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Part 47: TBGB's, Part 1

TBGB's, Part 1
I have just returned from Buckingham Palace, from my audience with the Queen. I want to say what an enormous privilege and honour it is to be trusted with the government of this country and I am deeply conscious of that privilege and honour at this time.

It has been a remarkable and historic victory for my party, but I am in no doubt at all as to what it means.

It is a mandate for reform and for investment in the future and it is also very clearly an instruction to deliver.

I have learnt many things over the past four years as prime minister. I have, I hope, learnt from the mistakes as well as the good things.

But above all else, I have learnt of the importance of establishing the clear priorities of government, of setting them out clearly for people and then focusing on them relentlessly whatever events may come and go.

In our welfare system we need change … the reform of our criminal justice system … investment in, and reform of, our public services … Finally, in respect of Europe and the wider world, we need to make changes there too to put Britian in the heart of european and global affairs.

We have laid foundations but now is the time to build upon them. Thank you.

- Tony Blair's victory speech transcript, 8 June 2001


Prime Minister Tony Blair's victory speech
A fountain in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales is to be built in London's Hyde Park - not far from her former home at Kensington Palace, the government has announced.

The £3m fountain on the banks of the Serpentine lake will transform the spot, presently occupied by a redundant chlorination plant and pumping house.

Diana, who would have been 40 this year, died in a car crash in Paris almost four years ago. Now a national competition will decide the final design of the fountain which is due to be finished by the summer of 2003.

It is not expected to include any statue or representation of Diana. "It would be impossible to capture Diana in that way," said Ms Monckton a friend.

-Diana fountain to go ahead, 29 June 2001

As you and your members know, we now face a more difficult economic climate. US and European growth has slowed. In the US and much of Europe, unemployment is rising. …Britain is bound to feel the draught. We are, in many ways, better protected than most. Underlying inflation is the lowest in Europe. Interest rates lower than for thirty years.

But there are three key things affecting our long-term strength which we must hold to. The first is prudent economic management. Bank of England independence … The second is work we are pursuing with you now, in improving productivity. … The third is to continue to play our part in Europe and to be part of the single currency if the economic conditions are met. …

-Tony Blair Speech to the TUC, 11 September 2001

Iain Duncan Smith has been elected leader of the Conservative Party, beating off the challenge of Ken Clarke after an often-bitter three-month battle.

He succeeds William Hague after getting the backing of 61% of the vote in the first-ever leadership contest decided by party members. Tory members have chosen for their top job a figure who was frequently at the heart of the parliamentary Euro-troubles that contributed significantly to the chaos which engulfed John Major's premiership.

It was no surprise when Baroness Thatcher backed Duncan Smith as her choice for leader; he has long been a standard bearer of the Thatcherite right. While he was still in the army, her triumph at the 1979 election was a major influence on him.

-Rebel ‘Duncan Smith Rises to the top, 12 September 2001


Iain Duncan Smith wins the Tory Leadership
Devolution in Northern Ireland is to be suspended for the third time this year at midnight on Monday amid the ongoing crisis concerning the decommissioning of IRA weapons in Northern Ireland.

The latest deadlock has been caused by allegations of refusal to negotiate for the destruction of its arsenal. Northern Ireland Secretary John Reid announced the imminent resumption of direct rule from Westminster during a news conference at Hillsborough Castle on Monday. “The only way to put power-sharing back together is for the two sides to agree to the disarmament process”. It is not known when power will be restored to the Stormont administration.

Speaking on Monday before the announcement, Northern Ireland's First Minister and Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble said talks after suspension needed to focus on the activities of paramilitaries.

Unionists demanded Sinn Fein's expulsion from the government over allegations of violent IRA activity, refusal to decommission weaponry and claims it was involved in training left-wing Colombian guerrillas.

-NI Assembly suspended over ‘loss of trust’, 14 October, 2001

He said: "It is those who are in those paramilitary (groups), or who have influence over them or can bring pressure to bear on them who will be resolving that."

With the milestone of three months since the last foot and mouth outbreak being reached tomorrow, the world's worst epidemic of the disease is about to be declared officially over. But the lessons of what went so badly wrong are still being investigated.

