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Teaser: Culture 2007

SHOCKER: Writers Strike Called Off, Deal Reached
November 3rd, 2007

All over the Hollywood hills, deep sighs of relief could be heard today, when the news broke that the movie studios and TV networks had reached a tentative deal with both the Writers Guild of America, accepting concessions on in contract renegotiations that only weeks ago felt completely out of reach, and only a day after the WGA adopted new hardline strike rules, that many expected would preclude a lengthy strike.

For months writers and producers have huffed and puffed over contract renegotiations, and principally over home-media compensation and the “new media”, including Internet downloads like from iTunes, and new ‘video streaming services’ which the unions feared could greatly cut into the home media residual profits. Especially as many television and movie studios have entered big-money contracts in a bid to build their own video-streaming networks, hoping to replicate the short-lived and legally fraught success of WebTube and other competing digital platforms.

“The producers, realized that this was not the time for a major disruption in the industry” said Michael Winship, the President of the Writers Guild of America, West “Thankfully cooler heads have prevailed here., and we can get right back to business”

So What Happened? It looked for weeks that, no deal could be reached, just a few days ago Hollywood bigwigs like Jeff Zucker and Harvey Weinstein were dismissive of the threat of a strike, the industry was adamant, bullish even. “The writers guild will not be able to freeze this industry, not over some stupid strike, which this would be mind you … a very stupid strike” said Fox CEO Barry Diller.

Well one reason is that the studio's have not been prepared, so-called 'script stockpiles' for such an occasion have not been maintained, the benifits of online-video is still in the air, and these producers, don't want to ruin their various best laid plans to enter the space more fully, and finally the Unions gained significant political leverage, the Presidents, open declaration of support for the WGA “It is the government’s duty to stand on the side of Americans who are hurting, that’s my priority” and his offer of federal mediation cannot be discounted , combined with Governor Huffington’s back channel to the studio-heads, have pressed on the Producer’s to reach a conclusion to the negotiations and avert a potentially extremely costly and lengthy strike.

The marathon lenght, 11-hour session of negotiations, went through the night, and only hours before the strike was due to begin, texts had already gone out to strike captains and picketers, though smaller disparities still remain to be negotiated between the studios and the unions, the major points of difference, digital and download residuals, have been resolved, and has received the approval of both guild boards, preventing a strike.


WGA Picket Signs, prepared but unused for the negotiations
Always nice to see a labor win. Plus this is good news for shows and movies disrupted by the otl strike. Definately a benefit for Lost.
If Breaking Bad is airing in this TL, this mean Hank dies at the end of Season 1. Due to the writer's strike this never happened.
This also means The 4400 isn't cancelled.
If Breaking Bad is airing in this TL, this mean Hank dies at the end of Season 1. Due to the writer's strike this never happened.
This also means The 4400 isn't cancelled.
@antsier once did a writeup of what this might be like:

An idea I had where the Writer's Guild Strike never goes through, leaving Breaking Bad with a full 9-episode run. This leads Vince Gilligan to not trim down the script and to make Walter White turn too quickly for the audience's taste, leaving it cancelled at one season. Butterflies butterflies butterflies Penn Badgley takes the role of Marion Dupree, this timeline's equivalent of Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.
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With no Saul Goodman, Bob Odenkirk is not tied down to any specific job. He auditions for the role of Dean Craig Pelton of Greendale Community College, landing the role and portraying him as a push-over, dopey authority figure (compared to Jim Rash's flamboyant, enthusiastic take of Dean Pelton). Butterflies butterflies butterflies John Cleese replaces Chevy Chase but the show simply wraps itself up at three seasons.
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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul still eventually team up in a criminal mentor story. I just wanted to do this one for fun.
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If President Edwards backs the WGA leading to the strike to be averted then it's going to give him a lot of points from working class Americans come 2008 for re-election when the Great Recession comes full force then he might have a chance for a second term.
At least there won’t be a lot of them

Even before 2007, there were many reality shows. In fact, Drawn Together was made specifically to be a parody of reality shows, and that show came out in 2004.

Unfortunately, reality TV was such a force of nature, that entire networks (most infamously MTV and TLC) were already showing a lot of reality shows by the mid-2000s.