List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

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Boomerang Presidency I

* =died in office, **=assassinated, >=left office, blue=Democrat, buff=Whig
7: Andrew Jackson**(1829-1835)/John C Calhoun>(1829-1832), Martin Van Buren(1833-1835)[1]
8/10: Martin Van Buren(1835-1837, 1841-1845)/Littleton Tazewell (1841-1845)[2]

9: William Henry Harrison/Francis Granger(1837-1841)[3]
11: Henry Clay/John Davis(1845-1849)[4]

12: James Buchanan/William R King(1849-1857)[5]

[1]Assassinated by Richard Lawrence on January 30 1835. First president to die in office/be assassinated
[2]Manages to solidify the tradition because he's on good graces with the party and Jackson, more so than Tyler. During his second term he tries to balance between the pro and anti-annexation groups
[3]Though a competent diplomat and bureaucrat, Harrison suffers from being a scapegoat for the depression and Van Buren manages to overtake him in 1840. Though it's a lot narrower than IOTL with the other side
[4]A competent president, yet ironically would see war with Mexico because of his support of Texas. However it's quicker and lacks the annexation ambitions of Polk, obviously. Given his age and the Whig's planned tradition, he declines running in 1848 and Webster throws his hat in the lot
[5]In this timeline, Buchanan's desire to not see conflict and foreign diplomatic issues actually make him a competent president. He sees Texas' continued independence and journeys into the exploration of California
1945-1951: Clement Attlee (Labour)
1945: LAB 393, CON 197, LIB 12, LN 11, OTH 27 - Majority of 146
1950: LAB 315, CON 298, LIB 9, OTH 3 - Majority of 5

1951-1955: Sir Winston Churchill (Conservative)
1951: CON 321, LAB 295, LIB 6, OTH 3 - Majority of 17
1955-1957: Sir Anthony Eden (Conservative)
1955: CON 345, LAB 277, LIB 6, OTH 2 - Majority of 60
1957-1963: Harold Macmillan (Conservative)
1959: CON 365, LAB 258, LIB 6, OTH 1 - Majority of 100
1963-1964: Sir Alec Douglas-Home (Conservative)
1964-1972: Hugh Gaitskell (Labour)

1964: LAB 341, CON 276, LIB 13 - Majority of 52
1969: LAB 332, CON 285, LIB 12, OTH 1 - Majority of 34

1972-1979: James Callaghan (Labour)
1974: LAB 321, CON 297, LIB 8, OTH 9 - Majority of 7
1977: LAB 324, CON 289, LIB 11, OTH 11 - Majority of 13

1979-1981: Roy Jenkins (Labour)
1981-1990: Sir Keith Joseph (Conservative)
1981: CON 359, LAB 263, LIB 15, OTH 13 - Majority of 68
1985: CON 348, LAB 275, LIB 13, OTH 14 - Majority of 46
1989: CON 331, LAB 286, LIB 19, OTH 14 - Majority of 12

1990-1994: Margaret Thatcher (Conservative)
1990: CON 338, LAB 281, LIB 18, OTH 13 - Majority of 26
1994-2006: Neil Kinnock (Labour)
1994: LAB 378, CON 227, LIB 24, OTH 22 - Majority of 105
1999: LAB 381, CON 233, LIB 21, OTH 24 - Majority of 103
2003: LAB 373, CON 239, LIB 23, OTH 24 - Majority of 87

2006-2008: Alan Johnson (Labour)
2008-2017: Kenneth Clarke (Conservative)
2008: CON 394, LAB 198, LIB 31, OTH 27 - Majority of 138

2013: CON 408, LAB 191, LIB 25, OTH 26 - Majority of 166
2017-Present: Rory Stewart (Conservative)
2018: CON 370, LAB 225, LIB 27, OTH 28 - Majority of 90
1993-2001: Ross Perot / James Stockdale (Independent/Reform)*
def. 1992 George H.W Bush / Dan Quayle (Republican) and Jerry Brown / Bob Graham (Democrat)
def. 1996 Dan Quayle / Donald Rumsfeld (Republican) and Al Gore / Dianne Feinstein (Democrat)
2001-2005: John Kerry / John Edwards (Democrat)
def. 2000 Pat Buchanan / Kay Hutchison (Republican) and Donald Trump / Jesse Ventura (Reform)**
2005-2013: John McCain / Sarah Palin (Republican)
def. 2000 John Kerry / Joe Biden (Democrat)
def. 2004 Joe Biden / Dick Gephardt (Democrat)
2013-2017: Rick Santorum / Newt Gingrich (Republican)
def. 2012 John Edwards / Tim Kaine (Democrat)
2017- Present: Michael Bloomberg / Evan McMullin (Reform)
def. 2016 Bernie Sanders / Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat) and Rick Santorum / Ben Carson (Republican)***

*Perot ran under the Reform Party in 1996
** Last election until 2016 Reform garnered >15% of the national popular vote
*** Santorum dropped Gingrich in 2016
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1970 Labour Victory:

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom:
1964-1976: Harold Wilson
1976-1979: Michael Foot

1979-1993: Margret Thatcher
1993-1996: Michael Portillo

1996-2005: Tony Blair
2005-2009: Gordon Brown

2009-2019: Theresa May
2019-Present: Michael Gove

Labour Party Leader:
1963-1976: Harold Wilson
1976-1979: Michael Foot
1979-1983: Denis Healey
1983-1987: Neil Kinnock
1987-1991: Roy Hattersley
1991-1994: John Smith
1994: John Prescott (Acting)
1994-2005: Tony Blair
2005-2009: Gordon Brown
2009: Harriet Harman (Acting)
2009-2014: David Miliband
2014-2018 Harriet Harman
2018: Ben Bradshaw (Acting)
2018-Present: Jeremy Corbyn

Conservative Party Leader:
1965-1974: Edward Heath
1974-1993: Margret Thatcher
1993-1996: Michael Portillo
1996-2000: Kenneth Clarke
2000-2004: Michael Howard
2004-2019: Theresa May
2019-Present Michael Gove

Liberal Party Leader:
1967-1976: Jeremy Thorpe
1976-1991: David Steel
1991-2000: Paddy Ashdown
2000-2009: Simon Hughes
2009-2018: Nick Clegg
2018-Present: Tim Farron

