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The only real solution to Bosnia without "let God sort 'em out" is a huge population exchange then split it - but good luck with that in the 21st century with the nearest major powers are insanely multiculturalistic (can't we all just get along sob sob i crie everytiem tier politics about to give them a massive kick in the ass) and protective of absolutely idiotic borders (probably because Tito was their bitch)
Ethnic cleansing advocacy is utterly unacceptable here.

Consider yourself blessed that this is only a kick.

See ya' in 7.
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The sequel to "It Started Here", the Great War lasted from 1912-1918, while the "People's War", a parallel to the Great War, lasted from 1913-1922. The Great War was fought between the German-Russian forces of the Warsaw Accords and the Two Oceans Entente, which lead to a de-facto Warsaw victory in Europe, and a Entente victory almost everywhere else. The People's war, meanwhile was fought between the Entente (mainly the British), the now-defunct "Two King's Alliance" of Peru-Brazil, and the Worker's International.
Here details the 20 year "Uneasy Peace" between 1922 and 1942 which would eventually lead to the Outbreak of the "Second Great War" or the "Worker's Liberation War" following the Barcelona Crisis.

The previous map:
Wow that USSA would steamroll anything that attempted to challenge it
A lot of religious types are gonna look at the destruction as some kind of divine judgement since it disproportionately affected Las Vegas.

Totally. I expect the Christian Right to leap on this disaster stating it was "The will of God to remove the City of Sin from the Southwest. It is for our sins that he has punished the southwest". Jeremiah 2:6 will become their rallying cry. He guided us through the wilderness before but now he is testing our faith and our resilience to the wilderness. I believe that the Mormon Church will disown the Glenn Canyon and the United States Government and their statements would become a rallying cry. I had them declaring that once more "The Government of the United States has once again tried to tame the West. First, it was the Native Americans then they came for us but we did not let them win! Nor shall we let them win now. The Government has made their grand mistake and in tow revealed that they were developing these grand projects for the sake of being able to build them; instead of building to support and generate populations they have been focused on themselves. So, to all those who keep the faith and those in the devastated areas let us raise our voices for the time has come to allow the Government to no longer trample upon our land for their own gain. As Americans and as Westerners we must make a stand and the time is now". This would probably divide the Religious Right between those in the area of distress who view the Government as mismanaged and failing while those not in the disaster area view this as the Wrath of God for our lapse of faith.

The Union of Ruthenia - a Confederation of the republics that gain independence after the fall of the Russian Empire at the end of WW1, dominated by Ukraine and formed to defend against the Bolsheviks. It is bolstered by defeated white armies and generals reinforcing the country's defence, and holds back the Reds at least until 1925
Nice, the disintegration of the French Republic and the Ottoman Empire should be fun. I think the Rashidis are the wrong color though.

That was the color of Jamal Shammar in the color set I used

Is this secretly leading up to 1984? Because that's what I first think of when I see a Pan-American socialist state (or allegedly socialist, in the case of the actual 1984 novel).

I mean it could morph into something like that but that wasn’t the plan.

Wow that USSA would steamroll anything that attempted to challenge it
Not quite, it’s beginning to become internally divided, with a lot of special interest groups.
Interesting concept! One question though - why haven't the various northern territories achieved statehood yet?

The map was originally going to be set in the 1890's, so I forgot to give some of those territories statehood when I changed the date. :p

Arizona*, New Mexico*, Montana*, NW Texas* and the Indian Territory would probably remain territories by TTL's 1920's.


Here's a preview of the world map... ;)

Featuring: A Glorious Anglo-German Alliance™, a Persian Meiji, an Ottoman-screw and a lot more colonial protectorates/independent African states as opposed to a full-on takeover. :)
Basically, Roosevelt doesn't die until 1946 in this world, so his plan to partition Germany stays in place. In 1969, NATO invades the Warsaw Pact and wins by 1975. The map of Europe is redrawn to the interests of NATO.
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