The impact of the disease is still being felt across Britain, where 30 counties had animals slaughtered, on 9,677 farms. Cumbria was the worst affected with 1.2m animals killed, with neighbouring Dumfriesshire losing 388,735. Devon, where sheep dealers were unknowingly responsible for distributing the disease countrywide, was a second hotspot, losing 408,137.

Tony Blair's "taking personal control" had no bearing on the course of the disease, and was notable for his dithering over-vaccination. Having first decided it was a good idea, the prime minister gave way to big farmers who refused to oblige, worrying about future exports.

The pig keeper blamed for starting the outbreak has quit farming after 40 years, weeks before he faces trial on 22 animal health charges.

-Foot and mouth epidemic officially over, 29 December 2001

Euro notes and coins enter circulation in 12 European Union countries, in the biggest monetary changeover in history. Analysts hailed the ‘dawn of a new era’ as the euro becomes a reality for 300 million citizens in 12 European countries. As the New Year dawns, many revellers head straight to cash dispensers to get their hands on the new notes.

Tony Blair has given the currency fresh backing – as speculation continues to grow about the timing of a possible referendum on the UK adopting the currency He said: "Our position on the euro hasn't changed. Of course, the euro is now a reality so I think the idea that we can run away from it or hide our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist would be very foolish."

A close ally to the prime minister, Peter Mandelson urged ministers to back the euro. Writing in the Financial Times, Mr Mandelson also predicted Chancellor Gordon Brown would not stop the prime minister from going to the country over the issue if the circumstances continue to improve.

-The Euro is launched, 2 January 2002


(Left) Burned infected cattle, (Right) EU citizens wielding new Euro notes
Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, whose troubled private life aroused both worldwide sympathy and widespread reprobation, died yesterday morning in London. She was 71.

The Queen announced the death ''with great sadness,'' according to a statement from the palace. Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is touring West Africa, said he was ''deeply saddened.''

-Princess Margaret Dies at 71, 10 February 2002

The country's best teachers will lead the next stage of school reform, Education Secretary Estelle Morris has said as she defended the changes outlined in a new Education Bill.

Both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are attacking the reform plans, saying they will not help recruitment and will leave ministers with too much power.

Secretary of Education Ms Morris hit back outlining what she called a "major package of reform that will affect every school and every child"

The bill proposes new ways of tackling failing schools, which could be taken over by private firms, voluntary organisations or clusters of good schools.

Other plans include: Promoting diversity in secondary schools, including the creation of new specialist schools. And making it easier for new faith schools to be established - a move that is opposed by some Labour and Lib Dem MPs.

-Controversial School reforms on the way, 20 February 2002

The Queen Mother has died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 101, with her daughter, the Queen at her bedside.

Prince Charles is said to be "devastated", while UK Prime Minister Tony Blair led tributes by saying the Queen Mother had been a symbol of Britain's "decency and courage".

-Queen Mother dies, 31 March 2002

The deceased bathroom bomber, Richard Reid also identified as Ra'uff by Ibn-al-Sheikh al-Libi has been found to be of British identity who recently joined the al-Qaida terrorist organization when he visited Afghanistan.

His death occurred aboard an American airliner when he attempted to detonate an explosive device concealed in a shoe. An attempt that succeeded only in killing himself. Reid’s parents reportedly knew nothing of his terrorist lifestyle until they heard of his death. "He was so lonely, his life was so empty," says Mrs Reid. "He found solace with his Muslim brothers. With him, it became much more than a religion, they became his family."

-US Bathroom Bomber is British, 18 April 2002

A car bomb containing 45kg of explosives has been detonated in a busy area, injuring nine people. The explosion happened just seconds after midnight in Potters Bar as hundreds prepared to travel at a railway station north of London following a threat to police.

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Ambulance service told CNN that about 15 people had suffered life-threatening injuries. Dissident Irish republicans are being blamed for the atrocity, which detectives have described as "a calculated, evil attack designed to maim and kill." The Real IRA, an off-shoot of the Provisional IRA, has carried out a dozen attacks in London over the past 18 months.