General Election Results:
Lab 322 (-42), Con 292 (+39), Lib 10 (-2), Oth 6 (+5) (Lab Maj 14)
1974: Lab 339 (+17), Con 255 (-37), Lib 16 (+6), Oth 20 (+14) (Lab Maj 43)
1979: Con 365 (+110), Lab 241 (-98), Lib 12 (-4), Oth 17 (-3) (Con Maj 95)
1983: Con 403 (+38), Lab 213 (-28), Lib 13 (+1), Oth 21 (+4) (Con Maj 156)
1987: Con 381 (-22), Lab 232 (+19), Lib 14 (+1), Oth 23 (+2) (Con Maj 112)
1991: Con 343 (-38), Lab 272 (+40), Lib 12 (-2), Oth 24 (+1) (Con Maj 35)
1996: Lab 398 (+126), Con 214 (-129), Lib 22 (+10), Oth 25 (+1) (Lab Maj 134)
2000: Lab 401 (+3), Con 205 (-9), Lib 25 (+3), Oth 28 (+3) (Lab Maj 143)
2004: Lab 352 (-49), Con 230 (+25) , Lib 34 (+9), Oth 30 (+2) (Lab Maj 58)
2009: Con 334 (+104), Lab 257 (-95) , Lib 30 (-4), Oth 29 (-1) (Con Maj 18)
2014: Con 342 (+8), Lab 241 (-16), Lib 32 (+2), Oth 35 (+6) (Con Maj 34)
2018: Con 382 (+40), Lab 208 (-33), Lib 21 (-11), Oth 39 (+4) (Con Maj 114)
1993-2001: Ross Perot / James Stockdale (Independent/Reform)*
def. 1992 George H.W Bush / Dan Quayle (Republican) and Jerry Brown / Bob Graham (Democrat)
def. 1996 Dan Quayle / Richard Lugar (Republican) and Al Gore / Dianne Feinstein (Democrat)
2001-2005: John Kerry / John Edwards (Democrat)
def. 2000 Pat Buchanan / KayHutchison (Republican) and Donald Trump / Jesse Ventura (Reform)**
2005-2013: John McCain / Michele Bachmann (Republican)
def. 2000 John Kerry / Joe Biden (Democrat)
def. 2004 Joe Biden / Dick Gephardt (Democrat)
2013-2017: Rick Santorum / Newt Gingrich (Republican)
def. 2012 John Edwards / Tim Kaine (Democrat)
2017- Present: Michael Bloomberg / Evan McMullin (Reform)
def. 2016 Bernie Sanders / Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat) and Rick Santorum / Ben Carson (Republican)***

*Perot ran under the Reform Party in 1996
** Last election until 2016 Reform garnered >15% of the national popular vote
*** Santorum dropped Gingrich in 2016
1. Quayle and Lugar are both from Indiana, which is not allowed per the Constitution.
2. McCain would never pick Bachmann in 2004 as she would not be a viable running mate (e.g. no Federal experience).
Presidential Elections:
1949-1957 Governor Thomas Dewey (Republican)
def. 1948 (with Governor Earl Warren) President Harry Truman/ Senator Alben Barkley (Democrat) Governor Strom Thurmond / Governor Fielding Wright (State's Rights)
def. 1952 (with Vice President Earl Warren) Senator Estes Kaufever/ Senator Paul Douglas (Democrat)

1957-1965 Former Governor Adlai Stevenson (Democrat)
def. 1956 (with Senator Lyndon Johnson) Vice President Earl Warren/ Senator Everett Dirksen (Republican)
def. 1960 (with Senator Hubert Humphrey) Senator Richard Nixon/ Governor Nelson Rockefeller (Republican) Senator Harry Bryd (I-VA)/ Governor Ross Barnett (I-MS)
1965-1967 Vice President Hubert Humphrey (Democrat)

def. 1964 (with Senator John Kennedy) Governor William Scranton/ Senator Margaret Smith (Republican)
1967-1969 Vice President John Kennedy (Democrat) (Didn't run for Reelection)

1969-1977 Senator Barry Goldwater (Republican)
def. 1968 (with Senator Richard Nixon) Former Vice President Lyndon Johnson/ Senator George Smathers (Democrat) Former Governor George Wallace/ Senator Strom Thurmond (National)
def. 1972 (with Senator Charles Percy) Senator Edmund Muskie/ Senator Eugene McCarthy (Democrat) General William Westmoreland/ Governor George Wallace (National)
1977-1981 Vice President Charles Percy (Republican)

def. 1976 (with Governor James Buckley) Senator Henry Jackson/ Senator Frank Church (Democrat) Former General William Westmoreland/ Senator Lester Maddox (National) Governor George Wallace (Right)/ Governor John Connally (Right)
1981-1989 Senator Robert Kennedy (Democrat)

def. 1980 (with Senator John Glenn) Vice President James Buckley/ Senator Paul Laxalt (National) President Charles Percy/ Secretary of War George Bush (Republican)
def. 1984 (with Vice President John Glenn) Senator Bob Dole/ Senator Bill Brock (National) Senator Howard Baker/ Representative Phil Crane (Republican)
1989-1993 Reverend Pat Robertson (National)

def. 1988 (with Governor Lamar Alexander) Senator Al Gore/ Senator Gary Hart (Democrat) Representative John Anderson/ Representative Bob Dornan (Republican)
1993-1997 Entrepreneur Ross Perot (Centrist)

def. 1992 (with Senator Richard Lugar) Former Vice President John Glenn/ Governor Bill Clinton (Democrat) President Pat Robertson/ Vice President Lamar Alexander (National)
1997-2001 Vice President Richard Lugar (Third Way)

def. 1996 (with Senator Phil Gramm) Senator Tom Harkin/ Representative Dick Gephardt (Democrat) Representative Ron Paul/ Author Harry Browne (Libertarian) Representative Jack Kemp/ Former Vice President Lamar Alexander (National)
2001-2002 Senator Paul Wellstone (Democrat) (Assassinated)

def. 2000 (with Senator John Kerry) President Richard Lugar/Vice President Phil Gramm (Third Way) Author Harry Browne/ Talk Show Host Gary Nolan (Libertarian)
2002-2005 Vice President John Kerry (Democrat)

2005-2013 Senator Ron Paul (Libertarian)
2004 def. (with Senator Barry Goldwater Jr.) Representative Chet Edwards/ Governor Brian Schweitzer (Democrat) Senator John McCain/ Governor Mike Huckabee (Third Way)
2008 def. (with Representative Walter Jones) Senator John Edwards/ Senator Jim Webb (Democrat) Former Governor Mitt Romney/ Representative Duncan Hunter (Third Way)

2013-2016 Senator Bernie Sanders (Democrat)
2012 def. (with Senator Evan Bayh) Secretary of War Barry Goldwater Jr./ Senator Gary Johnson (Libertarian) Senator John Cornyn/ Senator Marco Rubio (Third Way)
2016-0000 President Bernie Sanders (Three Arrows)
2016 def. (with Representative Jill Stein) Representative David Duke /Representative Richard Spencer (National American) Businessman Ben Carson/ Senator Rand Paul (Libertarian) Senator Ted Cruz/ Senator Bob Corker (Third Way)
America Isn't New York City

Sorry if this format is getting boring.

