Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

Yes, I'm a Stuartaboo, how did you notice?


It took over a hundred years to finish doing this:


King Stanley I of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland be like:
What generator is this?

Ok, I gonna make a guide :D

First of all the generator is Sea Art.

To make a portrait like mine first you need to make an account, log in and go into the creation chat.

Then you need to make a print of your character and cut it like this:


Now you go into the creation chat, get into "ControlNet" in the left of the screen, post the pic of your ruler, choose the "open Journey" model use the "inteligent analysis" to generate his description and click in the send arrow to generate it like that.
I did horrific stuff, like my blood Germana, or other horrific states such as the bloody Greece,



CAME EVEN CLOSE TO THE MONSTER I MADE THIS TIME, OH MY! I gonna even leave it censored.


Roman civil war, the Roman Empire at war with the Holy Roman Empire.



The pope has been captured in battle some time ago and he ceded the Vatican back to us.
This reminds me that I have to continue my Byzantine game. Too bad I had Vassal Limit turned on at the start. I didn’t intend to become emperor, it kinda just happened. Now I’m stuck.
Ladies and Gentlemen
Allahu and Akbars

I come here today with some stuff I have been doing in the Historical Immersion Project, here is it.

First, one of my favourite christian songs in low german since the first campaign is as the Saxons starting in 867.


Yes I won't form the HRE. I have been messaging them for a while asking if I can form a german empire like in Vanilla but I got no answer. If ain't any way to get the title "Emperor of Germans" I gonna make my own empire with Bier and Sturmkampfwagens.

The second thing, with a typical russian song along with it:


I started at the year of our Lord 867 with Rurik and soon unified most of Russia, just to see that the mod doesn't allow you to create the Rus in the normal way, as you only have access to a "titular" title of Emperor of Rus, so I went forward and did it. We are the third rome and I plan to take the normal russian lands in the following ages.


Finally this is the furthest I could go in New Era Old World as the Aromanians before giving up making the eastern roman empire.