Tony Blair was immediately informed of the blast, a spokesman said “His sympathy is with the injured but he believes the way forward in Northern Ireland can only be through dialogue”

The blast follows bomb attacks in Ealing, the BBC Television Centre , and a post office delivery depot in Hendon, last year. David Capitanchik a terrorism expert believes it to be the work of a single cell.

-RIRA Bombers ‘stepping up campaign’, 10 May 2002


(Left) Princess Margeret and the Queen Mother, (Right) UK police following Potters Bar bombing
Tony Blair has admitted a referendum on Britain's entry into the single European currency could be "getting close".

In an interview with the BBC's Newsnight, the prime minister gave the clearest indication yet that a euro vote will be in the coming future.

Mr Blair reiterated that the Treasury's five economic tests on euro entry would be decided upon by March 2003.

If the tests are met, he said, the issue would be "put to the people". It has been reported this week that the prime minister's pollsters have told him that he can win a referendum on whether Britain should join the euro.

-Blair says euro poll 'getting close' 16 May 2002

Tessa Jowell has denied a conspiracy between 10 Downing Street and Rupert Murdoch led to changes in the Communications Bill to allow the media mogul to buy Channel 5.

The decision to sweep away the rule preventing large newspaper groups from the takeover of Channel 5, Channel 4 or ITV has sent shockwaves through the media industry and led to angry speculation that Tony Blair had done the deal with Mr Murdoch in return for taming the anti-euro views of his UK titles, The Sun and The Times.

Speaking to The Independent on Sunday, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport dismissed such allegations. "Anybody who tries to write a story about a conspiracy is making it up. There is no conspiracy, there was no conspiracy, and there has been no deal. That is the beginning and end of it."

-Culture secretary denies ‘deal with Murdoch’ 18 May 2002

The palace gates opened shortly after 4 pm and the first of an estimated 12,000 crowd, most of them as much fans of music as the monarchy, began filing into the gardens, sure that this night, and the next three, will stay with them for a long time. It could all go horribly wrong, of course. A couple of World Cup lost goals, or questions about the amounts spent on this jubilee could sour the moments. But those days are still to come: last night, much seemed possible.

-Sun, booze, and a party – the golden jubilee, June 4 2002

The huge new investment in the health service will lead to a radical improvement in standards of care, the Health Secretary has promised.

Alan Milburn told MPs the extra billions for health in England announced in Wednesday's Budget will pay for thousands of extra doctors and nurses.

The plan also widens the debate regarding whether our tax-funded state-provided system is the best way forward. The government has shown that it is willing to consider opening up the supply side - handing over parts of the system or individual patients to the private sector including not-for-profit organisations.

Mr Blair gave his firm backing to the policy. "Why shouldn't our best hospitals be free to develop their services within the NHS as foundation hospitals," he said.

-Big Changes to the NHS ,16 July 2002

Tony Blair yesterday signalled his growing support for the single currency when he declared that it was time for his government to "have the courage of its convictions" on the euro.

To the delight of pro-Europeans, who fear that a referendum may be delayed until after the next general election, the prime minister said he was determined to "push forward".

-Government must push forward on euro, 30 September 2002


PM Blair supports the Euro
The education secretary Estelle Morris has resigned.

Government sources rejected any suggestion that Ms Morris had been asked to resign following her recent failure to meet targets set for youngsters' literacy. Tony Blair said that he had no doubt she would return to Government.

In a letter to Tony Blair, Ms Morris signalled that problems running "her huge department" and clashes with the media had led her to resign in the wake of the debacle over A-level marking and delays in vetting teachers for the new school year.

-Education secretary resigns, 25 October 2002

The first national firefighters' strike in 25 years has begun, with the armed forces attending hundreds of call-outs within hours. The deputy prime minister, John Prescott, branded it "unnecessary and unreasonable" and said it put lives at risk.

Army personnel have been replacing the service using vintage green goddess tenders. Union leaders raised the prospect, though, of firefighters crossing picket lines in "catastrophic" emergencies.