1933-1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic)
1932 (with John Nance Garner) def. Herbert Hoover (Republican)
1936 (with John Nance Garner) def. Alf Landon (Republican)
1940 (with Paul V. McNutt) def. Robert Taft (Republican)

1945-1950: Paul V. McNutt (Democratic)
1944 (with J. Melville Broughton) def. William H. Wills (Republican), Upton Sinclair (For a New World)
1948 (with J. Melville Broughton) def. Joseph Martin (Republican), Vito Marcantonio (American Labor)

1950-1950: George Marshall (Democratic)
1950-1953: George Marshall (National Statesmen's)

1950 (with Allen Dulles) def. William O. Douglas (Democratic), Thomas Dewey (Republican), John Howard Lawson (American Labor)
1953-1965: Henry Kaiser (Democratic)
1952 (with James Byrnes) def. Arthur E. Summerfield (Republican), George Counts (Liberal), Darlington Hoopes (American Labor)
1956 (with John Sparkman) def. John Bricker (Republican), J. Bracken Lee (Anti-Taxation League)
1960 (with Bert Combs) def. Jacob Javits (Republican), John Sparkman (Independent), J. Bracken Lee (Anti-Taxation League)*

1965-1967: George Romney (Republican)
1964 (with Harold Stassen) def. Ludwig Teller (Democratic), Barry Goldwater (Conservative), J. Bracken Lee (Anti-Taxation League)*
1967-1969: George Romney (Liberal)
1968 (with Harold Stassen) def. Sam Yorty (Democratic), Jack Miller (Republican)
1969-1973: George Romney (Democratic)
1973-1977: Mo Udall (Democratic)

1972 (with Robert F. Kennedy) def. Jack Miller (Republican), Harold Stassen (Liberal), Strom Thurmond (Conservative)
1977-1989: George Wallace (Democratic)
1976 (with Edward J. King) def. Robert F. Kennedy (Liberal), Gerald Ford (Republican), Meldrim Thomson Jr. (Conservative)
1980 (with Howard Baker) def. Tony Mazzocchi (Independent), John Schmitz (Conservative), Bella Abzug (Liberal), Billy James Hargis (Right to Life)
1984 (with Lloyd Bentsen) def. Pat Schroeder (Liberal), Virginia D. Smith (Republican), Howard Phillips (Right to Life)

1989-1993: John A. Wilson (Democratic)
1988 (with Skip Humphrey) def. John Ashcroft (Republican)
1993-2001: William Weld (Republican)
1992 (with Donald Rumsfeld) def. John A. Wilson (Democratic)
1996 (with Donald Rumsfeld) def. Maria Cantwell (Democratic), Heerak Kim (American Gamma)

2001-2006: Donald Bren (Republican)
2000 (with Ray LaHood) def. Geoffrey Fieger (Democratic), Robert Reich (Liberal)*
2004 (with Forrest Church) def. Gil Garcetti (Democratic), John Milkovich (Conservative)

2006-2013: Donald Bren (Independent)
2008 (with Robert Mueller) def. Roland Burris (Democratic), Terry Jones (Conservative)
2013-0000: Bill Clinton (Democratic)
2012 (with Terri Sewell) def. Rick Scott (Republican)
2016 (with Terri Sewell) def. Martha Roby (Republican), Heerak Kim (American Gamma), Ajamu Baraka (Green), Steve Revilak (Pirate)*

- Roosevelt selects McNutt in 1940, and after a heart attack in 1943, decides not to run for a third term.
- President McNutt and Vice President Broughton are assassinated by Puerto Rican nationalists. Because there was no 22nd Amendment, a special election is held. Legislation is agreed to that would establish a line of succession through the Cabinet while also having another election in 1952.

* - Represents a campaign that did not do very well, but is notable.
All tickets receiving over 1% of the total vote are shown
1. Quayle and Lugar are both from Indiana, which is not allowed per the Constitution.
2. McCain would never pick Bachmann in 2004 as she would not be a viable running mate (e.g. no Federal experience).

Oops, yea though Lugar was Illinois for some reason. Also misplaced Bachmann. Changed the tickets but forgot the time. Originally had her in 16'.
Bevan’s Britain:

1945-1949: Clement Attlee (Labour)†
1945 (Majority) def: Winston Churchill (Conservative), Archibald Sinclair (Liberal), Ernst Brown (National Liberal), Harry Pollitt (CPGB)
1949: Herbert Morrison (Labour Caretaker)
1949-1959: Nye Bevan (Labour)†
1950 (Majority) def: Lord Woolton (Conservative), Clement Davis (Liberal), John Maclay (National Liberal), Harry Pollitt (CPGB)
1955 (Majority) def: Harold MacMillian (Conservative), Jo Grimond (Liberal), Alfred Robens (Workers Party), Harry Pollitt (CPGB)

1959: John Freeman (Labour Caretaker)
1960-1967: Iain MacLeod (Conservative)

1960 (Majority) def: John Freeman (Labour), Jo Grimond (Liberal), Alfred Robens (Workers Party), John Gollan (CPGB), Tony Cliff (International Socialists)
1964 (Majority) def: Harold Wilson (Labour), Jo Grimond (Liberal), Alfred Robens (Workers Party), John Gollan (CPGB), Tony Cliff (Socialist Labour Party)

1967-1969: Ted Heath (Conservative)
1967 (Coalition with Liberals) def: Micheal Foot (Labour), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal), Alan Brown (Workers Party), Tony Cliff (Socialist Labour)
1969-: Barbara Castle (Labour)
1969 (Majority) def: Ted Heath (Conservative), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal), Dick Taverne (Workers Party), Tony Cliff (Socialist Labour)

1949 and Attlee falls down some stairs, not being the spritely man who he used to Attlee dies and Labour Leadership election is called whilst in office. Morrison announces he’ll be Prime Minister of a caretaker Government and plans to run in the leadership election but a bunch of worried Leftists and a few Right members who despise Morrison put the kerbosh on that. Instead the Right push forward A.V.Alexander (given how Gaitskell is too young and inexperienced and Bevin is too old and there are worries of another Attlee) whilst the Left put forward Bevan.

