Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

Unfortunately I think the mod author stopped working on the 3 kingdoms mod. You should be able to form rum once Byzantine is destroyed although it's been awhile since I played 2 but that sounds right. The best way to get Slavic nomads and have it make some sense is to make a custom character under one of the smaller hordes somewhere in sibera. Failing that make under the dulos and invade into Russia proper.
Thanks Razorfloos, you are the best :D
I thought only Orthodox or Hellenic rulers can reform the Byzantine Empire in 2.
And the empire of Rum?

Also, ladies and gentlemen, look at the thing I did heuheu

I need suggestions of total conversion mods like AtE, it is urgent, I'm starving for gameplay
If you like Game of Thrones, try The Seven Kingdoms (TSK). It’s set during the Andal invasions and it’s focused on Westeros, which is a lot bigger and detailed than in the other mod. Sadly, key ASOIAF systems like the Maesters are missing, but it runs better in exchange.