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  1. Calbertbreastpeach

    Indy's grand strategy Maps

    I've been going at making maps based on my playthroughs of various grand strategy games and I've been meaning to make a thread to put these all in a designated thread to organize my adhd brain I will take requests for playthroughs as well
  2. Hindustani Person

    Dusk of the Rising Sun: A Hearts of Iron IV Mod
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Owo what’s this? Another AH HOI4 mod. This one focuses on a world where Japan dominates. Set in 1959, the mod begins in a bleak world. Most of Asia is under the oppressive, fascist Japanese Empire. Southern Europe and the Middle East are dominated by the equally oppressive Italian Empire, In...
  3. Hindustani Person

    Ein Platz An Der Sonne- yes, another AH HOI4 mod

    Hello everybody! Today I ask an original and unasked question- wHaT iF gErMAny aND thE cEntraL pOWers wOn WwI? After a long time working on a timeline called Die Alte Welt Hat Uberlebt, i stopped as I felt there was no direction to go in. Now I am back, and am making it into a HOI4 mod! These...
  4. Hindustani Person

    The Official HOI4 Mods and Discussion Thread
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    So a bunch of HOI4 mods have their own threads. These include Kaiserreich (Germany wins WWI), The New Order (Germany wins WWII), Imperial Dusk (Anglo-German alliance), and Spartakus (successful German revolution). All these mods are amazing, but there is no thread where we can highlight cool...
  5. Kaiserreich: Dieselpunk submod?

    Just out of curiosity, but is their a sub mod for KR that places the setting in a dieselpunk type world? If not, what would it be like?
  6. RiverDelta

    Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

    So, I noticed that Kaiserreich doesn't seem to have a thread for just discussing the game itself. There's a Hetalia thread and a Photos thread, but that's about it. I'm something of a noob to grand strategy and Kaiserreich specifically, but I really wanted to try Kaiserreich after spending some...
  7. We Shall Fight Them On The Beaches: A UK HOI AAR

    And did those feet in ancient time, Walk upon England's mountains green? And was the holy lamb of god On England's pleasant pastures seen? January 1, 1936. Storm clouds were gathering over Europe.
  8. Alcsentre Calanice

    AHC: More realistic HoI

    So we all know that in Hearts of Iron, you can perform Operation Sealion, win against the US playing as Germany and conquer the world as Luxembourg. It's quite certain that all this wasn't possible in real life. I'm only a casual player and don't really know where exactly the game is flawed...
  9. Europa Universalis IV - 13 August 2013

    I figured the EU3 thread will not do anymore given that the game's release date is now announced: 13 August. Pre-orders are already up at GMG. Standard edition; $39.99, €39.99, £34.99 Deluxe; $44.99, €44.99, £39.99 (Includes extra day-1 DLCs) GMG coupon code for 20% off: GMG20-JLKSA-7A8HA...
  10. Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

    I am sure this forum harbors many who played Crusader Kings, as we have quite a few Paradoxians in our midst. Its about time we create a thread for this upcoming masterpiece. I heartily recommend checking out this short after-action report detailing the rise of a young Scottish countess...
  11. Victoria II

    We have a pretty cool Victoria 1 thread. And now, we are less than 30 days away from Victoria II. As a longtime Paradox fan, I think its time we make a thread for this upcoming gem. Now, I say this despite the fact that I was horribly disappointed at the bug-ridden piece of shit that was Hearts...
  12. Hearts of Iron III

    I'm surprised that theres no HoI3 thread yet! Less than a month to go, and the game looks hugely promising. Ive caught up on the dev diaries that explain all the new features of the game: But more importantly there are a couple AARs...
  13. Europa Universalis III

    I got the game a couple months ago. I personally love it, though it takes a lot of patience and time. I haven't even completely finished a game yet. So what do the board's other EUIII owners think?
  14. Victoria; An Empire Under the Sun

    I think America's off to a good start. :cool:
  15. Europa Universalis II

    So I finally got this game about two weeks ago, and it turned out to just as good as everyone said it was (Hurra!) so…