Compared to the dull Alexander, Bevan is inspiring, forthright, riding high from the creation of the NHS and able to form a loose coalition of Labour Centrists,Leftists and Trade Unionists sick of Transport house. All this combine to allow Bevan to just squeak into becoming Leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister. Not long afterwards, an election is called and many guess that Bevan may lose against the great Churchill.

Few would have guessed an abrupt stroke would put Churchill out of commission and lead to a messy Tory nomination period in which the favourite Anthony Eden having to take a holiday due to the stress leading to Lord Woolton awkwardly becoming leader. This combined with a fiery manifesto preaching Industrial Democracy, More Houses and greater recovery alongside actually trying to implement the message Labour promised in it’s manifesto in 45’.

All this allows Bevan to get into Parliament with 75 seat majority (a slight improvement on 1945). Using his majority he gets too work and quickly he hits some trouble. The Labour Right still exists and ain’t happy with there new boss and try to undermine Bevan. The first two years of Bevan’s premiership are mainly dealing with Morrison and Bevin, but upon Bevin’s death in 1951 the force the pair held within Labour collapses as the bullying Morrison manages to drive away any possible allies he has. Those who don’t toe the line or join Morrison’s ineffectual pressure group go and join Alfred Robens in the ‘Workers Party’ which despite sounding like a Communist Party mainly preaches bland Labour Right talking points splitting in the aftermath of the 1951 Korean War funding fiasco (in which Hugh Gaitskell is kicked out the cabinet for demanding charges on dentistry to increase Britain’s defence fund).

Outside of that Bevan focuses upon housing, increased democratisation (the houses of lords aren’t dismantled but are massively reformed), Industrial Democracy (implemented mainly in Nationalised industries) and increased power for Trade Unions and Co-Ops (to keep those elements of the party happy). There’s also the atomic bomb, which despite angering elements of his cabinet and party, Bevan keeps hold off citing that he wouldn’t want to go to a negotiation table naked (this also improves relations with the Americans under Truman who were originally icy with Bevan on the outset). Relations with the Non-Aligned alliance like India and Yugoslavia are improved and Britain's Empire begins dismantling.

When the 1955 election occurs Bevan is able to allow Labour to get a third term though now with a majority of 30 instead. Still his plans continue, increased Nationalised industries, implementation of social liberal values like the decriminalisation of homosexuality and equal pay amendments and increased funding for the arts. Bevan also gets stuck in the International sphere, helping to mediate a good outcome for Hungry during the Hungarian Crisis of 1956.

By 1959 Britain seems to healthier, happier and more productive than it was in the 30s and 40s much of down too Bevan’s radical Government. It’s then that the ‘Welsh Wizard’ to some of the ‘Tito of Tonypandy’ to others abruptly resigns. It turns out that Bevan had been struck down by stomach cancer and he decided to resign before it impacted his leadership. Bevan watched as one of his protégés John Freeman loses the early 1960 election to Iain MacLeod.

MacLeod’s Premiership is mainly more about keeping elements of status quo going than dismantling everything (seeing how popular this new Britain is). MacLeod implements some ideas bizarrely of Market Socialism as a way to try bring the market properly back into Britain and his Primership is about implementing the ‘Middle Way’ ideas of his predecessor. Things tick along as the Conservatives manage to to secure another majority in 64 against the slightly dull bureaucrat Harold Wilson. But it’s in MacLeod’s second term that the wheels begin to fall off.

In 1965/66 the rumblings of the Monetarists lead by Keith Joseph grow louder. Radicalised by years in opposition and now in power they are horrified to see MacLeod continue more or less the same as before (with some mild privatisations here and there). In 66 they attempt a cabinet coup and start staging numerous rebellious acts against Macleod in the Commons. MacLeod manages to beat the machinations of Joseph but the stress of running a country and dealing with his own party gets to him and he resigns in early 1967.

Ted Heath takes over and his subsequent election goes poorly forcing him into a coalition with the Liberals. Despite supporting ideas on businesses and other against a too expanded state it’s there that the coalition ends. Eventually Heath is brought down by strike action in 1969 after attempts to privatise the steel industry go incredibly wrong. Into the breach steps in the fiery and brilliant Barbara Castle, a former Bevanite cabinet member and person promises to bring Britain into a new shiny age as the 70s dawn.
40 California Governor Ronald Wilson Reagan/ Fomer CIA George Herbert Walker Bush from Texas 1981-1989
41 New York Senator Michael "Mickey" Sergeevich Gorbachev/ Tennessee Senator Albert Arnold "Al" Gore Jr 1989-1993
42 Kansas Senator Robert Joseph "Bob" Dole/ Arizona Senator John Sidney McCain III 1993-2001
43 Vicepresident John Sidney McCain III/ Tennessee Senator Frederick Dalton Thompson 2001

44 Secretary of State Joseph Isadore Liebermann from Connecticut/ Vacant 2001-2003/ General Wesley Clark from Arkansas 2003-2009
45 Vicepresident Wesley Clark from Arkansas/ Virginia Senator Oliver North 2009-2012

Acting Speaker of the House Barack Hussein Obama from Illinois 2012-2013
46 Former President Michael "Mickey" Sergeevich Gorbachev from New York/ Pennsylvania Senator Joseph Ambrose "Joe" Sestak 2013-2017
47 Vicepresident Joseph Ambrose "Joe" Sestak from Pennsylvania/ Speaker of the House Barack Hussein Obama from Illinois 2017-...
I just had a crazy idea that I can't fully explain right now but with which I'm 99% sure that I'll end up making a TL.