-Firefighters' strike begins, 13 November 2002

The prime minister's wife is embroiled in controversy after it is confirmed that a convicted fraudster, Peter Foster, helped her buy two flats in Bristol, where her son is at university.

A tearful Cherie Blair has apologised for the embarrassment she caused. Acknowledging that she had a "special position" as the wife of the prime minister, with an interesting job and wonderful family, she said: "I also know I'm not superwoman".

-Cherie says 'sorry' for Foster dealings, 10 December 2002


(Left) Striking Firefighters, (Right) Cherie Blair apologizes
The paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force broke off contact with the independent disarmament body and republicans yesterday, furious at the IRA for failing to stop its terrorist activities and at the government for sidelining loyalist politicians.

The move is symptomatic of the deepening Protestant disillusionment with the peace process, especially among hardliners.

-'Sidelined' UVF pulls out of decommissioning talks, 18 January 2003

London Mayor Ken Livingstone has hailed the first day of the congestion charge as a success beyond his expectations.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr Livingstone said 100,000 drivers had paid the £5 fee on Monday.

The scheme's first day saw a 25% reduction in traffic in central London, partly due to the half-term school holiday.

Preliminary figures indicate up to 10,000 drivers did not pay the fee and the mayor said the first congestion charge fines would be landing on doorsteps by the end of the week

-Livingston hails congestion charge, 18 February 2002

On Friday US and British aircraft attacked military sites outside the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Approval for the air strikes was given by President George W Bush with backing from the British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon and the Prime Minister.

The strikes requested after the supposed downing of a US airforce plane the RAF has partaken in the reprisal strikes. Mr Hoon said at the weekend that in accordance with international law Britain was "perfectly entitled to deter aggression" and Mr Blair has insisted they were all a necessary part of the strategy to "contain" Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

-Blair supports US Iraq strikes, 27 April 2002

Labour has won the majority in the Welsh Assembly today handing them control over the government, Labour took 35 of the 60 seats, giving the party the freedom to go it alone and break their coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

The Welsh secretary, Peter Hain, added: "It is a fantastic result for Labour. This is a terrible night for the nationalists.

The result has buried Plaid Cymru, and their fantasy of an independent Wales has been lost as they are now barely neck and neck with the Tories.

-Labour takes full control in Wales, 2 May 2003

Labour has retained control over the Scottish parliament in the elections north of the border last night, with their share of the vote increasing gaining the party 10 seats and 66 seats in the Parliament just over a majority. The lacklustre campaign of the nationalists led to considerable losses in the finally tally, costing the party 11 seats down to 24.

It is unknown if First Minister Jack McConnell will continue the coalition agreement with the Liberal Democrats but it may no longer be necessary thanks to the narrow majority Labour enjoys "The work will go on, " said Mr McConnell in his nomination speech. "But the work will be quicker, smarter and sharper."

-McConnell and Labour reign continues in Scotland, 2 May 2003

A mixed night has left Labour, the Conservatives and Lib Dems with little to celebrate in the English local elections, but the nights shock result was the extremist British National Party picking more councils in Burnley

-Labour relief despite Tory gains, 2 May 2003


(Left to Right) Welsh Labour Leader Rhodri Morgan, Scottish Labour Leader Jack McConnell and BNP councillors
Key economic tests for ditching the pound and joining the euro have been met, Chancellor Gordon Brown has told MPs. Mr Brown and the treasury have released a report detailing its assessment that his 5 economic tests have been met. Signalling that the euro question is ready to be taken to the public.

A referendum bill is being prepared, paving the way for a referendum next Spring, the question is not yet known. The chancellor said the vital decision was “the most momentous” ever taken and he believes the move to enter the single currency is “clearly in the British national economic interest”.

-UK ‘ready for the euro’, Referendum on the way, 9 June 2003

“We are excited by this assessment about the benefits the euro will bring to Britain, the game is on” - Lord Marshall chairman of the pro-euro, Britain in Europe group

“This is a mistake, it is not yet the right time to join, the euro needs to work for everyone” - George Eustice, Director of No Euro

“The government is making a grave mistake, the dangers of the euro have been glossed over it is purely a political decision by the prime minister, and I hope the public reflects that” - Michael Howard, Shadow Chancellor

“The verdict is in and it is an incredible time to enter, this will deliver economically” - Peter Mandelson, pro-euro former cabinet minister

-Euro reaction: Key quotes, 9 June 2003

Once in every generation the case for Europe needs to be restated, I believe in it and I will give leadership to it.

