Our Cousins Across The Water (Yankee Dominion continuation)

While the American Monarchy reigns strong how about we take a look at whatever happened of their Mother Country?

The Irish Devolved parliament was officially set up in 1966 as part of the Cork Agreement between Irish Independence groups and the Liberal Government of Jo Grimond. In exchange for the end of abstention by Irish nationalist parties such as Sin Fein Prime Miniter Grimmond who also advocated for Scottish devolution proposed the independent Irish Parliament which would have a reasonable amount of jurisdiction and power over the Island. The Cork agreement is looked back upon by historians as the reason for the de-escalation of the Irish Conflict and the noticeable drop in militarism and Membership of the IRA. Public opinion in Ireland still shows majority support to stay in the UK with polls being approximately split 55 to 30 Per cent against Independence.
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However, the Monarchy of the UK is probably all very well known to you at this point
The real interesting things happened in America. Some very famous Monarchs of America include the two Iconic Queens in its history
Queen Mary I Infobox.png

Queen Mary ushered in a new era in American Monarchy and began the tradition of Monarchial Neutrality in Domestic Political Affairs in contrast to her older brother. Her reign is referred to as the Marian era where America's global influence expanded dramatically.
Mary II Box.png

Queen Mary the second is a symbol of monarchial modernisation. Her eign saw the monarchy become more in touch with the people. She demanded to shorten her incredibly long full title to represent this modernisation. She attended public outings and had a lot of communication with everyday people. She was immensely popular during her reign.

However, the most infamous member of the royal family is to be equally noted. While Mary herself modernised her son and heir apparent raised his children under old monarchial ways. This lead to the tragic life of George II's Eldest Daughter Violet.
Princess Violet Infobox.png

Violet was never expected to be a queen, at birth she was 3rd in line to the throne behind her older brother and father. However, she was still subject to strict rules. She had a bad relationship with her father and a very rocky one with the Queen. When stories of her sneaking out of her private school to go to friends houses during the day broke the royal family was furious at her behaviour. the extra watch placed over Violet ended up nit working as true scandal would break when it was revealed that she was pregnant at 15 with her secret boyfriend's baby. Attempts to cover up the scandal failed dramatically with the media hounding the young princess. Her Daughter, Lucy, was born early 1970 being the Duke of New York's first Grandchildand the Queen's first Great-Grandchild. Lucy would not be in line to the throne as she was a bastard. All hopes of ending the scandal by marrying her high school boyfriend to legitimise Lucy were foiled when Steven Hammond was arrested for drug possession. He admitted to using Illegal Drugs with the Princess which ended up destroying her reputation.

Princess Violets Adulthood consisted of doing her standard courtship as all royal children had to do at the age of 18-25. Her father picked heir to a Sonora Oil Fortune Robert Darfield and Violet was married at 19 [Very common for Royal daughters]. Her marriage was extremely unhappy from the start and Violet pleaded with her Grandmother to annul the marriage or allow a divorce. Queen Mary was more sympathetic to her Granddaughter than her father so she allowed a divorce which lead to more scandal.

Her conflicts with members of her family lead Violet to severe use of Drugs and Alcohol which would deteriorate her health dramatically. While attending a house party with an old friend in Motreal she accidentally overdosed on cocaine. She was immediately brought to the Montreal Royal Hospital but attempts to save her were a failure. Princess Violet died at age 27 in 1981.

Her death prompted a change in how the royal family operated. Courtship was not forced on later daughters of the house of Columbia. The first example of this was with her cousin Lillian who was the first in history to not be subject to the young courtships forcefully and ended up marrying much later than usual. The public viewed princess Violet more negatively at the time of her death but over time she has become more liked as people understand the circumstances of her death better.
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I'm guessing Elton John rewrites "Candle in the Wind" to be about Princess Violet ITTL
Well, Originally Elton Johns song Cande in the wind was dedicated to Marylin Monroe , however ittl overcomes her demons and dies naturally in 2011. Additionally Violet is not the "Peoples Princess" as Diana was [And ITTL still is] she was seen as an anti-establishment figure but she didn't really advocate positive causes and tabloids printed her as selfish and reckless. Americans were shocked and saddened when Violet died yes however she was not beloved. Instead, Bernie Taupin writes the lyrics dedicated to Judy Garland who dies in a similar fashion as OTL in 1965.
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i dont know if this is the "updates per viewer request" type deal but if it is, can we get some more info on Eastern Europe? It looks really interesting

The 2019 Indian election resulted in the re-election of the Indian Communist Party government and the retaining of Sherry Rehman as Indian Prime Minister.

The government's popularity remained high during the 2014-19 term as they passed bills with support from the INC and Marxist Parties without much formal coalition building. Sherry Rehman's popularity also remained high as she reenforced the INC's positions on Secularism, Social Progressivism and Workers Rights. The INC passed anti-discriminatory laws which angered the minority religious extremists. Former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia resigned as leader of the DPP and was replaced by the young and popular Smirti Irani, however, off the back of Zia's unpopular government the DPP continued to decline in the polls. The INC's Sonia Gandhi also resigned as INC president and would be replaced by her Daughter.

The Election campaign started in early February. The race was largely between the INC and the Communist party. The race started out practically even between the two with the DPP falling in the polls. The ICP would pull ahead after the leaders' debates between the major nationwide parties. The election resulted in another plurality for the Communist party which could rely on support from other Centre-Left parties as well as most members of the INC allowing Rehman to be re-elected.
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The Chicago 2016 Olympics was the most recent Summer Olympics event marking the 31st olympiad after the first Athens games in 1896.

Competitors to host the 2016 games including Chicago were:
-Constantinople, Turkey (The Eventual Runner Up)
-Saigon, Veit-Nam
-Tripoli, Italy
-Madrid, Spain
-Cairo, Egypt
-Imernia, Madagascar
There was controversy around Chicago's selection as there was a push for the games to be hosted in Africa as there had not been an African Olympics since the 1920 Olympics in Alexandria, Egypt. However, Chicago Emerged victoriously. Constantinople was chosen for the 2020 Olympics and Tripoli was chosen for 2024 ending the demand for an African Games.

The 2016 Olympics would be the 5th time The Commonwealth of America would host the Summer Olympics (Boston in 1904, New Orleans in 1928, Montreal in 1956 and Detroit in 1984). The project faced issues stemming from the 2008 Financial crisis that hit Chicago hard and put a halt to the building of a New Stadium for the Olympics.
However, with much support from the Labor government, the project managed to get back on track and the city was well prepared by the time of the Opening Ceremony

The Games have been regarded as an economic success for Chicago and America with the extra tourists causing a large boost in consumer spending and a huge boost for Chicago Business.
Please tell me the Blues Brothers drove the Bluesmobile into the stadium and sang Soul Man during the opening ceremony.
Yeah probably, don't really know any specifics about the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics except Jennifer Hudson sang the national anthem during it. I'm not the biggest expert in Chicago Culture lol.