There is a map shitpost thread so I guess a flag shitpost thread wouldn't be too outside the norms? Definitly not for this thread thought.
Some flags for an alternate history ASI (italian space agency/agenzia spaziale italiana)



I did a few designs, just in case anyone is interested:

1 - OTL logo used during the 90s and 00s
2 - custom made monogram, combining a-s-i into a single glyph, meant to resemble an orbital slingshot
3 - same design but in 2 colours only
4 - old logo slightly altered
5 - new "star trek" logo with different font and tricolour
6 - "star trek" logo with old font
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Flag of the Czechoslovak Germans in a TL where Weimar survives and Czechoslovakia stays intact, thus Munich never happening and both states slowly building a pretty friendly relationship based on economic trade and their shared disdain for things that start with P and end with oland.

Redid my unitary "National-Baptist" Confederate/Dixie dictatorship flag. (National-Baptist being similar to the more religious focused fascist and semi fascist regimes in Europe. Like Greece and Ustashe Croatia).

Doing the typical Tl-191 colour switch (This time navy blue) as well as reducing the numbers of stars to 1. Including a cross for God and the liberty bell for the "liberty and rights" of the states and white people of Dixie. Of course under the Cross and government... because we all know...
The higher ups know simply better...


The main constituent of Greater Eurasia, it consists of the glorious and capable Slavic peoples and the lands under their purview as great lords of Eurasia.

The flag of the leadership, based in Moscow:

I think the colours are fine, just not the most "optimal" aesthetic but still pretty alright
Generally yellow looks better within black than the other way around
Same for red within blue
But I do think they're pretty good as is