Map Thread XVII

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and holds back the Reds at least until 1925

Along with the Poles and the Romanians, I see. :)

a Persian Meiji,

Think a Persian Meiji would extend a bit further into NW Afghanistan?


The map of Europe is redrawn to the interests of NATO.

So were nukes never invented in this TL, or did alien space bats steal them in 1969?
The map was originally going to be set in the 1890's, so I forgot to give some of those territories statehood when I changed the date. :p

Arizona*, New Mexico*, Montana*, NW Texas* and the Indian Territory would probably remain territories by TTL's 1920's.

View attachment 389973

Here's a preview of the world map... ;)

Featuring: A Glorious Anglo-German Alliance™, a Persian Meiji, an Ottoman-screw and a lot more colonial protectorates/independent African states as opposed to a full-on takeover. :)
-1 Germanwank
Basically, Roosevelt doesn't die until 1946 in this world, so his plan to partition Germany stays in place. In 1969, NATO invades the Warsaw Pact and wins by 1975. The map of Europe is redrawn to the interests of NATO.View attachment 389980
Here's a tip; you shouldn't have any country that's the same colour as the water on your map, let alone multiple countries like that.
The Revolution Marches On.png

Next installment in the "It Started Here" universe. Featuring the Winter War, 5 years after the Peace by Exhaustion.

A brief run-over of the "Second Great War" or the "People's Liberation War"

1942: Outbreak of the first phase of the Second Great War. The Russian Nationalist Party, in control of the Russian parliament since 1935, claims Germany has been funding polish nationalists in Russian Poland. War between the Vostochnyy Pakt and MittelEuropa occurs.

1945: As Russian armies march towards Berlin, Russia declares war on Japan to gain back Kamchatka. Britain joins the war.

1946: Berlin falls and Russia is making gains in the far-east against Japan. The French Popular Republic declares war on Germany, with American backing. The Entente declare war on the French and Worker's International. In the US the Patriot Party comes into power. The Worker's Republic of America completes the Nuclear Bomb.

1948: Germany collapses, most of the German military retreating into Norway, Italy, and German Africa. The United States joins the war on the side of the Entente, and is promptly crushed by the Americans. The Bazhu of China begins marching into the Republic of China. Chile completes the Nuclear Bomb.

1949: Outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. Spanish Communists join the French Popular Republic, laying the foundations for the European federation. The United Kingdom completes the Nuclear bomb.

1950: The French push the exhausted Russians out of most of Germany. Japan begins to turn the tide in the east. The Russian Food Riots begin. The Boers leave the Entente.

1952: The British drop a nuclear bomb on Nantes, the French respond by dropping one on Brighton. The Turkish war of independence begins.

1953: Jugoslavya falls to Turkish forces, Greece joins the side of the Entente. Chile declares war on the Americans. The "Mad Khan", now leading much of the Russian forces in China, revolts. The Republic of China collapses.

1954: The "Year of Hell" occurs. Much of Southern England is destroyed, as is much of the borderlands between the American Freedom League and the WRA. The Russian Empire is de-facto dissolved by the Russian Autocratic Guard. Russia gains the nuclear bomb.

1955: Outbreak of the Indonesian Revolution. The European Popular Republic is officially formed. Russia makes a separate peace with the exhausted Japanese and the Mad Khan.

1956: The Peace by Exhaustion occurs. The remnants of the Entente and MittelEuropa sign a peace with the Worker's International. The Union of Rumelian Peoples is formed.

1957: Outbreak of the Japanese revolution. The Indonesian Revolution ends. Formation of the Union of Arab Kingdoms. Decolonization begins and the Union of European Nations is formed. ANTI-COM is formed between the surviving members of MittelEuropa, the Entente, the Russian Autocracy and the American Freedom League.

1958: End of the Japanese Revolution. The Russian Civil War rages on, the Russian Autocracy begins a policy of nuclear retreat. The Russian Autocracy is kicked out of ANTI-COM.

1959: The Free Republics of America federalizes, having been formed as a loose union during the War. De-facto end of the Russian Civil War.

1960: The Bazhu of China breaks with ANTI-COM following ANTI-COM collaboration with the newly formed Yulbar Dynasty. The Republic of the Sahel becomes independent.

1961: The Alliance of White Africa is formed. The Kingdom of Sarawak gains independence from Britain. The Russian Republic is formed.

NOW: October 10th, 1961 5 years directly after the Peace by Exhaustion

1930: End of the People's War

1912: It Started Here
One word (or three). M.A.D

Fewments. Using WMDs if things weren't going well was official war-fighting policy of both sides. Soviet policy favored WMDs of the chemical sort right from the start. Even in a limited central European conflict it would be difficult to avoid the use of nuclear weapons. An extended conflict with no use of nukes ending in the breakup of the USSR is either ASB or an astoundingly brilliant piece of AH focused on possibly but highly unlikely sequences of events - and if you want me to believe this is the second, you had better show your work.

EDIT: what MAD was supposed to accomplish was prevent WWIII from breaking out at all. If it did, that nukes would be used was pretty much taken as a forgone conclusion.
Can anybody show me some good maps of TLs in which France won the seven years war? I was searching on google but didn't find many.
Absolutely beautiful! I think the colors you chose are right at the sweet spot between neon-bright and washed-out. It's the perfect blend of a traditional-looking map and a modern-looking map, which means it can fit in with the aesthetic of pretty much any website. Brilliant work.

Thanks. This took - apart from the research and the labeling - most of the work and time. Really wanted to get it to look old, but at the end i was going along with my old habits - as you said, quite a mix of old and modern look.
But why does Germany have "Greater Germany" borders inside of the USSR? Why does the USSR own a few pieces of land in Africa? Is that a Sapmi state?
It looks more like the Reich has become socialist and replaced the USSR. There are those reichskommissariat borders in the european part of Russia.

But why does Germany have "Greater Germany" borders inside of the USSR? Why does the USSR own a few pieces of land in Africa? Is that a Sapmi state?

The USSR doesn't exist.

Nazi Germany is in dark red, members of the Axis are in red.

And that's Greater Finland.
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