List of Presidents of the United States of Venezuela (1952-present)

38. Gral. Marcos Pérez Jiménez (I-Táchira) (Military dictator) (1952-1958)
39. Rear Admiral Wolfgang Larrazábal (I-Yaracuy) (Acting President) (1958-1959)
40. Fmr. President Rómulo Betancourt (D-Miranda) (1959-1967) + Fmr. Dep. Luis Augusto Dubuc (D-Trujillo) (1959-1963) and Dep. Carlos Andrés Pérez (D-Táchira) (1963-1967)
41. Sen. Arturo Uslar Pietri (R-Caracas) + Dep. Arístides Calvani (R-Táchira) (1967-1975)
42. Fmr. Vice President Carlos Andrés Pérez (D-Táchira) + Gov. Luis Piñerúa Ordaz (D-Monagas) (1975-1979)
43. Sen. Luis Herrera Campins (R-Portuguesa) + Gov. Rafael Montes de Oca (R-Lara) (1979-1983)
44. Sen. Jaime Lusinchi (D-Anzoátegui) + Sen. Octavio Lepage (D-Miranda) (1983-1991)
45. Fmr. President Carlos Andrés Pérez (D-Táchira) + Dep. Antonio Ledezma (D-Guárico) (1991-1995)

46. Sen. Eduardo Fernández (R-Caracas) + Gov. Oswaldo Álvarez Paz (R-Zulia) (1995-2003)
47. Fmr. Vice President Antonio Ledezma (D-Caracas) + Gov. Manuel Rosales (D-Zulia) (2003-2011)
48. Gov. Henrique Capriles Radonski (R-Miranda) + Sen. Majority Leader Ramón Guillermo Aveledo (R-Lara) (2011-2019)
49. Mayor Leopoldo López (D-Caracas) + Dep. Majority Leader Henry Ramos Allup (D-Carabobo) (2019-present)
Lyndon B. Johnson/vacant 1963-1965
Lyndon B. Johnson/Hubert Humphrey 1965-1970

1964: Def. Barry Goldwater/William E. Miller
1968: Def. Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew, George Wallace/Curtis LeMay
Hubert Humphrey/vacant 1970-1973
Ronald Reagan/Gerald Ford 1973-1981
1972: Def. Hubert Humphrey/Edmund Muskie
1976: Def. Henry Jackson/Walter Mondale
Frank Church/George McGovern 1981-1984 (Died in office)

1980: Def. Bob Dole/George HW Bush
George McGovern/vacant 1984-1985
George McGovern/John Glenn 1985-1993

1984: Def. Paul Laxalt/John Tower
1988: Def. George Deukmajian/Newt Gingrich
James Baker/Jack Kemp 1993-2001

1992: Def. Jerry Brown/Paul Tsongas, David Koch/David Nolan
1996: Def. Mario Cuomo/Ann Richards, David Koch/Harry Browne, Jesse Jackson/Bernie Sanders
Jack Kemp/Tom Tancredo 2001-2005
2000: Def. Bob Kerrey/Al Gore, Jesse Ventura/Mike Gravel
Bill Bradley/Mary Landrieu 2005-2013
2004: Def. Jack Kemp/Tom Tancredo, Jesse Ventura/Mike Gravel
2008: Def. Fred Thompson/Michele Bachman, Mike Gravel/Lincoln Chafee
Bobby Jindal/Chuck Hagel 2013-2014
2012: Def. Mary Landrieu/Martin O'Malley, Jesse Ventura/Gary Johnson
Chuck Hagel/vacant 2014
Chuck Hagel/Evan Bayh 2014-2015
David Bonior/Dick Cheney 2015
David Petraeus/vacant 2015
Michael Bloomberg/James Mattis 2015-2016
Michael Bloomberg/Jon Huntsman 2016-2017

2016: Def. Jesse Ventura/various
William McRaven/Kay Bailey Hutchison 2017-2018
Kay Bailey Hutchison/Eric Garcetti 2018

Elon Musk/Michael Flynn 2018-2019
Russ Feingold/Mike Lee 2019
John Brennan/Susan Rice 2019-2020
Charlie Crist/Tulsi Gabbard 2020-

Things in America used to be normal. Publicly, at least. The government definitely always had a bit more of an inkling what was going on...out there. Reagan ending all further trips to the Moon wasn't just a case of fiscal conservatism running wild (or at least, not just that). It was during the Johnson administration we found out exactly what sort of horrors were waiting for us beyond our little blue marble. Well, OK, not quite. We STILL don't know EXACTLY what is going on out there. The leading theory is that whatever it is exists in a few dimensions beyond our own. We can't really comprehend them beyond A) they come from outer space, B) they live on the Moon, C) they want to take over to do horrible things to us and D) the Moon is somehow leading them (this one is a more controversial one and sparks heated debates in the scientific conferences held in the vast network of bunkers that fill the US up).

Now, an enemy you barely hard to deal with. Johnson's first strategy was a 'contingency plan' calling for mass suicides to counter the Moon-things' mental effect (brainwashing in essence). It was never intended to be a final protocol, even by Johnson himself. It just took until Humphrey's term to void that procedure and come up with an alternative agenda: deescalating space exploration to try to avoid drawing too much attention, build up a series of fortifications underground capable of housing a large chunk of the American population, increasing scientific investment and build up a strong defense. Overall this was a consensus agenda-even ideological conservatives like Reagan and Jindal accepted the need for these policies to defend America.

It wasn't enough. From the early 2000's onwards, it was becoming clear they were going to come down here. There was a lot of buzz about them arriving in 2000 and 2012 owing to those years' apocalypse scares. But they didn't begin the invasion until 2014. But when it got started...hoo boy it got intense. Broadcast signals, GPS systems and the Internet in general were subject to mass manipulations-bombarding people with messages demanding they kill themselves or of an otherwise disturbing nature, sending hapless drivers to meet their demise at landing sites, even triggering a nuclear exchange between Russia and China by messing with their detection systems. The biggest damage, though, was caused by the Moon's approach towards the planet. While only of a slight distance (in a cosmic sense), it radically altered the tides and caused major damage to the coastlines worldwide.

