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  1. Paladín Wulfen

    Un Dios, Un Imperio, Un Rey | Alternate TL.
    Threadmarks: El Nacimiento del Imperio

    “Crean vuestras Altezas que es esta tierra la mejor y más fértil, y temperada, y buena que haya en el mundo” “Your Highnesses believe that this land is the best and most fertile, and temperate, and good that there is in the world..” —Cristóbal Colón. Battle of Navas of Tolosa Throughout...
  2. How will medieval Europe and modern Europe be if Europeans stayed pagan up to modern times and never converted to all Abrahamic religions?

    So what if this is what happened? All Europeans never converted to all Abrahamic religions. They ignored all Abrahamic religions and stayed pagan up to modern times. What are the things that will happen to Europe especially medieval Europe? What will the medieval Europeans and the modern...
  3. GameBawesome

    Discussion: Dumb AH Tropes, PODs, and Assumptions (Pre-1900)

    Alternate history is more of a thought experiment and storytelling. To theorize what could've happened had certain PODs were different. In best cases, the Alternate History Timeline tries to be logical and realistic, trying to create a timeline that could theoretically happen with specific PODs...
  4. A Solution to Dissolution: If the UEFA Nations League Began in 1998
    Threadmarks: Part 0 - Timeline Introduction

    A SOLUTION TO DISSOLUTION If the UEFA Nations League Began in 1998 By NTF aka Seb Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, UEFA sees the need to launch another international tournament to “meet the increased demands of this expanded European national team...
  5. What if US won a war to take the whole Oregon?

    This is the history of my book, The Fifth War, which is set in an alternate 2025 with a PoD in the 1840s...
  6. What if: Gravity Falls and The Owl House debuted as video game franchises

    Hello everyone. My name is Zero_to_Hero. And today I am here to talk about a ‘what if’ scenario. What if Gravity Falls and The Owl House debuted as video game franchises in 1999 and 2000? I made those fanfics on both AO3 and Tapas. In those, I explain the full details on what those had been like...
  7. Could Napoleon II have lived longer?

    I was reading about Napoleon II and I found that while he was pursuing his military career, he ended up exercising so much that he weakened body caught Tuberculosis and he died. Would graduating earlier have allowed him to live longer? If not, how else would he have lived longer?
  8. Otakuninja2006

    OPEN DISCUSSION: The Official Alterthink Thread.

    This thread here is the official thread to discuss my new series of alternate history scenarios and timelines. The new series is called "Alterthink". This thread is basically here to discuss this series and one of my site friend's series of alternate history scenarios. Basically, you can...
  9. Mister devilfinger

    What will happen if island of Great Britain goes the path of anglo-celtic instead anglo-normans?

    how will the British Isles, the timeline, the culture and the world be like?
  10. Paladín Wulfen

    Elysium..., a Roman America TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Paladin Wulfen Productions presents... Elysium..., to Roman America. A production that will try to last as long as the support it receives. Although this production uses recycled material from a previously made one, it is focused with greater dedication and exploration apart from a greater use...
  11. Explain the AH Meme!

    Another one of them, mixing two of out passions: history and memes (you know the kind) to make Historical memes! I'll go first:
  12. GameBawesome

    AH Royal/Imperial/Noble Titles Game

    A thread in the same style as the Explain the AH Quote, the AH Title and Description Game and AH Cultural Descriptions threads Here’s the game. First poster will create an alternate Royal title/imperial/noble and give it a backstory and history of that title, and then create another one for a...
  13. What if Iraq conquered the USA

    In honour of my new video, discuss down below how you think Iraq could have achieved this feat and what the world would be like. Video deleted
  14. WI Grexit Happened in 2015 and Greece reverted to the Drachma.

    In 2015 OTL there was speculation that Greece would leave the Eurozone. What if Greece left the Eurzone? How would that and Brexit affect the European Union? How would Greece reverting back to the Drachma effect the world economy? Discuss below.
  15. tungsterismapping

    Red Stained Red Flag: A Turkish Timeline

    Red Stained Red Flag: The Fall of Turkey Post-Independence Rings of Good In the early 1920’s, Turkey gained its independence. Ataturk’s attempts at restoring the country were going well. Economic policies were improving the economy and leading to a more nationalised economy, cultural policies...
  16. MCPO-MagicalGeek

    What if the Majapahit Empire didn't collapse

    What if the Majapahit didn't decline and later collapse, mostly only loosing territories until they are only controlling Modern-Indonesia, and modernized a lot like what the Japanese did and later the Dutch weren't able to fully colonized the Archipelago mostly Colonizing Sulawesi and Papua...
  17. GameBawesome

    Create an alternate holiday

    There are many holidays in the world. The main point of this thread is to create an alternate holiday(s) for alternate history, like for random examples, Confederate Independence Day or Triumph Day, or United World Peace Day Here is the template for creating an holiday: Holiday Name: Country...
  18. Mr.420IQAltHistGodEmpChad

    AHC: No Zoroastrianism (POD of 600 BC)

    AHC: No Zoroastrianism (POD of 600 BC) In this alternate history challenge you need to find a way to prevent Zoroastrianism from existing, What would happen if Zoroastrianism never existed? How will this effect the Pre-Islamic Iranian Civilizations or the cultures surrounding it? Would it...
  19. RedKing

    Had Alternate Succession Laws been in place

    So this thread was sprung from an idea I had. What if I applied Absolute Primogeniture to King Henry II of England's succession. Well if I have done it correctly (there could very well be errors), this guy,_Count_of_Solms-Wildenfels, would be...
  20. WI: The Enterprise completes its five year mission (Star Trek survives for 5 seasons)
    Threadmarks: Article 1: NBC Reevaluating Primetime Lineup

    One of the worst decisions ever made by a television network was NBC's cancellation of Star Trek (the Original Series) after its third season in 1969. After two years of middling ratings placed Star Trek in the Friday Night death time slot, at 10:00 PM, so fewer fans would be able to watch the...