United Kingdom; House of Commons of the United Kingdom
Why hello there. So obviously I took a break from the site over the recent summer (winter) break, and now I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. I have a few news articles, wikiboxes and various other things lined up, but first, a long-planned update on the United Kingdom.

There are a lot of hints dropped through here if you look closely, so if you want to know more about something, let me know and I'll try to answer your questions!
That’s a huge British Asian population, even with Hong Kong included. Is immigration into the UK way bigger than OTL?

Also, Jon Snow would be proud.
Jesus Christ that Gini. What sort of thatcherism-on-steroids befell this poor country?
Northern Ireland (looking like OTL Syria in many parts, with a massive refugee crisis) and Singapore (somehow even wealthier than OTL) being in the same country will do that to you. Really it's a miracle it isn't higher. Ironically, Britain has never actually experienced Thatcherism.
Is the Sinai Peninsula part of England?
The Territory of British Sinai is a British Overseas Territory. Often referred to as "Britain's last colony", its status has become increasingly controversial in recent years and it may not be part of the United Kingdom for much longer if certain powers *cough cough France* have their way.
I'm wondering how provisional the provisional site of the HoC will be. Also, why is it there? Is the Palace (finally) being massively refurbished?
The HoC was initially moved from the Palace due to security fears at the height of the terror threat three years ago. Since then Parliament has decided to take advantage their vacation of the building to undertake said massive refurbishment that will bring the building up to 21st century standards.
That’s a huge British Asian population, even with Hong Kong included. Is immigration into the UK way bigger than OTL?
Singapore also appears to be included, which I think should explain it.
The addition of Singapore and Hong Kong together account for most of the increase compared to OTL; increased immigration from India also accounts for part of the increase.
Lovely map, but what the hell's up with the Liberals being the main opposition?
What's up is that the Liberal Party of the early 20th century remained a strong force in politics, while Labour stagnated, prompting the Liberals' evolution into a liberal, social democratic, progressive party of the centre and centre-left. The Labour Party has been variously described as left-wing, far-left, communist and socialist. Fiercely anti-capitalist, they've struggled to break into the mainstream on multiple occasions and now are mostly happy with their role as a third party.

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