The case that we make is exactly that - for Britain in Europe - and I urge people across all parties who oppose extreme Euroscepticism which threatens exit from Europe to campaign for Britain in Europe. And for us to take a leading roll in Europe that can't happen without Britian entering the Euro, it is all our interests, in Europes interest and in Britains interest. Yes for a stronger Britian.

-Blair Launches Euro Campaign, 10 June 2003

We want the EU to be about nations democratically elected and governing in an outward-looking Europe, not this centralised super state, The Conservative Party does not want Britain to leave the European Union. We want to make it work.

Some claim the British people will lose influence if they reject Europe's agenda, But influence must never be bought at the price of our permanent interest. It is time to fight back against the super state, and say Europe Yes, Euro No.

-Tory Leader begins No campaign, 10 June 2003

The latest polling by ICM for The Guardian found that a majority - 51% to 43% - would vote 'no' to Britain joining the euro if they were asked today.

-The Euro Battle begins, 19 June 2003


(Left to Right) Prime Minister Blair and Chancellor Brown announce Euro referendum, Conservative Leader Smith fronts the No campaign
I'm curious to see if the Great Recession happens on schedule and how a Republican elected in 2008, especially if they're more conservative than Bush, handles it.
@Iwanh I know talking about pop culture 2005 now were so early, I just wanna ask would you created more movies by your own thoughts? Like Something Crooked that never existed. Unlike Forrest Gump Co or True Lies 2 , both are based on OTL unreleased projects.
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True Lies 3 movie is announced and the Washington redskins winning the Super Bowl Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis is also announced goes into pre production in 2008
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I'm curious to see if the Great Recession happens on schedule and how a Republican elected in 2008, especially if they're more conservative than Bush, handles it.

It look something like this...

Now… I have the new Timothy Geithner $20-bill. It’s just been printed, kind of neat. Instead of “in god we trust,” It just says “trust me.” And it says “spend before Tuesday.” And also instead of Andrew Jackson, it has the little man from monopoly going...
True Lies 3 movie is announced and the Washington Redskins winning the Super Bowl Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis is also announced goes into pre production in 2008
Huh, the classic 1927 film Metropolis was going to be remade back in the late 2000s? Sound interesting. You learn something new everyday I guess.
It look something like this...

Now… I have the new Timothy Geithner $20-bill. It’s just been printed, kind of neat. Instead of “in god we trust,” It just says “trust me.” And it says “spend before Tuesday.” And also instead of Andrew Jackson, it has the little man from monopoly going...
Why would I need to spend a $20 bill before a cirtain date?
That the joke,money being so in flux it could be worth little to nothing in a few days the economy was in such a meltdown.
Thanks for the info.

Hopefully, the US won't go through Weimar Republic Germany or 2000s Zimbabwe styles of hyperinflation in this timeline (or in present day OTL for the matter). If it does. it's not going to end well at all. I'm not in the mood for paying $1 million for a bottle of soda at the store.
Thanks for the info.

Hopefully, the US won't go through Weimar Republic Germany or 2000s Zimbabwe styles of hyperinflation in this timeline (or in present day OTL for the matter). If it does. it's not going to end well at all. I'm not in the mood for paying $1 million for a bottle of soda at the store.

One may find one outcome is the Two Party System is finally broken and you have a major Third Party ready for 2012.
@Iwanh I know talking about pop culture 2005 now were so early, I just wanna ask would you created more movies by your own thoughts? Like Something Crooked that never existed. Unlike Forrest Gump Co or True Lies 2 , both are based on OTL unreleased projects.
A sequel to 1996 movie Independence Day and a Superman flyby sequel and animated he-man movie and mad max 4 movie and Jackie Chan film Nosebleed and a animated Warcraft movie and a high seas fantasy movie called Poseidons hunt
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