It was into this the invasion of the Moon-things began. About a third of humanity was wiped out within the first week. Another third (those of an evidently weak resistance) embraced the invaders as saviors and took to worshiping their strange Moon-centered religion (this included a lot of folks you wouldn't suspect-the Pope leading a salutation to the Moon in the Vatican was not a sight anyone expected to see). For the remaining people, the US government sought to shove them into the bunkers. Unfortunately,, the tunnel networks between them were not yet completed. Additionally, the enemy's control over communication technology made things tricky to coordinate. Furthermore, the invasion was still well underway and over the last six years, dozens of bunkers have been discovered and breached, their occupants massacred or brainwashed to serve 'Him.' Other bunkers were sabotaged by those whose resilience to the invaders was weak-the 2018 coup that ousted Hutchison in the presidential bunker in the Rocky Mountains was one example of this. As of now, life in America is generally one of two things: you are either an eager cultist worshiping whatever perversion of God lives in the Earth's local satellite and serves those who showed you Him or you are a starving, sleep-deprived resident of the bunkers beneath the surface struggling to grow crops under artificial UV light and build pneumatic tubes to the bunkers you are connected with to facilitate communication that cannot be altered.
1959 Labour Victory

Prime Ministers:
1959-1963: Hugh Gaitskell
1963-1966: George Brown

1966-1970: Reginald Maudling
1970-1976: Harold Wilson
1976-1979: Roy Jenkins

1979-1990: Margaret Thatcher
1990-1994: Douglas Hurd
1994-1996: Michael Portillo

1996-2009: Gordon Brown
2009-2017: Theresa May
2017-Present: Andrea Leadsom

Leader of the Conservative Party:
1957-1959: Harold Macmillan
1959-1962: Quintin Hogg
1962-1970: Reginald Mauldling
1970-1974: Edward Heath
1974-1990: Margaret Thatcher
1990-1994: Douglas Hurd
1994-1996: Michael Portillo
1996-2000: John Redwood
2000-2004: Francis Maude
2004-2017: Theresa May
2017-Present: Andrea Leadsom

Leader of the Labour Party:
1955-1963: Hugh Gaitskell
1963-1966: George Brown
1966-1976: Harold Wilson
1976-1979: Roy Jenkins
1979-1983: Jim Callaghan
1983-1987: Neil Kinnock
1987-1991: John Smith
1991-2009: Gordon Brown
2009: Alan Johnson (Acting)
2009-2012: Ed Balls (Defeated at 2012 General Election)
2012: Alan Johnson (Acting)
2012-2016: Harriet Harman
2016-2017: Andy Burnham (Lost Vote of no confidence)
2017-Present: Angela Eagle

Leader of the Liberal Party:
1956-1967: Jo Grimond
1967-1979: Emlyn Hooson (Defeated in General Election)
1979-1991: David Steel
1991-1999: Alan Beith

Leader of the United Left Party:
1982-1996: Tony Benn
1996-2009: Michael Meacher
2009-2013: John McDonnell
2013: Diane Abbott (Acting)
2013-2016: Diane Abbott
2016-Present: Jeremy Corbyn

Leader of Euro Conservative Party:
1990-1996: Michael Hessletine
1996-1999: Kenneth Clarke

Leader of the Democratic Front:
1999-2009: Kenneth Clarke
2009-2016: David Laws (Defeated in General Election)
2016-2017: Nick Clegg
2017-Present: Rory Stewart

Leader of the Reform Party:
2017: Tim Farron
2017-Present: Layla Moran

Election Results:
1959: Lab 322 (+45), Con 301 (-44), Lib 6 (-), Oth 1 (-1) Lab Maj 14
1962: Lab 342 (+20), Con 279 (-22), Lib 9(+3) Lab Maj 54
1966: Con 321 (+42), Lab 296 (-46), Lib 12 (+3), Oth 1 (+1) Con Maj 12
1970: Lab 332 (+36), Con 285 (-36), Lib 7 (-5), Oth 6 (+5) Lab Maj 34
1974: Lab 373 (+41), Con 223 (-62), Lib 15 (+8), Oth 24 (+18) Lab Maj 111
1979: Con 342 (+119), Lab 267 (-106), Lib 10 (-5), Oth 16 (-8) Con Maj 49
1983: Con 421 (+79), Lab 177 (-90), ULP 22 (+22), Lib 8 (-2), Oth 22 (+6) Con Maj 192
1987: Con 398 (-23), Lab 192 (+15), ULP 25 (+3), Lib 12 (+4), Oth 23 (+1) Con Maj 146
1991: Con 356 (-42), Lab 232 (+40), ULP 21 (-4), ECP 12 (+12), Lib 6 (-6), Oth 24 (+1) Con Maj 61
1996: Lab 384 (+152), Con 205 (-151), ULP 18 (-3), ECP 15 (+3), Lib 7 (+1), Oth 30 (+6) Lab Maj 109
2000: Lab 378 (-6), Con 197 (-8), DF 35 (+35), ULP 22 (+4), Oth 27 (-3) Lab Maj 97
2004: Lab 334 (-44), Con 208 (+11), DF 37 (+2), ULP 36 (+14), Oth 31 (+4) Lab Maj 22
2009: Con 328 (+120), Lab 229 (-105), ULP 35 (-1), DF 29 (-8), Oth 29 (-2) Con Maj 6
2012: Con 341 (+13), Lab 212 (-17), ULP 37 (+2), DF 25 (-4), Oth 35 (+6) Con Maj 32
2016: Con 356 (+15), Lab 174 (-38), ULP 16 (-21), DF 12 (-13), Oth 42 (+7) Con Maj 112
Current: Con 353 (-3), Lab 176 (+2), ULP 14 (-2), Ref 8 (+8), DF 5 (-7), Oth 44 (+2) Con Maj 106
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Presidents of the Commonwealth of England and Wales:

Herbert Henry Asquith, Liberal, 1921-1928
Ramsay Macdonald, Republican, 1928-1934
Herbert Samuel, Liberal, 1934-1944
Winston Churchill, National, 1944-1957
Anthony Eden, National, 1957-1959
Hugh Gaitskell, Republican, 1959-1963
George Brown, Republican 1963-1970
Reg Maudling, National, 1970-1976
James Callaghan, Republican, 1976-1982
Margaret Thatcher, National 1982-1988
Neil Kinnock, Republican 1988-1993
Margaret Thatcher, National, 1993-1995
John Major, National, 1995-1996
Anthony Blair, Republican, 1996-2008
David Davis, National, 2008-2017
Andy Burnham, 2017-2021
Rory Stewart, Liberal, 2021-Present
Wilson holds out for an election until October 1970:

