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  1. CrashBandicam

    WI: No Ren & Stimpy?

    So, let's just say that John Kricfalusi gets outed as a lunatic sicko earlier in say, the mid-80s perhaps? And gets thrown into jail for it. Or more simply, never born in the first place, with either one of these scenarios resulting in The Ren & Stimpy Show never getting made. Now take this into...
  2. GameBawesome

    Discussion: What was your first Alternate History idea?

    Alternate history is a fun idea. Trying to map out the PODs, the changes in a timeline, and the butterfly effects that could cause in history. However, at the end of the day, alternate history is merely fiction, and sometimes in fiction, it's up the writer to decide what happens. Now, this is a...
  3. What civilization or nation deserves to have its own TL?

    Many forgotten civilizations, empires, kingdoms, etc., were crucial in human history or at least very influential in the regions they were established. Some that I think deserve a TL, or more use, are the Chola Empire, Mesoamerican civilizations, and Bronze Age kingdoms, such as Mitanni. Moving...
  4. WI: After Anne Boleyn's execution, Elizabeth had vanished from history (just like Mary Seymour did from the OTL)?

    How would Henry react? Would he care or he would be relieved that the daughter of his most hated wife has disappeared? What would the fate of England be like with Elizabeth gone?
  5. What if the US is inspired even more by Rome?
    Threadmarks: Beginning of The Experiment

    This scenario is hypothetical: What if the United States system was based on the Roman Republican? Let's say the American founders are enamored by every part of Roman culture and construct a nation based on Rome. First to make it easier for this new America let's assume they never wrote any...
  6. Altremer: What if the 4th Crusade Sailed to Egypt? From Alternate HistoryHub

    A new youtub Alternate history series is coming Alternate History Hub Here is a trailer part of a larger video. Looks well made, coming on the 8th Of December.
  7. Challenge: United Kingdom of Aragon and Portugal

    Well, the title explain everything
  8. Eh, well, this is only one universe create by me so... i don't know what say

    In 528 a saxon mercader knowed as Ceolwulf start to preach the word of Woden "the only and real god", the wodenism start to expand before and after the desde of Ceuwulf in Germania and Scandinavia (and other little parts of Europe thanks to the vikings)
  9. The Gybson Boy

    Alternative Monarchs and Aristocrats Timelines
    Threadmarks: Home Post and Example Post - The Arthurian Age: Arthur survives the sweat in 1502 - King Arthur I (1509-1552)

    I've seen some list topics of Alternative Monarchs or Aristocrats, but most only allow lists or family trees, here you can talk precisely about the monarchs and the stories themselves, here you can talk about a real monarch/aristocrat whose history was changed or a totally fictional one. This...
  10. Plausibility Check: The Great Judgement

    The Great Judgement – The Bubonic Plague, which instead of killing 1/3rd, killed nearly 3/5th of Europe. The story is set in the 1740s, where the inability to reliably obtain Gunpowder is killing the United Christian Nations. The surviving Europeans blamed the various strong colonial powers...
  11. GameBawesome

    AH Wars & Conflicts Game

    A thread in the same style as the Explain the AH Quote, the AH Title and Description Game and AH Cultural Descriptions threads In the long timeline of conflicts, there's has been various names for wars, civil wars, rebellions, revolutions, coups, etc, all of which vary from name to name. We...
  12. Challenge: Only Christians in Caucasos, Arabian Peninsula and the mediterranean sea (Italia, Spain, Greece))

    The title says everything... Maybe i don't know the german become monotheist (a religion based in Odin or Thor) or convert to other religion
  13. What if the barbarians that conquered the Ming were Japanese?

  14. The Kingdom of Aragon become islam

    Ok, Well i have this idea for a Catalanese (the "lingua Franca" of aragon was the catalan), Islam Kingdom, maybe te Franks invade Aragon and the pope support they, Aragon become enemy of the Franks and the Pope. This scenario work better If Asturias never exist so a big part of "Al-Andalus"...
  15. Salma Amer

    Jasper Tudor has two daughters

    I read an article and it struck me that Jasper Tudor had two illegitimate daughters, Helen Tudor and Joan Tudor. What if Jasper Tudor and his wife Catherine Woodville had two legitimate daughters together? What marriages can they get? What does their existence change?
  16. Gummibär Alternate History: What if the Short French Version Was Looped Like the Irish GB Song? (Pop Culture)

    What if this Gummy Bear Song: French Gummy Bear Song repeated multiple times like this: Irish Gummy Bear Song?
  17. What if the House of Babenberger never sold Austria making Bohemia, Bavaria or Brandenburg the dominant power in the Holy Roman Empire?

    This I think, is a very interesting timeline, who do you think could have replaced Austria or do you think that nobody would be dominant?
  18. Salma Amer

    Henry VIII of England has a more alife children with Catherine of Aragon. what will happen?

    Henry VIII of England (1491-1549) married catherine of aragon (1485-1549) in 1509 with issues A) Henry IX of England(twin of elizabeth)(1510-1578) married Catherine Austria(1507-1574) with issues A) Elizabeth of england ( twin of henry)(1510-1546) married Charles V, Holy...
  19. Zyobot

    AH Cuisine and Culinary Practices

    Compared to war, culture, and geopolitics, food and food preparation tend to be widely overlooked in AH circles. But as in all things, the butterflies let loose by different PODs — such as farmland being either developed or destroyed, sudden economic booms or busts, and different trade routes...
  20. Jaiken

    A Keen Eye: A Nintendo Ultimate Timeline
    Threadmarks: Yamauchi's Vision

    Yamauchi, head Preisdent of Nintendo, has one request to those running the company: Make Nintendo the best it can ever be. To do this Yamauchi instructed his company to further expand into game development by investing profits into Nintendo itself to ensure growth. As long as profits were good...