the Premiership from 2010, when Jack Layton was swept into office in the midst of recession. Despite the demise of the Prime Minister, the Alliance government under his successor Carte Goodwin has managed to keep the base of his support relatively in tact while the political right of the Commonwealth has seemingly splintered. But the Prime Minister will certainly not fight the next election, whenever it may be, uncontested.

The opposition, led by Federalist (and Coalition) leader Paul Ryan, has been calling for a snap election since Goodwin's ascension to the Premiership. In a statement released this morning in regards to the rumors floating around in Philadelphia, the Coalition's three chief leaders - Paul Ryan, Raphael Cruz, and Maxime Bernier - called for the dissolution of parliament, claiming that the Prime Minister's mandate has "maxed out to the fullest extent possible." Though the Prime Minister has not commented on the matter, a number of MPs within both blocs have addressed the matter. Progressive Party leader Michael Chong, appearing on Sun TV's "Watter's World," joined the Coalition leadership in demanding a fresh election, claiming that the government was denying "the most fundamental right we have" by holding out on calling a fresh federal election. Donald Trump, who stormed into Congress during the 2015 and 2017 elections as leader of the America First Party, also chimed in, stating on Twitter that the Prime Minister was "chickenshit" about potentially facing the populist real estate mogul on the campaign trail. Even within the Alliance, their has been some rancor. On MSABC's "The Power Hour with Reverend Al," MP Rae Peppers from Absaroka told host Al Sharpton that the Labor Party that the party's effort to reach out to rural voters were falling flat, which she believes is "endangering the government."

Current polling by the ABC shows that 57% of voters want a new election to be called, with many respondents citing the fact that Goodwin has not halted the Labor Party's shift back to the left. Foreign Minister Olivia Chow defended the lack of an election, claiming that Prime Minister Goodwin is the "torchbearer of Jack's legacy" and further warned that such an election could "divide the country." But the majority of support for a new election within the Alliance lies with the Liberal Party, who surged in the 2017. Though Labor still holds a thin majority within the Alliance, the increased Liberal Party presence has kept the organization from drifting to the left. With the two main parties of the Alliance at odds, some in the media have speculated that the Prime Minister's decision to ignore calls for a new election is based in preserving the unity of the Alliance.
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Queen Alice II.png

Alice II is the Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms. She was born to King James III and his wife Viktoria after the king was pressured to marry and produce an heir due to his fathers recent and unexpected death. She was immediately Heir Presumptive when born and was raised accordingly being brought into high-end Private Education.

James III had never expected to be King as it was expected his older sister, Sophia, would rule before him due to the 1954 rules of inheritance. He chose to remain a Bachelor living away from the high expectations of Heir Presumptive, However it was not to be as Sophia would renounce her titles in order to marry an American Actor in 1975. Though this came with minimal scandal the position of Heir Presumptive now fell on James as would be exercised early as William V would die in a Plane Crash in 1980 making James King, he hastily married the German-American princess Viktoria who was 6 years his Junior.

The long line of bad luck for Britsh Monarchs that had been occurring since the early death of Queen Rose in 1964 fell on James III in 2012 when he suddenly died at age 54 making Princess Natasha, Queen Alice II. Coronated at 22 she became the youngest undisputed Queen of the United Kingdom and oversaw a thoroughly modern Coronation which was streamed online for the first time. As Queen, she has continued the modernisation of the British Monarchy allowing less funding to go the Royal Family and being active on social media where she Makes both Casual/Personal and Formal postings.

She married Prince Christan of Germany in 2014 and has so far had 2 daughters with him with a third being expected in April. Her eldest daughter June is immediate heir to the throne and is also high up the German line of succession thanks to her Father.
While I finish up the Election Infobox here's an example of how individual Parliamentary Elections work in America
Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 10.17.09 AM.png

Here is an example of American Third Party Strength at its best where vote-splitting would allow a traditionally Leftist District in the middle of Manhattan to go for Mr Trump

The Alliance and the Coalition nominate only One candidate from each Party Group to stand. This was established due to the increasing amount of popular parties after the founding of Labor kind of finally broke this balance with Cabinet officials famously losing their seats due to extreme vote splitting and Candidates winning with tiny percentages of the vote.