1964-1974: Harold Wilson (Labour)
1974-1978: Roy Jenkins (Labour)

1978-1985: Michael Heseltine (Conservative)
1985-1988: Douglas Hurd (Conservative)

1988-1993: Neil Kinnock (Labour)
1993-1999: Kenneth Clarke (Conservative)

1999-2008: Gillian Shepherd (Conservative)
2008-2016: David Blunkett (Labour)
2016-2019: David Miliband (Labour)

2019-present: George Osborne (Conservative)
Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth of Columbia
(from an American Monarchy scenario I may or may not pursue)

1960-1965: Don Yarborough (Farmer-Labour)
Coalition with Solidarity & Justice and Southern Progressive [1]
1965-1969: Adlai Stevenson II (Liberal Democratic)
Coalition with support from the Progressive Conservative Group and Independent MPs [2]
1969-1973: Richard Nixon (Conservative Democratic)
Coalition with Columbian National
1973-1977: Sir John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Progressive) [3]
1977-1979: Henry Howell
1979-1984: Richard Schweiker (Conservative Democratic)
Coalition with Liberal Democratic
1984-1989: Dave Obey (Progressive)
Coalition with Solidarity & Justice and Agrarian Progressive
1989-1992: George Bush (Conservative Democratic) [4]
1992-2000: Joe Biden (Progressive-Farmer-Labour) [5]
2000-2002: Max Baucus (Progressive-Farmer-Labour)
2002-2005: Sir John McCain III (Democratic People's) [6]
Coalition with Civil Liberties League
2005-2008: Orrin Hatch (Democratic People's)
Coalition with Columbian National and Christian Democratic
2008-2010: Max Baucus (Progressive-Farmer-Labour)
Coalition with Progressive Conservative
2010-2016: Ted Kennedy Jr. (Progressive-Farmer-Labour)
Coalition with Progressive Conservative
2016-2018: Dan Patrick (Democratic People's)
Coalition with Columbian National, Christian Democratic, and Southern National
2018-Present: Sir Joe Biden (Progressive-Farmer-Labour) [7, 8, and 9]
Grand Coalition with Liberal Democratic, Progressive Conservative, Agrarian Progressive, and Solidarity & Justice

[1] A group of Southern MPs from the Progressive Party entered the Farmer-Labour-led coalition in protest of the national Progressive Party's failure to respond adequately to rural issues.
[2] The Progressive Conservative Group was a faction of centrist MPs from the Conservative Democratic Party led by Elliot Richardson and Charles Mathias who broke from the party line and allied with the Liberal Democrats in protest of the hardline conservative policies of CDP leader James Buckley.
[3] Sir John Fitzgerald Kennedy had assumed the title the 2nd Duke of Barnstable after inheriting it from his father after his death in 1969. Upon being elected Progressive leader in 1971, Kennedy suspended his peerage and was elected to the House of Commons under his given name. He later reassumed his dukedom after his retirement.
[4] Though George Bush's Conservative Democratic government was a majority, it was a tenuous one: the centrist and right wings of the party were bursting at the seams, causing an internal conflict which ultimately led to the party splitting up. After the dust settled, two major factions emerged and formed parties: the Progressive Conservatives and the Democratic People's Party.
[5] In late 1989, the Progressive and Farmer-Labour parties finally settled their disputes and merged to form the Progressive-Farmer-Labour Party, with Progressive leader Joe Biden as party leader and Farmer-Labour leader Max Baucus as deputy leader.
[6] The ministry of Sir John McCain, a political outsider with an compelling record as an Admiral in the Columbian Navy, was initially a welcome victory for the DPP, but his partnership with the Civil Liberties League and his apparent centrism on social issues led to his ouster by party insiders. Today, McCain sits as an independent member of the House of Lords.
[7] Biden, a former Prime Minister, was elevated to the peerage as the 1st Count of Wilmington after his resignation. After he returned to the leadership of the Progressive-Farmer-Labour Party, he suspended his peerage and returned to the House of Commons as Sir Joe Biden. After he retires, it is expected that he will again assume the County of Wilmington, with his grandson, Robert Hunter Biden II, as his heir apparent.
[8] Although they may not be formal members of the coalition, it seems clear that PM Joe Biden has been holding meetings and engaging in discussions with leading members of the Democratic Republican Coalition, including party co-leaders Dennis Kucinich and Justin Amash.
[9] The Democratic Republican Coalition was formed in the late 1980s after several anti-monarchist parties and organizations united. Its members are free to vote however they wish (with various factions existing within the coalition) except on bills regarding the status and power of the monarchy. Although most say it is still too early to speculate, the DRC's close ties to the Biden government have led some to question whether the American monarchy is nearing its end.

This is based on my post about the cabinet of Prime Minister Sir Joe Biden, which you can find here:
The Second Biden Ministry
(Coalition of Progressive-Farmer-Labour, Liberal Democratic, Progressive Conservative, Agrarian Progressive, and Solidarity & Justice)
(from an American Monarchy scenario I may or may not pursue)

Prime Minister: Sir Joe Biden MP (formerly the 1st Count of Wilmington) (PFL) [1]
Deputy Prime Minister: Chelsea Clinton MP (LD)

Chancellor of the Exchequer: John Yarmuth MP (PFL)
Foreign Secretary: Caroline Kennedy, 4th Duchess of Barnstable (PFL)
Home Secretary: Mitch Landrieu MP (PFL)

Chancellor of the Duchy of Jamestown & Inter-American Affairs Secretary: Sir William Weld MP (PC)

Justice Secretary: Sir Roy Cooper MP (PFL)
Defence Secretary: William Howard Taft IV, 4th Baron Taft of Mount Auburn (PC)
Health Secretary: Hans Keirstead MP (PFL)
Business Secretary: Sir Mark Dayton MP (PFL)
International Trade Secretary: Richard Neal MP (PFL)
Labour & Pensions Secretary: Hubert Humphrey III, 2nd Viscount Humphrey (PFL)
Education Secretary: Tim Shriver MP (PFL)
Environment Secretary: Tom Strickland MP (PFL)
Housing Secretary: Chris Lu MP (PFL)
Transport Secretary: Debbie Dingell MP (PFL)
Culture Secretary: Terry McAuliffe MP (LD)
International Development Secretary: Tom Malinowski MP (PFL)
Veterans Affairs Secretary: Pete Buttigieg MP (LD)
Agriculture Secretary: Josh Svaty MP (PFL)
Revenue Secretary: Sherrod Brown MP (PFL)
National Resources Secretary: Andrew Romanoff MP (APP)
Social Services Secretary: Jennifer McClellan MP (SJ)

Minister without Portfolio & Party Chair: Luis Miranda MP (PFL)

Leader of the House of Commons: Beto O'Rourke MP (PFL)
Chief Whip of the House of Commons: Martin O'Malley MP (PFL)
Leader of the House of Lords: Tom Daschle, 1st Viscount Daschle of Aberdeen (PFL)
Attorney General: Elena Kagan MP (PFL)

Biden, a former Prime Minister, was elevated to the peerage as the 1st Count of Wilmington after his resignation. After he returned to the leadership of the Progressive-Farmer-Labour Party, he suspended his peerage and returned to the House of Commons as Sir Joe Biden. After he retires, it is expected that he will again assume the County of Wilmington, with his grandson, Robert Hunter Biden II, as his heir apparent.

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An other random List:

37 Indiana Governor Matthew Empton Welsh/ Maryland Senator Daniel Baugh Brewster 1965-1969
38 Wisconsin Rapresentative John William Byrnes/ Former West Germany Occupation Zone Militar Governor Lucius Dubignon Clay 1969-1973
39 North Carolina Governor Lunsford Richardson Preyer/ Ohio Governor Maynard Edward "Jack" Sensebrunner 1973-1977
40 Ohio Rapresentative John Milan Ashbrooke/ California Senator Shirley Temple Black 1977-1982
41 Vicepresident Shirley Temple Black from California/ Vacant 1982/ Former New Hampshire Governor Walter Rutherford Peterson Jr 1982-1985

42 Vermont Governor Stella Hackel/ Philadelphia Mayor Woodrow Wilson Goode Sr 1985-1989
43 Former First Lady Emily Jean Spencer Ashbrooke from Ohio/ Colorado Senator James Douglas "Mike" McKevitt 1989-1993
44 Ohio Senator Earl Douglas "Doug" Applegate/ Colorado Governor James Schroeder 1993-2001
45 Vicepresident James Schroeder from Colorado/ Rhode Island Governor Myrth York 2001-2005

46 Tennessee Senator William Lewis Jenkins/ Arkansas Senator William Asa Hutchinson II 2005-2009
47 Former Vicepresident Myrth York from Rhode Island/ 2009-2013
48 Illinois Senator Michael Keller Ditka/ Kansas Senator Sheila Sloan Frahm 2013-2017
49 Former First Lady Patricia Nell Scott Schroeder from Colorado/ Connecticut Governor Juan Figueroa 2017-...

Ethan P

My Attempt at A Democratic Trump Presidency:
(The POD is in 2000 leave me alone)

2001-2005: VP Al Gore of Tennessee/Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin
2000: def. Senator John McCain of Arizona/Governor George Pataki of New York
2005-2009: Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee/Governor Jeb Bush of Florida

2004: def. incumbents
2009-2011: Senator John Edwards of North Carolina/Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona

2008: def. incumbents
2011-2011: VP Janet Napolitano of Arizona/vacant
2011-2012: President Janet Napolitano of Arizona/Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York
2012-2012: President Janet Napolitano of Arizona/vacant
2012-2013: President Janet Napolitano of Arizona/Former Governor Phil Bredesen of Tennessee

2013-2017: Former Governor Mitt Romney of Michigan/Senator John Thune of South Dakota
2012: def. incumbent/Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana
2017-2025: Businessman Donald Trump of New York/Senator Allison Grimes of Kentucky

2016: def. incumbents
2020: def. Governor Jeff Flake of Arizona/Senator Will Hurd of Texas,
Representative Steve King of Iowa/Former Representative Allen West of Florida
2025-: Senator John James of Michigan/Governor Erin Stewart of Connecticut
2024: def. Secretary of State Evan Bayh of Indiana/Governor Tom Perriello of Virginia
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I thought I would summarise all of the UK region First Ministers here

North East England:
1999-2013: David Miliband (Labour Majority)
2013-2016: Mary Glindon (Labour Majority)
2016-Present: Mary Glindon (Labour Minority)

North West England:
1999-2015: Michael Meacher (Labour Majority)
2015-2016: Andy Burnham (Labour Majority)
2016-Present: Andy Burnham (Labour)

West Midlands:
1999-2004: Claire Short (Labour Majority)
2004-2007: Tony Wright (Labour Majority)

2007-2010: Sir Dudley Smith (Conservative Minority)
2010-2016: Robin Walker (Conservative Minority)
2016-Present: Robin Walker (Conservative Majority)

Yorkshire and the Humber:
1999-2007: Kevin Barron (Labour Majority)
2007-2008: Kevin Barron (Labour Minority)
2008-2011: Ed Miliband (Labour Minority)
2011-2016: Ed Miliband (Labour Majority)

2016-2017: Andrew Jones ( Conservative-UKIP Coalition)
2017-2019: Andrew Jones (Conservative Minority)
2019-Present: Andrew Jones (Conservative
-BREXIT Coalition)

East Midlands:
1999-2003: Geoff Hoon (Labour Majority)
2003-2007: Geoff Hoon (Labour Minority)

2007-2011: Nicky Morgan (Conservative Minority)
2011-Present: Nicky Morgan (Conservative Majority)

East of England:
1999-2003: Angela Smith (Labour-Liberal Democrat Coalition)
2003-2007: Mike Penning (Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition)
2007-2018: Mike Penning (Conservative Majority)
2018-Present: Grant Shapps (Conservative Majority)

South East England
1999-2003: Damian Green (Conservative Minority)
2003-2008: Damian Green (Conservative Majority)
2008-Present: Theresa May (Conservative Majority)

South West England:
1999-2003: Paddy Ashdown (Liberal Democrat-Labour Coalition)
2003-2004: Sebastian Coe (Conservative Minority)
2004-2011: Geoffrey Cox (Conservative Minority)
2011-Present: Geoffrey Cox (Conservative Majority)
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