It is common for Parties to stand aside to either Help or Hurt other candidates, In this example, the Progressive party stood aside and encourages members to vote for Jose Jimenez, While American Heritage stood aside to encourage their supporters to vote for Donald Trump. John Zaccaro, the widower of former Cabinet Minister Geraldine Ferraro was plagued with a corruption scandal which lead the Greens and Socialist workers to refuse to stand aside and Inspired Mr Patel and Mr Jimenez to run in the first place when he won the Alliance Nomination.

Vote splitting to this degree is Unusual but still happens as it happened again to Rudy Guliani in a similar fashion where he won a Riding in Central Brooklyn by a very thin margin. Similar things have occured more often in the past decade allowing the Greens and American Heritage to establish their own Safe Ridings with help from other parties.
After Being in the works for about 2 years I am proud to finally present to you...

The 2017 American Federal Election

The 2017 American Federal Election was held on the 20th of September 2017 to elect members to the American House of Commons. The election occurred due to calls for a snap election after the death of Prime Minister Jack Layton whom had been in office since 2010. Immediately afterwards of his death Deputy Labor leader assumed the title of Prime Minister and being a popular national figure officially became leader unanimously. Immediately After Layton's death The stability of the usually Smoothly Running Alliance government started to decline as Goodwin replaced a couple of Ministers and took some drastically different potions than Layton did. However, Labor stayed strong in the polls and Goodwin declared his support for an early election.

The 1.5 Month-Long Campaign Period for the election was comparatively short to other American elections with Prime Minister Goodwin explaining that he wanted to "Get back to work" which ended up being the campaign slogan of the whole Alliance Campaign. Polls showed that Labor the Liberals and UP were going to Gain seats to overtake Laytons 2015 victory but as the campaign started Donald Trump's America First! started to Soar in the polls going from a stable 5% to almost 15% from the start of the campaign to the first debate. The Coalition was hurt severely by this whos Seat projections started to fall rapidly.

The first leaders' debate since the 1960s had included the leaders of every major political party with the Alliance and Coalition partners being represented separately. The Debate covered topics of Transport, Housing, Education and Taxes. A strong performance by Paul Ryan in the debate and Justin Trudeau's appearance of trying to Upstage Carte Goodwin gave the effect of giving The Coalition momentum which it desperately needed. Donald Trumps performance was seen as very poor and rough which caused America First! to decline in the polls.

Before the Second Debate it seemed that all parties involved seemed to introduce dirtier tactics to their campaigns, Reform started Attacking Jack Layton himself which was seen as Cruel at the time while Labor made personal attacks on Ryan's personality. The support of Major parties started to stay still benefiting the relatively Quiet 3rd parties such as The Greens and The Progressives.

The second debate was held between Parliamentary Coalition leaders which meant Trudeau, Paul, Bernier and Florin weren't present. This debate was seen as going well for Goodwin and Trump. Goodwin's performance seemed to be solid despite unfavourable discussion topics and Trump appeared polished and Strong taking on all party leaders.

A week before the 3rd and Final National leaders debate (Which excludes the more than 30 individual regional and certain language debates) A small scandal occurred for Labor as it had been revealed that MP John Zaccaro had openly admitted to violating the National Election Commissions rule of not contributing more than $5000 to an Individual candidate in an election. John Zaccaro had given his late wife Geraldine Ferraro and other New York candidates over 2 Million dollars worth of Campaign donations secretly. Zaccaro wasn't suspended as a Candidate but his personal popularity in his own district plummeted which gave Donald Trump the benefit of going from a long-shot candidate in the district likely hoping to sit outside parliament to becoming an actual contender.

Although Goodwin deflected this in the 1v1 leader's debate with Ryan the damage had already been done and Labors credibility from the Layton Era had been partially destroyed. A tense election night ensued a Week later where it was uncertain whether The Alliance would keep a Majority, Far away from the near landslide projections earlier in the campaign. The Alliance fell just short of a Majority so a small deal was made from Carte Goodwin to Elizabeth May to be supportive of the government in return for a lack of attacks on the greens. This allowed King George II to ask Carte Goodwin to form a government the following day.

(I'll try and sort out the corruption on the Election Infobox in a bit)